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83065 bugs found

bug# releases package title modified
#2297 (STUE)   xterm xterm: xterm sometimes gets mouse-paste and RETURN keypress in wrong order 2017-02-16
#3773 (STU)   xless xless default window too thin and won't go away when asked nicely 2016-08-01
#4073 (STU)   make make pattern rules delete intermediate files 2011-02-15
#4448 (STU)   dselect dselect: Performance gripe with disk method doing dpkg -iGROEB 2019-03-04
#4989 (STU)   dselect dselect conflict resolution screen should mention "replaces" 2002-07-01
#5210 (STU)   dpkg-dev dpkg-gencontrol: Support substvars in names of binary packages 2019-03-02
#5898 (STU)   m4 m4 has no safe (security) option 2006-09-15
#5946 (STU)   nvi nvi +cmd has changed behavior 2007-08-20
#6019 (STU)   dselect dselect: Repeated identical 'conflicts' messages 2019-03-04
#6486 (STU)   dselect dselect: Should have a Tk version, mention multiple available versions etc 2019-03-04
#8510 (STU)   xmp XMP should reload samples after exit 2010-01-28
#8639 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: Add --force-script-errors 2019-03-04
#8667 (STU)   cron cron: Crontab does not lock edited files 2016-10-26
#8927 (STU)   update-inetd netstd: update-inetd don't update xinetd.conf 2009-09-07
#9356 (STU)   nn AUTHINFO GENERIC support 2012-06-24
#9953 (STU)   xloadimage xloadimage: colors of xwd images incorrect 1998-04-05
#10044 (STU)   smartlist smartlist does not follow FHS yet 2006-01-24
#10648 (STU)   autoconf2.13 Spurious dependence on libelf when checking for getloadavg() 2016-01-03
#10860 (STUE)   sendmail sendmail: Configuration file problems 2005-06-24
#10924 (STUE)   sendmail sendmail: suggestion for configuration 1998-10-19
#11992 (STU)   dselect dselect: Cannot say how much space is free on the harddisk 2019-03-04
#12176 (STU)   vlock please support locking multiple ttys 2006-02-20
#12411 (STU)   glibc-doc-reference example directory lister ignores errors 2006-08-15
#12859 (STU)   dselect dselect: Cannot install just some unstable packages 2019-03-04
#13389 (STU)   ssh Support the "none" cipher 2018-11-08
#13686 (STU)   gpm gpm: apparently gpm should use UUCP-style locking 2003-05-28
#14085 (STU)   dwww dwww: manpath may not be present 2001-08-09
#14788 (STU)   mpack munpack loses type information 2000-04-29
#14923 (STU)   doc-base debian doc URN scheme 2003-03-09
#15079 (STU)   linuxdoc-tools sgml-tools: sgml2html: Problems with ToC 2001-03-06
#15119 (ē)   sendmail sendmail: config misses interesting features 2000-10-19
#15258 (STU)   cron cron shouts... 2005-07-06
#15531 (STU)   dselect dselect: Key 'G' does not "unhold" more than one level 2019-03-04
#15626 (STU)   autoconf2.13 automake: Automake's macros cause autoheader to die (fwd) 2016-01-03
#15870 (STU)   x2x x2x: cursor can get stuck 2017-02-20
#15899 (STU)   x2x x2x: feature request - make -wait reconnect, too 2006-05-01
#17025 (STU)   coreutils seq --format options 2008-04-04
#17140 (STU)   freeciv-server Saving extra food 2010-02-15
#17560 (STU)   amanda-server tapelist is in wrong place 2009-05-13
#17590 (STUE) search_contents: search contents of source packages 2020-12-31
#17803 (STU)   ipip ipip: Insufficient documentation 1998-10-29
#18024 (STU)   tkdesk tkdesk app bar defaults could fit Debian better 1999-10-08
#18129 (STU)   bbdb bbdb: wish for location handling 2000-10-19
#18249 (STU)   libc6 [patch] Syntax additions for posix/regex.[hc] 2005-02-18
#18567 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: clean environment (PATH, etc) for maintainer scripts 2019-04-06
#18583 (STUE)   par par is too greedy 2006-01-18
#18612 (STU)   emacsen-common emacsen-common: no way to install info pages 2012-06-13
#19237 (STU)   cron crontab should support TMPDIR env variable 2018-11-27
#20471 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: check rdepends on unpack 2016-12-19
#20547 (STU)   ppp Please allow persist option to be used with passive 2005-07-28
#20694 (STU)   x2x x2x: inherits caps lock state from wrong keyboard 2005-07-28
#20768 (STU)   autoconf2.13 autoconf has small "@CPP@" problem with new c/c++ split 2016-01-03
#20822 (STU)   xdaliclock xdaliclock -root -transparent not very 2012-04-04
#21134 (STU)   dselect dselect misuses ti/te 2009-04-16
#21148 (STU)   wget wget doesn't allow selectivity based on mime type 2017-03-09
#21151 (STU)   debianutils debianutils: savelog: [patch] Sortable numeric filename extensions. 2002-11-12
#21183 (STU)   dpkg dpkg can go into an infinite loop with --force-configure-any (#2) 2005-07-17
#21419 (STU)   vlock vlock does not work properly on Sparc 2010-07-11
#21645 (STUE)   bash-completion [feature removed upstream] */text* completion doesn't work anymore 2008-05-16
#21733 (STU)   ltrace ltrace: trace statically compiled functions? 1998-04-27
#21758 (STU)   dselect dselect: Does not report an error when it does not find a package 2019-03-04
#21941 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: Scripts under /var prevent mounting /var with noexec 2019-03-04
#22009 (STU)   netcat-traditional nc -e -o does not dump 2020-07-22
#22078 (STU)   openssh-server Starting ssh from inetd 2010-01-04
#22502 (STU)   minicom minicom doesn't react optimally to terminal resizing 2003-07-08
#22545 (STU)   fortune-mod fortune: could have "default" feature 2013-06-27
#22580 (STU)   dselect dselect: Impossible to place all packages on hold by default 2019-03-04
#22731   cvs cvs ignores files *AND* directories called 'core' by default 2011-05-06
#22875 (STU)   xcal xcal deosn't cope will with write errors on save 2008-08-25
#22879 (STU)   nasm nasm: Preprocessor to do multiple expansions; wishlist 2009-02-19
#22952 (STU)   automake automake: should allow preinst target 2015-01-25
#23001 (STU)   mawk mawk: add option to ignore missing files 2010-03-01
#23322 (STU)   dselect dselect: Absolute path not accepted (dpkg-ftp|http? methods) 2019-03-04
#23574 (STU)   joe joe sometimes mucks up the terminal when scrolling [rare, has workarounds] 2000-12-24
#23728 (STU)   gmemusage gmemusage: Implement close signal/callback 2005-01-17
#23807 (STU)   xgammon xgammon: -otherdisplay causes segfault 1998-06-22
#23839 (STU)   dselect dselect: Installed packages info set to <none> 2019-03-04
#24019 (STU)   gpm gpm: gpm doesn't support 3button emulation for 2 button mice 1999-06-12
#24043 (STU)   update-inetd netbase: update-inetd can only add one entry for a service 2016-10-09
#24436 (STU)   recode recode: missing some things for latex 2003-05-09
#24451 (STU)   src:ftplib ftplib3 doesn't support REST(big problem) 2016-07-21
#24900 (STU)   cfingerd cfingerd uses wrong line ends (rfc violation) 2020-07-31
#25173 (STU)   dselect dselect: More helpful user interface 2019-03-04
#25228 (STU)   debianutils savelog: Please make it work on locked NFS partitions 2011-04-20
#25408 (STU)   dds2tar dds2tar: mt-dds: causes hard system lock 2000-04-29
#25434 (STU)   ppp need ppp script to run BEFORE ip-down (my solution inc) 2017-04-16
#25457 (STU)   tin tin: tin quotes things unnecessarily for %S 2003-02-16
#25570 (STUE)   icewm icewm configuration better if fvwm2.deb-style 1998-08-10
#25576   cvs cvs no longer allows cvswrappers 2011-06-11
#25759 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: overwrites "alternatives" symlinks without warning 2015-03-29
#25855 (STU)   dselect dselect: Add support to track manual vs automatically installed packages 2019-03-07
#25870 (STU)   html2ps html2ps: ghostscript falls over on the PS generated 2005-10-30
#25882 (STU)   base-passwd base-passwd: avoid uid/gid 100 2008-05-04
#25969 (STU)   fweb fweb: Problem with texi documentation 2017-04-15
#26155 (STU)   tkdesk tkdesk: Cannot handle corrupt ~/.tkdesk/_layout file 2002-12-22
#26317 (STU)   netris netris: sample robot hangs 2002-04-11
#26372 (STU)   mgetty mgetty: AutoPPP should not set utmp entry 2004-01-01
#26611 (STU)   macutils macutils: macunpack doesn't handle modern .sit compression 2005-04-02
#26766 (STU)   coreutils cp: does not preserve timestamps of dangling symlinks [no support in Linux for setting timestamp on symlinks] 2009-02-15
#27003 (STU)   scsitools Error in scsi-config 2003-10-02
#27052 (STU)   efax a script to let efax auto-convert faxes 2002-01-28
#27208 (STU)   tftpd faster tftp daemon 2007-04-14
#27225 (STUE)   gv gv: Multiple file support. 2007-11-30
#27284 (STU)   dselect dselect: NFS access method cannot be interrupted 2019-03-04
#27454 (STUE) smartlist dis-recognized daemon mail 2007-11-07
#27997 (STU) wmppp doesn't manage pon/poff correctly 2000-11-17
#28250 (STU)   libc6 perl can lose output due to stdio buffering 2018-02-26
#28469 (STU)   rsync rsync should use an existing ls-lR file 2005-05-18
#29008 (STU)   html2ps html2ps chokes 2005-10-30
#29494 (STU)   emacsen-common emacsen-common: generate-install-list finds too many packages 2009-01-07
#30126 (STU)   dpkg dpkg-divert: Does not work with directories 2019-03-04
#30264 (STU)   less less: less forgets formatting when output is redirected 2002-09-01
#30505 (STUE)   apt apt: Apt should offer the option to download debs only when needed 2015-04-17
#30655 (STU)   cron allow user-started daemons 2011-02-17
#30719 (STU)   gpm gpm: [wishlist] Please include the imwheel gpm patches 1999-06-12
#30848 (STU)   mgetty-voice 'vm' (mgetty-voice) ignores certain flags in shell mode 2003-10-16
#30955 (STU)   xfig xfig terminates w/o warning if there is no space left on device 2020-08-02
#30972 (STU)   dselect dselect: RMS dislikes language of the prompt for non-free CDs 2019-03-04
#31027 (STU)   cron $HOME not expanded in PATH= statement 2007-05-29
#31303 (STU)   findutils Support for FTP servers 2007-05-29
#31477   lynx lynx: bookmark file is relative to home dir 2012-06-13
#31569 (STU)   dselect dselect complained that all files had a wrong size 2002-07-01
#31779 (ē)   mpich mpich: Clustering multiple CPU archs is not supported 2001-11-23
#31803 (STU)   autoconf2.13 Autoconf AC_PATH_PROG macro problem... 2016-01-03
#31878 (STU)   dselect dselect attempts to enforce Suggests: 2002-07-01
#32202 (STU)   joe Joe doesn't redraw screen correctly on VT100 terminal 2008-03-20
#32353 (STU)   wget wget: opens a new connection for each ftp document. 2017-03-18
#32489 (STU)   dselect dselect should pause after remove or config 2014-05-24
#32583 (STU)   mgetty mgetty: mgetty writing to wtmp non-usefull info if modem missing 1999-01-29
#32595 (STU)   dselect dselect: Remove obsolete and confusing acquisition methods: harddisk, mounted, cdrom, nfs 2019-03-04
#32877 (STU)   dpkg [CONFFILE] Cleverer conffile merge 2021-02-18
#32892 (STU)   vlock please implement per user locking 2007-08-14
#33344 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: Add new field to track package rename/split/merge 2020-04-22
#33415 (STU)   net-tools netstat --ddp does not work 2015-09-07
#33726 (STU)   vrms Sorting non-free packages 2002-12-22
#33797 (STU)   update-inetd netbase: DebianNet::remove_service don't understand midentd entry 2015-04-18
#33975 (STUE)   g++ [PR c++/6905] Suggested g++ warning: changed semantics of conditional expressions 2017-03-02
#33990 (STU)   autoconf2.13 DEFS botches macros with arguments 2016-01-03
#33991 (STU)   dselect dselect: Automatic library install/deinstall 2019-03-04
#34194 (STU)   dpkg Botched file ownerships and permissions... 2008-09-08
#34242 (STU)   cdtool cdtool: resume doesn't 2005-02-21
#34837 (STU)   pccts pccts: Please provide Homepage field 2017-06-26
#35438 (STU)   pentium-builder pentium-builder: /etc/pentium-builderrc 1999-04-02
#35471 (STU)   dupload dupload: Full name is ignored if Visible name is used 2019-02-02
#35496 (STU)   tar dds2tar-patched tar doesn't print record numbers anymore 1999-09-14
#35576 (SU)   texlive-htmlxml docbook-stylesheets: Rendering problem with program listings 2016-03-30
#35596 (STU)   x11-apps xbase-clients: [xbiff] want to be able to run a program from it 2007-07-19
#35711 (STU)   docbook-dsssl docbook-dsssl: footnote in leganotice not rendered 2009-06-26
#35779 (S)   squid3 squid: Should be able to mime type for refresh_pattern 2015-12-29
#35955 (STU)   ddd DDD: should have more flexible info browsing support 1999-04-13
#35970 (STU)   gnumach gnumach hangs because of Linux 2.0.36 adaptec drivers 2014-05-25
#36019 (STU)   adduser hooks: /etc/adduser/{pre,post}{user,group}{add,del}.d/ 2017-04-07
#36054 (STU)   x11-apps xbase-clients: [xclock] should center its string when in digital mode 2007-07-19
#36318 (STU)   less less: [PATCH] backward scrolling in binary files is very slow 2002-05-14
#36319 (STU)   emacsen-common infos are installed outside the standard info-path 2019-01-04
#36592 (STU)   pppconfig Please provide an option dialog for speed 2007-05-29
#36697 (STU)   gsfonts-other [woody] parts under free license should go into main 2004-07-06
#36830 (STU)   x11-apps xbase-clients: [xbiff] behaviour with mailbox shortage, and no maildir support 2007-07-19
#37078 (U)   debbugs [] Subscribe submitter to the per-bug subscription list by default 2019-11-15
#37475 (STU)   screen screen: Feature Request: exclude windows from 'next', more-letter commands defineable 2003-03-17
#37592 (STU)   dselect dselect automatically deselects libc6 and essential packages 2006-09-30
#37639 (STU)   pppconfig 2nd nameserver to default to 1st (wishlist) 2002-12-06
#37925 (STU)   jargon jargon: inconsistency 2001-03-27
#37945 (STU)   gnumach hurd: dd uses up all memory 2017-10-05
#38376 (STUE)   apt apt: apt-get remove doesn't mention Recommends to package 2015-08-17
#38468 (STU)   libc6 rcmd does not understand RCMD_CMD 2016-03-14
#38669 (STU)   doc-base doc-base: request for SGML format support 1999-08-13
#38858 (ē)   gnupg [gnupg/514] gnupg: no simple way to sign a key in a global keyring 2018-06-03
#38865 (STU)   uucp uucp: uucico should not redial when a login fails 2003-07-16
#38867 (STU)   uucp uucp: HAVE_ENCRYPTED_PASSWORDS should be enabled in policy.h 2002-12-06
#38984 (S)   python-doc python-doc: python stuff ought to have a subcategory for docs 1999-07-15
#39353 (STU)   stow proposal: stow should check file permissions 2002-07-28
#39893 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: please add option to ignore pre{inst,rm} script 2017-01-04
#40229   cvs cvs: It should append /etc/mailname to username to get the email-address of the log. 2011-06-10
#40383 (STU)   mgp mgp2ps can write outside paper 2001-05-13
#40453 (STU)   xfonts-utils xbase-clients: update-fonts-alias should not write into /usr [waiting on FHS awareness upstream] 2006-08-25
#40535 (STU)   xauth xbase-clients: [xauth] remove should be able to remove specific cookies 2011-03-05
#40724 (STU)   findutils findutils: updatedb should run sort etc as non-root 1999-07-04
#41321 (STU)   nethack ^Z in xnethack is dangerous 2003-10-21
#41556   python-examples put "Tools" examples in /usr/bin; perhaps also in separate packages 2004-01-12
#41565 (STU)   ippl ippl: ippl: Troubles with logclosing 2001-03-01
#41642 (STU)   debhelper debhelper: dh_diversions script? 2017-01-24
#41741 (STU)   ispell consider update-ispell-hash 2005-03-28
#41794 (STU)   dpkg-dev dpkg-buildpackage PGP key lookup 2016-11-25
#42198 (STU)   dante dante: Dante and `accept any` address problem 1999-08-15
#42280 (STU)   procmail changing mailspool-location policy requires recompilation 2002-07-11
#42306 (STU)   a2ps a2ps minor nits (matrix, underlay) 2002-01-28
#42352 (STU)   xfig xfig: WISH: CAD-like catch for better drawing with lines 2020-08-02
#42475 (STU)   dselect dselect and brokenly installed packages 2002-07-01
#42630 (STU)   grep Filter non-printable characters from filenames before printing them 2017-03-09
#42936 (STU)   lintian lintian: Detect incorrect shebang paths in compressed files 2018-01-29
#42962 (STU)   dselect dselect: Add rsync method 2019-03-04
#43220 (STU)   tcpdump [easy,patch] IIOP analysing 2002-12-22
#43517 (STU)   minicom minicom disables flow control for real terminal 2017-03-31
#43527 (STU)   adduser "adduser" does not check for qmail "~alias/.qmail-newuser" alias 2001-02-26
#44405 (STU)   autoconf2.13 autoconf defines "-Dconst=" and libstdc++2.10-dev won't work 2016-01-03
#44435 (STU)   less less: searching fails if files contain \0 2009-03-08
#44862 (STU)   autoconf2.13 Autoconf asks me to report a bug :-) 2016-01-03
#44870 (STU)   autoconf2.13 Autoconf asks me to report a bug :-) 2016-01-03
#44894 (STU)   autoconf2.13 autoconf: AC_C_INLINE test fails with gcc 2.95.1 2016-01-03
#45334 (STU)   update-inetd netbase: more intelligent parsing of inetd.conf 2006-10-01
#45480 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: Please check for leftover diversions on purge 2015-03-21
#45796 (U)   hurd hurd: term doesn't recognize open failures 2005-12-29
#45944 (STU)   net-tools slattach fails to check many errors 2000-08-10
#45998 (STU)   xaos xaos: Under X, could use mouse pointer as calibration bar for stereograms 2015-03-20
#46007   cvs cvs: import should have a -f just like commit 2011-06-11
#46032 (STU)   debconf wishlist for new datatypes 2008-01-31
#46049 (STU)   netbase local services 2015-03-20
#46244 (STU)   autoconf2.13 autoconf: Check for compiler shouldn't use "defaults to int" 2016-01-03
#46250 (STU)   debconf debconf: wishlist: an integer type for config data 1999-09-29
#46598 (STU)   procmail procmail: procmail wants to create /var/spool/mail/* files 2017-01-27
#46660 (STU)   most most: needs to trap SIGPIPE 2015-02-09
#46673 (STU)   cpio Would be nice if "mt" supported a "load" operation 2002-10-16
#47067 (STUE)   tidy tidy overeager about recommending table summaries 1999-10-17
#47095   cvs `cvs diff' discards error information 2011-12-04
#47182   lynx lynx: lynx.cfg should be i18nified by postinst 2004-02-24
#47214 (STU)   libdpkg-dev libdpkg: "Memleak" when using parseversion() due to memory pool usage 2019-03-03
#47585 (STU)   autoconf2.13 autoconf: AC_C_BIGENDIAN causes warnings 2002-06-09
#47592 (STU)   rsync wishlist: config file with per-host values of --rsync-path 1999-10-16
#47839 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: Fails to install packages if one package's .list file is broken 2009-10-27
#47896 (STU)   src:glibc MS_SYNC Macros Missing from Hurd development environment 2019-06-09
#47998 (U)   hurd msgget IPC not implemented 2016-02-08
#48038 (STU)   coreutils coreutils: mv: Please provide option to disable attempt to move directories when rename() fails 2010-05-08
#48057 (STU)   openssh-client scp -r follows symlinks 2018-06-04
#48104 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: Translated field names in dpkg-deb 2015-03-29
#48108 (STU)   rsync rsync --unbuffered-stdout patch 2006-04-04
#48123 (STU)   autoconf2.13 AC_FUNC_GETPGRP macro is broken with C++ 2014-11-30
#48192 (STUE)   sawfish Suggestions for better customization 2002-12-04
#48572 (STU)   tar tar: dereference command-line symlinks 1999-12-10
#48599 (STU)   jargon missing node in jargon file 2002-05-31
#48653 (STU)   xcircuit xcircuit: usability suggestions 2006-12-06
#48901 (STU)   vrms vrms: vrms should point to alternatives 1999-11-01
#49029 (STU)   anacron anacron: Anacron could run jobs at times system load is low. 1999-11-02
#49359 (STU)   mgetty-voice Please provide greeting files etc. 2004-04-02
#49481 (STU)   patch patch can't cope with the output of cvs diff -u 2010-01-01
#49670 (STU)   initscripts Loop fs need to be mounted, fscked separately 2017-03-23
#49672 (STU)   logrotate Information E-Mail to somewhere after log has been rotated 2003-03-17
#49682 (STU)   logrotate logrotate: formatting of log file names 2018-08-23
#49811 (STU)   amanda-client amanda-client: exclude/include patterns for smbclient 2014-05-24
#49840 (STU)   nethack xnethack option to centre popup windows [PATCH] 2014-06-30
#49900 (STU)   less less: Can't set a binding for ^C 1999-11-15
#49942 (STU)   gzip gzip should provide zpager too 2015-03-21
#50044 (STU)   logrotate logrotate: formatting of log file names 2018-08-23
#50091 (STU)   perl binary-arch target should not build all man pages 2002-01-09
#50196 (STU)   magicfilter magicfilterconfig problems 1999-11-14
#50235 (SU)   xmille xmille: perverse play confuses xmille -- no such card 2019-06-07
#50303 (STU)   base-passwd www-data considered harmful 1999-11-18
#50517 (STU)   ssh ssh: Mysteriously fails 2000-02-25
#50595 (STU)   debconf debconf: Use of confmodule interface in postinsts is borked 2002-10-12
#50842 (STU)   x11-xserver-utils xbase-clients: [xset] led # option doesn't (re)set LEDs as documented 2007-07-19
#50853 (STU)   bash [commented upstream] bash readline support not working right 2003-10-10
#50860 (STU)   xfstt xfstt runs as root 1999-11-25
#50982 (STU)   cron cron: weird logging 2002-11-12
#51430 (STU)   makedev new cmdline options, for automated scripting 1999-11-28
#51462 (STU)   less less: -F and X 2001-08-27
#51500 (STU)   mgp mgp: presentation timer should not move with special effect 2000-10-19
#51501 (STU)   mgp mgp: page guide not always fully updated 2001-11-17
#51508 (STU)   mgp mgp: cache-forward could tell when next page is ready 2000-10-19
#51513 (STU)   mgp mgp: coredumps on error reporting 2001-11-17
#51518 (STU)   mgp mgp: prefers to break lines at %cont's than at whitespaces 2001-11-17
#51520 (STU)   mgp mgp: internal error: XClearPixmap() 2001-11-17
#51544 (STU)   mgp mgp: bad algorithm for image grabbing 2001-11-17
#51607 (STU)   ippl Be nice if ippl could display as much info about icmp packets as icmpinfo does 1999-12-05
#51616 (STU)   mgp mgp: would value option to refresh range of pages to HTML 2000-10-19
#51622 (U)   debbugs run external program on bug submittal / check vacation-status of maintainer 2005-07-25
#51640 (STU)   zsh [difficult] zsh: Position of the cursor to fix errors 2012-12-20
#51707 (STU)   mgp mgp: bar underlining title moves between slides 2000-10-19
#51736 (STU)   base-passwd sanity checking for shadow is missing 2002-11-12
#51784 (STU)   e2fsprogs e2fsprogs: Debugfs feature request 1999-12-02
#51852 (STU)   minicom minicom: after exiting minicom the prior shell screen is overwritten 2003-05-25
#51890 (STU)   dante-client dante-client: Cannot use apt-get wint dante-client preload library 2000-06-21
#52112 (STU)   mgp mgp: %filter does not allow quoting 2000-10-19
#52186 (STU)   festival festival: volume is entirely too low, and I don't see how to adjust it. 2007-10-11
#52202 (TU)   xawtv xawtv should complain about unknown config file entries 2000-12-01
#52214 (STU)   base-passwd base-passwd: removes local users/groups from reserved id space 2015-07-01
#52215 (STU)   wdm wdm: wdm does not have a chooser 2000-12-04
#52667 (STU)   fweb fweb: fweave: auto-break of long lines can break fweb's own macros 2002-01-05
#52668 (STU)   fweb ftangle: barfs on @R in documentation part while generating fweave.c 2002-01-05
#52670 (STUE)   apt apt: no way to view dpkg commandline and still run dpkg 2006-04-14
#52690 (STU)   sendfile Should support gnupg 2002-02-25
#52691 (STU)   sendfile Should support multi-line messages and encrypting messages 2000-03-03
#52697 (STU)   mgp mgp: no syntax to output a % as first char in a line 2000-10-19
#52707 (STU)   automake automake: WISH: when found C++ sources, add --c++ to tags generation 2015-01-25
#52710 (STU)   mgp mgp: %system "-geometry %..." handling is wrong 2000-10-19
#52764 (STU)   mgp mgp: has bad file-format - suggesting SGML/XML 2000-10-19
#52881 (STU)   mgp mgp: Fails to proceed to next page 2007-11-30
#53024 (STU)   apsfilter Printer doesn't print when using apsfilter as if 2004-08-11
#53150 (STU)   gpm gpm gets screen size confused 1999-12-21
#53297 (STU)   x2x x2x: should allow hotkey to exit 1999-12-22
#53377 (STU)   dselect dselect needs snapshots 2002-07-01
#53390 (STU)   playmidi playmidi: distortion in output to external keyboard 2003-04-14
#53434 (STU)   rcs rcs: Unstable operation on vfat partition 2019-11-14
#53437 (STU)   gpm gpm: Lock keyboard on laptop with psaux mouse 2001-12-17
#53490 (STU)   lintian lintian: Alternatives pointing to nonexistent files 2018-01-29
#53721 (STU)   xloadimage xloadimage: Display problem of TIFF image 1999-12-30
#53956 (STU)   doc-base mapping sections according dhelp's standard 2003-03-02
#54243 (STU)   ssh ssh: ssh shouldn't conflict with ssh2 2000-02-25
#54309 (STU)   mailto mailto: Does not check SMTP errors 2001-11-22
#54454 (STU)   ssh ssh: Drop-in compatibility with non-free ssh problems/issues 2003-05-11
#54765 (STU)   fte-terminal sfte displaying wrong characters 2017-01-28
#54780 (STU)   memtest86 hwtools: memtest in real mode on 2GB RAM: nothing happens 2005-01-30
#54883 (STU)   dselect dselect: List packages from unstable in a different section 2019-03-04
#54940 (STU)   ssh scp ill behaved at firewalls 2000-01-12
#54988 (STU)   x2x x2x: warping cursor in 'to' screen doesn't work 2017-08-03
#55097 (STU)   dselect dselect with scan is confused if 2 version of same pkg exist 2002-07-01
#55148 (STUE)   icewm Small taskbar glitches with auto-hide 2019-10-03
#55182 (STU)   whiptail whiptail: --infobox doesn't work well in an xterm 2006-09-18
#55298 (STUE)   gcc [PR c/3481, partly fixed in 3.2] function attributes should apply to function pointers too 2020-03-17
#55364 (STU)   dpkg 'dpkg --no-act -i <package>' doesn't find all dependencies 2019-03-02
#55425 (STU)   links Links doesn't use the http_proxy environment variable 2012-06-12
#55561 (STU)   gpm gpm: Wishlist: Support for nec versa touch pad 2021-01-13
#55641 (STU)   w3m w3m: wishlist: Page numbers 2000-01-19
#55689 (STU)   tkdesk tkdesk: Clicking on third-deep folder in browser fails. 2000-02-14
#55830 (STU)   magicfilter magicfilter: How about adding an ljet6l-filter ? 2000-01-21
#55890 (STU)   base-passwd base-passwd: qmail users in /etc/passwd never removed 2002-11-12
#55940 (STU)   htdig htdig: default install daily error emails 2000-01-23
#55977 (STU)   gmemusage Threads mess up the statistics 2000-10-12
#56111   lynx lynx: Printing to local printer (lpr) depends on console size 2003-07-25
#56315 (STU)   eterm [noop] Eterm has problem paging upwards in less 2006-09-06
#56661 (STU)   memtest86 memtest86 doesn't display on mono screen 2002-02-15
#56721 (STU)   htdig htdig and locale de_DE peculiarities. 2000-02-07
#56844 (STU)   coreutils [patch] Add --histogram switch to df.c (documented also) 2010-05-08
#56924 (STU)   dselect dselect should display the size of the package on the selection screen 2002-07-01
#57027 (STU)   src:coreutils coreutils: date: year 2038 is invalid date 2010-10-05
#57067 (STU)   vtwm vtwm: during f.movescreen, virtual desktop gets messed up 2002-01-01
#57130 (U)   hurd hurd: verifying password is uid based 2005-12-29
#57167 (STU)   tar tar --sparse bug 2015-04-18
#57280 (STU)   adduser base-config: Should ask if the admin wants to use user groups or a `users' group 2005-10-22
#57282 (STU)   htdig /usr/share/htdig/ doesn't work with certain converters 2000-02-07
#57309 (STU)   pppconfig pppconfig: Wvdial integration 2000-02-08
#57518 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: Incomplete cleanup of empty directories 2019-03-03
#57627 (STU)   sgrep sgrep: Missing HTML macros 2001-01-15
#57884 (STU)   lrzsz lrzsz: sz logs in /var/messages using locale defined language 2000-02-12
#58039 (STU)   autoconf2.13 autoconf: AC_EXEEXT incompatible with AC_MINIX, AC_ISC_POSIX? 2016-01-03
#58040 (STU)   tkdesk tkdesk crashes if a directory is owned by user not in /etc/passwd 2000-02-14
#58107 (STU)   dselect dselect: can't change mark of an installed package from purge to remove 2006-09-26
#58322 (STU)   gdb can't "p environ" 2013-02-01
#58326 (STU)   perl Perl_my_setenv() problem 2012-06-10
#58378   cvs cvs: cvs admin -sfoo fails silenty for files in the Attic 2015-04-18
#58687 (STU)   memtest86 hwtools; wrong memtest86 display and patch 2001-09-03
#58743   cvs cvs: problem resurrecting files on trunk 2016-10-21
#58837   lynx lynx: could often start external viewers in background 2003-07-25
#58859 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: please improve reported meta-errors 2014-05-25
#58861 (STU)   less less: -c could be the default behaviour? 2015-06-13
#58938 (STU)   links links: Should use all arrow keys for page navigation 2020-05-21
#58939 (STU)   nmap nmap: /etc/services should be used in addition to /usr/lib/nmap-services 2018-10-31
#58963 (STU)   a2ps a2ps: ogonkify does not work with xfig output 2002-01-28
#58980 (STU)   debconf dialog frontend is kooky 2000-07-17
#59255 (STU)   ssh ssh: scp check file existance first, then ask for password 2000-12-28
#59308 (STU)   x11-xserver-utils xbase-clients: [xrdb] fails with spaces in the -I path 2018-06-14
#59333 (STU)   sidplay-base -t shouldn't round to whole seconds 2004-08-15
#59482 (STU)   htdig htdig: exclude_urls default not sufficient (should include .pl and ?) 2000-03-02
#59723 (STUE)   apt apt: unreachable servers have to time out multiple times 2005-06-13
#59831 (STU)   w3m w3m: broken Content-Type makes w3m confuse 2000-10-18
#59870 (STU)   debconf debconf: Debconf should have an escape option 2000-04-06
#60116   cvs cvs has irritating behavior on lost network links 2011-06-11
#60165 (STU)   dselect dselect: multi-cd/NFS methods install more packages than asked (not a bug?) 2019-03-04
#60377 (STU)   ncurses-bin "reset" broken for dumb terminals 2017-11-23
#60528 (STU)   dpkg dpkg-query: allow filtering out unknown and not-installed packages on -l <wildcard> 2019-03-02
#60981 (STU)   doc-base [doc] docid field must match document field 2015-07-06
#61011 (STU)   src:coreutils manpage/info-file for 'date' should explain difference between hardware clock and system clock 2010-10-05
#61039 (STU)   debianutils savelog: Please use cp instead of mv 2003-11-10
#61079 (STU)   openssh-client Would like slogin/ssh to *add* identity if agent is present. 2010-01-04
#61210 (STU)   adduser Please add a plugin-like mechanism to adduser for external authentication mechanisms 2017-04-07
#61666   cvs cvs vi ssh doesn't always restore tty mode 2011-06-11
#61956 (STU)   ispell ispell don't recognizes éèà and ç caracters, prints =M instead. 2006-03-16
#62180 (STU)   autoconf2.13 autoconf: Does not detect EMX in AC_EXEEXT 2016-01-03
#62184 (STU)   ssh ssh: please add i18n to ssh :-) 2003-09-05
#62411 (STU)   magicfilter magicfilter: If filter does not exist, magicfilter does not exit with error 2002-12-03
#62517 (STU)   bash bash: possible memory leak with readline/SIGINT 2003-10-10
#62622   gmod gmod: not i386-only 2005-08-20
#62763 (STU)   x11-apps xbase-clients: [xbiff] manual page could use clarification on volume parameter 2019-04-09
#62812 (STU)   mgp MagicPoint should properly use the colormap 2007-05-29
#63134 (STUE)   sawfish sawmill: move parent windows moves transients? 2006-05-03
#63205 (STU)   ppp pon: Please abort if pppd already running 2003-08-24
#63210 (STU)   update-inetd netbase: update-inetd: need a package name for each entry 2006-10-01
#63211 (STU)   mp3blaster mp3blaster: time in "select files" and group, total time of group 2000-04-28
#63389 (STU)   gettext-el gettext: evil patch to get ispell work in po files in emacs 2002-08-04
#63392 (STU)   libc6 ctime() doesn't respond to time zone changes in running program 2007-05-26
#63405 (STU)   perl perl-5.005-doc: Manual pages and other documentation should not be in same package 2002-01-09
#63406 (STU)   htdig htdig builds index as root 2000-05-02
#63460 (STU)   openssh-server ssh calls pam_open_session in defferent process than setuid 2010-01-04
#63551 (STU)   indent indent: indentation bugs in indent & docs 2002-07-04
#63833   cvs cvs: diff outputs "? <file>" lines to stdout 2018-08-10
#63907 (STU)   tar tar: unable to backup 0-byte non-readable files 2002-07-24
#63909 (STU)   base-passwd base-files: Base Files does not ensure the utmp group exists before trying to use it 2005-02-06
#63980 (STU)   namazu2-index-tools Insufficient html filtering 2000-05-11
#63995 (STUE) reveals e-mail addresses to spammers 2020-01-26
#63997   lynx lynx: i18n [lynx wrapper] 2017-01-24
#64053 (STU)   mgp MagicPoint to PostScript needs X 2007-05-29
#64190 (STU)   courier-imap SASL support would be nice... 2011-04-20
#64222 (STU)   bash ssh: ssh needs to set REMOTEHOST 2004-10-16
#64229 (STUE)   sendmail hoststatus does not use full terminal width 2000-05-17
#64281 (STU)   xtrlock xtrlock: no way for user to select icon 2000-05-17
#64346 (STU)   ssh sshd logs unknown usernames to syslog 2004-03-01
#64388 (STU)   ssh root logins with {,s}hosts.equiv... 2000-05-19
#64434 (STU)   rsync rsync: detect moved files? 2018-01-10
#64554 (STU)   ssh ssh: ssh doesn't respect /etc/securetty 2001-08-30
#64612 (U) Make restart on SIGHUP 2000-05-25
#64874 (STU)   update-inetd netbase: update-inetd: does not honor user comments in `etc/inetd.conf' 2012-02-10
#64958 (STU)   diffutils diff: [PATCH] "compare backup files" option 2009-08-29
#65041 (STU)   libc6 glibc does not allow numeric hostnames 2005-02-17
#65050 (STU)   net-acct [ nacctd patch] 2008-06-16
#65057 (STU)   urlview [wish] could be packaged as a configuration file and a separate executable file 2014-05-25
#65117 (STU)   tgif tgif; does not work with -print -tiffepsi 2010-09-02
#65158 (STU)   links links: not adjustable colors 2011-08-19
#65207 (U)   debbugs debbugs: master's version has unquoted From lines in messages 2005-07-15
#65211 (STU)   ftp-proxy ftp-proxy doesn't listen on TranslatedAddress 2003-03-19
#65247 (STUE)   at allow a job to move between queues 2010-01-04
#65273 (TU)   yp-tools nis: yppasswd check for uid=0 is bogus 2021-01-24
#65318 (STU)   dselect dselect: cdrom method does not work if cdrom is mounted 2019-03-04
#65462 (STU)   funnelweb Invalid html 2001-10-06
#65477 (STU)   amanda-client alternate samba backup method 2015-03-21
#65487 (TU)   netkit-telnet-ssl telnet-ssl: wrong priority 2006-07-21
#65491 (STU)   lpr lpd generates unaligned traps 2004-06-21
#65611 (STU)   base-files general: setting `global' env. variables, esp. PATH 2015-06-13
#65649 (STU)   xfstt xfstt: Documentation xfstt vx. xfs-xtt is missing. 2000-06-15
#65665 (STU)   mingetty mingetty should redraw if it receives a SIGWINCH 2000-12-29
#65956 (STU)   scsitools hwtools: scsiinfo hangs the system 2003-10-02
#65975 (STU)   ssh-askpass ssh-askpass: suboptimal handling of failed keyboard grab 2009-11-22
#66445 (STU)   funnelweb Specifying the location of the listing file (.lis) 2001-10-06
#66514 (STU)   tar Handling of sockets is totally broken 2000-12-21
#66534 (STU)   gpm gpm needs to create files in /dev 2006-08-03
#66878 (STU)   links links should use vi-keys 2008-05-15
#66888 (STU)   w3m w3m: should be able to choose font / translate chars like lynx does 2000-07-07
#67097 (STU)   debconf option to list packages using debconf 2004-10-31
#67182 (STU)   ircii ircii: switched off ctrl codes -> next line is bold 2000-07-13
#67476 (STU)   dselect dselect: Mark possibly conflicting packages on the overview screen 2019-03-04
#67491 (STU)   latex2html Equation numbering bug in LaTeX2HTML 2010-07-24
#67789 (STU)   findutils "/alex" in /etc/updatedb.conf 2006-01-18
#67895   cvs cvs: cvs update on existing checkout sets mtime to new for all changed files 2017-06-03
#67964 (STU)   adduser adduser: [wishlist] I want "ensureuser" for my preinst scripts... 2005-06-18
#67972 (TU)   ypserv printcap scripts don't handle names with embedded spaces 2021-01-24
#67999 (STU)   xfstt [wish] font anti-aliasing, a la Windows 95 2000-07-31
#68014 (STU)   libc6 libc6: obstack should use realloc if possible 2000-07-31
#68025 (STUE)   apt apt: wish: select which package list to download 2003-08-09
#68543 (STU)   lv auto-reload files when hitting 'G' 2000-08-04
#68585 (STUE)   apt apt-get wants to remove a package while installing none. 2020-09-04
#68606 (STU)   libc6 libc6: glob(3) should be made optionally interruptible 2001-01-14
#68908 (STU)   openssh-client manual page advice on shell vs. command for long-lived sessions? 2010-01-04
#68917 (STU)   libc6 libc6: obstack needs a way to "unfinish" the last object 2000-08-11
#68921 (STU)   src:coreutils seq 10 -w doesn't work 2010-10-05
#68934 (STU)   bsd-mailx save command and deletion of messages 2009-09-11
#69037 (STU)   ircii ircii: encription mode can be segfaulted easily 2000-08-12
#69117 (STU)   fmtools fmtools: fm on and fm off dont turn the radio on and off 2000-08-14
#69192 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: The text-based .list database is a bit slow 2015-03-29
#69265 (STU)   mgetty-viewfax mgetty-viewfax: Package should include a ready to use faxv 2000-08-16
#69320 (STU)   pppconfig pppconfig: A suggestion for generated chatscripts 2004-11-17
#69454 (STU)   pppconfig support for multiple phone nos. and busy redialling 2000-08-20
#69601 (STU)   ssh ssh: protocol 2 incompatibility with F-Secure 2.0.10 2003-09-04
#69606 (STU)   black-box this package's name is too close to blackbox 2001-02-04
#69626 (STU)   xtrlock xtrlock: Logging of incorrect password events 2000-08-21
#69668 (STU)   links links: Doesn't support gopher:// urls 2011-08-19
#69703 (STU)   nethack-x11 nethack-x11: should provide documentation for using bigger tiles 2013-08-16
#69728 (STU)   texlive-binaries xdvi doesn't preview in "actual size" 2014-04-19
#69729 (STU)   xfig xfig: zoom factor doesn't respect physical display size 2020-08-02
#69747 (STU)   links links: links freaks out on my plain old terminal 2001-05-11
#69934 (STU)   net-tools Please include ifenslave for bonding 2000-08-25
#69988 (STU)   libc6 libc6: no way to get the fullname through getnameinfo(3) 2015-03-20
#70509 (STU)   leafnode option for fetchnews to select server to fetch from 2006-10-08
#70560 (STU)   ssh sshd ignores ListenAddress for X11Forwarding 2001-02-25
#70739 (STU)   emacsen-common Need a policy for having multiple versions of info documents 2019-01-04
#70770 (STU)   aview -dump option missing :-) 2015-06-14
#70973 (STU)   procmeter3 procmeter3: Grid lines should be drawn below lines/bars 2004-09-08
#70975 (STU)   procmeter3 procmeter3: minor configurability issues 2004-09-08
#70976 (STU)   procmeter3 procmeter3: scale-minimum feature request 2016-03-15
#71032 (STU)   zip zip -X doesn't strip times 2002-07-04
#71201 (STU)   magicfilter Deskjet print order 2000-09-09
#71251 (STU)   tmpreaper tmpreaper: why have we forked this package? 2005-07-28
#71333 (STU)   dpkg dpkg --merge-avail ignores architecture while reading Packages 2003-09-21
#71494 (STU)   openssh-client New scp option: -L preserves symlinks 2017-02-20
#71663 (STU)   tmpreaper tmpreaper should change to the starting directory in a secure way 2001-06-02
#71766 (STU)   ncftp opening the data port fails under the hurd 2003-01-17
#71783 (STU)   tgif eps files are improperly scaled 2000-09-16
#71828 (STU)   dash ash: a bang, `!', in PS1 is not replaced by history number 2011-09-27
#71879 (U)   debbugs debbugs: Display count of responders and subscribers on the bug report page 2016-12-19
#71886 (STU)   links links: Use /etc/alternatives to Associations or File extensions 2011-08-19
#71955 (STU)   doc-base doc-base should keep track of documents owner package 2003-03-02
#71995 (STU)   aumix-gtk aumix-gtk does not remember which controls are visible 2009-08-26
#72188 (STU)   html2ps problem with CSS (margin-left indication is ignored) 2005-10-30
#72415 (STU)   mgp mgp: Can not display transparency 2000-09-25
#72520 (STU)   bash Bash addes extra variables to environment when invoked as /bin/sh 2005-09-10
#72846 (STU)   lintian lintian: Warn when HTML documentation is not provided 2018-01-29
#73603 (STU)   popularity-contest Recommend new packages to install 2000-10-04
#73608 (STU)   links [Patch] CJK support 2012-01-02
#73611 (STU)   openssh-server sshd segfault if the pam_issue module is used 2018-08-29
#73650 (STU)   ircii ircii: evil uppercase pathnames 2000-10-04
#73671 (U)   debbugs [pkgreport.cgi] Allow the use of regexes (or similar) to search submitter/maintainer addresses 2005-07-25
#73681 (STU)   mpg123 strange timer bug in mpg123 2002-02-09
#74048 (STU)   amanda-server amanda-server: amdump.? files should be mode 640 2000-10-05
#74259 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: cache Section strings when parsing 2008-07-01
#74271 (STU)   tftpd tftpd incorrect algorithm for broadcast storm prevention 2014-08-29
#74291 (STU)   dselect dselect: Some way to flag possibly-unneeded packages 2019-03-04
#74339 (STU)   update-inetd needs interface for reading 2006-10-01
#74370 (STU)   openssh-client scp -P futile 2016-10-26
#74385 (STU)   doc-rfc doc-rfc: wishlist: I want an rfc tool 2003-07-03
#74478 (STU)   src:coreutils nohup flexibility wish 2010-10-05
#74784 (STU)   apt-move verbosity on fetched packages 2005-06-02
#74947 (STU)   bsdgames bsdgames, wump: cave has incorrect geometry 2000-10-17
#74999 (STU)   docbook-dsssl Footnote in title wrongly include in TOC 2006-05-06
#75149 (STU)   pppconfig Add support for config PPPoE 2004-11-17
#75197 (STU)   apsfilter apsfilter package bugs, wishes, and improvements 2003-10-14
#75250 (STU)   ssh ssh: syslogin_perform_logout: logout() returned an error 2000-10-20
#75269 (STUE)   gobjc [known limitation] Mangling in ObjC class and protocol names 2008-01-23
#75344 (STU)   xauth xbase-clients: [xauth] needs to way to identify and remove stale xauth cookies 2011-03-05
#75419 (STU)   ssh ssh: X11-Forwarding is buggy and crashes connections 2002-04-19
#75483 (STU)   ircii ircii: xterm is vexed when connecting to dalnet server 2014-05-24
#75749 (STU)   xxdiff Clicking on the rightmost bar does nothing 2008-01-04
#75773 (STUE)   gcc [PR optimization/3507]: appalling optimisation with sub/cmp on i386 2018-04-23
#75788 (STU)   tcpdump please add possibility to dump from multiple interfaces 2017-07-02
#75922 (STU)   fte fte does should handle DOS CR-LF - or have option to do so 2016-03-15
#76024 (STU)   splay please package libmpegsound 2000-12-23
#76056 (STU)   ssh scp: shoulf have a "force" option ala "cp -f" 2019-03-05
#76084 (STU)   ppp pppd does not kill ip-up scripts when it is killed 2004-11-16
#76151 (STU)   gpm gpm: missing `rmev' program 2002-11-12
#76244 (STUE)   debootstrap download of base doesn't check for available disk 2011-05-09
#76322 (STUE)   apt apt: apt-cache needs a dumpsrc option like dumpavail 2003-01-12
#76384 (STU)   net-acct relies on interface name to learn about framing 2000-11-07
#76500 (STU)   apt-listchanges Two levels of display for the changelog 2005-07-01
#76545 (STUE)   gnupg gnupg: Importing public key with new uid where secret key is available 2009-05-08
#76591 (STUE)   apt [dselect/install] return code is not informative enough for dselect 2003-07-22
#76846 (STU)   magicfilter magicfilter: epson stylus color 740 filter is easy to add 2000-11-12
#77138 (STU)   grub-legacy-doc grub: The documentation doesn't describe the way grub counts devices 2008-03-02
#77313 (STU)   cron cron: misc source cleanups 2009-01-09
#77324 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: Support conditional dependencies 2019-03-02
#77341 (STU)   bplay bplay: brec generates very bad sound 2003-08-04
#77350 (STU)   wdm wdm does not handle password expiry 2014-07-25
#77638 (STU)   mtr mtr unsuitable for logging 2000-11-23
#77828 (STU)   dpkg u-a: Users should be able to use u-a (not only root) 2015-03-29
#77930 (STU)   gpm project: task-x-window-system 2015-06-14
#77938 (STU)   wmaker wmaker: WMState should save positions relative to nearest corner (optional?) 2000-11-25
#78215 (STU)   debconf Attributes on certian message displays, sysnews for users ... 2000-11-28
#78251 (STU)   ppp ppp: pppstats produces 4G as number of packets 2003-08-24
#78371 (STUE)   apt conflict error does not check for replaces 2017-02-04
#78526 (U)   debbugs Add a WWW frontend to the BTS 2019-11-01
#78536 (STU)   dselect dselect should indicate when it is working 2002-07-01
#78553 (STU)   procps procps: 'w' detects local xdm logins, but not remote 2005-07-28
#78791 (STU)   tmpreaper tmpreaper: tmpreaper deletes in-use sockets 2001-12-03
#78920 (STU)   nscd nscd: nscd goes infinitely slow with heavy DNS traffic 2015-03-20
#79044 (STU)   aptitude aptitude: should allow infinite expansion of dependencies 2002-12-04
#79126 (STU)   doc-base developers-reference: package has unneeded external links 2001-01-22
#79303 (STU)   xfstt xfstt: serving some TrueType fonts makes X crash 2005-01-11
#79349 (STU)   aview aview: Idea for improving resolution. 2000-12-12
#79372 (STUE)   at at: /proc/cpuinfo should be checked in /etc/init.d/atd 2011-01-27
#79435 (STU)   bumprace segfaults on startup in console 2002-01-20
#79464 (STU)   wget wget: Want to be able to treat fatal errors as non-fatal 2003-04-20
#79560 (U)   debbugs wishlist: option not to show non-free packages in bugs lists 2015-02-22
#79612 (STU)   xfig xfig: "Move Points" on compound breaks arc in compound 2020-08-02
#79651 (STUE)   sawfish Can't Play Sounds in Sound Configurator 2010-10-14
#79795 (STU)   ssh ssh: the scp manpage doesn't say which parameter is the source and which is the target 2002-01-14
#79933 (STUE)   sawfish [window minimization] animation not pointing to correct location 2002-06-29
#80123 (STUE)   apt Pre-Download hook 2020-02-20
#80167 (STU)   cdparanoia cdparanoia: cdparanoia should return the ripping status 2006-07-17
#80268 (STU)   net-tools net-tools: missing man page for ipmaddr 2019-06-19
#80297 (STU)   xaw3dg 3d scrollbars should support separate trough/handle colors 2000-12-22
#80459 (STU)   apt-move apt-move: 'apt-move mirror' is downloading i386 when ARCHS="sparc" 2014-10-03
#81077 (STU)   links links: Cyrillic transliteration not aware of varieties 2018-02-22
#81101 (STU)   vlock When UID 0 is renamed, vlock still asks for "root" password 2001-01-03
#81175 (STUE)   apt aptitude: aptitude sometimes reinstalls up-to-date packages 2019-01-05
#81219 (STU)   ifupdown `ifdown -a' doesn't work if default route changed 2004-12-25
#81564 (STU)   magicfilter magicfilter: PostScript 300 text default for Printer Works SP-29000 2001-01-08
#81619 (STU)   ssh ssh: ssh tcp port forwarding (other than X) doesn't work across socks firewalls 2003-04-07
#81668 (STU)   ssh ssh: The authenticity of host 'hostname' can't be established [MAINTAINER SHOULD CLOSE] 2007-04-16
#81691 (U)   debbugs 'index packages' doesn't do substring searches 2015-02-22
#81998 (STU)   mpack munpack return code should indicate success/failure 2001-03-27
#82094 (STU)   wvdial wvdial goes into a busy loop 2001-01-13
#82104 (STU)   menu [hints] menu: can produce submenus with only 1 item 2005-02-18
#82376 (STU)   gman should accept command line parameters and use gnome pager 2003-08-20
#82493 (STU)   gopher Halt transfer command 2001-01-16
#82494 (STU)   gopher Cache/History 2001-01-16
#82780 (STU)   ircii ircii color problem 2006-11-30
#82875 (STU)   update-inetd netbase: please add update-inetd --query option 2006-10-01
#82976   pmud pmud 0.7-3 (powerpc) 2001-09-13
#83053 (STU)   apsfilter apsfilter does not gracefully upgrade 2001-01-21
#83395 (STU)   dpkg dpkg-stativerride: Add wildcard support 2019-03-04
#83758 (STU)   screen death of main screen causes lockup 2012-02-20
#83922 (STU)   ifupdown Pls furnish DHCP-client-assigned IPaddress to "up" scripts 2004-05-03
#84008 (STU)   ssh please add long options 2012-01-10
#84010 (STU)   ssh scp: please consider adding a --target option 2003-08-20
#84043 (STU)   x2x x2x: Ability to switch displays with key commands would be nice 2001-01-29
#84059 (STU)   magicfilter magicfilter: magicfilterconfig doesn't seem to work for networked printers 2001-01-31
#84115 (STUE)   sawfish Interactive window placement should switch workspaces first 2002-06-29
#84243 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: internal md5sum's in .deb 2001-01-31
#84300 (STU)   ssh ssh: OpenSSH 2.3.0p1-1.11 requires 33 processes/user to open session 2002-01-18
#84313 (STU)   tkcvs assumes new CVSROOT outside of source tree that has it 2004-01-11
#84349 (STU)   xqf xqf: xqf should save the original server address you give, not the resolved versions 2002-12-13
#84419 (STU)   xtrlock xtrlock won't work with NIS/shadow maps 2005-01-20
#84450 (STU)   dpkg dpkg-statoverride: Add a recursive (-R) option 2019-03-04
#84691 (STU)   libsmpeg0 smpeg doesn't fill in time information when using SMPEG_playAudio 2003-04-11
#84731 (STU)   knews knews: doesn't update display properly in very long threads 2003-12-18
#84761 (STU)   htdig DB2 problem: ... write failed... 2014-05-24
#84790 (STUE)   at Starting too many batch jobs 2005-09-03
#84895 (STU)   dselect dselect: Change relatestrings[] to contain %s for better translations 2015-03-29
#84930 (STU)   slang2 mc disables ^S/^Q flow. 2014-05-24
#85017 (STU)   xfstt xfstt uses lots of swap. 2006-11-05
#85086 (STU)   x11-apps xbase-clients: [xcalc] not _exactly_ like HP-10C 2007-07-19
#85424 (STU)   ssh openssh should adopt /etc/ssh-nonfree on upgrade 2001-02-10
#85509 (STU)   links links: can't handle a big crappy html file 2011-08-19
#85591 (STU)   wmaker Scaled background menu : should use keep the aspect ratio by default 2017-08-18
#85682 (STU)   sgml-base install-catalog (or whatever) should support filename derivative lines in SGML dir 2008-09-02
#85699 (STUE)   apt when invoked with '-q' it should print e.g '.' to show the progress 2001-02-12
#85705 (STU)   gnome-dictionary gdict should read /etc/dict.conf and support multiple servers 2016-07-23
#85911 (STU)   dante-client couldn't resolv by getaddrinfo(AF_INET) on dante-client 2003-01-28
#85921 (STU)   gpm gpm should clear selection when user logs out 2001-02-14
#85924 (STU)   pppconfig pppconfig: add support for local serial 'crossover' connection 2004-11-17
#85953 (STU)   bsd-mailx mailx: editheaders 2009-09-11
#85960 (STU)   dpkg-repack wishlist: apt-get should 'dpkg-repack' packages before upgrade or removal 2015-06-14
#86076 (STU)   ppp poff doesn't read final `OK' from modem -> pon confused 2018-01-15
#86133 (STU)   whiptail debconf: dialog: TERM variable is not being used, neither is user's xterm default colors 2006-09-18
#86397 (STU)   bash [commented upstream] `case' inside of `$( )' command substitution gives syntax error 2005-09-10
#86754 (STU)   apsfilter SMB shares with spaces in them 2006-04-23
#86817 (STU)   debconf debconf sends mail in EUC-JP encoding 2017-01-26
#87029 (STU)   netatalk netatalk includes utilities which ought to be available separately 2003-05-11
#87619 (STU)   popularity-contest popularity-contest should use alternate method if /usr is mounted readonly 2017-05-09
#87740 (STU)   gtimer gtimer: cz is not a language code (in po/cz.po) 2011-12-11
#87781 (STU)   psmisc fuser too slow on machine with many processes 2002-12-31
#88008 (STU)   sgml-base update-catalog should change its name 2013-11-02
#88036 (STU)   mgp mgp: Trouble with PNGs, transparent images 2001-02-28
#88342 (STU)   procps [w] show non-idle users 2015-06-13
#88535 (STU)   ppp ppp: race condition: ip-up is not run if another instance of ip-up is still running 2014-05-25
#88613 (STU)   xaw3dg xaw3dg: please write Xaw7 theme 2001-03-08
#88691 (STU)   splay splay: Doesn't work on powerpc 2001-08-09
#88728 (STUE)   openssl openssl: usage of /dev/random should be possible 2018-11-27
#88829   cvs cvs: could handle missing CVSROOT/Emptydir better 2011-06-11
#89041 (STU)   htdig htdig 3.1.5 external_parser problem 2006-09-05
#89319 (TU)   xevil xevil networking code is buggy 2009-03-29
#89335 (STU)   src:coreutils coreutils: Please add tool for printing user's home directory 2010-10-05
#89401 (STU)   amanda-server amanda needs special patch to run with onstream tape DI-30 2001-03-12
#89456 (STU)   penguin-command penguin-command: highscore tracking 2004-09-07
#89739 (STU)   tar tar adds up-to-date files when specified with an absolute path name 2004-02-29
#89903 (STU)   apsfilter Apsfilterconfig -->execstackoverflow (fresh Deb2.2r2 install) 2001-03-16
#89904 (STU)   net-tools rarp man page doesn't document '-f' or '-H' 2003-07-09
#89962 (STU)   oneko oneko: new version is available 2009-12-31
#90381   findutils updatedb: poor error checking 2020-09-10
#90430 (STU)   mdetect mdetect: made PS/2 mouse go completely mad 2001-04-22
#90522 (STU)   man-db man-db: should ignore remote disks 2001-12-07
#90575 (STU)   libc6 Request for fi localization of libc6 2005-02-18
#90576 (STU)   adduser adduser/useradd and autofs 2006-04-26
#90611 (STU)   bash bash: builtin read doesn't treat signals properly 2003-10-10
#90714 (STU)   x11-utils xbase-clients: [xlsfonts] (xlsfonts | wc -l) != (xlsfonts | sort | uniq | wc -l) 2014-08-05
#90849 (STU)   links2 Improper handling of relative URL 2012-06-12
#90941 (STU)   libsmpeg0 smpeg crashes on bad mp3 files 2004-06-27
#91311 (STU)   libc6-dev semid_ds conflicts with SUSv2 2014-08-30
#91378 (STU)   ssh ssh: ssh_config should contain UsePrivilegedPort 2001-05-13
#91735 (STU)   debfoster debfoster: becomes confused if package fails to remove 2005-07-28
#91849 (STU)   tin tin: Mouse behaviour in xterm tin 2008-01-08
#92118 (STU)   magicfilter magicfilter: please add HP's recently released drivers. 2001-03-29
#92362 (STU)   links links mangles search 2001-06-02
#92436 (STU)   links links: problems with navigating the Bookmarks menu 2008-05-08
#92460 (STU)   net-tools support for ipmasq, but not nat/iptables in netstat 2004-12-09
#92706 (STU)   x11-apps xbase-clients: [xcalc] should have localization support (LC_NUMERIC) 2007-07-19
#92708 (STUE)   sawfish wishlist: "Grab" button for "position" in matched windows configurator 2002-11-21
#92741 (STU)   libsmpeg0 Doesn't handle id3v2 tags correctly. 2002-02-28
#92891 (STU)   trn4 trn4: has 1024-char limit on TRNINIT 2001-09-08
#92899 (STUE)   apt libapt-pkg: Methods for adding source entries on the fly withouthaving to understand pkgSourceList::Type 2008-09-23
#93200 (STU)   ssh PermitEmptyPasswords seems to have no effect 2017-01-12
#93327 (STU)   freebirth can't fully use freebirth in 640x480 resolution 2014-06-02
#93435 (STU)   dselect dselect: support showing changelogs for not installed packages 2019-12-11
#93549 (STUE)   apt Upgrade all the packages which depends of one given 2001-04-10
#93656 (STUE)   gnupg2 [gnupg/1038] gnupg: no way to specify multiple keyservers 2019-01-21
#93665 (STU)   x11-apps xbase-clients: [xcalc] uses wrong order of operations in infix mode 2018-06-14
#93991 (STU)   fbset fbset: fbset no longer works with xfree-4.0.2 2001-04-17
#94131 (STUE)   sawfish No Menu-Editor available 2002-05-02
#94200 (STU)   grub should work on RAID partitions 2015-08-27
#94270 (STU)   net-tools /etc/ethers not honored at boot 2005-09-24
#94512 (STU)   glibc-doc glibc-doc: macros in sys/param.h are undocumented (MIN, MAX etc) 2002-11-12
#94610 (STU)   pyopengl python-opengl demos fail with nvidia-glx, nv-glx does not implement glPolygonOffsetEXT 2004-10-28
#94664 (STU)   bc bc: please add automatic scale 2017-02-23
#94742 (STU)   wvdial wvdialconf: Ask whether to use pulse | ignore dial tone 2015-04-15
#94997 (STU)   xgammon Dice rolled, but not visible after computer resigns 2003-11-05
#95165   cvs cvs: cvs complains about EPIPE 2017-02-25
#95217 (STU)   bsdgames trek: misuse of "quadrant" 2010-07-11
#95300 (STU)   amanda-server amanda-server: calls dump with unavailable options 2003-10-24
#95326 (STU)   liblockfile1 UUCP-style device locking 2017-01-03
#95380 (STU)   mgp MagicPoint doesn't handle .EPS properly 2007-05-29
#95681 (STU)   cdparanoia cdparanoia: The little warbling O thingie gets my font wrong 2006-07-17
#96111 (S)   python Mailman is writing to /usr in cron 2020-06-28
#96132 (STU)   perl perl-doc: perldoc should support compressed .pod files 2012-03-21
#96134 (U)   debbugs Mail to -submitter addresses does not get copied to debian-bugs-dist 2005-07-13
#96153 (STU)   logrotate Avoid recompression of archived files 2018-08-23
#96376 (STU)   zephyr-clients There should be a zephyr-clients-krb package 2001-05-04
#96476 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: advise to restore status file if missing from /var/backup 2008-11-19
#96536 (STU)   gpm Should support "wheel" buttons on synaptics touchpad 2001-05-06
#96709 (STU)   ssh X forwarding over ssh stopped working 2014-06-02
#96710 (STU)   lintian [checks/init.d] init.d message formats 2015-07-02
#96745 (STU)   htdig rundig isn't aware about locale settings in /etc/htdig/htdig.conf 2001-05-08
#97045 (STU)   popularity-contest Please track package versions 2014-11-03
#97178 (STU)   tcpspy tcpspy: logging connect-direction would be nice 2002-01-11
#97179 (STU)   tcpspy tcpspy: consumes much more CPU time than e.g. ippl or snort 2001-06-08
#97260 (STU)   src:coreutils coreutils: date cannot parse its own output 2010-10-05
#97307 (STU)   gsfonts gsfonts: gsfonts should 'Provide:' itself under the former name "gsfonts-x11" 2001-05-14
#97352 (STU)   mrtg mrtg: a way to ignore hosts that are unreachable. 2009-11-01
#97482 (STU)   mp3blaster give me the old interface back! 2001-05-14
#97500 (STU)   texinfo info sections clobbered by individual commands 2008-09-11
#97507 (STU)   dpkg-dev dpkg-buildpackage: Add support for debsigs 2019-03-02
#97531 (STU)   less search ignores current line 2001-07-22
#97872 (STUE)   apt apt: download and install in parallel 2013-04-15
#97955 (STU)   x11-apps xbase-clients: [oclock] -transparent option renders color options ineffectual 2007-07-19
#98041   heroes-sdl user-friendly fullscreen mode 2004-09-26
#98407 (STU)   nvi nvi init script runs before NIS is up 2006-10-13
#98482 (STU)   mtr mtr: text dump of current data 2009-05-04
#98611 (STU)   debconf debconf: Please show, that input was accepted. 2004-10-01
#98742 (STU)   newt newt: should have vi bindings 2003-08-19
#98837 (STU)   dclock dclock: command line switch to make the window sticky 2001-05-26
#98998 (STU)   foiltex Corrupted NFSS tables with foils & cyrillic output 2017-02-22
#99023 (STU)   ddd libmotif should be useable instead of lesstif1 2001-05-30
#99121 (STU)   tkdesk tkdesk loses options 2015-04-17
#99142 (STU)   xkeycaps xkeycaps always closes with X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown). 2005-02-22
#99151 (STU)   makedev Allow better local configuration of device permissions 2001-11-23
#99193 (STU)   ewipe Cannot use international characters in English mode 2001-06-13
#99245 (STU)   xskat Selecting cards by keyboard is broken 2002-01-31
#99420 (STU)   mdetect mdetect: keyboard stops responding when mouse is autodetected 2001-06-02
#99486 (STU)   xfig Text justified vertically 2020-08-02
#99760 (STU)   findutils updatedb truncates database 2003-07-20
#99792 (STU)   wvdial wvdial: add users do group 'dialout' at install time or in wvdialconf 2001-06-03
#99933 (STU)   debian-policy Encourage UTF-8 for documentation and clarify encoding issues 2019-02-14
#100028 (STU)   ppp pppd with "persist" and "holdoff 0" options does not exit on a SIGTERM received prior to connection 2008-06-30
#100071 (STU)   pgpgpg Does not understand -v option, needed by sendfile. 2004-01-14
#100168 (STU)   dircproxy [wish] DCC RESUME support. 2018-06-14
#100309 (STU)   htdig htdig does not like paranoid umask 2001-06-09
#100385 (STU)   debconf debconf: feature to auto-fill a selection list 2001-06-10
#100743 (STUE)   bash-completion bash: inconsistent handling of filename completion wrt colons 2009-01-30
#100781 (STU)   locate locate unusable when installed (db created only at next cron run) 2010-09-04
#100976 (STU)   grc grc: request for 'count=last' 2001-06-15
#101053 (STU)   grub grub: feature request: display time in menu 2009-07-22
#101146 (STU)   man2html Spacing and links issues with man2html output 2012-06-08
#101379 (STUE)   konqueror Right-click on forward/back buttons doesn't pop up history list 2006-09-04
#101448 (STU)   src:audiofile please add mp3 support to libaudiofile 2016-07-10
#101464 (STU)   bcc bcc: no README.Debian 2001-06-19
#101673   cvs cvs: could have fancy timezone handling like RCS co -z 2011-06-11
#101700 (STU)   nvi U undo fails on multiple Joined lines 2007-08-20
#101728 (STU)   ifupdown Automatic detection of hardware interface 2016-04-13
#101735 (STU)   mp3blaster mp3blaster unusable under virtual console, works ok in x-terminal 2008-09-11
#101755 (STU)   debsums debsums: get sums off debian server 2008-09-18
#101800 (STU)   debconf text frontend doesn't pause at end 2004-09-17
#101819 (STU)   pccts pccts lacks 2 manpages 2001-06-21
#101856 (STUE)   sudo please put EBNF description into EBNF(7) 2009-08-31
#101870 (STU)   developers-reference dealing with having several versions of a program (alternatives etc) 2019-02-08
#101895 (STU)   findutils use start-stop-daemon --chuid instead of su to drop privileges 2015-12-31
#101937 (STU)   x11-apps xbase-clients: [xwd] 'xwd -name windowtitle -frame' doesn't capture frame 2018-06-14
#102160 (STU)   john Undesirable restore behavior in John 2011-07-17
#102167   cvs it would be nice if .cvsrc could expand environment variables 2011-06-11
#102186 (STU)   checksecurity checksecurity doesn't handle networked drives properly 2014-02-24
#102300 (STU)   unison unison: unison does not detect changes if time stamp didn't change 2018-02-18
#102335 (STU)   libpam-ldap libpam-ldap: [PATCH] New option ext= 2004-08-08
#102395 (STU)   base-passwd base-passwd is essential (?) 2001-06-26
#102434 (STU)   gpm gpm: reverse marking 2001-06-27
#102437 (U)   hurd auth does not pass page aligned memory to mig 2005-12-29
#102612 (STU)   xlassie xlassie shouldn't echo the password to the screen 2001-06-28
#102646 (STU)   pppconfig pppconfig: idle-time should be asked when creating a new connection 2001-06-28
#102651 (STU)   eterm eterm: keysym does not work for octal codes 2002-04-27
#102680 (STU)   courier-base courier-base: Maildir quota compatible with Exim MTA 2001-06-28
#102743 (STU)   ssh ssh: ssh "waiting for forwarded connections to terminate" is delayed 2003-02-15
#102829 (STU)   cron unstuck nfs mount should not cause several days worth of cron jobs at once 2008-03-06
#102896 (STU)   pppconfig pppconfig: please provide hook for users' ip-up commands 2001-06-30
#102981 (STU)   htdig htdig: htdig hangs when parsing PDF 2002-12-12
#103000 (STU)   pan need a configuration option to use SOCKS proxy 2018-04-13
#103008 (STU)   twm twm: twm should support the XEmbed spec 2017-03-31
#103011 (STU)   lsh-server please move files in /etc to separate directory a la ssh 2009-09-23
#103056 (STU)   libpam-runtime Better pointers to "Linux-PAM system administrator's guide", please 2001-07-02
#103128 (STU)   apsfilter should be able to specify gs device name not listed in devices.txt 2014-10-29
#103241 (STU)   apt-move "Attic" functionality 2001-07-02
#103284 (STU)   bash Bash marked as Essential: yes. 2014-10-14
#103462 (STU)   apsfilter apsfilter problem with 2001-07-04
#103741 (STU)   pcal Overstrike "bold" fonts look ugly 2004-11-03
#103758 (STU)   links Form handling incorrect 2001-07-06
#103759 (STU)   links Is it right to cache POST operations 2001-07-06
#104054 (STU)   aptitude aptitude: column extension should occur last 2001-07-11
#104073 (STU)   arpwatch Support for dynamic IP ranges 2001-12-29
#104089 (STUE)   id3v2 id3v2; Support new TSOx sort-order tags 2008-03-06
#104108 (STUE)   xterm xterm: want option to pad around character cell grid for exact geometry in pixels 2011-03-06
#104122 (STU)   wget 'quirks' mode for broken pages 2017-04-28
#104254 (STU)   makedev MAKEDEV is confused because of special formated entries in /proc/devices 2003-06-03
#104323 (STUE)   apt [methods/cdrom] Download-only shouldn't ask for a cdrom 2003-07-22
#104404 (STU)   wmaker why when closing wmaker all apps are killed? it may try to close it normally 2008-09-11
#104464 (STU)   xfstt xserver-xfree86: [truetype] SEGV when rasterizing 4485-point font on MGA G400 AGP rev 4 2006-05-16
#104607 (STU)   htdig htdig use his own dictionary located in /etc/htdig/english.* (why not the system wide) 2006-08-02
#105259 (TU)   xawtv tuning within xawtv's Config window 2006-10-07
#105564 (STU)   figlet figlet: use locale to determine input type 2008-03-25
#105586 (STUE)   unixodbc unixodbc: SQLConnect.c glibc 2.0.6 bug around is problematical 2001-07-29
#105705 (STU)   linklint linklint writes everything to standard error 2001-07-17
#105710 (STU)   linklint it would be nice if bad ftp:// URLs were caught 2001-07-17
#105804 (STU)   wmnet wmnet: Displaying Speedometer in bits/s 2008-01-05
#106033 (STU)   dselect dselect: successful search "/<foo>" blinks screen, simulates bouncing return key 2002-12-06
#106039 (U)   debbugs way to search open bug reports for keyword/regex 2007-06-14
#106070 (STU)   debhelper debhelper: dh_installdebconf does not write a confmodule-sourcing fragment to postinst [blocked by dpkg, debconf] 2003-08-22
#106180 (SU)   gsm-utils gsm-utils: Option FirstFone and GSMlib not working together 2001-07-24
#106219 (STUE)   sxid please compress log files 2001-07-22
#106304 (STU)   magicfilter ljet4ml driver issues an extra blank page after every job 2001-10-28
#106362 (U)   hurd Screen insert only the first part of a copied text 2005-12-29
#106391 (STU)   xzip xzip: would be nice if it included the font type 3 patch 2001-07-24
#106399 (STU)   grub Netbootable grub images. 2006-09-28
#106454 (STU)   ncurses-base ncurses-base: linux console should have smkx/rmkx entry 2002-04-17
#106519 (STU)   procps [uptime] Option to display 12 hour time 2015-06-13
#106575 (STU)   wmaker Window and icon title in Window Maker -- broken internationalisation 2001-07-26
#106705 (TU)   ypbind-mt NIS packaging incompatible with PCMCIA ethernet 2021-01-24
#106739 (STU)   mp3blaster Home and End should be used for playlist navigation 2001-10-15
#106740 (STU)   mp3blaster Utilize esd if it's running 2001-10-15
#106741 (STU)   ddd Column spacing wrong in register window on Alpha 2002-02-24
#106742 (STU)   mp3blaster "reverse t" feature for stepping backwards through mixers 2001-10-15
#106743 (STU)   mp3blaster "Start playing at current song" 2001-10-15
#106744 (STU)   mp3blaster Skip to beginning of song/repeat single 2001-10-15
#106746 (STU)   mp3blaster Option for cursor to follow currently-playing song 2001-10-15
#106747 (STU)   mp3blaster edit id3 tags 2001-10-15
#106748 (STU)   mp3blaster "Stop after current song", "fadeout after current song", and "fadeout now" 2001-10-15
#106749 (STU)   mp3blaster fade(in|out|all around) 2001-10-15
#106773 (STU)   less less(1) manpage is weird 2003-07-18
#107151 (STUE)   apt apt: DPkg::Post-Install-Pkgs 2003-06-26
#107164 (STU)   scsitools scsiinfo should grok log pages 2001-07-31
#107299 (STU)   diffutils diff: should be able to specify which file's context lines are printed 2009-08-29
#107300 (STU)   imaptool imaptool: blank image in window 2014-05-25
#107309 (STU)   coreutils 'dircolors' and 'ls --color=auto' doesn't work well with Emacs/XEmacs [workaround provided] 2008-04-04
#107413 (STU)   cricket sum() for mtargets doesn't do Avg: 2004-01-29
#107530 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: wishlist: dpkg gets a --reconfigure switch 2001-09-26
#107647 (STU)   francine francine: the CTRL-u does not clean the current line 2002-04-11
#107670 (STU)   gsfonts-other gsfonts-other: NMU 5.10-2.1 2002-03-22
#107722 (STU)   net-acct Please use the patched source that has MySQL support enabled 2001-08-06
#107793 (STU)   openssh-client SSH should make it simpler to check server keys 2010-01-04
#107864 (STU)   wmaker Window Maker keeps prodding the X server 2001-08-07
#107954 (STU)   postal Feature requests 2001-11-03
#108128 (STU)   mtools mtools: mformat ignores flags -r and -c 2002-06-19
#108390 (STU)   smpeg-plaympeg plaympeg does not exit on a particular file 2003-01-12
#108398 (STU)   libc6-dev libc6-dev: Needs global define for *_unlocked 2001-12-01
#108587 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: Conffiles that vanish across an upgrade can fool dpkg 2016-11-14
#108702 (STUE) Cannot search for Japanese keyword (at least). 2015-08-13
#108743 (STU)   hfsutils-tcltk xhfs doesn't handle special chars in directory names 2006-09-14
#108947 (STU)   dict-gcide Definition of "octothorpe" 2001-10-16
#109103 (STU)   ssh ssh: [bug compat] missing channel output with protocol 2 and 2.3.0p1 server 2003-01-05
#109462 (STUE)   sawfish sawfish-gnome: The "in GNOME task list" menu option doesn't get remembered between sessions 2016-06-25
#109712 (STU)   wdm wdm: VNC localhost connection fails with pipe read error 2010-05-27
#109806 (STUE) verify sender of a bug closing message before closing the bug 2005-07-25
#109846 (STU)   openssh-server ssh: SSH uses PAM password authentication in SSH2 even if disabled in sshd_config 2016-10-05
#109869 (STU)   debfoster debfoster: -v option could pass -u to apt 2003-05-26
#109909   lynx lynx: reload of first page requested can make lynx quit unexpectedly 2007-04-08
#109933 (STU)   fetchmail fetchmail should not try to restart when in daemon mode if it would require rereading a password 2009-06-28
#110015 (U)   hurd FS server crashs a subhurd 2015-06-12
#110026 (STU)   xwrits Setting the window size 2002-03-02
#110094 (STU)   ssh ssh-keygen takes 30mins to generate keys on fast m68k. Status indicator? 2003-09-13
#110139 (STU)   john File handling 2004-06-08
#110172 (STU)   wml wml does not allow XHTML 2019-11-05
#110248 (STU)   makedev support for afa device 2014-05-24
#110298 (STU)   eterm Eterm is slooooow to open because of font caching 2002-09-30
#110300 (STU)   opensp sp,opensp: architecture processing badly documented 2001-09-04
#110302 (STU)   opensp sp,opensp: docs and examples use 8.3 filenames (.htm, .sgm) 2001-08-31
#110480 (STU)   mailsync support multiple patterns for store 2011-04-20
#110481 (STU)   mailsync NNTP support broken 2011-04-20
#110485 (STU)   mailsync "no 'Status' synchronization of synced mails" 2011-04-20
#110516 (STU)   adduser adduser: bad interaction with NIS 2014-08-05
#110530 (STU)   mp3check Does not recognize ID3v2 2012-06-09
#110837 (STUE)   apt Monitoring of Archive-Update-in-Progress for apt-get upgrade etc 2001-08-31
#110920   cvs cvs watch on . doesn't set watch for new files 2011-06-11
#110924 (STU)   ucblogo Should package emacs files 2015-07-01
#110978 (STU)   unison Suggested usability improvement 2003-07-15
#111006 (STU)   ifupdown Support for pump's --win-client-ident feature 2001-09-02
#111013 (STU)   apt-listchanges [patch] color output 2007-12-09
#111222 (STU)   xrootconsole xrootconsole: with fvwm xrootconsole stays over other windows 2010-10-19
#111418 (STU)   htdig htdig: cron script says cannot open /var/..../ 2005-02-03
#111468 (STU)   newt newt: should handle SIGWINCH somehow 2006-09-18
#111530 (STU)   libglide3 Libglide3 package doesn't work with banshee cards and X4.1.0 in unstable 2001-09-07
#111744 (STU)   ssh SSH 2.9p2-5 port-forwarded connection may fail to close cleanly 2001-09-13
#111763 (STU)   mawk mawk: stack overflow from infinite recursion in script 2010-03-01
#111879 (STUE)   apt apt-get: wishlist: random download order for better HTTP cache hit rate 2017-04-05
#112228 (STU)   cutils yyextract could understand bison's literal string token declarations 2014-11-09
#112262 (STU)   dlint more than one PTR record is correct 2001-11-13
#112416 (STU)   glibc-doc glibc-doc: ether_* undocumented 2001-09-16
#112487 (STU)   enscript enscript out to use CSS for HTML markup 2003-01-24
#112498 (STU)   teg teg: Could green be made darker? 2007-09-10
#112525 (STU)   vtwm vtwm: TitlePadding does not work properly 2002-01-01
#112581 (STU)   linklint linklint: linklint tells you how many urls were modified, why not say which ones? 2001-09-17
#112696 (STU)   net-acct doesn't write out ta while lck remains set - data loss happens 2017-01-24
#112765 (STU)   tgif Font problems in tgif with cyrillic fonts installed 2001-09-19
#112811 (STUE)   apt More descriptive errors when a package is not installable 2010-10-24
#112888 (STU)   ripperx ripperx: Text doesn't fit with large font 2001-09-20
#112915 (STU)   eterm eterm: Terminal\Keys\Backspace/Delete menu entry does not work 2003-05-28
#112917 (STU)   gmemusage gmemusage: Default window width too small. 2001-09-20
#113007 (STU)   dailystrips dailystrips: Please add option to 'click' on ads 2001-09-29
#113050 (STU)   maildrop maildrop: Wish unreachable filter statements produced warning 2017-12-24
#113052 (STU)   a2ps a2ps: Man pages indicate that info <tool> will work, but it doesn't 2002-01-28
#113059 (STU)   a2ps a2ps: pdiff -Ec output strikes out type names 2002-01-28
#113082 (TU)   ypserv /var/yp/Makefile puts expired passwords in passwd map when MERGE_PASSWD=true 2021-01-24
#113176   courier-imap-ssl courior-imap-ssl: /etc/ssl/certs 2002-12-28
#113327 (STU)   vtwm vtwm: focus does not reliably follow mouse pointer under X 4.1.0 2002-01-01
#113376 (STUE)   gnome-panel gnome-panel: `run as root' in context-menu of menu items 2014-09-02
#113395 (STUE)   apt apt: no way to make apt-get dist-upgrade issue output only when updating 2001-09-24
#113404   src:glade glade-gnome: a way to move all children of a fixed positions widget a certain distance 2019-05-10
#113608 (STU)   openssh-client scp: archive mode 2019-06-26
#113663 (STU)   gpm repeater overflow 2010-12-22
#113732 (STU)   gnumach not paranoid enough about device name 2005-12-26
#113800 (STU)   nn nn: possible 32-bit-isms in source 2002-06-30
#113844 (STU)   sylpheed sylpheed: [wish] Include headers when using external editor 2003-08-07
#113858 (STU)   htdig Patch for noindex 2006-09-15
#113869 (STU)   splitvt VTTEST failures. 2011-02-21
#114060 (STU)   perl perl-doc: perl-doc should include docs in info format 2012-03-22
#114115 (STU)   debarchiver Use of old package data when processing a newer version 2003-02-07
#114125 (U)   debbugs [bugreport.cgi] Merge responses to merged bugs in bugreport.cgi display (optionally?) 2007-06-15
#114184 (STU)   fbset fbset: on boot -a only affects first console 2005-01-11
#114229 (STU)   tar Shouldn't complain about timestamps in the future 2001-10-02
#114414 (STU)   grub grub: configuration files should go into /etc 2005-12-24
#114461 (STU)   gettext gettext: there is no way to control where message catalogs are found at run time 2002-08-31
#115042 (STU)   opensp move and register unicode catalog 2003-09-26
#115093 (STU)   linklint linklint should xref moved remote URLs 2001-10-10
#115160 (STU)   a2ps a2ps: No margins when printing 2007-07-24
#115205 (STU)   ispell ispell: script for multi-dictionary choice 2011-03-19
#115298 (STU)   glibc-doc-reference glibc-doc: gconv modules description confuses source and destination. 2006-08-15
#115360 (STU)   links links should have a -stdin option 2007-12-05
#115426 (STU)   links Intepretation of missing content-type field (Doesn't work with 2001-10-15
#115445 (STU)   dselect dselect: Does not clean up screen correctly 2019-03-04
#115446 (STU)   dselect dselect: Inconvenient dependency resolution when many packages should be put on hold 2019-03-04
#115450 (STU)   mit-scheme-doc mit-scheme: Too many Scheme sections in the info directory 2006-05-01
#115503 (STU)   texinfo texi2dvi: source file directory included in search path 2002-03-28
#115522 (STU)   mp3blaster mp3blaster: Incompatable with original Sound Blaster 2001-10-15
#115687 (STU)   eterm eterm: Esetroot not working 2002-04-27
#115876 (STU)   cmucl feature-request: info-formated cmucl user-guide 2001-11-19
#115899 (STUE)   apt [tagfile] apt needs to be more verbose when errors occur parsing files 2003-07-22
#115925 (STU)   sylpheed sylpheed fails silently if already running on another display 2008-03-12
#115927 (STU)   sylpheed caption below message list area garbled mess on small screen 2016-11-12
#115962 (STU)   penguin-command penguin-command: Option to choose left handed mouse in menus 2004-07-05
#116035 (STU)   gdb gdb: does not work with UTF-8 strings 2013-07-04
#116082 (STU)   bash bash: Some debconf questions for defaults in .bash* files? 2009-06-18
#116351 (STU)   sfront sfront: strange envelope behaviour 2001-10-20
#116358 (STU)   coreutils ls: --block-size needs a better description 2015-06-24
#116418 (STU)   muttprint muttprint: Mail images depending on the sender 2001-11-25
#116466 (STU)   xzgv thumbnail updates are inordinately slow 2001-11-25
#116567 (STU)   doc-rfc-std doc-rfc-std: /usr/bin/rfc script 2003-07-03
#116599 (U)   pdmenu pdmenu: Console resize causes lock up 2003-03-11
#116705 (STUE)   sudo sudo; sudo should check most specific rule first 2009-08-31
#116824 (STU)   kmail should not select following message when deleting 2015-04-17
#116879 (STU)   ssh ssh-keygen -d undocumented switch 2002-12-31
#116932 (STU)   links links browser doesn't work with dumb terminals 2011-08-19
#117099 (STU)   recode recode dump uses French names for characters (Euro, Cherokee, etc.) 2008-03-14
#117118   cvs cvs: If repository path ends with /, checkout with double -j fails 2011-06-11
#117142 (STU)   rrdtool arch-dependency on RRDs 2008-02-24
#117151 (STU)   buthead buthead: description a little short 2004-06-14
#117176 (STU)   html2ps html2ps; ADDRESS ignored in style sheet 2005-10-30
#117205 (STU)   glibc-doc-reference glibc-doc: dlopen (dlfcn.h) not documented in texinfo 2006-08-15
#117242 (STU)   xdm xdm: support /etc/X11/xdm/{Xsetup.d,Xstartup.d} 2010-04-10
#117318 (STU)   openssh-server ssh: Enabling IPv6 in sshd breaks IPv4 tunnels 2021-02-18
#117359 (STU)   emacsen-common Policy: Add-on packages prompting for site-wide initialization 2001-10-28
#117430 (STU)   gsfonts-other gnumeric: Gnumeric crashes if font "Bitstream Charter" is selected. 2001-10-30
#117436 (STU)   gramofile Bug#117436: Missing clearscreen, erratic terminal emulation. 2011-08-14
#117448 (STU)   wdiff wdiff: Behave more like diff(1) 2003-03-15
#117485 (STU)   efingerd efingerd could support -l in default configuration 2001-10-30
#117563 (STUE)   g++ [known upstream] g++: keyword "export" ignored 2008-01-23
#117671 (STU)   htdig htdig: htdig does not spider hyperlinks where there is only a single character between the <a href...> and </a> tags. 2001-10-31
#117734 (STU)   sympa sympa: moderater when sub as 2002-04-01
#117764 (STU)   ascii ascii: 'ascii -d 22' etc. could do the right thing (tm) 2005-04-03
#117783 (STU)   dselect dselect: Long Depends: lines are badly split in information screen 2019-03-04
#118052 (STU)   tin tin: no gpg ouput with bad signature 2003-02-16
#118122 (UE)   dh-kpatches dh_installkpatches: needs support for split packages 2015-04-18
#118128 (STU)   freeciv-client-extras Separate packages for each mod-pack 2014-02-02
#118171 (STU)   x11-xserver-utils xbase-clients: [xrdb] needs better error message when asked to process a directory instead of a file 2007-07-19
#118232 (UE)   dh-kpatches dh-kpatches: Wish it supported directories of files 2001-11-06
#118309 (STU)   dlint dlint: Doesn't try all NSes 2001-11-13
#118524 (STU)   wmaker wmaker: Transient windows appearing & dissapearing 2001-11-06
#118541 (STU)   man2html man2html: Valid HTML image 2008-01-08
#118607 (STU)   libnss-ldap libnss-ldap use library in /usr/lib 2020-06-23
#118615 (STU)   openssh-client ssh: ssh-add doesn't check validity of file 2010-01-04
#118633 (STU)   xgammon xgammon: computer resigns after accepting human resignation 2013-04-22
#118646 (STU)   dpkg use an invalid DNS character (like _) in .dpkg-* file names 2009-04-16
#118673 (STU)   xdm xdm: failed logins are not entered into /var/log/faillog 2008-03-11
#118677 (STU)   xdm xdm: should display contents of /etc/nologin when present 2007-03-02
#118894   yaboot yaboot: little Mac icon shows up in wrong colors while booting MacOS 2001-11-10
#118964 (STU)   dsniff dsniff: icq metadata decoding 2001-11-10
#119002 (STU)   gup Aborts processing on error 2004-09-29
#119159 (STU)   net-tools net-tools: mii-tool should return a non-zero result on no link 2001-11-11
#119173 (STU)   debarchiver debarchiver doesn't handle moves between main, contrib, and non-free 2001-11-12
#119264 (STU)   sympa wwsympa: Reply option in archives does not quote previous message. 2011-11-23
#119326 (STU)   dselect dselect says: 'dselect: failed to getch in main menu: Success' and exits, in screen re-attaching 2006-10-18
#119616 (STU)   net-tools net-tools: "ifconfig ppp0" doesn't show the remote IPv6 address 2001-11-16
#119640 (STU)   pccts pccts: Non-functional example makefiles 2001-11-14
#119749 (STUE)   evolution evolution-ssl: Drag and drop contacts to compose mail window 2005-02-05
#119772 (STU)   exuberant-ctags exuberant-ctags: delete all tags pointing into file, merge new tags into that file 2001-11-27
#119785 (STU)   ispell ispell: Ability to skip URLs in text? 2001-11-16
#119911 (STUE)   wnpp RFP: alephone -- marathon engine for related data games 2017-10-16
#119992 (STU)   pydf pydf: 100% use shouldn't be marked red for nfs mounted cdrom 2006-07-14
#120086 (STU)   dselect dselect: Package name only has room for 12 characters on 80x25 terminals 2019-03-04
#120134 (STU)   x11-common xfree86-common: support $HOME/.Xresources.d analogously to /etc/X11/Xresources.d 2007-01-28
#120259 (STU)   vtwm vtwm: Keystrokes vanish with Mozilla, some KDE apps 2004-12-27
#120340 (STU)   bash bash: Prevents unmounting of /usr on a LDAP-authenticated system 2005-09-11
#120400   cvs cvs: CVS not smart enough to propogate module definitions (when using virtual modules) 2011-06-11
#120601 (STU)   sympa sympa: Able to hold large messages for moderation, not reject them. 2002-04-01
#120620   yaboot yaboot: ybin doesn't warn about labels with the same name 2015-07-05
#120633 (STU)   grub grub: "fallback" option in network boot doesn't work as I supposed should do 2006-09-25
#120650 (STU)   coreutils coreutils: chmod: Please add R, W, S and T options 2011-07-11
#120707 (STU)   dpkg package date in .deb 2006-02-18
#121059 (STU)   whereami whereami: Allow normal users to run actions when whereami runs. 2001-11-25
#121081 (U)   debbugs [pkgreport.cgi] Allow ordering bugs by close date 2006-09-17
#121198 (STUE)   apt APT does not retry on failed hash 2001-12-26
#121204 (STU)   blackbox Extending a menu 2001-11-26
#121364 (STU)   patch patch should grok the output of "diff -rN" 2009-12-31
#121700 (STU)   amanda-client amanda-client: Why is amrecover in /usr/sbin, not /sbin ? 2001-11-30
#121722 (STU)   dselect dselect: Keys 'o' and 'O' (ordering) do not work in a sub-list page 2019-03-04
#121741 (STU)   gpm gpm: connect attempt failed 2001-11-29
#121793 (STU)   rsync automatic configuration for rsyncd 2005-06-11
#121851 (STU)   bzip2 bzip2: Merge bzless and friends with their gzip counterparts 2008-04-08
#122038 (STU)   debian-policy Add FHS exception for Debian's use of /var/backups 2017-08-08
#122103 (STUE)   gcc [PR other/9071] Warning for blocks not closed in same file as opened in 2008-01-30
#122154 (STU)   doxygen doxygen: Automatically extract FIXME's. 2019-08-13
#122203 (STU)   gpm gpm: Complete operational failure with synaptics touchpad 2002-03-03
#122255 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: does not collapse // in pathname arguments 2014-11-27
#122520 (STU)   debconf including support for graphic files 2005-06-11
#122522 (STU)   debconf parsing URLs 2005-06-11
#122536 (STU)   enscript enscript: would be convenient to be able to produce embeddable snippets 2003-01-24
#122599 (STU)   ssh ssh: Listen on multiple ports when misconfigured / bad logging 2001-12-06
#122771 (STU)   cfingerd cfingerd: "Remote console location" is wrong 2017-09-05
#122790 (STU)   mp3info mp3info: MPEG 1.0 Layer 2 support 2004-02-12
#122794 (STU)   libnss-ldap libnss-ldap: asks debconf questions twice 2011-04-20
#122874 (STU)   tzdata libc6: Should tzconfig attempt to restart cron? 2008-08-09
#122971 (STU)   mp3blaster mp3blaster: feature-request for screen-refresh 2001-12-08
#123086 (STU)   debconf refer to x-terminal-emulator 2001-12-10
#123096 (STU)   ddd ddd: With really long lines (which wrap), DDD loses track of actual line numbers 2002-02-24
#123150 (STU)   bb bb: Enabling audio causes video to freeze iff pulseaudio is running 2021-01-17
#123252 (STU)   libc6 libc6: close does not work on sockets with pending aio 2018-04-13
#123373 (STU)   ssh Resolver doesnt work properly 2002-11-03
#123402 (STU)   net-tools net-tools: ifconfig(8) doesn't mention that you can't change the ethernet MAC while up 2014-05-25
#123465 (STU)   exuberant-ctags exuberant-ctags: tags for yacc/bison and lex/flex 2007-06-04
#123468 (STUE)   gcc [PR c/6906] warn about asserts with side effects 2020-04-16
#123606 (STU)   birthday birthday: Additional option: display events in the past 2007-11-08
#123698 (ē)   sendmail sendmail: sendmailconfig: the "## Custom configurations" section is in the wrong place 2002-12-06
#123718 (ē)   sendmail sendmail: sendmailconfig: request for more questions, ie, sendmail features to configure 2002-12-06
#123815 (STU)   bsdgames bsdgames: uses obsolete, superseded version of BSD license 2012-06-20
#123945 (STU)   dpkg "subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" overly complicated 2002-07-02
#123999 (STU)   gnulib [WANTED] obstack_*(3) 2015-03-02
#124049 (STU)   uudeview uudeview: needs an option to convert CR/LF to native mode (for UNIX - LF) 2002-12-06
#124098 (STU)   bzip2 bzip2: bzless: behaves differently as less (as documented) 2010-05-09
#124278 (STU)   links Visual cue for radiobuttons should differ from that of checkbuttons in links 2011-08-19
#124354 (STUE)   evolution ldap access horribly slow 2005-02-05
#125171 (STU)   openssh-server ssh: strange behavior with the HostbasedAuthentication opption in sshd_config 2007-12-25
#125738 (STU)   tiger tiger: Reports multiple UID 0 on NIS systems 2001-12-18
#125763 (STU)   cricket Automatically summarize error reports 2011-04-20
#125764 (ē)   sendmail sendmail: /etc/mail/sendmail.conf is reformatted & de-commented. 2006-12-09
#125805 (STU)   mgp mgp doesn't re-read source file (fix included) 2001-12-19
#125923 (STU)   debconf debconf: Summaries 2001-12-21
#126026 (STU)   maildrop maildrop: Would support for mmdf mailboxes be possible? 2017-12-24
#126041 (STUE)   mirrors [HTTP] downloads of gzipped files are sent as 'text/plain' with encoding 'x-gzip' 2016-03-07
#126371 (STU)   eterm eterm: segfaults at primary/secondary change 2004-01-17
#126505 (STU)   dpkg dpkg-statoverride : add 'recursive', 'dirs', and 'files' options in rules-file 2017-02-25
#126528 (STU)   hnb common editing commands don't work in hnb 2009-01-27
#126533 (STU)   init-system-helpers update-rc.d: How about change without remove? 2016-01-18
#126563 (TU)   ssmtp ssmtp: Allow option of adding revaliases at config time 2002-02-09
#126668 (STU)   diffutils diff: unnecessary message with sockets 2009-08-29
#126731 (STU)   sqwebmail sqwebmail: Please provide translated templates for the HTML interface 2007-02-11
#126752 (STU)   debconf debconf: Add help buttons 2001-12-30
#126782 (STU)   cricket Move $subtreetimes from collect-subtrees into 2002-01-15
#127060 (STU)   x11-apps xbase-clients: [xclipboard] sizes the 'Save' dialog box incorrectly 2008-07-06
#127074 (STU)   axel axel: Axel does not support .netrc files 2017-09-25
#127090 (STU)   urlview urlview: Long urls are cut off (don't know if its mutt or urlview) 2008-11-15
#127112 (STU)   grub grub: Really, really should make a backup before overwriting the boot sector 2006-09-25
#127151 (STU)   perl perl: Text::ParseWords::parse_line incorrectly extends array with undef 2009-10-22
#127267 (STU)   emacsen-common gnus: gnus badly overrides emacs21 gnus 2019-01-04
#127319 (STU)   links links: Scroll wheel support in text-mode 2012-01-05
#127426 (STU)   openssh-client ssh_config "Protocol (A),(B)" B is ignored if only one key in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys 2010-01-04
#127544 (STU)   mutt mutt -Z should not clear the screen if there is no new mail 2019-01-01
#127581 (STU)   perl shell() debuild builtin command 2013-03-11
#127681 (STU)   pppconfig pppconfig: please add isdn/default dial-mode 2005-12-07
#127720 (STU)   hpsockd hpsockd: missing man pages 2003-10-17
#127778 (STU)   amanda-server amanda: doesn't subtract existing backups from holding area 2006-01-03
#127786 (STU)   ifupdown ifup should wait for ppp interface to appear 2006-08-13
#127789 (STUE)   evolution evolution; no SOCKs proxy option 2002-01-17
#127835 (STU)   ssh ssh; Can't use RSA to login my machine anymore 2003-10-28
#127843 (STU)   semi RMAIL support 2005-04-17
#127850 (STU)   cdrdao ERROR: Cannot determine disk status on every write with PlexWriter 12/10/32S 2002-01-05
#127963 (STU)   xcircuit xcircuit: Button 1 click causes loss of video signal 2014-05-24
#128084 (STU)   sylpheed libpisock4 dependency unnecessary? 2002-01-07
#128092 (STU)   reportbug reportbug: should redisplay on WINCH signal 2016-05-29
#128160 (STU)   procmail procmail -d generates invalid mail 2013-10-15
#128336 (STU)   glibc-doc-reference glibc-doc: timer_create() et al are not documented 2006-08-15
#128432 (STU)   wmaker wmaker: Docked icon "hoovers" the created window icon. 2002-02-03
#128536 (STU)   binstats binstats: false unused reports regarding link targ libs 2002-01-10
#128560 (STU)   dpkg dpkg-deb: Add support for --no-act 2019-03-04
#128612 (STU)   wmaker wmaker: saving the state of the session changes command name 2002-02-03
#128679 (STU)   ocamlweb ocamlweb: hyperref 2007-05-27
#128763 (STU)   menu [hints] menu: Needs a feature to possibly duplicate/merge items with hint_optimize 2005-02-18
#128782 (ē)   sendmail sendmail: glitch in Makefile 2009-09-17
#128835 (STUE)   evolution tasks: Finer-grained (Palm style) priority system. 2003-04-05
#128837 (STUE)   evolution evolution: Component-local category lists. 2002-01-10
#128912   cvs cvs: continue checkout/update after no-permission error 2011-06-11
#129014 (STU)   bfbtester bfbtester gives wrong (?) results 2008-09-22
#129034 (STU)   perl perl, debhelper: dh_perl needs a shlibs-like mechanism 2011-06-01
#129161 (STU)   wwwconfig-common horde: Cannot install with PostgreSQL when the database is remote 2014-05-24
#129171 (STU)   ssh HAP-Patches for openssh 2002-01-28
#129215 (STU)   gpm "gpm: spews noise to /dev/input/mice" 2002-01-18
#129330 (STU)   sitecopy sitecopy: inadequate locking causes data corruption/loss 2015-03-19
#129393 (STUE)   apt aptitude: make aptitude continue downloading in background while waiting for a CD 2005-10-01
#129459 (UE)   dh-kpatches dh-kpatches; Applying Multiple Patches 2021-01-24
#129473 (STU)   ssh wish: option to make port forwarding failures non-critical 2002-11-04
#129516 (STU)   mgp rakugaki mode enhancements (fix included) 2002-01-16
#129550 (STU)   glibc-doc-reference glibc-doc: umount() description does not match real behaviour 2015-06-25
#129624 (STU)   abcde abcde: retrieve CDDB info and apply it when you don't have the CD handy 2010-04-13
#129770 (STU)   grub grub: grub-install should be run automatically 2006-09-25
#129774 (STU)   libc6 STT_SECTION symbols do not match section table 2003-01-19
#129847 (STUE) no way to get info about gone packages 2002-04-07
#129922 (STU)   langdrill langdrill: separate config and word lists 2015-06-13
#129956 (STU)   knews knews seems to have problems with iso8859-15 messages 2002-04-02
#129996 (STU)   bsdgames bsdgames: hangman enters infinite loop if words in wordfile are too short 2002-01-19
#129997 (STU)   bsdgames bsdgames: hangman ignores first word in wordlist 2002-01-19
#130015   cvs cvs: short commands not consistent 2011-06-11
#130064 (STUE)   apt-utils Package file should include date information 2004-11-03
#130076 (STUE)   netpbm netpbm: pnmgamma could use a -srgbramp option 2002-03-12
#130177 (STU)   openssh-client ssh: more information in return status 2010-01-04
#130502 (STU)   smartlist smartlist: round-robin moderators 2002-01-23
#130525 (STUE)   balsa balsa: Balsa should have support customize the line that prepends quoted text 2009-02-17
#130550 (STU)   aptitude aptitude: Warn or act accordingly if low on free space. 2011-01-24
#130583 (STU)   gliv Add options for specifying image formats. 2003-11-19
#130597 (S)   smpeg-gtv wishlist: please add history 2002-01-23
#130602 (STU)   netmask netmask: add support for grouping 2002-02-05
#130761 (STU)   autoproject autoproject: should put sources in src/ subdirectory 2005-11-06
#130775 (STU)   lv lgrep -l is incompatible with grep -l 2002-01-25
#130876 (STU)   ssh Sending server software version information should be optional 2020-04-11
#130900 (STU)   fte fte: Include python mode from 2002-01-26
#131090 (STU)   ssh scp: please enable -f option to fork to background 2002-01-27
#131112 (STU)   root-tail root-tail: Understanding shell's escape sequences for colors 2002-01-27
#131129 (STU)   slib schemers: please support slib 2002-01-27
#131207 (STU)   fte fte: wrap lines when displaying 2002-01-28
#131423 (STU)   xloadimage xloadimage background 2002-01-29
#131493 (STU)   postfix postfix: virtual(1) should mention virtual(5) (and vice-versa) 2014-05-24
#131600 (STU)   ssh ssh: connection locks up when exiting after su. 2003-04-07
#131764 (STU)   fdupes fdupes: Want option to lexically sort file names 2015-12-20
#131793   src:glade glade-gnome: Support for zvt widget 2019-05-10
#131840 (ē)   icewm-gnome-support icewm-gnome: is not gnome compliant any more 2008-05-29
#131845 (STU)   tar tar; Option --tape-length should be used when reading archive as well. 2002-09-28
#131851 (STU)   wget wget: cwd during ftp causes download to fail 2017-02-12
#131858 (STU)   tkcvs tkcvs: changes merge could distinguish "add" vs. "remove" mode 2004-01-13
#131940 (TU)   ssmtp ssmtp: ssmtp should rewrite @fqdn somehow 2002-02-09
#131988 (STU)   wwwconfig-common horde has bad error message 2002-04-08
#132002 (STU)   ssh ssh: Problems connecting FreeBSD 4.5 (no password authentication mode is done) 2002-02-05
#132013 (STU)   sdf sdf: missing man pages 2002-03-22
#132023 (STU)   langdrill langdrill: don't ask correctly answered words again 2002-02-03
#132355 (STU)   emacsen-common emacsen-common: Byte-compiling too verbose 2014-07-23
#132422 (STU)   apsfilter apsfilter: apsfilterconfig installs acct and log files in peculiar places 2002-02-05
#132530 (STU)   base-passwd base-passwd: rename .org extension to .dpkg-old 2015-04-18
#132602 (STU)   netselect netselect: http and ftp proxy support missing 2010-10-25
#132952 (STU)   memtest86 memtest86: Please use debconf for the lilo question in the postinst 2017-02-27
#133029 (STU)   debhelper dh_installdebconf make cause breakage(lack of db_stop) 2013-08-17
#133049 (STU)   snort snort has endianness issues on ARM 2002-06-28
#133070   heroes-common heroes-common: please add turn-left and turn-right keys 2003-04-20
#133086 (STU)   htdig htdig-ssl version with https: support 2015-04-18
#133141 (STU)   dictd dictd: Forwarding requests for unknown words to other dict servers. 2002-02-14
#133198 (STU)   autolog autolog based on DNS and IP names 2002-02-10
#133243 (STU)   stow stow deletes directories it did not create if they're empty. 2008-04-13
#133282 (STU)   wmsysmon wmsysmon: Memory Usage USED+SHAR/BUFF/CACHE like in xosview 2003-07-31
#133317 (STU)   big-cursor big-cursor: Want an option for the font policy not be followed 2002-02-11
#133481 (STU)   aptitude What is the best ascii representation of a node of a collapsable tree 2013-06-02
#133615 (STU)   xfsdump xfsdump: xfsrestore interactive mode 'ls' can't be paged/limited 2002-04-14
#133634 (STU)   openssh-server ssh: PAMAuthenticationViaKbdInt bypass PasswordAuthentication 2010-01-04
#133807 (STU)   screen screen user must own pty (breaks with 'su') 2015-09-15
#133972 (STU)   libgpm2 aumix-gtk: aumix (console) - Segmentation Fault when stopping gpm 2008-10-22
#134090 (STU)   tcpdump tcpdump: Prevents udhcpc from operating correctly 2005-08-28
#134097 (STU)   glibc-doc-reference glibc-doc: drem(): need to document rounding to even number when quotient==0.5 2011-06-12
#134191 (STU)   debconf debconf: a janitor-type script to cleanup stray entries would be useful 2002-02-16
#134192 (STU)   openssh-client ssh: scp could be smarter about remote files 2010-01-15
#134195 (STU)   crack-attack crack-attack: Strange unlosable/un-not-losable state in single-player mode 2006-01-12
#134275 (STU)   vrms vrms should report proprietary file formats 2002-02-16
#134458 (STU)   rlinetd rlinetd: should have some awareness of the loadavg 2009-01-03
#134579 (STU)   xwrits xwrits: pictures should be centered on the screen when different sized. 2002-03-02
#134591 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: unable to lock dpkg status database: No locks available 2006-11-03
#134623 (STU)   less less: Automatically disable line numbers on very large files 2002-02-19
#134678 (STU)   libpam-doc libpam-doc: doesn't work with login(1) 2002-02-19
#134745 (STU)   fetchmail fetchmail-ssl: could show all criteria causing a "skip" 2009-05-29
#134758 (STU)   dpkg dpkg-query: Make -S handle unowned symlinks resolving to owned pathnames 2019-03-04
#134765 (STU)   wget .netrc supersedes .wgetrc 2017-01-01
#134782 (STU)   dpkg dpkg --debug should have option to pipe debug lines to a file 2015-06-29
#135049 (STUE)   apt apt-cdrom should have an option for search depth 2002-02-21
#135141 (STU)   less less: would be nice if the highlighting done by -w/-W would revert after a short delay 2017-03-10
#135172 (STU)   links links: links doesn't call 'run-mailcap' for image files other than image/gif 2002-02-22
#135245 (U)   debbugs allow -done messages to restrict themselves to a source package 2007-12-30
#135408 (STU)   xli xli doesn't handle .tgas with alpha 2008-11-22
#135434 (STU)   coreutils coreutils: ls: Please implement -v option that respects LC_COLLATE 2010-05-08
#135558 (STU)   netselect-apt netselect: More funcional netselect-apt 2004-03-13
#135586 (STU)   magicfilter lpr: install-printcap/update-printcap functionality missing 2004-07-05
#135616 (STU)   magicfilter Magicfilter error behaviour 2002-02-25
#135753 (STU)   openjade openjade: same dtd public-ids as jade, different content 2017-01-26
#135867 (STU)   xxdiff xxdiff: can't really compare UTF-8 2008-03-12
#135875 (STU)   gtkam-gimp gtkam-gimp interface bug (and crash) when d/l-ing images from camera 2002-02-26
#135985 (STU)   ltrace ltrace: ltrace could catch library-to-library calls 2008-02-04
#136030 (STU)   whiptail whiptail: resets cursor attributes on exit 2006-09-18
#136093 (STU)   uudeview uudeview bufer overflow 2016-07-29
#136100 (STU)   htdig htdig: Indicate how to shut down running htdig 2002-02-27
#136128 (STU)   gdb Segmentation Fault in gdb 2002-02-28
#136448 (STU)   vrms vrms should help admins decide which non-free packages are actually used 2002-03-02
#136455 (STU)   vim-runtime [vim-runtime] wrong Perl here-document highlighting 2008-05-31
#136480 (STU)   debfoster Please cooperate with the apt automatically-installed packages database 2010-07-05
#136620 (STU)   ispell Swedish: Fails to recognize words with initial hyphen 2003-06-20
#136669 (STU)   gpm gpm: A \ at the end of line is changed into \ \n during paste 2006-04-09
#136846 (STU)   ispell ispell: After applying suffix rule, sometimes ispell should suggest "a" rather than "i". 2002-03-04
#136917 (STUE)   evolution evolution: Delete entire thread 2002-03-05
#136938 (STUE)   evolution evolution: Delete thread, go to first msg of next thread 2002-03-05
#136961 (STU)   clanlib clanlib-sound: Want esound support 2007-01-09
#136993 (STU)   binfmt-support binfmt-support: package javawrapper somewhere 2014-11-04
#137027 (STU)   cdtool cdtool: no support for digital audio extraction 2004-12-14
#137075 (STU)   patch patch: Error reporting could be more useful 2009-12-31
#137198 (STU)   vim [vim] recognize more special keys 2007-12-22
#137317 (STU)   sqwebmail sqwebmail: gpg: Sorry, no terminal at all requested - can't get input 2005-03-18
#137897 (STU)   lrzsz lrzsz: rz/sz doesn't work from screen 2002-03-11
#137967 (STU)   symlinks symlinks: Scanning/converting relative symlinks to absolute. 2008-06-15
#138157 (STU)   advi advi doesn't support virtual fonts (Was: PS fonts do not work) 2013-07-03
#138162 (STU)   eterm eterm: back line buffer displays large blocks of empty lines 2002-09-30
#138240 (STU)   links2 links can not hide hidden <link href="..."> tags 2019-12-04
#138241 (STU)   lynx lynx can not hide hidden <link href="..."> tags 2019-12-04
#138278 (STU)   sqwebmail sqwebmail: LDAP address books do not seem to work 2002-03-14
#138288 (STU)   gpm gpm: in raw mode, does not forward the data of 4. button of MouseManPlus correctly 2002-03-14
#138462 (STU)   xdelta xdelta does not remove temporary files when processing gzipped inputs 2002-03-15
#138511 (STU)   courier-authlib-mysql would be nice if there was a tables.sql file 2008-11-14
#138520 (STU)   jigdo-file jigdo-file: i wish jigdo-file capable to read files directly from iso file 2012-04-07
#138560 (STU)   mpg321 mpg321: --cdr option should resample to 44khz 2002-03-16
#138615 (STU)   gnucash gnucash: Description field should be combobox 2002-03-16
#138627 (STU)   man-db man-db: man -k: cleanup of cache/database is confusing 2002-12-06
#138629 (STU)   jpeginfo jpeginfo: jpeginfo misses some DCIM/EXIF data 2012-12-09
#138682 (STUE)   evolution evolution: Can it be compiled without fcntl locking? 2002-03-17
#138691 (STU)   zsh zsh: completion for man should find filenames as well as man pages 2002-03-18
#138786 (STU)   gramofile gramofile needs a batch mode 2002-03-19
#138875 (STU)   autoproject autoproject should also support perl projects 2009-04-20
#138983 (STU)   mp3info mp3info: Feature Request: copy id3 tag 2004-02-12
#139010 (STU)   sntop sntop: sntop missing newline in version output 2002-04-08
#139020 (STU)   debhelper gzipped man page link correction code fails if the links are in a different package than the man pages 2005-07-31
#139115 (S)   bind9-doc bind9-doc: ARM not registered with doc-base 2018-06-05
#139120 (STU)   netmaze netmaze: No manpage fro netmaze 2002-03-19
#139160 (STU)   gnome-mime-data gnome-mime-data: put gnome-vfs-mime-magic in /etc/gnome 2002-03-20
#139192 (STU)   tkcvs tkcvs: erroneous message on update 2004-01-13
#139224 (STU)   tkcvs tkcvs: inexact help 2004-01-13
#139340 (STU)   ispell ispell: Go to previous correction 2011-03-09
#139383 (STU)   ifupdown ifupdown: No way to pass commandline options to mapping script 2004-12-19
#139425 (STU)   aptitude aptitude: dselect o and i keys are useful. 2002-03-22
#139453 (STU)   cdparanoia cdparanoia: switch clustering fails silently 2014-05-25
#139527 (STU)   mp3blaster mp3blaster not resetting terminal properly 2004-06-17
#139614 (STU)   maelstrom maelstrom: Turbofunk mode -> All extras mode 2005-11-06
#139649 (STU)   ddclient ddclient: configuration should understand custom=yes 2004-09-26
#139761 (STUE)   evolution evolution: Wishlist Item - built in spamcop reporting 2003-11-08
#139764 (STU)   nethack nethack: please #define SCORE_ON_BOTL 2002-05-23
#139861 (STU)   coreutils tr: no UTF-8 support 2018-02-19
#139871 (STUE)   evolution evolution: Add creterion "is in addressbook" in filters panel. 2006-05-08
#139881 (STU)   tar tar: minor POSIX incompliance 2005-07-28
#140126 (STU)   links2 links-ssl: links can't use a proxy that needs authentification 2012-06-12
#140150 (STU)   gforth gforth manual isn't very good 2003-08-06
#140181 (STU)   wmaker wmaker: don't work xmodmap -e "keycode 115=F12" 2013-12-02
#140278 (STU)   htdig htdig: htdig does not support user password in htdig.conf 2002-03-28
#140334 (STUE)   apt Apt chokes on non-standard proxy responses 2017-03-08
#140429 (STUE)   evolution evolution: Evolution's component won't die at exit 2010-04-11
#140505 (STU)   arpwatch arpwatch: Please add option to not show proxy arp 2004-08-12
#140507 (STU)   arpwatch wanted single file/point of control; show moving between interfaces 2004-08-12
#140512 (STU)   dvhtool dvhtool is not devfs-aware 2009-02-26
#140529 (STU)   pppoe pppoe: tkpppoe is missing in package and is not available separately 2007-03-12
#140563 (STU)   autolog autolog should list the remote ip/name of the detached user 2003-03-25
#140577 (STUE)   wnpp RFA: knews -- Graphical threaded news reader 2012-02-22
#140602 (STU)   dput dput: please make pre_upload_command more useful 2008-06-25
#140802 (STU)   nn nn: ignores ^C, ^\, ^Z 2012-06-24
#140820 (STU)   dupload dupload: race with incoming queue when calling chmod 2019-02-02
#140937 (STUE)   evolution evolution: IMAP, uw-imapd at server, folder with subfolders, error about unselectable folder 2006-01-28
#140963 (STU)   openssh-server ssh should start if I launch /etc/init.d/ssh start 2021-04-23
#140971 (STU)   xml2 xml2: XML Recommendation example doesn't work 2008-05-28
#141237 (STU)   libsmpeg0 please rename the library packages after woody 2002-04-05
#141323 (STU)   wget wget -nv outputs non-error output to stderr 2017-03-31
#141349 (STU)   tcpdump Please improve parsing of "ip proto" 2002-04-06
#141383 (STU)   links2 links-ssl: Ability to spawn $EDITOR 2012-06-12
#141466 (STU)   ppp ppp: pty + ssh hangs 2003-08-24
#141507 (STU)   sntop sntop: 32 char hostname limit is wrong/evil 2002-04-08
#141516 (STU)   cdparanoia More flexible track determination 2002-04-06
#141554 (STU)   csmash csmash: please get rid of bouncing animation 2020-03-04
#141661 (STUE)   apt-utils empty directories not listed in Contents-* 2005-06-09
#141731 (STU)   aptitude aptitude: option to disable mouse 2003-08-11
#141754 (STUE)   xfsprogs please rename the library package name, and please provide shared version of libraries 2002-04-14
#141785 (STU)   gsfonts-other gsfonts-other: Font files location 2002-04-08
#141886 (STUE)   evolution evolution: IMAP before SMTP should be an option 2002-11-12
#141992 (STU)   ircd-ircu ircd: Segfault on join (ppc-only?) 2006-03-22
#141997 (STU)   filters wishlist request for engrish filter 2021-04-12
#142058 (STU)   w3m-img w3m-img: Overwrites other X windows 2011-11-15
#142159 (STU)   tcpdump Suspicious packet logging a bit broken. 2004-06-11
#142434 (STU)   cthumb Special characters (e.g. &ccedil;) in AlbumTitle and page title are printed literally in html output 2002-04-11
#142554 (STUE)   evolution evolution: Please allow variable width in composer 2003-12-08
#142568 (STU)   gnome-breakout gnome-breakout: Ball got stuck in undestructible brick 2002-05-10
#142579 (STUE)   netpbm padded sequence numbers for pnmsplit 2015-03-21
#142775 (STU)   xfonts-kapl xfonts-kapl are mislabeled as iso8859-1 2002-04-14
#142864 (STU)   apt-listchanges wishlist: Do you want to continue? [Y/n/m]? (m: mail) 2017-03-08
#142937 (STU)   ispell ispell: line with highlighted word centered in context? 2002-09-05
#142944 (STU)   debconf debconf: db_stop isn't enough to let apacheconfig run 2019-07-08
#143006 (STU)   ddclient ddclient: configuration should understand static=yes 2004-09-26
#143053 (STU)   ifupdown pptp interface support (patch) 2006-09-16
#143111 (STU)   findutils [PATCH] findutils: (Open)AFS support request 2008-05-05
#143159 (S)   python-pygresql python-pygresql: pygresql raises the wrong exception type 2004-03-24
#143297 (STU)   acm acm: ACM won't run on a 16 bpp TrueColor display 2016-11-19
#143308 (STU)   ldp-docbook-stylesheets ldp-docbook-stylesheets: Add catalog support 2002-04-17
#143381 (U)   debbugs quick start 2005-04-26
#143432 (STU)   adduser adduser: does not correctly support NIS 2004-03-24
#143496 (STU)   libnss-ldap libnss-ldap: Segfault when used for host resolution 2018-06-14
#143576 (STU)   wget wget: please add option to send no HTTP headers 2017-01-24
#143580 (STU)   mingetty non-default issue for mingetty 2002-08-08
#143604 (STU)   vte gnome-terminal: Add file upload/download features 2009-03-21
#143692 (STU)   jargon New upstream version available (wontfix, please read) 2005-11-09
#143736 (STU)   wget print a warning when Content-Length and actual data mismatch 2015-12-11
#143740 (STU)   mp3blaster mp3blaster: Problems with 'broken' mp3's 2002-04-20
#143832 (STU)   gpm gpm does not start at all 2002-07-23
#143855 (STU)   iputils-ping iputils-ping: please add "short output" option for -A like Cisco routers behave 2002-04-21
#143897 (STU)   src:glibc glibc: ignore-case flag for glob(3) 2014-06-26
#143910 (STU)   sfftw2 soname problems: sfs-lib package name without soname 2002-05-03
#144031 (STU)   bochs X Error of failed request: BadAccess 2005-06-11
#144191 (STU)   mpg321 mpg321: Mono files play back wrongly on stereo device 2016-11-21
#144238 (STU)   normalize-audio normalize: save analysis's results into a file for later use 2007-07-31
#144356 (STU)   nn nn: Problems with digest mode are still there 2012-06-24
#144386 (STU)   cricket cricket: collect-subtrees should place its lockfiles somewhere other than /tmp 2003-03-26
#144419 (STU)   xfrisk xfrisk: Segmentation fault if message cannot be received 2002-04-24
#144434 (STUE)   sawfish sawfish: "shade-focus" mode (similar to "hover-focus") 2010-10-14
#144441 (STU)   mgp mgp: emacs MagicPoint mode clobbers keymaps reserved for the user 2002-04-24
#144528 (STU)   eterm eterm: Slow start, slow menus, wrong term settings, problems with themes 2002-05-03
#144534 (STU)   plib plib1: esddsp causes hangs/crashes with plib programs 2007-01-05
#144579 (STU)   openssh-client ssh: scp does not deal with spaces in remote file names 2010-01-04
#144686 (STU)   billard-gl UI: Buttons are too sensitive 2010-04-12
#144689 (STU)   htdig htdig: default htdig configuration uses massive disk space 2002-04-27
#144758 (STU)   eterm eterm: cmod produces vertical striping 2002-08-26
#144892 (S)   smpeg-gtv smpeg-gtv: it should be able to work without audio 2002-04-28
#145003 (STU)   lookup-el lookup-el: Missing English manual (Info) 2007-04-10
#145119 (STU)   billard-gl billard-gl: Pocketing the cue ball and 8 ball simultaneously is handled incorrectly 2010-04-17
#145245 (STU)   openjade openjade: "node-list-error" shows wrong location 2008-03-06
#145257 (STUE) [britney] migrations can break build-depends 2020-07-23
#145370 (STU)   xdelta xdelta: fails completely on large files, ignores -m option 2014-05-25
#145461 (STU)   rsync rsync: /etc/rsyncd.conf stubs / initscript 2004-11-23
#145539 (STU)   sqwebmail sqwebmail starts eating up memory when uploading an attachment 2002-05-15
#145617 (U)   pdmenu non-ASCII hotkeys don't work 2014-10-30
#145622 (U)   hurd --kill by default on crash server 2005-12-31
#145656 (STU)   scmxx scmxx: does not preserve "buisness card" and has not way to mark vcard as buisness card 2003-07-17
#145767 (STUE)   evolution evolution: reply to multiple emails at once 2011-04-20
#145796 (STU)   pan pan: Need a 'requeue all failed tasks' button 2018-04-13
#145797 (STU)   xserver-xorg-input-kbd xserver-xfree86: [keyboard] want driver to not change keyboard autorepeat by default 2007-12-23
#145911 (STU)   bochs bochs font is missing ������� umlaute 2010-04-14
#145931 (STU)   cdecl cdecl: Can't handle char const * a; 2002-05-05
#145961 (STU)   frozen-bubble frozen-bubble: Can I please have a red bubble? I haven't had one in ages! 2003-03-20
#146064 (U)   gtk-gnutella gtk-gnutella: should automaticly rescan or prompt for rescan after Add directory 2016-06-14
#146133 (STU)   info allow dots in node names 2006-02-02
#146173 (STU)   ddclient ddclient: Debconf must ask for dns wildcard 2004-09-26
#146247 (STU)   iputils-ping man page should have a RETURN VALUE section 2002-05-08
#146274 (STU)   xscorch xscorch: bug when one tank moves on top of another 2002-05-09
#146306 (STU)   fetchmail fetchmail: so called "bouncing" of mail is braindead 2016-10-25
#146342 (STU)   dpkg-awk dpkg-awk: Repeating fields not handled well 2012-06-25
#146345 (STUE)   gnupg [DEBIAN/BLOCKED][gnupg/928] gnupg: build with --enable-selinux-support 2010-10-27
#146392 (STU)   cvsps cvsps -s does not extract path information into the diff 2002-05-10
#146401 (STU)   xfstt xfstt binds to all adapters 2002-05-09
#146472 (S)   squid3 squid: var/cache/squid seems more logical for a proxy 2015-06-16
#146499 (STU)   sympa wwsympa shared documents : no more description 2007-01-05
#146502 (STU)   sympa wwsympa shared documents : do not display useless columns (fix included) 2007-01-05
#146510 (STU)   fte fte: XSM support 2002-05-14
#146611 (STU)   makedev MAKEDEV: [powerpc] number of hda devices insufficient 2002-12-12
#146674 (STU)   pentium-builder pentium-builder: gcc -march=k6 -mcpu=k6 ? 2002-05-14
#146714 (U)   pdmenu pdmenu: comments now allowed after the line ended with "; \" 2002-05-12
#146785 (STU)   cdrdao cdrdao: can't handle spaces in cue file track names 2003-10-05
#146814 (STU)   docbook-utils docbook2man: Multiple space not collapsed into one within <cmdsynopsis><arg> 2003-01-22
#146854 (STU)   grub grub: Provide a way to disable serial console support 2006-09-25
#146994 (STU)   doc-base doc-base: could allow to tag docs as non-free 2002-05-14
#147182 (STU)   docbook-utils docbook-utils: docbook2* crashes if there is spaces in name or in path of the sgml file 2002-07-22
#147509 (STU)   dupload HTTP/S support for uploading would be nice 2002-12-01
#147696 (STU)   syslogout Making syslogout package less bash reliant 2002-05-22
#147766 (STU)   black-box black-box: Configurable colors would be nice 2002-05-23
#147781 (STU)   pppconfig pppconfig: Should also allow configuration of ppp server 2008-01-08
#147839 (STU)   libpam-doc libpam-doc: Short README file describing how to create a password DB for 2012-01-13
#147854 (STUE)   evolution Allow "/" in vfolders' names 2005-02-09
#147907 (STU)   wmpinboard wmpinboard: Let WMPinBoard check every set time for new messages 2002-05-23
#147916 (STU)   gpm gpm: multiple mode does not work with devfs 2002-05-23
#148010 (STU)   links2 links doesn't do authorized redirection 2012-06-12
#148071 (STU)   bsd-mailx mailx: edits to outgoing mail dropped when ~v to elvis is used as external editor 2016-11-30
#148234 (STU)   gthumb gthumb: Autoscroll image when to large for window 2010-03-04
#148258 (STU)   dpkg dpkg: Those old conffile/directory/symlink blues 2015-03-29
#148274 (STU)   tiger tiger: Tiger's cron job does not work well with anacron/non-24h 2009-01-16
#148443 (STUE)   evolution evolution: Hand-edited filters clobbered, no explanation 2002-05-29
#148518 (STU)   aptitude aptitude: Highlight matches after description search 2002-05-30
#148674 (STU)   fdutils fdutils: autodetection fails 2003-09-30
#148683 (STU)   slashem slashem: no manpage for the config file provided 2012-05-11
#148747 (STU)   smartlist messages 2006-10-07
#148766 (STU)   libgtk2.0-dev libgtk2.0-dev: Warning with -Wstrict-prototypes 2004-10-17
#148845 (STUE)   scite scite: i18n input does not work 2006-05-16
#148876 (STU)   dia dia: Automatic layout of diagram by use of graphviz. 2014-02-03
#148930 (STU)   links2 links-ssl: forms interface inconsistent with menu interface 2017-10-05
#148954 (STU)   xosview if /proc/stat values get too large, xosview fails to start 2008-02-26
#148967 (STU)   rsync --convert-links option 2002-06-04
#148994 (STU)   cdecl cdecl fails to explain output of declare 2010-04-14
#149013 (STU)   libxml2 Add namespace registration mecanism in xmllint --shell. 2014-11-11
#149025 (STUE)   apt apt-listchanges: display nicer message on abort 2014-08-05
#149034 (STU)   debianutils debianutils: savelog could provide option to infinitely rotate files 2003-01-03
#149149 (STU)   logtools logtools: should support compressed log files 2002-06-05
#149190 (STU)   aptitude aptitude: better support for mixed (eg. stable+testing) environments 2012-09-07
#149214 (STU)   src:coreutils shellutils: stty flush undocumented and pointless on linux 2010-10-05
#149309 (U)   hurd generic target in MAKEDEV 2005-12-29
#149311 (STU)   aptitude aptitude: add/remove/browse user-tags in curses interface 2015-11-20
#149347 (STU)   xloadimage xloadimage -default -tile my.image does not work 2002-06-08
#149431 (STU)   anacron anacron: documentation incomplete 2002-10-15
#149440 (STUE)   autoconf autoconf: config.status touches files unnecessarily 2002-06-09
#149577 (STU)   net-tools [Fwd: net-tools-1.60 patch] 2005-05-16
#149583 (STU)   indent GNU indent does not follow GNU coding standards 2002-07-04
#149694 (STU)   ifmail ifmail: rfc822(1036?) violation 2002-10-07
#149706 (STU)   xqf xqf should treat game type as case sensitive, making it lower case when it calles the game. 2009-09-02
#149722 (STU)   bash libc6: ldd: bogus check for read permission 2007-02-07
#149775 (STU)   gzip gzip --list gives wrong uncompressed file size for large files 2007-06-14
#149780 (STU)   desklaunch desklaunch: lots of confusion when running multiple desklaunch instances 2005-06-30
#149873 (STU)   mmv mmv: silently drops files which contain spaces 2021-03-12
#149898 (STU)   wmaker wmaker: option to disable icons 2013-12-03
#149924 (STU)   emacsen-common emacsen-common: emacsen-common should create /etc/mailname if it is not there 2002-06-13
#149946   yaboot yaboot: halt command doesn't work correctly 2006-06-27
#149947   yaboot yaboot doesn't display syslinux type boot messages 2015-07-05
#149959 (STU)   mp3blaster mp3blaster: hidden directories should be hidden in filebrowser 2002-06-14
#149973   cvs cvs: cannot merge a branch to trunk through ssh 2011-06-11
#150137 (STU)   fetchmail Fetchmail does not use smtphost on bounces 2020-05-02
#150271 (STU)   mp3blaster mp3blaster: Please adjust default colors for monochrome displays 2002-06-17
#150323 (STU)   mp3blaster mp3blaster: next song not displayes correctly, when cycling through songs backward 2002-06-18
#150348 (STU)   ppp ppp: debug logging should use unsigned chars 2003-08-24
#150581   cvs cvs: cvs init causes hang when used with -d :ext: 2011-06-11
#150607 (STU)   developers-reference document best practices for web apps 2019-01-31
#150617 (STU)   emacsen-common suggest some fonts for emacsen-common 2002-06-21
#150667 (STUE)   at atq should list running jobs until they terminate, not just for one hour 2009-11-24
#150721 (STU)   mgp mgp: SEGV on repeated back & forwards 2002-06-23
#150722 (STU)   ircd-ircu ircd: IRCD doesn't autoconnect to hub? 2006-03-22
#150766 (STU)   wget content-encoding: gzip is not supported 2015-12-09
#150769 (STU)   grub grub: better automagic kernel support 2006-09-25
#150781   courier-imap-ssl courier-imap-ssl: Should not automatically build certificate 2002-12-28
#150786 (STU)   wmpinboard wmpinboard: multiple sessions not allowed 2003-01-12
#150876 (STU)   ifupdown ifupdown: defn2c generalization 2003-02-24
#150960 (STU)   links2 links-ssl: No manpage for links.cfg 2012-06-12
#150971 (STU)   ippl ippl: IPv6 support would be very nice to have 2002-07-02
#151080 (STU)   ippl ippl stops logging packets, processes sleep 2002-07-02
#151102 (STU)   openssh-server 3.3 seems to fail on the aoutomounted nfs home directory. 2007-12-25
#151113 (STU)   tin tin: .oldnewsrc: if a symlink, then it is removed 2003-02-16
#151148 (STU)   keylaunch keylaunch: Please include Windows key also, as modifier key 2015-09-02
#151157 (U)   mysql-server MySQL: Host Cache expire time 2013-04-04
#151191 (STU)   sqwebmail sqwebmail: Trash folder can be used to bypass maildirquota 2002-06-27
#151193 (STU)   sqwebmail sqwebmail: Deleting a folder does not properly recalculate maildirquota 2002-06-27
#151292 (STU)   net-tools [ Possible bug in route display of mss] 2007-08-02
#151302 (U)   mysql-server mysql-server: transparent gzip support on selected columns 2012-03-21
#151397 (STU)   ispell ibritish&iamerican: doesn't know some words 2012-12-04
#151419 (STU)   tar tar --remove-files does not detect hardlinks 2002-08-17
#151475 (STU)   fte fte: C code indent problem -- GNU style 2002-06-30
#151568 (STU)   rsync Avoid wastefully transmitting file data when mkstemp() fails 2010-03-17
#151692 (STU)   postfix Postfix chroot 2003-08-30
#151719 (STU)   openssh-server ssh: Clear text issues about PasswordAuthentication in sshd_config could be made clearer 2010-01-04
#151769 (STU)   gkrellm-volume gkrellm-volume: drops configuration if unable to open sound devices 2002-07-03
#151855 (STU)   magicfilter Problems with Samba and Ghostscript 2002-12-03
#151947 (STU)   epic4-help epic4-help: Help system is really bad 2003-08-28
#151986 (STU)   rsync Please add support for --target-gid=GID 2002-07-18
#151987 (STUE)   apt Does not support multiple Filename, Size and MD5Sum fields in Packages (what good are they?) 2003-07-23
#152092 (STU)   bfbtester bfbtester: doesn't kill sub-processes 2003-04-23
#152093 (STU)   bfbtester bfbtester: debug option should be more useful 2002-07-06
#152140 (STUE)   tidy tidy: please also enable us to strip empty <a> 2003-07-23
#152176 (STU)   ircd-ircu ircd listens on afs3-bos(7007)/udp - collision with openafs-fileserver 2006-03-22
#152195 (STU)   adduser passwd: useradd lists home directory in /etc/passwd even when it doesn't create it. 2007-05-01
#152241 (STU)   libc6 libc6: zdump -l should list all timezones or mention how to list them on its manpage 2004-07-28
#152250 (STU)   ssh ssh: Forwarding sets wrong display 2007-03-06
#152280 (STU)   bochs bochs-x: Alt-F2 do not work to switch virtual console when running Linux 2016-11-24
#152295 (S)   python-pygresql python-pygresql: Two problems with python and postgresql: 2004-03-24
#152334 (STU)   xli xli: -onroot with xinerama doesn't work properly 2004-09-26
#152361 (STU)   busybox busybox: Busybox should Provide: the commands it provides. 2018-03-14
#152440 (STU)   eterm eterm: Package upgrade overwrites changed theme configurations without prompting 2002-07-09
#152449 (STU)   dante-client dante-client: socksify doesn't work unless used with strace 2002-07-09
#152478 (STU)   kinput2-canna kinput2-canna: Cannot use dead keys 2011-12-08
#152523 (STUE)   icewm icewm: click on present workspace button should switch to last 2003-08-08
#152584 (STU)   makedev makedev: please add nvidia devices 2002-07-11
#152643 (STUE)   apt apt: provides resolution could apply everywhere 2002-07-11
#152669 (STU)   gpm gpm-1.19.6-12 goes crazy on a Dell Inspiron 4100 2002-07-11
#152675 (STU)   autoproject autoproject should also support java projects 2002-07-11
#152760 (STU)   dhcping Ping to broadcast address doesn't work 2015-02-04
#152773 (STUE)   icewm icewm: icewm crashed when using remotely through an X terminal 2003-08-08
#152955 (STU)   debian-policy force-reload should not start the daemon if it is not running 2019-04-01
#152984 (STU)   ircii ircii: missing ircbug script 2002-07-15
#152996 (STU)   epic4 epic4: Displayed STATUS_FORMAT doesn't match what it's set to 2008-09-11
#153081 (STU)   irssi irssi-text: /dcc send filename completion fails with spaces in the middle of the path 2009-07-10
#153141 (STU)   courier-imap --enable-workarounds-for-imap-client-bugs breaks Eudora 2002-07-18
#153176 (U)   aboot aboot: Broken device translation 2004-09-15
#153177 (STUE) please show maintainer status near to his email 2006-09-12
#153179 (STU)   elscreen emacs21: Please allow ctrl-z to suspend at least in console mode. 2008-10-03
#153185 (STU)   cdecl cdecl: uses noalias instead of restrict 2002-07-16
#153222 (STU)   ifupdown Wish for ifstate documentation or a status command 2004-02-19
#153244 (STUE)   evolution evolution: doesn't respect Mail-Followup-To 2016-06-06
#153421 (STU)   ibam ibam doesn't seem to know about suspend/standby 2009-04-20
#153508 (STU)   xgammon XGammon failing with SIGFPE 2002-07-19
#153510 (STU)   xgammon XGammon failing w/ SIGSEGV 2002-07-21
#153512 (STU)   bin86 please include tools86.c 2005-06-11
#153546 (STU)   xpdf xpdf: [missing feature] imperfect encoding supports 2011-09-17
#153557 (STU)   xracer xracer: xracer reports missing files 2017-10-18
#153576 (STU)   less Search is broken on very long lines 2002-07-22
#153645 (STU)   apsfilter apsfilter: Low quality output on c40ux squashed (stp driver) 2004-06-08
#153655 (STU)   mgp mgp: can't print '#' or '%' as the first char of a text line 2002-07-20
#153666 (U)   aboot wishlist: support for other journaling fs types 2005-09-24
#153679 (STU)   strace strace: Should support backgrounding 2019-10-03
#153713 (STU)   gkrellm-ibam gkrellm-ibam: Default text is too wide 2019-02-20
#153782 (STU)   lilypond lilypond: Grace notes and volta bar merges 2015-04-28
#153792 (STU)   dpkg dpkg-query -S doesn't support --showformat 2012-08-08
#153841 (STU)   mgp Make drawings persistent 2002-07-22
#153858 (STU)   gpm gpm_1.19.6-12 doesn't work for SHARP PC-9800T GlidePoint mouse 2002-07-22
#153935 (STU)   apt-listchanges apt-listchanges: Would be helpful if could specify URL for filename 2002-08-26
#153936 (STUE)   apt Generate list of local/unavailable packages 2009-01-04
#153980 (STU)   grep grep: Forgotten fflush? 2003-08-17
#154018 (STU)   courier-mta courier-mta: makealiases doesn't make .courier file in /etc/courier/aliasdir 2002-07-23
#154154 (STU)   gdb gdb: bad backtrace with interrupted write call 2002-07-24
#154280 (STUE)   evolution evolution: Warning message for large Trash folders 2002-07-25
#154282 (S)   squid3 squid: DNS lookups should immediately fail in offline_mode 2015-12-29
#154401 (STU)   locales locales: Insert french manpages locale.gen.5, locale-gen.8 and locale.alias.5 2004-01-15
#154442 (STU)   ifupdown Provide intermediate interface name to nested mapper 2003-07-27
#154468 (STU)   dpkg-dev dpkg-buildpackage: Could make building debug releases easier 2019-03-02
#154499 (STU)   gpm gpm and USB mouse via PS/2 adaptor 2002-07-27
#154577 (STUE)   evolution evolution: does not handle BASE HREF meta tags 2015-04-17
#154581 (STU)   blackbox blackbox: Feature Request: Root menus from toolbar. 2002-07-29
#154628 (STUE)   evolution evolution: Auto-checked mail accounts should be checked at startup 2014-05-25
#154776 (STU)   libgc investigation on how to get built specially-tuned versions of libgc 2002-07-30
#154816 (STU)   ifupdown Please warn about unrecognized options 2004-04-25
#154839 (STU)   mpack mpack: munpack problem with withespaces 2003-04-28
#154899 (STU)   ssh ssh should provide rsh-client and rsh-server 2002-12-31
#154963 (STU)   perl-doc perl: please provide a script to generate HTML documentation 2016-04-02
#155036 (STU)   wwwconfig-common wwwconfig-common incorrectly assumes a newline at the end of httpd.conf 2003-09-01
#155100 (STU)   glibc-doc-reference glibc-doc: misleading definition of struct timeval from <sys/time.h> 2014-06-06
#155150 (STU)   diffutils diff: diff -u displays unnecessary zeros after the seconds 2009-08-29
#155169 (STU)   gsfonts-x11 gsfonts take over the system 2005-04-10
#155195 (STUE)   apt a way to limit apt-cache showpkg output to installed packages only 2012-09-09
#155199 (STU)   apsfilter apsfilter: Apsfilter 7.2.2-3 unable to print test page 2004-01-23
#155355 (STU)   doxygen doxygen: SORT_MEMBER_DOCS doesn't work on inherited members. 2019-08-13
#155377 (STU)   debiandoc-sgml-doc rewrite Character style section 2004-10-24
#155432 (STU)   parchive parchive: segfault 2002-08-05
#155434 (STU)   parchive parchive: support --version and --help 2002-08-05
#155499 (STUE)   apt-utils apt-ftparchive: please allow comments in FileLists 2003-07-18
#155500 (STUE)   apt-utils apt-ftparchive: please consider allowing globbing in FileList files 2002-08-05
#155793 (STU)   nvi nvi: Sending reminders on boot is ineffective 2002-08-07
#155830 (STU)   gsfonts-other gsfonts-other: package registers non type1 fonts as type1 via defoma 2002-08-07
#155915 (STUE)   apt apt should be smarter if given a virtual package and a real instance of it 2016-02-03
#155931 (STU)   debhelper debhelper: please consider adding exception file to dh_fixperms or dedicated dh_setownerperm helper 2015-01-02
#156060 (STUE)   sxid sxid: wish it supported excluding by file system type 2009-09-08
#156125 (STU)   links links doesn't deal well with big file uploads 2002-08-10
#156249 (STU)   lrzsz lrzsz: shows wrong package number if receiving a big file 2002-08-10
#156261 (STU)   unison wishlist: highlight property changes 2002-08-11
#156428 (STU)   xalan xalan: xalan sorts in the following order: A, B, a, b 2013-10-14
#156431 (STU)   xfsdump xfsprogs: resume (-R option) of xfsdump doesn't work 2002-09-16
#156447 (STU)   openssh-server sshd contains hardcoded path 2010-01-04
#156462 (S)   unison wishlist: various text output improvements 2008-04-23
#156491 (STU)   parchive parchive: Error reading PAR file: Success 2002-08-13
#156530 (STU)   netmask netmask: please consider a --regexp option 2002-08-19
#156571 (STU)   grep grep gets a sigpipe when using -l 2006-04-12
#156618 (STU)   analog analog: want secondary sort keys 2003-07-23
#156666 (STUE)   icewm-lite icewm-lite: Support for the windows menu 2007-10-14
#156810 (STU)   src:isc-dhcp dhcp3-server: Manage dhcpd.conf using debconf and update-cluster 2016-07-10
#156888 (STU)   grub savedefault can be confusing 2006-09-25
#156958 (STU)   unison unison: Patterns require spaces rather than say tabs 2012-05-09
#157008 (STU)   less less: forw-forever (F) vs. active pipes 2006-11-24
#157138 (STU)   ssh ssh asks for pass phrase if identity file is not readable 2004-09-08
#157153 (STU)   irssi Fix default networks in .irssi/config 2007-10-05
#157185 (STU)   fortune-mod fortune-mod: -a and -o should be localized too 2013-06-27
#157191 (STU)   fortune-mod fortune-mod: an option to use fortunes from all locales 2013-07-06
#157210 (STU)   dselect dselect: info lacking in conflict-resolution lists 2015-06-13
#157276 (STU)   apsfilter Apsfilter does not filter PostScript files 2004-01-26
#157283 (STU)   reportbug reportbug: Allow mailing - or at least reopen bugs ? 2020-10-24
#157299 (STUE)   apache2-bin apache2-mpm-prefork: README.shtml files in FancyIndexing are not passed SSI variables from HEADER.shtml 2021-01-19
#157303 (STU)   xorg-server xserver-xfree86: [core server] want user-configurable maximum number of clients 2014-05-24
#157334 (STU)   vorbis-tools oggenc leaves a file after trying to encode with invalid quality setting