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42 bugs found

bug# tags package title hints deferred RT modified
#901148 [bus-i|M|+|u]   timidity timidity: upgrading to 2.14.0-2 broke sound via pulseaudio       2020-02-20
#901952 [bus-i|H|+]   tar xdelta: expected from file (/tmp/pristine-tar.SljdkfANnj/recreatetarball) of length 7557120 bytes     buster-can-defer   2019-04-13
#906026 [bul|+|sid]   lightdm-gtk-greeter lightdm-gtk-greeter: Switch to Ayatana Indicators       2020-04-15
#919914 [M|+|S]   gnome-settings-daemon gnome-tweaks now equates "don't suspend on lid close" with "don't lock on lid close" (security issue)     buster-can-defer   2019-04-29
#922396 [+]   webext-noscript webext-noscript: version out of date -- does not work with current Firefox       2020-08-09
#926539 [+]   src:linux, rootskel rootskel: steal-ctty no longer works on at least sparc64     buster-can-defer   2020-05-20
#929685 [+]   ca-certificates-java, default-jre-headless, openjdk-11-jre-headless ca-certificates-java,default-jre-headless,openjdk-11-jre-headless: get rid of the circular dependency     buster-can-defer   2020-04-28
#933865 [U|+|u]   android-libboringssl adb crashes on startup with SIGBUS (armhf)       2019-12-15
#941685 [bul|exp|U||+|sid|u]   src:libspring-java libspring-java: FTBFS package org.hibernate.validator.method does not exist       2019-11-21
#943396 [bul|+|sid]   src:fftw3 FTBFS on armhf: testsuite segfault       2019-10-25
#947530 [bul|+|sid]   src:gnome-system-tools gnome-system-tools: build-depends on deprecated gnome-doc-utils       2020-03-26
#949638 [+]   src:tesseract tesseract: uses -march=native       2020-05-24
#951388 [+]   akonadi-backend-postgresql [akonadi-backend-postgresql] apparmor profile unsuitable       2020-02-15
#951389 [l10n|+]   akonadi-backend-postgresql akonadi-backend-postgresql: Initialisation of database fail if locale en_US.UTF8 is not avalaible systemwide       2020-02-15
#953533 [|+]   src:opensc opensc: Fails to build due to missing bash_completion files       2020-07-28
#953875 [C|+]   runit runit - default installation can force init switch       2020-07-07
#955440 [bul||+|sid]   src:passenger passenger: FTBFS on armel and armhf       2020-04-18
#957007 [bul|+|sid]   src:arpack arpack: ftbfs with GCC-10       2020-08-01
#957068 [bul|+|sid]   src:cavezofphear cavezofphear: ftbfs with GCC-10       2020-08-01
#957247 [bul|+|sid]   src:galculator galculator: ftbfs with GCC-10       2020-08-01
#957259 [bul|+|sid|u]   src:gdbm gdbm: ftbfs with GCC-10       2020-07-22
#957760 [bul|+|P|sid]   src:rfdump rfdump: ftbfs with GCC-10       2020-07-28
#957858 [bul|+|sid]   src:syslinux syslinux: ftbfs with GCC-10       2020-08-01
#957884 [bul|+|sid]   src:trousers trousers: ftbfs with GCC-10       2020-08-12
#959602 [bul||+|sid]   src:gtkmm3.0 gtkmm3.0: FTBFS: gtk-demo/ error: ‘demo_columns’ function uses ‘auto’ type specifier without trailing return type       2020-05-07
#960786 [+]   php7.4-dev phpize7.3 hardcodes incorrect absolute path to sed if built on /usr-merged system       2020-05-16
#961798 [bul||+|P|sid]   src:python-pyaudio python-pyaudio: FTBFS for doc package       2020-07-31
#961958 [U|+]   librdkafka++1 librdkafka++1: Zero-size library on several architectures       2020-06-01
#963798 [+]   src:srt srt: empty documentation package       2020-07-03
#964536 [bul|+|sid]   src:mutrace mutrace should not depend on the shared binutils libraries       2020-08-04
#964902 [ipv6|+]   libio-socket-ip-perl libio-socket-ip-perl: AI_ADDRCONFIG breaks many test suites on IPv6-only hosts       2020-07-12
#965362 [+]   src:numpydoc numpydoc: please make the build reproducible       2020-07-22
#966065 [|+]   src:tome tome: FTBFS with GCC 10 due to insufficient #includes       2020-07-31
#966248 [bul|+|sid]   src:cheesecutter don't depend on a specific gdc version       2020-07-25
#966439 [+]   clickhouse clickhouse ftbfs with gcc-10       2020-07-28
#966470 [+|P|u]   src:libmaus2 ZlibInterface dlopens rather than       2020-08-10
#966600 [bul|U||+|sid]   src:nfstrace nfstrace: patch for newer json-c/gcc-10       2020-08-10
#966654 [bul||+|sid]   src:libgpiod libgpiod: symbol mismatches with gcc-10/O3 optimization       2020-08-03
#966854 [bul|U||+|sid]   iagno iagno: FTBFS: ../src/perfs-tests-generator.vala:45.16-45.20: error: The name `Posix' does not exist in the context of `PerfsTestsGenerator.handle_local_options'       2020-08-06
#966896 [bul||+|sid]   src:fatsort fatsort: FTBFS: ld: entrylist.o:./src/options.h:38: multiple definition of `OPT_LOCALE'; fatsort.o:./src/options.h:38: first defined here       2020-08-03
#967487 [|+]   src:libubootenv libubootenv: Cannot build libubootenv with dpkg-buildpackage       2020-08-12
#968063 [+]   libroaring-dev libroaring-dev: CMake cannot find libroaring using the supplied metadata       2020-08-07

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