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36 bugs found

bug# tags package title deferred modified
#713016 [+|u]   dvd+rw-tools dvd+rw-tools: Burning to previously blank BD-R ends by error message "CLOSE SESSION failed"   2015-02-27
#717190 [+]   hdparm Leaves RAID sync speed set to 0   2015-02-24
#729800 [jes|+|sid]   initramfs-tools Packages including /usr/sbin/update-initramfs must Provide and Conflict with linux-initramfs-tool   2014-10-04
#740998 [ipv6]   rdnssd NetworkManager and rdnssd do not play well together   2015-02-14
#744145 [+]   python-pip pip crashes on "import requests"   2015-02-27
#747863 [+]   nut-client systemd service fails by default and causes package install failure   2015-03-01
#754850 [jes|M|+|sid]   cgmanager regression: no suspend/hibernate on non-systemd systems   2015-02-14
#757413 [jes|sid]   partman-target debian-installer: Please do not add mount point on /media/usb0 because create conflict with mount point create by kdm desktop session   2015-02-28
#761815 [+]   partman-target installation adds entries for USB media to /etc/fstab which confuse udisks   2015-01-26
#762465 [+]   sudo sudo: "ignoring time stamp from the future" message after each boot   2015-03-01
#766960 [jes|sid]   src:debian-installer-netboot-images debian-installer-netboot-images: Please provide packages for Debian 8   2015-02-28
#767433 [U|S]   binutils binutils: libbfd (strings, objdump, nm, etc): CVE-2014-8484 and CVE-2014-8485: code injection   2014-12-31
#769078   src:python2.7 python2.7: Uses literal pkgname in dpkg-query call   2014-11-20
#772410   scilab scilab: bashism in /bin/sh script   2015-01-28
#773806 [M]   libdb5.3-java libdb5.3-java: Pre-installation script fails   2015-01-07
#774794   dpkg dpkg: Add breaks for new trigger cycles   2015-02-22
#775124   dpkg dpkg-statoverride with unknown group breaks any subsequent package installation   2015-02-22
#775873 [S]   patch patch: CVE-2015-1395: directory traversal via file rename   2015-01-28
#776137 [+]   sudo sudo: fails to switch between sudo and sudo-ldap: chown: cannot access '/etc/sudoers': No such file or directory   2015-02-24
#776400   grub-ieee1275 grub-ieee1275: ppc64el-disable-vsx.patch applied to 32-bit kernel.img causes exception at 0x20000008 (mtmsrd 0)   2015-01-28
#776488 [+]   libdebian-installer4 regression: arm map_hardware[] not NULL terminated   2015-01-28
#777556 [jes|+|sid|u]   perl perl: regexp performance regression since 5.18   2015-03-01
#777597   perl-modules perl-modules: upgrade regression: dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of perl-modules   2015-02-27
#777656 [U|S|u]   src:freetype freetype: various new security issues   2015-02-28
#779029 [C|+]   scummvm scummvm: fails to work on armhf, ARM ASM is buggy [PATCH]   2015-03-01
#779093 [+]   python-exif python-exif: build-depend on dh-python to fix FTBFS   2015-03-01
#779115 [+]   polygen-data polygen-data: depend on perl instead of perl-modules   2015-02-26
#779116   pristine-tar pristine-tar: depend on perl instead of perl-modules   2015-02-25
#779119   shorewall shorewall: depend on perl instead of perl-modules   2015-02-28
#779120   shorewall-core shorewall-core: depend on perl instead of perl-modules   2015-02-28
#779121   tvtime tvtime: depend on perl instead of perl-modules   2015-02-25
#779193   grml2usb grml2usb: syslinux fails to install, missing sync of filesystem   2015-02-27
#779274 [S]   t1utils t1disasm: buffer overflow in set_cs_start   2015-03-01
#779288   upgrade-system upgrade-system: cronjob still active after package was removed (but not purged)   2015-02-27
#779294 [jes|sid]   python2.7 /usr/bin/python: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.15' not found (required by /usr/bin/python)   2015-03-01
#779308   gramps Gramps: Upgrade to Python 3 Gramps causing multiple serious database errors   2015-02-26

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