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20 bugs found

bug# tags package title hints deferred RT modified
#778720 [+|u]   bind9 bind9: hangs / crashes on mips after some time       2018-01-15
#822596 [bus|sid]   src:gdebi gdebi: depends on gksu which is deprecated       2018-01-17
#853573 [bus|sid]   src:nodejs nodejs: ftbfs with GCC-7       2017-08-17
#859297 [bus|sid]   src:nodejs nodejs: Please migrate to openssl1.1 in buster       2018-01-04
#864963 [bus|sid]   gdebi-kde gdebi-kde: Depends on python3-pykde4 which is to be removed for Buster       2018-01-15
#867937 [bus|+|sid]   src:mate-power-manager mate-power-manager: Build-Depends on deprecated libgnome-keyring-dev       2018-01-15
#871964 [bus|sid]   src:swt-gtk swt-gtk: Build-depends on libwebkitgtk-dev which is deprecated       2017-10-26
#872613 [bus|sid]   src:node-mocha node-mocha FTBFS with nodejs 6.11.2: test failures       2017-08-19
#879170 [+]   libswt-webkit-gtk-3-jni libswt-webkit-gtk-3-jni: Needs libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 dep       2017-12-27
#882898   src:php-doctrine-cache-bundle php-doctrine-cache-bundle FTBFS with phpunit 6.4.4-2       2017-11-28
#882933 [bus|exp|sid]   src:php-parser php-parser FTBFS with phpunit 6.4.4-2       2017-12-04
#882950 [bus|sid]   src:phpdox phpdox FTBFS with phpunit 6.4.4-2       2017-11-27
#882951 [bus|sid]   src:symfony symfony FTBFS with phpunit 6.4.4-2       2017-11-27
#882952 [bus|sid]   src:php-phpdocumentor-reflection-docblock php-phpdocumentor-reflection-docblock FTBFS with phpunit 6.4.4-2       2017-11-27
#884523   src:flask flask FTBFS: ERROR at teardown of test_make_response_with_response_instance       2018-01-15
#885469 [bus|sid]   python-slip python-slip-gtk: Depends on unmaintained pygtk       2018-01-16
#885525 [U|+]   network-manager-gnome /usr/bin/nm-applet: nm-applet crashes when connecting to VPN       2018-01-18
#886903 [bus|C|sid]   src:gpm gpm: FTBFS: undefined reference to `__sigemptyset'       2018-01-11
#886990 [S|u]   src:transmission transmission: rpc session-id mechanism design flaw results in RCE       2018-01-19
#887621   src:vlc libvlc-bin: trigger problem after upgrade from stretch: find: '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/vlc/plugins': No such file or directory       2018-01-18

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