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33 bugs found

bug# package title modified
#712451 apparmor Please support AppArmor network rules 2020-10-05
#734693 apparmor Please rename /etc/apparmor.d/tunables/home.d/ubuntu 2017-09-20
#776043 apparmor Please make apparmor Multi-Arch: foreign 2018-10-30
#805145 apparmor aa-status wastes CPU time when using --enabled 2018-06-13
#830558 apparmor apparmor: Include a bug script snippet that other packages' bug script can use 2018-01-29
#831023 apparmor Ubuntu-browser should be renamed to Browsers 2016-07-13
#858174 apparmor-profiles Please provide an AppArmor profile for Firefox 2020-11-21
#866340 apparmor-utils aa-genprof: ERROR: Can't find system log "/var/log/syslog" (journald-only setup) 2020-04-20
#872266 dh-apparmor dh_apparmor: when purging a package, unload profiles that confine programs shipped in other packages 2017-09-11
#874873 apparmor Pick the best AppArmor introduction docs and advertise them better 2017-09-10
#876647 dh-apparmor dh-apparmor: Please support /etc/apparmor.d/apache 2017-09-30
#881460 apparmor-profiles apparmor-profiles: dhclient set to enforce prevents getting an IPv4 with DHCP 2019-01-27
#882047 apparmor-utils apparmor-utils: aa-complain thunderbird fails 2019-01-27
#883948 apparmor apparmor: xdg-user-dirs should have localized directory names 2019-01-27
#893398 dh-apparmor dh_apparmor should not load profiles when apparmor.service is disabled 2018-07-26
#901459 apparmor-profiles-extra Add autopkgtests to load policy 2018-09-12
#906202 dh-apparmor dh-apparmor should check syntax of AppArmor policy at package build time 2019-01-28
#923313 apparmor apparmor: Check syntax of kopano profiles in autopkgtests 2019-07-17
#924622 apparmor Make it easier to fully disable AppArmor 2019-07-27
#929990 src:apparmor apparmor: CVE-2016-1585: mount rules grant excessive permissions 2019-06-04
#930031 apparmor thunderbird: [AppArmor] Fixed user fonts and GTK theme not being whitelisted, breaking the UI 2020-10-25
#934735 dh-apparmor dh-apparmor: please improve dh integration 2019-12-11
#954655 src:apparmor apparmor autopkgtest doesn't work nice on ci.d.n infrastructure 2020-10-27
#962530 apparmor Tor service won't start when apparmor is active and "/" is on an overlayfs 2020-06-16
#962838 apparmor-profiles Apparmor profile for syslog-ng assumes trivial config 2020-06-16
#965360 apparmor-profiles apparmor-profiles: Please meke seperate packages for each apparmor profile 2020-10-24
#968387 apparmor apparmor: Broken printing and printer autodiscovery 2020-08-21
#969114 apparmor-profiles apparmor-profiles: usr.sbin.dovecot does not allow reading /usr/share/dovecot/dh.pem (dovecot fails to start) 2020-10-28
#972880 apparmor-easyprof apparmor-easyprof: Consider folding apparmor-easyprof back into apparmor-utils 2020-10-25
#972881 src:apparmor Consider making apparmor-utils, python3-apparmor, and libapparmor-perl arch:all 2020-10-25
#972883 apparmor-profiles apparmor-profiles: dovecot needs usr.lib.dovecot.script-login profile 2020-10-28
#972884 apparmor-profiles apparmor-profiles: usr.lib.dovecot.stats profile is needed 2020-10-25
#973356 apparmor-profiles apparmor-profiles: complain on syslog-ng opening system.journal until re-enabling profile 2020-10-30

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