Possibly easy targets for RC bug squashing

RC bugs tagged patch (and not pending)

644047 gdm3 gdm3 64989 gdm3: /etc/default/locale ignored, locale set to C, breaks gnome-terminal
725284 hdparm hdparm 112673 hdparm + systemd: Configuration not restored after resume
744753 anacron anacron 96111 anacron: Anacron not triggered when system resumes under systemd
747863 nut-client nut 2923 systemd service fails by default and causes package install failure
759530 libc-bin glibc 175385 libc-bin: ldconfig breaks a system
767092 anacron anacron 96111 anacron fails to run when laptop goes out of sleep
768133 evince evince 78881 evince print only blank page in landscape / okular work
770130 gnome-shell gnome-shell 61664 gnome-shell: fails to start on i386 when built with llvm-3.5
771671 kexec-tools kexec-tools 1177 /sbin/kexec: Unable to load kdump kernel on i386
771887 nut-client nut 2923 nut-client: Does not install cleanly
772429 cdbs cdbs 10572 cdbs: Does not support case-insensitve field names
773750 nut-client nut 2923 nut-client: Fails to install
775235 gnome-shell gnome-shell 61664 gnome-shell: fails to start on i386 when built with llvm-3.5
775624 src:procps procps 175548 procps: FTBFS in jessie: dh_auto_test: make -j1 check returned exit code 2
775795 puppet puppet 6249 puppet: Service's debian provider assumes SysV init
775913 src:vala-0.26 vala-0.26 1415 vala-0.26: CVE-2014-8154: Heap-buffer overflow in vala-gstreamer bindings at Gst.MapInfo()
776911 gnome-shell gnome-shell 61664 gnome-shell: Cogl-ERROR **: Failed to create texture 2d due to size/format constraints
778891 puppet puppet 6249 puppet: systemd unit file does not load environment from /etc/default/puppet - breaks upgrades
779183 src:pcl pcl 44 pcl: sometimes FTBFS - fatal error: pcl/visualization/pcl_visualizer.h: No such file or directory
779251 libvlc5 vlc 57302 libvlc5: dependency on libvlccore8 too weak
779420 debconf-i18n,debconf-utils debconf 175559 debconf-{i18n,utils}: dependency on debconf too weak
779579 multipath-udeb multipath-tools 4786 installer broken: multipath-udeb depends on non-existent libgcc1 udeb

RC bugs on packages with a newer version in Ubuntu (possible patches), not tagged patch nor pending

bugpackagesourceversions (D/U)popcontitle
555168 locales glibc UbCh 2.19-15 / 2.19-15ubuntu2 175385 Many locales files do not permit modification
709198 debconf debconf UbCh 1.5.55 / 1.5.55ubuntu2 175559 debconf: should not use python in maintainer scripts
750521 pinentry-gtk2 pinentry UbCh 0.8.3-2 / 0.8.3-2ubuntu1 42261 scim-gtk-immodule breaks pinentry-gtk2 and impairs gnome-keyring
762700 systemd systemd UbCh 215-12 / 219-4ubuntu1 175038 systemd: journald fails to forward some messages to syslog
765380 src:gcc-4.8 gcc-4.8 UbCh 4.8.4-1 / 4.8.4-1ubuntu5 30117 gcc-4.8: do not ship with Jessie+1
767019 xscreensaver xscreensaver UbCh 5.30-1 / 5.30-1ubuntu1 40208 xscreensaver: postinst overwrites /etc/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver without asking
767423 tracker-extract tracker UbCh 1.2.4-2 / 1.2.5-0ubuntu2 59212 tracker-extract SIGSEGV
767659 libpoppler-glib8 poppler UbCh 0.26.5-2 / 0.30.0-0ubuntu1 91993 evince 3.14.1-1 gets undefined symbol with libpoppler46:i386 earlier than 0.26.5-2
768475 libpoppler-glib8 poppler UbCh 0.26.5-2 / 0.30.0-0ubuntu1 91993 evince: segfault on trying to open a pdf
768620 avahi-daemon avahi UbCh 0.6.31-4 / 0.6.31-4ubuntu4 145920 avahi-daemon.service fails to stop during upgrade
768949 avahi-daemon avahi UbCh 0.6.31-4 / 0.6.31-4ubuntu4 145920 avahi-daemon.service fails to stop during upgrade
768985 libpoppler-glib8 poppler UbCh 0.26.5-2 / 0.30.0-0ubuntu1 91993 libpoppler-glib.so.8: undefined symbol Segmentation fault
769351 src:docker.io docker.io UbCh 1.3.3~dfsg1-2 / 1.3.3~dfsg1-2ubuntu5 1427 docker.io: statically linked against libc6 without a Built-Using: field
769353 chkrootkit chkrootkit UbCh 0.50-2 / 0.50-2ubuntu1 6812 chkrootkit: statically linked against libc6 without a Built-Using: field
769797 src:gnat-4.9 gnat-4.9 UbCh 4.9.2-1 / 4.9.2-1ubuntu1 338 gnat-4.9: FTBFS: Needs update for gcc-4.9-4.9.2
770492 src:linux linux UbCh 3.16.7-ckt7-1 / 3.19.0-7.7 117483 linux-image-3.16.0-4-686-pae: chown removes security.capability xattr on other users' files (CVE-2015-1350)
770767 cdbs cdbs UbCh 0.4.127 / 0.4.127ubuntu1 10572 cdbs: perl-build-vars.mk overrides $Config{ccflags}
774329 libvirt-bin libvirt UbCh 1.2.9-9 / 1.2.12-0ubuntu7 11545 libvirt-bin: Doesn't gracefully shutdown guests on upgrade restart
775541 nfs-common nfs-utils UbCh 1:1.2.8-9 / 1:1.2.8-9ubuntu2 149119 NFS mounts from /etc/fstab do not work
775877 gnome-session gnome-session UbCh 3.14.0-2 / 3.14.0-2ubuntu3 69721 gnome-session: No mouse pointer after login
775990 akonadi-backend-sqlite akonadi UbCh 1.13.0-2 / 1.13.0-2ubuntu1 19045 [akonadi-backend-sqlite] Akonadi reports deadlocks
776483 python-imaging pillow UbCh 2.6.1-1 / 2.7.0-1 88470 python-imaging: no smooth upgrade path from wheezy due to python-imaging-tk becoming a virtual package
776686 libwebkitgtk-3.0-0 webkitgtk UbCh 2.4.8-1 / 2.4.8-1ubuntu1 81000 libwebkitgtk-3.0-0: Crash with SIGBUS in `WebCore::WidthIterator::advanceInternal`
776746 gnome-session gnome-session UbCh 3.14.0-2 / 3.14.0-2ubuntu3 69721 gnome-session: GNOME crashes during a remote desktop access
777511 src:linux linux UbCh 3.16.7-ckt7-1 / 3.19.0-7.7 117483 linux-image-3.16: md: bug with re-adding a partially recovered device to a mirror
778631 icedtea-netx icedtea-web UbCh 1.5.2-1 / 1.5.2-1ubuntu2 67785 icedtea-netx: Fails to start despite dependencies being met
778655 doxygen doxygen UbCh 1.8.8-5 / 8459 doxygen: Doxygen should not enable markdown by default
779613 blueman blueman UbCh 1.99~alpha1-1 / 1.99~alpha1-1ubuntu1 3042 "no such file or directory" trying to connect through the blueman-applet

RC bugs affecting only testing (not unstable, and not pending)

767433 binutils binutils 132474 binutils: libbfd (strings, objdump, nm, etc): CVE-2014-8484 and CVE-2014-8485: code injection
757348 cgmanager cgmanager 6166 systemd: with SysV init, can no longer suspend and shutdown from lightdm
758746 cgmanager cgmanager 6166 kde-workspace-bin: Energy saving schemes have no effect
760281 cgmanager cgmanager 6166 xfce4: cannot mount usb drive: "Not authorized to perform operation"
757698 cgmanager cgmanager 6166 [network-manager] network-manager: Not authorized to control networking
754850 cgmanager cgmanager 6166 regression: no suspend/hibernate on non-systemd systems
760366 cgmanager cgmanager 6166 gdm3: Stopped showing any users, no way to log in
759745 cgmanager cgmanager 6166 gdm3: Unable to login post-upgrade without systemd-sysv installed
779501 clamsmtp clamsmtp 364 clamsmtp: patch included in 1.10-12 completely breaks the package
779113 cli-common cli-common 66604 cli-common: depend on perl instead of perl-modules
713016 dvd+rw-tools dvd+rw-tools 29112 dvd+rw-tools: Burning to previously blank BD-R ends by error message "CLOSE SESSION failed"
777191 grub-efi-amd64 grub2 169566 grub-efi-amd64 on Debian Jessie cannot boot zfs native root filesystem running the latest git code soon to be 0.6.4 tagged - official release
776400 grub-ieee1275 grub2 169566 grub-ieee1275: ppc64el-disable-vsx.patch applied to 32-bit kernel.img causes exception at 0x20000008 (mtmsrd 0)
717190 hdparm hdparm 112673 Leaves RAID sync speed set to 0
779532 ifetch-tools ifetch-tools 18 ifetch-tools: superclass mismatch for class Monitor (TypeError)
779614 ifetch-tools ifetch-tools 18 ifetch-tools: Possible tmpfile symlink attacks because of deterministic filenames in /tmp
729800 initramfs-tools initramfs-tools 173732 Packages including /usr/sbin/update-initramfs must Provide and Conflict with linux-initramfs-tool
773806 libdb5.3-java db5.3 33874 libdb5.3-java: Pre-installation script fails
776488 libdebian-installer4 libdebian-installer 1281 regression: arm map_hardware[] not NULL terminated
775583 lvm2 lvm2 172833 New initramfs-tools boot script needed to activate VG needed only for /usr
779122 mono-apache-server2 xsp 377 mono-apache-server2: depend on perl instead of perl-modules
779123 mono-apache-server4 xsp 377 mono-apache-server4: depend on perl instead of perl-modules
779124 mono-fastcgi-server2 xsp 377 mono-fastcgi-server2: depend on perl instead of perl-modules
779125 mono-fastcgi-server4 xsp 377 mono-fastcgi-server4: depend on perl instead of perl-modules
778618 novnc novnc 162 novnc: session hijack through insecurely set session token cookies
775873 patch patch 167175 patch: CVE-2015-1395: directory traversal via file rename
779114 patcher patcher 20 patcher: depend on perl instead of perl-modules
777556 perl perl 175558 perl: regexp performance regression since 5.18
777597 perl-modules perl 175558 perl-modules: upgrade regression: dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of perl-modules
779117 pure-ftpd-common pure-ftpd 2827 pure-ftpd-common: depend on perl instead of perl-modules
744145 python-pip python-pip 14064 pip crashes on "import requests"
779294 python2.7 python2.7 141129 /usr/bin/python: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.15' not found (required by /usr/bin/python)
779550 qt4-x11 qt4-x11 79865 qt4-x11: CVE-2015-0295
772410 scilab scilab 1971 scilab: bashism in /bin/sh script
779029 scummvm scummvm 1419 scummvm: fails to work on armhf, ARM ASM is buggy [PATCH]
766960 src:debian-installer-netboot-images debian-installer-netboot-images 91 debian-installer-netboot-images: Please provide packages for Debian 8
777656 src:freetype freetype 173387 freetype: various new security issues
777142 src:gtk+2.0 gtk+2.0 126597 patch - make gdk_event_apply_filters function safe against changes in filter list
779552 src:pyelliptic pyelliptic 7 pyelliptic: Four functions in arithmetic.py do not work correctly because of incorrect indentation
769078 src:python2.7 python2.7 141129 python2.7: Uses literal pkgname in dpkg-query call
776137 sudo sudo 132467 sudo: fails to switch between sudo and sudo-ldap: chown: cannot access '/etc/sudoers': No such file or directory
762465 sudo sudo 132467 sudo: "ignoring time stamp from the future" message after each boot
779274 t1utils t1utils 16919 t1disasm: buffer overflow in set_cs_start