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7 bugs found

bug# package title modified
#771428 apt apt tries to configure dbus before libdbus-1-3, fails to upgrade 2015-01-25
#775624 src:procps procps: FTBFS in jessie: dh_auto_test: make -j1 check returned exit code 2 2015-01-24
#776910 apt apt: upgrade from wheezy to jessie breaks in the middle 2015-03-02
#777556 perl perl: regexp performance regression since 5.18 2015-03-01
#777597 perl-modules perl-modules: upgrade regression: dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of perl-modules 2015-02-27
#779420 debconf-i18n, debconf-utils debconf-{i18n,utils}: dependency on debconf too weak 2015-02-28
#779592 apt [apt] /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/ gets filled by Diff_index file 2015-03-02

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