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The maintainer dashboard exposes information about teams or maintainers' packages. It intends to help answering the question I have a few hours for Debian, what should I do now?. Fill in one or more email addresses in the form below to check it out; for example here is the accessibility team todo list.


Todo list

type source description hide
testing migration egg Migration: Not in testing for 112 days hide
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source squeeze wheezy jessie sid experimental vcs upstream
egg 4.0.6+0.20041122cvs-18   4.0.6+0.20041122cvs-19     4.1.8-1     4.1.8-1    
fxload 0.0.20081013-1     0.0.20081013  
gonzui 1.2+cvs20070129-3   1.2+cvs20070129-3.1      
hex 204-17.1      
kon2 0.3.9b-20      
konfont 0.1-8      
kterm 6.2.0-46   6.2.0-46.1      
libdevel-logger-ruby 1.2.6-1      
mod-ruby 1.2.6-2      
sip-tester 1:3.1-3   1:3.2-1     1:3.2-2   3.1  
skkinput 1:2.06.4-6      
soap4r 1.5.5-1      
wnn7egg 1.02-8      


source all RC with patch pending
fxload 4 2
kon2 4 1
kterm 3
sip-tester 4


source bugs patches utopic (stable) vivid (devel) sid links
fxload  1 1 0.0.20081013-1ubuntu1  0.0.20081013-1ubuntu1  0.0.20081013-1  PTS LP
kon2      0.3.9b-20ubuntu1  0.3.9b-20ubuntu1  0.3.9b-20  PTS LP
kterm  1   6.2.0-46.1  PTS LP
sip-tester  1   1:3.2-1build1  1:3.2-1  PTS LP
soap4r  1     PTS LP

Packages with the same version in vivid and Debian sid, no bugs and no patches are not listed.

Quality Assurance Checks

source lintian reproducible piuparts
fxload reproducible  
konfont reproducible  
kon2 reproducible  
sip-tester unreproducible  
kterm reproducible  
egg reproducible  
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