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11 bugs found

bug# package title modified
#755834 isc-dhcp-server Fails to install if interface list is empty 2015-01-22
#771428 apt apt tries to configure dbus before libdbus-1-3, fails to upgrade 2015-01-25
#773354 util-linux please add breaks: live-tools (<< 4.0.1-1) 2015-01-09
#774794 dpkg dpkg: Add breaks for new trigger cycles 2015-01-19
#774844 perl xfonts-traditional: fails to upgrade from 'wheezy': Can't locate File/ in @INC 2015-01-25
#775124 dpkg dpkg-statoverride with unknown group breaks any subsequent package installation 2015-01-12
#775350 libblkid-dev libblkid-dev: unhandled symlink to directory conversion: /usr/share/doc/PACKAGE 2015-01-27
#775624 src:procps procps: FTBFS in jessie: dh_auto_test: make -j1 check returned exit code 2 2015-01-24
#776039 grep grep: CVE-2015-1345: heap buffer overrun 2015-01-26
#776191 vim-common vim-common: xxd license is not documented in debian/copyright file 2015-01-25
#776391 eglibc [CVE-2015-0235]: heap-based buffer overflow in __nss_hostname_digits_dots() 2015-01-28

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