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18 bugs found

bug# package title modified
#425317 pidgin-otr pidgin crashes when pidgin-otr is enabled in nss_ldap setups 2011-12-27
#499229 irssi-plugin-otr irssi segfaults on quit when xmpp and otr modules are loaded 2014-03-04
#500274 pidgin-otr pidgin-otr: You can't use the string "?OTRv" in a conversation, even if the conversation is already encrypted 2011-12-26
#505269 irssi-plugin-otr irssi-plugin-otr: sends output to unrelated windows 2014-02-15
#506369 pidgin-otr Automatical initiation stopped working 2014-01-03
#549431 pidgin-otr pidgin-otr: Logging should be disabled by default 2013-07-30
#561220 pidgin-otr Sigkill during key generation nukes otr.private_key 2011-12-26
#575461 pidgin-otr Please support the finch client 2014-01-03
#580747 src:libotr libotr1-dev: Possibly package description error 2015-04-09
#684190 pidgin-otr [pidgin-otr] The OTR converstation should be refreshed with regular intervals 2014-01-03
#717097 pidgin-otr pidgin-otr: if logging is enabled inform chatpartner 2014-01-03
#721659 pidgin-otr key generation hangs Pidgin for an extended period 2014-02-18
#766936 libotr5 [libotr5] Extended description: "Deniability" is not a feature per se 2014-10-31
#767103 irssi-plugin-otr irssi-plugin-otr needs rebuild on new uploads of irssi 2018-02-21
#805327 irssi-plugin-otr irssi-plugin-otr: Can't configure the statusbar templates with `/format OTR stb_*` 2017-05-15
#806238 irssi-plugin-otr irssi-plugin-otr: sending /me actions via xmpp while using OTR fails to encrypt them 2015-11-25
#818313 irssi-plugin-otr off-the-record (OTR) plugin actually logs conversations 2018-02-18
#819110 irssi-plugin-otr support for encrypting logged OTR conversations 2016-03-23

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