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132 bugs found

bug# package title modified
#451535 partman-crypto debian-installer: allow to 'reuse' encrypted volumes 2016-09-27
#665199 slapd slapd: fails to install, remove, distupgrade, and install again 2017-02-05
#665334 fontforge non-DFSG postscript embedded in fontforge (currently August 2014 2017-01-29
#694320 gsfonts [gsfonts] Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved 2017-01-29
#694323 lmodern [gsfonts] Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved 2017-01-29
#694324 tex-gyre Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved 2014-08-30
#709198 debconf debconf: should not use python in maintainer scripts 2017-01-29
#717636 texlive-lang-indic [latex-sanskrit] Package contain type1 startlock fragment from black book 2016-07-28
#733239 dh-python dh-python: there is no script in the new version of the package - giving up-Jessie 2017-02-25
#734101 libjs-jquery-mobile libjs-jquery-mobile: New Release 2017-01-29
#741464 grub-pc-bin grub-pc-bin: freezes after "terminal_input at_keyboard" 2017-02-20
#744753 anacron anacron: Anacron not triggered when system resumes under systemd 2017-02-09
#750895 python3-tempita python3-tempita: doesn't work 2017-02-11
#766397 emacs24 emacs/gnus: Uses s_client to for SSL. 2017-02-22
#781155 openbsd-inetd openbsd-inetd: openbsd-inetd.service should be the main service file 2017-01-03
#782456 plymouth plymouth: With plymouth installed, starting the DM sometimes fails 2017-02-08
#787527 chromium-browser Some sources are not included in your package 2017-02-06
#788769 yelp-tools yelp-check validate fails without networking: relax-ng: failed to load external entity [..] mallard-1.0.rng 2016-05-29
#790796 sensord sensord: RRD data loss 2017-02-01
#792321 src:libkscreen Segfaults on session start 2016-07-10
#794856 src:opencv opencv: non DFSG file in the source package 2017-02-22
#795055 src:libtirpc libtirpc: non-free files 2017-01-29
#797161 src:libprelude libprelude2 contains files with different SONAME versioning 2017-02-23
#801564 squid squid: prompting due to modified conffiles which were not modified by the user: /etc/squid/squid.conf 2017-02-07
#804908 bluez-obexd service is not started under systemd 2017-02-11
#806879 src:xsp xsp: FTBFS when built with dpkg-buildpackage -A (dh_clideps fails) 2017-02-07
#808463 ntfs-3g ntfs-3g: non-free code in boot.c 2017-01-27
#809167 cron cron: Cron Daemon Use-After-Free Vulnerability May Cause Local Root Privilege Escalation 2017-01-29
#809669 unattended-upgrades unattended-upgrades: files got created under /var/ mountpoint 2017-02-21
#812002 smokeqt smokeqt: FTBFS with GCC 6: deleted function 2017-02-06
#812574 grub-pc grub-pc: wants to overwrite admin configuration on each upgrade 2017-02-19
#813949 bluetooth bluetooth: error causing service to be unusable: Not enough free handles to register service 2016-08-10
#816063 emacs24 emacs24: TLS certificate validation is silently broken 2017-02-23
#817236 debootstrap schroot: no access to pseudo-terminals in new chroots 2017-02-15
#818787 doxygen doxygen: Changes default HAVE_DOT to YES without having graphviz in the Depends line. 2016-09-13
#820381 rar rar crashes. 2017-02-20
#822472 haskell-devscripts various haskell -dev packages are missing Built-Using attributes 2016-07-04
#824442 src:glibc <linux/if.h> and <net/if.h> conflict needs to be resolved 2017-02-14
#826216 w3c-sgml-lib w3c-sgml-lib: inconsistencies in copyright file 2017-02-19
#827199 src:hfst hfst: FTBFS: twolc test fails on big-endian systems 2017-02-06
#827395 firefox-esr firefox-esr: Firefox-esr privacy invading defaults load beacons on 1st run 2017-01-23
#828159 firefox-esr firefox-esr: session tabs lost after upgrade from iceweasel to firefox-esr 2016-07-30
#828601 src:wpa wpa: FTBFS with openssl 1.1.0 2017-02-24
#832649 kscreen multi-display is broken (menu and panel appears only on external display) 2016-10-20
#834204 src:libsdl1.2 libsdl1.2: Nonfree file: src/video/fbcon/riva_mmio.h 2016-08-13
#836168 doxygen doxygen: Injects unescaped '%' signs into LaTeX source 2016-08-31
#836241 plasma-workspace plasma-workspace: Digital clock widget wants qml-module-org-kde-kholidays 2017-02-11
#837581 xfslibs-dev xfslibs-dev: Don't put the .so symlink to /lib/*.so 2017-01-14
#838116 libgpod-nogtk-dev libgpod-nogtk-dev: fails to install in sid/i386 with --install-recommends 2017-01-29
#838303 kde-plasma-desktop kde-plasma-desktop: KDE does not start after log in 2016-10-20
#839840 src:ghc ghci segfaults on armel, related to doctest failure 2016-10-07
#843895 src:hw-detect disk-detect/multipath: run update-dev before probing for devices 2017-02-10
#843926 libjemalloc1 jemalloc uses a hard coded page size detected during build 2017-01-27
#844227 binutils FTBFS on mips*, ./.libs/ undefined reference to `eglQueryString' 2017-02-18
#844285 pidgin pidgin: steals (warps) mouse cursor (not just focus) when new message comes in [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED] 2017-02-25
#844584 isc-dhcp-client dhclient should perform additional validity checks 2017-01-23
#844897 src:libprelude libprelude: FTBFS: PreludeEasy.cxx:2452:75: error: 'SWIG_From_long_SS_long' was not declared in this scope 2017-02-23
#845414 src:cdebconf cdebconf: makes debian-installer FTBFS due to issues (binutils) 2016-11-23
#847571 smarty-lexer smarty3: lexing failed because a rule matched an empty string 2017-02-18
#848368 src:llvm-toolchain-3.9 llvm-toolchain-3.9: Please add ELF symbols versions to the libraries 2017-01-23
#848813 src:blacs-mpi blacs-mpi: FTBFS: make[3]: *** No rule to make target '/usr/lib/openmpi/include/mpif.h', needed by 'mpif.h'. Stop. 2017-01-31
#848863 dleyna-server dleyna-server: Segfault when plugging in a secondary screen 2017-01-07
#849098 llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.9: Please add ELF symbols versions to the libraries 2016-12-22
#849099 llvm-toolchain-3.7 llvm-toolchain-3.9: Please add ELF symbols versions to the libraries 2016-12-22
#849132 src:google-perftools google-perftools FTBFS on i386: FAIL: 2017-02-13
#849504 nbd-server Data corruption with copy-on-write and multiple threads 2017-02-25
#849720 synaptic [synaptic] Synaptic ignores its settings 2017-01-17
#849831 firefox-esr firefox: contains JSHint work under non-free licence 2017-01-28
#849832 icedove firefox: contains JSHint work under non-free licence 2017-01-27
#849875 wpasupplicant broadcom-sta-dkms: Wifi association took too long, failing activation 2017-01-30
#849932 gtk-sharp2-gapi gtk-sharp2-gapi: gapi2-codegen generates fields with void type 2017-02-02
#850114 kscd kscd: Only play first trackon all modes(loop track, loop ,and no loop and random and no random mode) 2017-01-04
#850149 shotwell shotwell: Freezes when trying to open an image in fullscreen mode 2017-02-18
#850464 nfs-kernel-server nfs-blkmap.service fails to start at boot 2017-02-02
#851196 src:libplist libplist: CVE-2017-5209 2017-02-12
#851373 ghc git-annex FTBFS on armel/armhf: ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) 2017-01-14
#851555 tasksel Blends install options removed from tasksel menu 2017-01-16
#852288 nbd-server Data corruption when multiple threads are allowed and copyonwrite is enabled 2017-02-23
#852320 openssh-server openssh-server: install script sliently override config 2017-01-24
#852385 src:libplist libplist: CVE-2017-5545 2017-02-02
#852622 src:xcffib xcffib FTBFS in stretch 2017-01-25
#852781 openssh-server openssh-server: Wrong default for setting PermitRootLogin (yes instead of prohibit-password) in clean install 2017-01-29
#852929 src:scalable-cyrfonts scalable-cyrfonts: FTBFS: LaTeX requires e-TeX. 2017-01-28
#853006 src:qemu qemu: CVE-2016-9602: 9p: virtfs allows guest to access host filesystem 2017-01-31
#853034 unar unar: Fuzzer-generated crashing testcases for a dozen identified file formats 2017-02-23
#853171 plasma-desktop [plasma-desktop] segmentation fault when disabling a screen with kscreen without upower installed on the system 2017-01-30
#853207 bluez bluez: bluetooth.service doesn't start with systemd 2017-02-11
#853723 tracker-extract tracker-extract gets killed by seccomp when gstreamer tries to regenerate cache (dup2 related) 2017-02-23
#854000 src:libplist CVE-2017-5834 CVE-2017-5835 CVE-2017-5836 2017-02-14
#854050 icoutils icoutils: CVE-2017-6009 2017-02-16
#854054 icoutils icoutils: CVE-2017-6010 CVE-2017-6011 2017-02-16
#854078 network-manager network-manager: nm-online returns before network devices got an address 2017-02-16
#854186 network-manager network-manager: DHCP connection stopped working (however, it works perfectly by using the console) 2017-02-20
#854228 libblacs-openmpi1 Libraries not linked with their deps 2017-02-08
#854243 src:bind9 bind9 - Reads /dev/random in named and does not longer answer 2017-02-05
#854260 src:sddm sddm: Please remove Conflicts= and OnFailure= from sddm.service file 2017-02-25
#854554 dpkg dpkg: trigger problem with cracklib-runtime while upgrading libcrypt-cracklib-perl from jessie to stretch 2017-02-08
#854592 php-phpseclib dokuwiki: Unable to login, missing usr/share/php/Crypt/AES.php 2017-02-13
#854616 scdaemon scdaemon cannot access yubikey using ccid driver without pcscd 2017-02-13
#854692 gcc-6 pybind11: FTBFS due to an internal compiler error 2017-02-23
#854719 hostapd hostapd: Failed to set beacon parameters 2017-02-24
#854727 src:zziplib Multiple vulnerabilities / unsuitable for stretch? 2017-02-25
#854792 accountsservice fails when there are two users with the same UID 2017-02-25
#854804 sane-utils saned: CVE-2017-6318: SANE_NET_CONTROL_OPTION response packet may contain memory contents of the server 2017-02-25
#854880 firmware-atheros firmware-atheros ships binary ath9k_htc firmwares containing GPL code 2017-02-11
#855038 piuparts All test ends with "INFO: SKIP: All tests. Package cannot be tested with piuparts:" 2017-02-25
#855094 initramfs-tools-core initramfs-tools-core: Error on upgrade if cryptsetup is installed, but a current busybox isn't 2017-02-14
#855129 flatpak flatpak: Portals can't read /proc/$pid/root in Debian 2017-02-16
#855227 src:qemu qemu: CVE-2017-2630: nbd: oob stack write in client routine drop_sync 2017-02-15
#855244 libmariadbclient-dev libmariadbclient-dev: hardcoded -lmysqlclient, package not providing it though 2017-02-15
#855277 src:nvidia-graphics-drivers nvidia-graphics-drivers: CVE-2017-0309, CVE-2017-0310, CVE-2017-0311, CVE-2017-0321, CVE-2017-0318 2017-02-23
#855344 icedove thunderbird: retains mails from removed IMAP accounts 2017-02-23
#855405 src:pcre3 pcre3: CVE-2017-6004 2017-02-17
#855491 texlive-latex-recommended texlive-latex-recommended: emph macro is broken in fontspec 2.5c; please update to 2.5d 2017-02-20
#855529 chromium-widevine chromium-widevine: dbgsym package in contrib causes src package to also go into contrib 2017-02-20
#855689 jython jython.jar does not provide a Class-Path 2017-02-22
#855705 munin munin: CVE-2017-6188: munin-cgi-graph local file write vulnerability 2017-02-24
#855791 src:qemu qemu: CVE-2017-2620: cirrus_bitblt_cputovideo does not check if memory region is safe 2017-02-21
#855895 lvm2 lvm2: lvchange while raid1 conversion active causes instant and serious loss of whole device 2017-02-23
#855912 debconf db_purge: exits with error code 8 when using deluser in the same postinst 2017-02-23
#855920 src:fail2ban fail2ban: FTBFS: Test failures 2017-02-25
#855931 src:ruby-eventmachine ruby-eventmachine: FTBFS: E: Build killed with signal TERM after 150 minutes of inactivity 2017-02-23
#855943 src:shadow shadow: CVE-2017-2616: Sending SIGKILL to other processes with root privileges via su 2017-02-24
#855951 src:libsecret libsecret FTBFS with test failures on many architectures 2017-02-23
#856002 sddm sddm: only shows white screen 2017-02-24
#856004 khtml khtml: please build-depen on libssl1.0-dev for Stretch 2017-02-25
#856023 src:zeromq3 Package is built without OpenPGM support 2017-02-24
#856036 vino screen sharing is not working and vino is segfaulting when started manually 2017-02-24
#856039 xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg-core: no keyboard and no mouse 2017-02-24
#856064 libdbd-mysql-perl libdbd-mysql-perl: reads of floats currupted as 0 2017-02-25
#856134 src:plotutils plotutils FTBFS on i386: spline.test fails 2017-02-25
#856135 src:gegl gegl FTBFS on arm64: gegl-tester segfault 2017-02-25

Generated in 1.079 seconds.

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where id in (select id from bugs_rt_affects_testing) 
and not (id in (select id from bugs_merged_with where id > merged_with)) 
and bugs.source in (select source from key_packages) 
AND (severity >= 'serious')
order by id asc