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147 bugs found

bug# package title modified
#80123 apt Pre-Download hook 2016-10-13
#207403 dh-buildinfo should provide a "recheck" command 2014-11-15
#219000 ifplugd ifplugd: Inappropriate default option for use with hotplug and ifupdown 2014-11-15
#251333 netcfg netcfg: Should display a progress bar while configuring the static network 2016-01-03
#276655 synaptic synaptic: 'lock version' harmful; replace with dpkg holds 2018-02-22
#305622 gimp-dcraw gimp-dcraw: Cannot process filenames with single quotes 2016-05-01
#348908 dput dput: guess location of package ‘*.changes’ file 2014-11-15
#492432 aptitude aptitude: fetch and display copyright (like changelog) 2016-05-30
#496630 quilt please provide a quilt clean command 2015-04-07
#508043 debbugs Underscore overlaps with underline in some configurations 2015-02-22
#559124 zsh unnecessary files 2014-11-15
#563990 vrms Suggestion: graphical vrms output using xcowsay 2017-10-27
#579750 stymulator patches available 2016-09-04
#610752 netcfg Make the link detection timeout preseedable 2014-11-15
#610831 netcfg Notify user on link detection failure for static config 2014-11-15
#619836 ocamlbuild ocaml-nox: Add the ocamlbuild plugin API to doc-central 2017-03-04
#636108 lightdm lightdm: does not source ~/.profile 2017-03-19
#667718 distccmon-gnome distccmon-gnome: update to GTK+3 2014-11-15
#693847 aptitude aptitude: Repeated "Downloaded" lines w/ 2016-02-17
#698247 clang clang ships most libraries as static libraries, not shared ones 2014-11-15
#702155 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: document patch creation and management 2014-11-15
#702156 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: document upstream repackaging 2014-11-15
#709111 libdevil1c2 library packages contains unversioned binary in /usr/bin 2015-02-19
#711456 apt apt-cdrom: MultiArch support with a single CD-ROM drive 2017-01-26
#717125 piuparts piuparts: document how to test upgrades from wheezy to sid using local pacḱages 2017-09-18
#717287 munin-plugins-core munin-plugins-core: cpuspeed plugin doesn't work with scaling_driver intel_pstate 2017-01-18
#719898 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: provide screencasts of practical sessions 2014-11-15
#719899 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: document alioth and vcs 2014-11-15
#719900 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: provide html version 2014-11-15
#746028 src:scilab scilab: Build with --fail-missing 2014-11-15
#747213 llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.4: Build with the hardening flags 2016-02-04
#751789 llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.4: Ship compiler-rt library as a separate package 2016-02-04
#753966 src:pbuilder pbuilder: lots of warnings from shellcheck 2015-10-03
#758776 llvm-toolchain-3.8 please build a python3-clang package 2016-02-04
#758777 src:llvm-toolchain-snapshot please build a python3-clang package 2017-11-26
#766543 piuparts piuparts: document how to test complex upgrades 2017-09-18
#767532 shutdown-at-night shutdown-at-night: Allow systemd to wake up machines in the morning? 2016-09-22
#774295 llvm-toolchain-snapshot llvm-toolchain-snapshot: Run tests with autopkgtest / debci 2018-03-27
#777279 reportbug reportbug: The graphical UI of Reportbug doesn't check for duplicate bug reports 2015-02-07
#778672 linphone linphone: TLS , reading of Trusted CA file : '/etc/ssl/certs' failed because it is a directory 2018-03-03
#780677 src:libc++ libc++: Add symbol files on the C++ libraries 2015-03-18
#782370 libgtk-3-0 libgtk-3-0:amd64: Mouse movement on a clickpad-style touchpad is interpreted as touchscreen-like panning 2015-04-11
#783925 game-data-packager game-data-packager: add support for non-english versions of flight-of-the-amazon-queen 2015-05-01
#784144 seahorse seahorse: Generic error when you add picture 2017-03-11
#784232 x11-common Xsession script to process /etc/profile and ~/.profile 2015-05-04
#786501 game-data-packager game-data-packager: please add support for Commander Keen series 2017-05-05
#787140 fortunes-it fortunes-it: error in quote 2017-01-09
#787236 game-data-packager game-data-packager: please add support for Redneck Rampage 2015-05-30
#788097 fortunes-it fortunes-it: error in quote 2015-06-08
#789443 gnome-music gnome-music: No music found! 2018-02-22
#790554 game-data-packager please add support for Age Of Empires II 2015-12-27
#792160 game-data-packager game-data-packager: Grim Fandango: add Chinese, Greek, Turkish & Portugese fandubs 2015-07-12
#792240 gpodder gpodder's window won't be drawn after the system's start from hiberation 2015-07-15
#792271 fortunes-it fortunes-it: error in quote 2015-07-13
#792430 openresolv openresolv: Fail if a zone is declared on multiple interfaces. 2015-12-02
#796780 paw-common paw-common: Erroneous minuit in paw in Debian 7 2015-08-24
#798447 xfce4-panel xfce4-panel: Desktop-Applications in .local/share/applications disappear and return after restart. 2015-09-09
#798814 game-data-packager Please reference source archive in package description 2015-09-14
#798974 xfwm4 xfwm4: xfwm relies on xfdesktop if composite is enabled 2015-09-21
#799145 src:openmprtl openmprtl: Multiarch support 2015-09-16
#800444 game-data-packager game-data-packager: please add support for Marathon games 2015-12-07
#801884 multipath-tools multipath-tools: port build to dh9+ 2015-10-15
#802570 ffdiaporama ffdiaporama: Program crash when trying to create a movie with codec H264 in 1080p 25 FPS 2015-10-21
#802825 evolution evolution: Automatic contacts crash not patched on debian stable version 2015-10-23
#804597 devscripts [uscan] show progress while downloading 2015-12-03
#805524 game-data-packager game-data-packager: please provide zsh completion 2015-11-19
#806890 libnunit-framework2.6.3-cil libnunit-framework2.6.3-cil: The GAC reference version breaks compatibility with Windows. 2015-12-03
#806989 game-data-packager game-data-packager: add support for "Caesar III" playable with CaesarIA engine 2015-12-03
#808276 src:marisa marisa: typo in package description (conteins -> contains) 2018-03-27
#808419 mariadb-10.1 TODO: Add debconf question to make feedback plugin opt-in very easy 2017-03-10
#810440 libnxt libnxt: please switch to libusb 1.0 2016-09-24
#810501 file file: no detection for dosbox's pcjr rom cartrage format 2016-06-29
#810915 fail2ban fail2ban: protocol = all throws error on ban 2016-01-13
#811361 util-linux libmount: provide extra package for pylibmount (Python bindings for libmount) 2017-10-01
#813672 llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.8: Package openmp as part of the llvm-toolchain-XY packages 2016-02-04
#813673 llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.8: Package libc++ as part of the llvm-toolchain-XY packages 2016-02-04
#817238 src:llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.8: Sanitizers (asan, tsan) should be packaged into a dedicated package 2017-04-29
#817941 game-data-packager game-data-packager: please add support for Serious Sam games 2016-03-11
#818402 libmcpp-dev libmcpp-dev: The package is not multiarch 2016-03-16
#818573 rsnapshot rsnapshot fails to do remote backups when using ssh_args in config file 2016-03-18
#818729 nautilus nautilus: Desktop icons overlapped on left top screen corner 2016-03-20
#820004 src:pbuilder genarate pbuilder.8, pdebuild.1 and pbuilderrc.5 from something usable 2016-04-04
#823763 game-data-packager support singstar dvds for performous / ultrastar (ss_extract) 2016-05-08
#826289 python-lldb-3.8 build a python3-lldb-3.8 package 2016-09-04
#827185 clang-3.9 source:llvm-toolchain-snapshot: Enable a full bootstrap of clang 2016-06-13
#829772 gnome-logs gnome-logs: Uses deprecated gnome-common macros/variables 2017-09-01
#830307 virt-manager virt-manager: Virt-manager uses qemu-system-i386 /usr/lib/xen/bin 2017-12-24
#830799 crunch crunch: fails to calculate dimension in great dictionaries 2016-07-11
#831337 live-manual-html live-manual-html: Correction of file location for user-setup.conf 2016-07-14
#833369 flam3 flam3: enable shared library build 2018-04-14
#835604 src:llvm-toolchain-3.9 llvm-toolchain-3.9: Ship missing manpages 2018-03-23
#838726 swish++ swish++: Parallel build does not work 2016-09-23
#838727 swish++ swish++: Rework to modern debhelper sequencer 2016-09-23
#838991 src:ki18n ki18n: FTBFS on sparc64: Multiple testsuite failures 2017-04-03
#843177 python-pyxmpp python-pyxmpp version number should include debian_revision 2016-11-04
#844001 broadcom-sta-dkms broadcom-sta-dkms: Regression in kernel 4.8 with cfg80211 NULL reference 2016-11-19
#844757 firefox firefox: More Plasma compatibility like plasmazilla provides for ubuntu 2016-11-18
#844770 xz-utils xzcmp: SIGPIPE is raised because CMP does exit while the XZ commands are still writing to the pipe 2017-09-12
#845324 bhl FTBFS: /bin/sh: 1: emacs: not found 2016-11-22
#845543 debian-installer-launcher debian-installer-launcher: Installer takes up whole screen area 2016-11-24
#845722 src:linux linux-image-4.8.0-1-amd64: Repating READ LOG DMA EXT failed error accessing a TOSHIBA Q300 SSD 2018-02-14
#847762 libnetxx-dev libnetxx-dev: Debian libnetxx crosscompile 2016-12-11
#848237 snapd missing manpage for snapctl 2016-12-15
#849685 dput dput: Verify the Distribution field matches in changelog and changes file 2016-12-29
#850748 src:redshift redshift: fails on startup without GPS 2017-01-10
#851522 ssmtp ssmtp fails to install via debootstrap/systemd-nspawn 2017-02-26
#851993 debianutils which: doesn't respect $PATH when it contains '~' character 2017-01-24
#852309 reprepro reprepro: Typo in man page 2017-01-23
#854556 src:python-cgcloud packages description says "someone please add a good description" 2017-02-08
#855531 src:debhelper debhelper: include common options in all manpages 2018-05-19
#855967 x11vnc x11vnc suddenly dropped the connection 2017-02-23
#856429 open-vm-tools open-vm-tools: vgauth.service Unit File is Missing VGAuthService Option -s 2017-04-25
#857391 gnome-logs gnome-logs does not prompt the user to elevate privileges 2018-05-23
#858005 postfixadmin postfixadmin: upgrade.php fails at various places because of too long indexes 2017-09-01
#859061 gr-rds gr-rds: GRC RDS Panel will not build in scripts w/ QT_GUI mode selected 2017-03-29
#862906 gnome-software gnome-software can't find gnome extension if they're opened through desktop search 2017-05-18
#863438 pbbuttonsd pbbuttonsd: /etc/power/pmcs-config still points to /dev/hda instead of /dev/sda 2017-05-26
#863532 xorg-server xf86WaitForInput timeout regression 2017-10-25
#869073 flash-kernel flash-kernel: Please add an option to not use an initrd image or detect if one is available 2017-07-20
#869225 xmonad xmonad: Dropdowns and context menus broken 2017-07-21
#870284 ifupdown ifupdown needs better support for complex ip route and rules 2017-07-31
#871247 alsa-utils alsa-base: Front Panel Jack for play audio not working 2017-08-07
#871473 logwatch logwatch: Logwatch email messages fail with vanilla exim4 install: message is too big (transport limit = 1) 2017-08-08
#872685 zsh-common zshrc: zsh-common: zsh-line-init should use add-zle-hook-function 2017-08-20
#873641 gnome-shell gnome-shell: Segfault when opening various application with 'Shellshape' 2017-08-29
#873750 src:ddclient ddclient needs libjson-any-perl dependency for Cloudflare backend 2017-08-30
#875621 src:linux linux: ThinkPad X270 Synaptics touchpad: please enable CONFIG_RMI4_SMB 2018-01-26
#876482 imagemagick imagemagick: Generates wrong image with annotate (missing character,, strange lines) 2017-09-22
#876566 printfilters-ppd printfilters-ppd: Depends of no longer available package (mpage) 2017-09-28
#876910 src:ruby-json ruby-json: Provide an arch independent package for Java extension 2017-09-26
#877247 ucarp Dependency net-tools missing 2017-10-18
#877856 mysql-utilities mysql-utilities: Parsing MySQL version is broken 2017-10-21
#879227 higan higan: videoxv can't find a supported image format 2017-10-20
#879450 fcheck fcheck is run too often from cron, without checking if the previous instance has finished. The result over time is too many processes and slow system 2017-10-21
#879915 virtualbox virtualbox: dbus-daemon activation of VirtualBox kernel serv incudes 50s pause after user login 2017-11-06
#880675 locales locales: LC_PAPER is incorrect for es_BO 2018-03-22
#889845 quiterss quiterss: Update package to the last version 2018-02-07
#890784 readseq readseq: Please provide autopkgtest 2018-02-20
#890785 autodock-vina autodock-vina: Please provide autopkgtest 2018-02-18
#890788 mipe mipe: Please provide autopkgtest 2018-02-18
#890789 gff2aplot gff2aplot: Please provide autopkgtest 2018-02-18
#890790 tree-puzzle tree-puzzle: Please provide autopkgtest 2018-02-18
#893790 src:llvm-toolchain-5.0 lvm-toolchain-5.0: Fix embedded-javascript-library please use libjs-jquery 2018-03-22
#893952 firmware-iwlwifi firmware-iwlwifi: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 WiFi needs iwlwifi-8000C-34.ucode (which isn't provided) 2018-03-24
#894463 synaptic synaptic icon seems pixelated (jessie) 2018-03-30
#895301 python-chm python-chm: Python3 port needed and available 2018-04-09
#896088 anarchism anarchism.desktop: icon broken: references name that isn't present in standard locations 2018-05-17

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from bugs 
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