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13 bugs found

bug# package title modified
#851555 tasksel Blends install options removed from tasksel menu 2017-03-19
#852575 powerpc-utils powerpc-utils: Update udevadm path 2017-09-13
#857573 ifupdown No longer umounts AoE/NBD-based file systems, causing data loss 2017-05-18
#859263 bash maintain PIE enabled bash 2017-08-05
#860751 mawk mawk: segfaults on i386 during win32-loader build 2017-06-18
#867362 isc-dhcp-server isc-dhcp-server: DHCP server does not start after upgrade to Stretch 2017-07-27
#872039 initscripts initscripts: umountfs leaves /var mounted (rw) 2017-11-17
#872635 src:util-linux util-linux: FTBFS on armel: test failure 2017-10-11
#875423 src:openssl openssl: Please re-enable TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 (at least in testing) 2017-10-26
#878843 util-linux util-linux: fsck on btrfs /home hangs, stalling boot 2017-10-18
#880207 e2fsprogs-l10n e2fsprogs-l10n: copyright file missing 2017-12-13
#880501 libpam-runtime pam-auth-update may create empty configuration file, disabling all authentication 2017-11-01
#880982 ifupdown ifup does not trigger scripts any more after booting 2017-11-08

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and not (id in (select id from bugs_merged_with where id > merged_with)) 
AND (severity >= 'serious')
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