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22 bugs found

bug# tags package title deferred modified
#725284 [+]   hdparm hdparm + systemd: Configuration not restored after resume   2015-04-23
#725417 [+|u]   mbr mbr: install-mbr wipes the disk-id portion of the MBR, rendering Windows 7 unbootable   2015-04-17
#744753 [H|+|whe-i]   anacron anacron: Anacron not triggered when system resumes under systemd   2015-03-24
#746580 [+]   sysv-rc update-rc.d enable support incomplete for systemd service files   2015-03-25
#771241 [+|P|u]   stunnel4 stunnel4 sometimes truncates long server reply   2015-04-23
#771671 [+]   kexec-tools /sbin/kexec: Unable to load kdump kernel on i386   2015-04-23
#775733 [+]   src:xemacs21, xemacs21-gnome-mule, xemacs21-gnome-nomule, xemacs21-gnome-mule-canna-wnn xemacs21-gnome-*: hangs during upgrade from squeeze -> wheezy -> jessie   2015-04-25
#780143 [U|+]   libfreetype6 libfreetype6_2.5.2-3 makes some fonts unusable   2015-03-20
#781716 [U|+|u]   gparted gparted: partitioning fails due to lack of udisks2 locking and automount   2015-04-15
#781896 [+]   baloo4 baloo4: Baloo needs to depend on libqt4-sql-sqlite to start indexing   2015-04-22
#781995 [+]   src:motif motif: Fix for keyboard navigation of menus makes some packages unusable   2015-04-25
#782033 [+]   kexec-tools kexec-tools: Reboots the machine while removing the package   2015-04-23
#782363 [+]   src:multipath-tools multipath-tools-boot: include dm-service-time in initramfs (new default path selector)   2015-04-22
#782396 [+]   sakura sakura: Sakura running as x-terminal-emulator does not accept -T title option   2015-04-19
#782400 [+]   src:multipath-tools multipath-tools: libmultipath: fix discovery of devices with empty rev sysfs attribute   2015-04-22
#782488 [+]   src:multipath-tools multipath-tools: updates for compatibility with property blacklist   2015-04-16
#782653 [jes|M|+|sid]   src:openmpi openmpi: Fails to build from source   2015-04-21
#782811 [U|+]   translate-shell trans: no longer works as Google Translate API changed   2015-04-18
#782996 [+]   smstools smsd: 'reload' function of initscript broken if used by systemd   2015-04-21
#783148 [+|S|u]   src:wpa wpa: CVE-2015-1863: wpa_supplicant P2P SSID processing vulnerability   2015-04-24
#783163 [+|S]   python-swift CVE-2015-1856: Unauthorized delete of versioned Swift object   2015-04-23
#783164 [+|S]   python-keystoneclient CVE-2015-1852: S3token incorrect condition expression for ssl_insecure.   2015-04-23

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