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The maintainer dashboard exposes information about teams or maintainers' packages. It intends to help answering the question “I have a few hours for Debian, what should I do now?”. Fill in one or more email addresses in the form below to check it out; for example here is the accessibility team todo list.


Todo list

type source description hide
RC bug fuse4bsd RC bug needs fixing: #734451: fuse4bsd-dkms: package does not ship sources inside hide
RC bug kfreebsd-8 RC bug marked as done but still affects unstable: #725575: kfreebsd-8: FTBFS: ctfconvert: No such file or directory hide
RC bug freebsd-utils RC bug needs fixing: #740509: ifconfig: ioctl(SIOCGIFINFO_IN6): No such device or address hide
RC bug kfreebsd-9 RC bug needs fixing: #743141: system hangs when building gcc on kfreebsd-amd64 hide
RC bug kfreebsd-9 RC bug needs fixing: #743984: kfreebsd-9: CVE-2014-1453: nfsserver denial of service hide
RC bug kfreebsd-9 RC bug needs fixing: #730004: kfreebsd-image-9.2-1-686: "service stop wdm" crashes kernel occasionally: "Sleeping thread owns a non-sleepable lock" hide
testing migration kfreebsd-defaults Migration: Has been trying to migrate for 74 days hide
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source squeeze wheezy jessie sid experimental vcs upstream
ctfutils   9.2-5      
cuse4bsd   0~svn2434-2      
freebsd-buildutils 8.1-1   9.0-11   10.0-3      
freebsd-glue   0.0.4   0.2.19      
freebsd-libs 8.1-5+squeeze1   9.0+ds1-4
pu: 9.0+ds1-4  
freebsd-manpages 8.1-1   8.2-1   9.2+1-1     error  
freebsd-quota   8.2-1   8.2-3     error  
freebsd-sendpr 3.113+8.0-1   3.113+8.2-1      
freebsd-smbfs   9.0~svn227117-2   9.0~svn227117-3      
freebsd-utils 8.1-5   9.0+ds1-11~deb7u1
pu: 9.0+ds1-11~deb7u1  
bpo: 0.3.9~pre1.20080208-4~bpo60+1  
0.3.9~pre1.20080208-4   0.3.9~pre1.20080208-8      
istgt   0.4~20111008-3     error  
kfreebsd-10   10.0-4      
kfreebsd-11   11.0~svn264364-1      
kfreebsd-8 8.1+dfsg-8+squeeze4
sec: 8.1+dfsg-8+squeeze3
bpo: 8.2-15~bpo60+1  
pu: 8.3-6+deb7u1  
kfreebsd-9   9.0-10+deb70.6
sec: 9.0-10+deb70.4
pu: 9.0-10+deb70.6  
kfreebsd-defaults   9+1   9+2   10+1      
kfreebsd-downloader   9.0-3+deb70.1   9.2-1      
kfreebsd-downloader-10   10.0-1      
kfreebsd-kernel-headers 0.53   0.83   10.0~5      
type-handling 0.2.23      
ufsutils 7.3-1   8.2-3   9.2-3.1   10.0-2     error  
xserver-xorg-video-nv 1:2.1.17-3     1:2.1.20-2     2.1.20  
zfsutils 8.1-4+squeeze1   9.0-3   9.2-4      


source all RC with patch pending
freebsd-buildutils 5 1
freebsd-libs 2 1
freebsd-manpages 3
freebsd-utils 30 1 3
fuse4bsd 3 1
istgt 3
kfreebsd-10 3
kfreebsd-11 1
kfreebsd-9 30 3 1
kfreebsd-kernel-headers 10 1
ufsutils 3
zfsutils 8 3


source bugs patches saucy (stable) trusty (devel) sid links
freebsd-buildutils      9.0-11ubuntu1  10.0-3ubuntu1  10.0-3  PTS LP
freebsd-glue      0.0.9  0.2.17  0.2.19  PTS LP
freebsd-libs        9.2+ds2-4  10.0-5  PTS LP
freebsd-manpages  1   8.2-1  9.2+1-1  PTS LP
freebsd-quota          8.2-3  PTS LP
freebsd-sendpr  1   3.113+8.2-1    PTS LP
freebsd-smbfs          9.0~svn227117-3  PTS LP
freebsd-utils          10.0+ds1-1  PTS LP
kfreebsd-8          8.3-6+deb7u1  PTS LP
kfreebsd-downloader          9.2-1  PTS LP
kfreebsd-kernel-headers          10.0~5  PTS LP
ufsutils      8.2-3    9.2-3.1  PTS LP
xserver-xorg-video-nv  2       1:2.1.20-2  PTS LP
zfsutils          9.2-4  PTS LP

Packages with the same version in trusty and Debian sid, no bugs and no patches are not listed.

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