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87 bugs found

bug# package title modified
#80123 apt Pre-Download hook 2015-02-17
#174820 aptitude aptitude: I hit '+' on a virtual package, and nothing happens 2014-11-15
#207403 dh-buildinfo should provide a "recheck" command 2014-11-15
#219000 ifplugd ifplugd: Inappropriate default option for use with hotplug and ifupdown 2014-11-15
#251333 netcfg netcfg: Should display a progress bar while configuring the static network 2014-11-15
#271575 dput Please provide possibility to continue even if current file is broken 2014-11-15
#276655 synaptic synaptic: 'lock version' harmful; replace with dpkg holds 2014-11-15
#348908 dput dput: guess location of package ‘*.changes’ file 2014-11-15
#492432 aptitude aptitude: fetch and display copyright (like changelog) 2014-11-15
#496630 quilt please provide a quilt clean command 2015-04-07
#497137 aptitude "download" command ignores cache and directly goes to HTTP! 2014-11-15
#499886 devscripts [bts] Please provide a bash completion script 2014-11-15
#508043 debbugs Underscore overlaps with underline in some configurations 2015-02-22
#546333 plasma-widgets-addons [plasma-widgets-addons] RSSNow does not show source favicon 2014-11-15
#559124 zsh unnecessary files 2014-11-15
#570933 dh-buildinfo dh-buildinfo: should provide a addon file for dh command (debhelper 7 mode) 2014-11-15
#591012 netcfg netcfg: Support /sys/class/net/ethX/carrier for link detection? 2014-11-15
#610752 netcfg Make the link detection timeout preseedable 2014-11-15
#610831 netcfg Notify user on link detection failure for static config 2014-11-15
#619836 ocaml-nox ocaml-nox: Add the ocamlbuild plugin API to doc-central 2014-11-15
#636108 lightdm lightdm: does not source ~/.profile 2015-05-04
#667718 distccmon-gnome distccmon-gnome: update to GTK+3 2014-11-15
#693847 aptitude aptitude: Repeated "Downloaded" lines w/ 2014-11-15
#698247 clang clang ships most libraries as static libraries, not shared ones 2014-11-15
#702155 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: document patch creation and management 2014-11-15
#702156 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: document upstream repackaging 2014-11-15
#702159 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: gem2deb practical session fails with new net-ssh gem 2014-11-15
#708791 stk stk: Please add .desktop file in the package 2014-11-15
#709111 libdevil1c2 library packages contains unversioned binary in /usr/bin 2015-02-19
#711456 apt apt-cdrom: MultiArch support with a single CD-ROM drive 2014-11-15
#716237 rt-tests [Mayhem] Bug report on rt-tests: rt-migrate-test crashes with exit status 136 2015-02-17
#717125 piuparts document how to test upgrades from wheezy to sid using local pacḱages 2015-05-04
#717287 munin-plugins-core munin-plugins-core: cpuspeed plugin doesn't work with scaling_driver intel_pstate 2014-12-24
#719898 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: provide screencasts of practical sessions 2014-11-15
#719899 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: document alioth and vcs 2014-11-15
#719900 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: provide html version 2014-11-15
#735923 piuparts piuparts: maybe --pbuilder should also set --tmpdir? 2014-11-15
#739854 libapt-pkg-dev libapt-pkg-dev: get list of changelog URIs 2014-11-15
#742462 kde-workspace-bin kde-workspace-bin: ksystraycmd has no man page 2014-11-24
#746028 src:scilab scilab: Build with --fail-missing 2014-11-15
#746493 gluegen2 Wrong guess on the endianness of powerpc 2015-04-28
#747213 src:llvm-toolchain-3.4 llvm-toolchain-3.4: Build with the hardening flags 2014-11-15
#747635 src:llvm-toolchain-3.4 llvm-toolchain-3.4: Please ship clang-tidy in a dedicated package 2014-11-15
#751789 src:llvm-toolchain-3.4 llvm-toolchain-3.4: Ship compiler-rt library as a separate package 2014-11-15
#753966 pbuilder pbuilder: lots of warnings from shellcheck 2014-12-09
#758776 src:llvm-toolchain-3.5 please build a python3-clang package 2014-11-15
#758777 src:llvm-toolchain-snapshot please build a python3-clang package 2014-12-06
#759021 python-llvm python-llvm: please add support for python 3 2015-04-28
#773381 subliminal subliminal: sort providers to make the build reproducible 2014-12-17
#773840 nagios-nrpe-server nagios-nrpe: NRPE configured without --enable-command-args on build 2015-05-08
#774256 nautilus-compare AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'NautilusCompareConfig' 2014-12-30
#774294 src:llvm-toolchain-3.5 llvm-toolchain-3.5: Run tests with autopkgtest / debci 2014-12-31
#774295 llvm-toolchain-snapshot llvm-toolchain-snapshot: Run tests with autopkgtest / debci 2014-12-31
#774491 clang-3.5 clang-3.5: No symlink like bug #737471 2015-01-05
#775049 poppler-utils poppler-utils: "pdftohtml -s <file>.pdf" produces multiple files. 2015-01-10
#775051 cifs-utils cifs-utils: mount.cifs seems not to like passwords including # -char(s) 2015-01-10
#775430 backintime-gnome backintime-gnome: Could not unlock ssh private key. Wrong password or password not available for cron 2015-01-15
#775885 muse-el muse-el: Include local copy of favicon.ico 2015-01-21
#776056 liferea liferea: Italian translation: orthography error in preferences 2015-03-05
#776540 game-data-packager game-data-packager: please add support for games working with gemrbd engine 2015-01-29
#776541 game-data-packager game-data-packager: please add support for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind 2015-01-29
#777038 gnome-icon-theme-symbolic gnome-icon-theme-symbolic: description's URL broken (404) 2015-02-12
#777245 obfs4proxy obfs4proxy: description should clarify whether it is meant to be installed on client or bridge 2015-04-30
#777279 reportbug reportbug: The graphical UI of Reportbug doesn't check for duplicate bug reports 2015-02-07
#777832 src:devil devil: ftbfs with GCC-5 2015-02-19
#777895 src:haildb haildb: ftbfs with GCC-5 2015-02-13
#778255 clang-3.6 clang-3.6: Error message in man pages 2015-02-27
#778672 linphone linphone: TLS , reading of Trusted CA file : '/etc/ssl/certs' failed because it is a directory 2015-02-18
#778884 emacs24 emacs24: icon name set with absolute path in emacs24.desktop 2015-02-21
#780446 game-data-packager game-data-packager: please add support for enemy-territory 2015-03-14
#780677 src:libc++ libc++: Add symbol files on the C++ libraries 2015-03-18
#781488 mate-netspeed mate-netspeed: incorrect unit when show bits is selected 2015-03-30
#782370 libgtk-3-0 libgtk-3-0:amd64: Mouse movement on a clickpad-style touchpad is interpreted as touchscreen-like panning 2015-04-11
#783222 grun grun: upstream has moved to github 2015-04-24
#783573 python-astropy python-astropy: Missing file prevents SAMP functionality in astropy from working 2015-04-28
#783914 game-data-packager game-data-packager: please add Dračí Historie (freeware) 2015-05-01
#783921 game-data-packager please add Teen Agent 2015-05-01
#783925 game-data-packager game-data-packager: add support for non-english versions of flight-of-the-amazon-queen 2015-05-01
#784060 turpial turpial: Program does not open when you receive messages 2015-05-02
#784144 seahorse seahorse: Generic error when you add picture 2015-05-03
#784232 x11-common Xsession script to process /etc/profile and ~/.profile 2015-05-04
#784425 src:xsd xsd: [xsd] FTBS on hurd due to PATH_MAX 2015-05-09
#784733 game-data-packager GDP: please add support for Exult 2015-05-08
#784913 game-data-packager game-data-packager: support versions of Jedi Knight II (Jedi Outcast) and Jedi Academy 2015-05-10
#785097 src:linux linux-image-4.0.0-1-amd64: Screen flickering on kernel 4.0 2015-05-14
#786477 mtr mtr is broken on systems with ipv6 disabled 2015-05-22
#786501 game-data-packager game-data-packager: please add support for Commander Keen series 2015-05-22

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