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107 bugs found

bug# package title modified
#616689 initramfs-tools Root-on-LVM setup fails often due to timing issues 2015-01-18
#683757 bamfdaemon bamfdaemon: unowned directory after purge: /usr/share/applications/ 2015-01-25
#689266 grub-pc grub-pc: graphics mode sends VGA signal out of range on ATI Rage 128 Pro Ultra TR 2015-01-23
#692956 libqt4-ruby1.8 libqt4-ruby1.8: leaves diversion after upgrade from squeeze 2015-01-25
#717190 hdparm Leaves RAID sync speed set to 0 2014-11-16
#725284 hdparm hdparm + systemd: Configuration not restored after resume 2014-12-22
#725417 mbr mbr: install-mbr wipes the disk-id portion of the MBR, rendering Windows 7 unbootable 2015-01-18
#728365 rhn-client-tools python-rhn: Running rhn_reg fails with a TypeError exception. 2015-01-24
#729800 initramfs-tools Packages including /usr/sbin/update-initramfs must Provide and Conflict with linux-initramfs-tool 2014-10-04
#731583 sudo Compares hostname no longer using FQDN 2015-01-19
#734517 brasero brasero: suggest brasero-cdrkit 2015-01-22
#739676 systemd systemd-user PAM config breaks some libpam-* modules 2015-01-21
#740998 rdnssd NetworkManager and rdnssd do not play well together 2015-01-25
#741464 grub-pc-bin grub-pc-bin: freezes after "terminal_input at_keyboard" 2014-12-18
#742048 systemd systemd-remount-fs.service fails for split-usr 2015-01-21
#747863 nut-client systemd service fails by default and causes package install failure 2015-01-24
#748657 make-dfsg make-dfsg failed to run test: work/misc/ 2015-01-21
#749833 scilab scilab: Scilab include non-free codes 2014-12-18
#750521 pinentry-gtk2 scim-gtk-immodule breaks pinentry-gtk2 and impairs gnome-keyring 2015-01-01
#754907 tracker-extract tracker-extract: Spams system logs 2015-01-07
#755202 network-manager network-manager: keeps creating and using new connection "eth0" that does not work 2015-01-25
#755834 isc-dhcp-server Fails to install if interface list is empty 2015-01-22
#756233 libtbb2 libtbb2 for i386 is miscompiled, it contains the cmov instruction 2015-01-16
#756253 grub-efi-amd64 Upgrade from 2.02~beta2-10 to 2.02~beta2-11 left grub unbootable 2015-01-21
#759094 src:matplotlib matplotlib: Please update to use wxpython3.0 2014-11-09
#759361 freerdp-x11 freerdp-x11: Segfaults on too-long command line with old-style options 2015-01-16
#759530 libc-bin libc-bin: ldconfig breaks a system 2015-01-10
#760385 libv8-3.14 nodejs: CVE-2014-5256 2014-12-21
#760733 src:libspring-java CVE-2014-3578: directory traversal 2014-12-03
#761815 partman-target installation adds entries for USB media to /etc/fstab which confuse udisks 2015-01-26
#762690 libhibernate-validator-java libhibernate-validator-java: affected by CVE-2014-3558 2014-11-20
#764162 src:linux linux-image-3.16-2-kirkwood: [regression 3.14->3.16] file data corruption, via network 2015-01-16
#765722 libxml2 CVE-2014-3660 libxml2 billion laugh variant 2014-11-08
#766462 plymouth with plymouth installed, and both GDM and KDM enabled, I don't get any gettys on my VCs 2014-12-19
#766560 banshee banshee: Banshee freezes for 2-3 minutes during startup/searching/browsing after recent libsqlite3-0 update 2015-01-23
#767019 xscreensaver xscreensaver: postinst overwrites /etc/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver without asking 2014-12-20
#767028 ovirt-guest-agent ovirt-guest-agent: doesn't work on hosts 2015-01-21
#767423 tracker-extract tracker-extract SIGSEGV 2014-12-13
#767433 binutils binutils: libbfd (strings, objdump, nm, etc): CVE-2014-8484 and CVE-2014-8485: code injection 2014-12-31
#767659 libpoppler-glib8 evince 3.14.1-1 gets undefined symbol with libpoppler46:i386 earlier than 0.26.5-2 2015-01-18
#768189 macchanger should not automatically change MAC (w/o user consent) 2015-01-17
#768620 avahi-daemon avahi-daemon.service fails to stop during upgrade 2015-01-02
#768731 src:matplotlib matplotlib: FTBFS in jessie: build-dependency not installable: python-wxgtk2.8 2014-11-09
#768945 src:busybox busybox lzo implementation suffers from CVE-2014-4607 flaw 2014-11-11
#769078 src:python2.7 python2.7: Uses literal pkgname in dpkg-query call 2014-11-20
#769106 src:python-defaults python2.7-minimal: fails to upgrade from 'wheezy': python or pycompile not found in public_modules.rtinstall hook. 2015-01-04
#769797 src:gnat-4.9 gnat-4.9: FTBFS: Needs update for gcc-4.9-4.9.2 2015-01-21
#769941 libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-0 libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-0: Iceweasel crashes with "gst_app_src_set_size: assertion 'GST_IS_APP_SRC (appsrc)' failed" 2015-01-21
#770008 calendar-google-provider calendar-google-provider: Can no longer connect to Google calendars 2015-01-25
#770009 imagemagick Imagemagick FTBFS on mips on mips-aql-* not on ball 2015-01-10
#770130 gnome-shell gnome-shell: Oh no! Something has gone wrong. (Fujitsu ST4121) 2014-11-26
#770492 src:linux linux-image-3.16.0-4-686-pae: chown removes security.capability xattr on other users' files (CVE-2015-1350) 2015-01-24
#770871 modemmanager modemmanager: ModemManager does not start automatically 2015-01-21
#771428 apt apt tries to configure dbus before libdbus-1-3, fails to upgrade 2015-01-25
#771671 kexec-tools /sbin/kexec: Unable to load kdump kernel on i386 2014-12-15
#771871 netscript-2.4 netscript: fails to install due to insserv rejecting the script header: There is a loop between service networking and netscript if started 2015-01-19
#771891 evolution [evolution] IMAP messages fail to download until deleting cache 2014-12-03
#772365 simpleburn simpleburn: bashism in /bin/sh script 2015-01-02
#772410 scilab scilab: bashism in /bin/sh script 2015-01-25
#772898 win32-loader win32-loader testing and newer fails with TRANSLATE error 2014-12-17
#773029 groonga-server-common groonga-server-common: purging deletes conffiles owned by other packages: /etc/groonga/{groonga.conf, synonyms.tsv} 2015-01-21
#773233 src:linux linux: Packaging is not correctly enforcing ABI 2015-01-16
#773354 util-linux please add breaks: live-tools (<< 4.0.1-1) 2015-01-09
#773586 phoneuid phoneuid: doesn't start or crashes during startup - probably due to problem in phonefsod 2014-12-20
#773623 libv8-3.14 nodejs: CVE-2014-7192 2014-12-21
#773671 src:libv8-3.14 libv8-3.14: multiple security issues 2014-12-29
#773751 fex race condition between fur and fex_cleanup 2015-01-20
#773772 netscript-2.4 netscript-2.4: Interace names with '-' in them cannot be set up, and network configuration fails. 2015-01-04
#773806 libdb5.3-java libdb5.3-java: Pre-installation script fails 2015-01-07
#773834 imagemagick [imagemagick] Huge security queue 2014-12-24
#774090 emacs24 emacs24: CVE-2014-9483: a left-click in Emacs sometimes modifies the PRIMARY selection 2015-01-04
#774257 gnome-control-center Configuring a printer does not work without system-config-printer 2015-01-06
#774328 ctdb ctdb: Failed to start ctdb.service: Unit ctdb.service failed to load: No such file or directory. 2015-01-16
#774329 libvirt-bin libvirt-bin: Doesn't gracefully shutdown guests on upgrade restart 2015-01-25
#774335 systemd-sysv Provides: in SysV init scripts are not handled correctly, leading to wrong orderings 2015-01-21
#774363 gnome gnome crashes/freezes seemingly random 2015-01-01
#774437 ovirt-guest-agent ovirt-guest-agent: fails in preinst due to hardcoded uid and gid values 2015-01-16
#774607 gitweb gitweb breaks apache upgrade 2015-01-08
#774678 ykneomgr ykneomgr: Missing dependency on pcscd 2015-01-19
#774725 libmspack0 libmspack: CHM decompression: division by zero 2015-01-13
#774726 libmspack0 libmspack: CHM decompression: pointer arithmetic overflow 2015-01-13
#774748 ruby-redcloth ruby-redcloth: CVE-2012-6684 2015-01-26
#774780 sound-juicer sound-juicer: Refuses to start: “The plugin necessary for file access was not found” 2015-01-07
#774794 dpkg dpkg: Add breaks for new trigger cycles 2015-01-19
#774795 mysql-server-5.5 php5, mysql-server-5.5: php5 FTBFS on ppc64el due to mysql assertion failure "InnoDB: Failing assertion: node->n_pending == 0" 2015-01-09
#774844 perl xfonts-traditional: fails to upgrade from 'wheezy': Can't locate File/ in @INC 2015-01-25
#774847 python2.7-minimal python2.7-minimal: fails to upgrade from 'wheezy': python or pycompile not found in public_modules.rtinstall hook. 2015-01-21
#774854 fex fex: fails to install: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 2015-01-26
#774862 ciderwebmail ciderwebmail: unhandled symlink to directory conversion: /usr/share/ciderwebmail/root/static/images/mimeicons 2015-01-21
#774873 openjdk-7-jre-headless Circular dependency in java-headless packages 2015-01-19
#774874 maradns maradns: prompting due to modified conffiles which were not modified by the user: /etc/maradns/mararc 2015-01-08
#774889 gdm3 gdm3: fails to upgrade squeeze -> wheezy -> jessie - trying to overwrite /usr/share/gdm/BuiltInSessions/default.desktop 2015-01-20
#774915 live-tools live-tools: fails to upgrade from 'wheezy': dpkg-divert: error: rename involves overwriting `/usr/bin/uptime' with different file 2015-01-19
#774918 cups-pdf cups-pdf: copyright file missing after upgrade (policy 12.5) 2015-01-26
#775005 macchanger [macchanger] MAC randomization doesn't generate a random MAC 2015-01-16
#775041 samba samba: add Breaks: qtsmbstatus-server (<< 2.2.1-3~) 2015-01-10
#775044 src:openjdk-7 openjdk-7: FTBFS: java.lang.RuntimeException: time is more than 10 years from present: 1104530400000 2015-01-25
#775052 qmail-run qmail-run: postinst uses /usr/share/doc content (Policy 12.3): /usr/share/doc/qmail-run/examples/aliases 2015-01-10
#775053 debbugs debbugs: postinst uses /usr/share/doc content (Policy 12.3): /usr/share/doc/debbugs/examples/config 2015-01-18
#775062 grok grok doesn't grok group name ('group name must start with a non-digit') 2015-01-24
#775065 systemd dpkg --configure -a results in "Hangup" after first package 2015-01-15
#775067 systemd systemd: journald doesn't forward messages to syslog w/o CAP_SYS_ADMIN (LXC) 2015-01-21
#775114 libkdeui5 [libkdeui5] KRecursiveFilterProxyModel: The model was not working properly 2015-01-22
#775124 dpkg dpkg-statoverride with unknown group breaks any subsequent package installation 2015-01-12
#775136 debian-installer sources.list.udeb generator doesn't consider Dir::Etc::SourceList 2015-01-25
#775147 emscripten emscripten: does not work at all with optimization enabled 2015-01-12
#775541 nfs-common NFS mounts from /etc/fstab do not work 2015-01-17

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