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Known performance issue: since May 2015 and a reorganization of the blades system that hosts it, UDD has been suffering from storage performance problems.
The Debian Systems Administrators are aware of the issue, but no solution has been found at this time. Please be patient.

124 bugs found

bug# package title modified
#80123 apt Pre-Download hook 2015-08-21
#207403 dh-buildinfo should provide a "recheck" command 2014-11-15
#219000 ifplugd ifplugd: Inappropriate default option for use with hotplug and ifupdown 2014-11-15
#251333 netcfg netcfg: Should display a progress bar while configuring the static network 2016-01-03
#271575 dput Please provide possibility to continue even if current file is broken 2014-11-15
#272557 apt-utils provide NotAutomatic option 2015-08-14
#276655 synaptic synaptic: 'lock version' harmful; replace with dpkg holds 2014-11-15
#305622 gimp-dcraw gimp-dcraw: Cannot process filenames with single quotes 2016-05-01
#348908 dput dput: guess location of package ‘*.changes’ file 2014-11-15
#492432 aptitude aptitude: fetch and display copyright (like changelog) 2014-11-15
#496630 quilt please provide a quilt clean command 2015-04-07
#497137 aptitude "download" command ignores cache and directly goes to HTTP! 2016-01-12
#508043 debbugs Underscore overlaps with underline in some configurations 2015-02-22
#521190 aptitude aptitude state-bundle command man pages should be informative 2015-11-13
#559124 zsh unnecessary files 2014-11-15
#610752 netcfg Make the link detection timeout preseedable 2014-11-15
#610831 netcfg Notify user on link detection failure for static config 2014-11-15
#619836 ocaml-nox ocaml-nox: Add the ocamlbuild plugin API to doc-central 2014-11-15
#636108 lightdm lightdm: does not source ~/.profile 2015-05-04
#667718 distccmon-gnome distccmon-gnome: update to GTK+3 2014-11-15
#693847 aptitude aptitude: Repeated "Downloaded" lines w/ 2016-02-17
#698247 clang clang ships most libraries as static libraries, not shared ones 2014-11-15
#702155 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: document patch creation and management 2014-11-15
#702156 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: document upstream repackaging 2014-11-15
#702159 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: gem2deb practical session fails with new net-ssh gem 2015-12-26
#708791 stk stk: Please add .desktop file in the package 2014-11-15
#709111 libdevil1c2 library packages contains unversioned binary in /usr/bin 2015-02-19
#711456 apt apt-cdrom: MultiArch support with a single CD-ROM drive 2014-11-15
#717125 piuparts piuparts: document how to test upgrades from wheezy to sid using local pacḱages 2016-02-16
#717287 munin-plugins-core munin-plugins-core: cpuspeed plugin doesn't work with scaling_driver intel_pstate 2014-12-24
#719898 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: provide screencasts of practical sessions 2014-11-15
#719899 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: document alioth and vcs 2014-11-15
#719900 packaging-tutorial packaging-tutorial: provide html version 2014-11-15
#735923 piuparts piuparts: maybe --pbuilder should also set --tmpdir? 2014-11-15
#746028 src:scilab scilab: Build with --fail-missing 2014-11-15
#747213 llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.4: Build with the hardening flags 2016-02-04
#751789 llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.4: Ship compiler-rt library as a separate package 2016-02-04
#753966 src:pbuilder pbuilder: lots of warnings from shellcheck 2015-10-03
#758776 llvm-toolchain-3.8 please build a python3-clang package 2016-02-04
#758777 src:llvm-toolchain-snapshot please build a python3-clang package 2014-12-06
#766543 piuparts piuparts: document how to test complex upgrades 2016-02-16
#773840 nagios-nrpe-server nagios-nrpe: NRPE configured without --enable-command-args on build 2015-07-07
#774294 llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.5: Run tests with autopkgtest / debci 2016-02-04
#774295 llvm-toolchain-snapshot llvm-toolchain-snapshot: Run tests with autopkgtest / debci 2014-12-31
#774491 clang-3.5 clang-3.5: No symlink like bug #737471 2015-01-05
#775051 cifs-utils cifs-utils: mount.cifs seems not to like passwords including # -char(s) 2015-06-24
#775885 muse-el muse-el: Include local copy of favicon.ico 2015-01-21
#777245 obfs4proxy obfs4proxy: description should clarify whether it is meant to be installed on client or bridge 2016-05-12
#777279 reportbug reportbug: The graphical UI of Reportbug doesn't check for duplicate bug reports 2015-02-07
#778255 clang-3.6 clang-3.6: Error message in man pages 2015-02-27
#778672 linphone linphone: TLS , reading of Trusted CA file : '/etc/ssl/certs' failed because it is a directory 2015-02-18
#780677 src:libc++ libc++: Add symbol files on the C++ libraries 2015-03-18
#782370 libgtk-3-0 libgtk-3-0:amd64: Mouse movement on a clickpad-style touchpad is interpreted as touchscreen-like panning 2015-04-11
#783925 game-data-packager game-data-packager: add support for non-english versions of flight-of-the-amazon-queen 2015-05-01
#784144 seahorse seahorse: Generic error when you add picture 2015-05-03
#784232 x11-common Xsession script to process /etc/profile and ~/.profile 2015-05-04
#784913 game-data-packager game-data-packager: support versions of Jedi Knight II (Jedi Outcast) and Jedi Academy 2015-09-19
#786477 mtr mtr is broken on systems with ipv6 disabled 2015-10-04
#786501 game-data-packager game-data-packager: please add support for Commander Keen series 2015-05-22
#787140 fortunes-it fortunes-it: error in quote 2015-05-29
#787236 game-data-packager game-data-packager: please add support for Redneck Rampage 2015-05-30
#788097 fortunes-it fortunes-it: error in quote 2015-06-08
#789443 gnome-music gnome-music: No music found! 2015-06-21
#789763 vinagre vinagre: popup for vnc on fullscreen mode 2015-06-24
#790554 game-data-packager please add support for Age Of Empires II 2015-12-27
#792160 game-data-packager game-data-packager: Grim Fandango: add Chinese, Greek, Turkish & Portugese fandubs 2015-07-12
#792240 gpodder gpodder's window won't be drawn after the system's start from hiberation 2015-07-15
#792271 fortunes-it fortunes-it: error in quote 2015-07-13
#792430 openresolv openresolv: Fail if a zone is declared on multiple interfaces. 2015-12-02
#792518 docker-compose Manual page for the docker-compose executable is missing 2015-11-04
#794650 src:pulseaudio pulseaudio: please ship the pulseaudio equalizer UI (qpaeq) 2015-11-01
#796780 paw-common paw-common: Erroneous minuit in paw in Debian 7 2015-08-24
#798447 xfce4-panel xfce4-panel: Desktop-Applications in .local/share/applications disappear and return after restart. 2015-09-09
#798533 atril atril: Case-sensitive search not working 2015-09-10
#798814 game-data-packager Please reference source archive in package description 2015-09-14
#798974 xfwm4 xfwm4: xfwm relies on xfdesktop if composite is enabled 2015-09-21
#799145 src:openmprtl openmprtl: Multiarch support 2015-09-16
#800444 game-data-packager game-data-packager: please add support for Marathon games 2015-12-07
#801174 emacs24-common-non-dfsg emacs24-common-non-dfsg: Add elisp-es to the package 2015-10-07
#801850 busybox busybox: readlink gets shadowed by busybox causing debconf to possibly fail 2015-10-15
#801884 multipath-tools multipath-tools: port build to dh9+ 2015-10-15
#802300 openshot openshot dont recognise blender when making animated titles 2015-10-19
#802570 ffdiaporama ffdiaporama: Program crash when trying to create a movie with codec H264 in 1080p 25 FPS 2015-10-21
#802588 lmms lmms: segfault while playing 'metalish_dong01.ogg' 2016-05-19
#802825 evolution evolution: Automatic contacts crash not patched on debian stable version 2015-10-23
#804597 devscripts [uscan] show progress while downloading 2015-12-03
#805025 clonezilla clonezilla: missing dependency: bc 2015-11-14
#805524 game-data-packager game-data-packager: please provide zsh completion 2015-11-19
#805719 src:ldb libdb: Please add VCS-Browser to d/control. 2015-11-21
#806526 hardening-includes hardening-includes: Typos in manpage 2015-11-28
#806890 libnunit-framework2.6.3-cil libnunit-framework2.6.3-cil: The GAC reference version breaks compatibility with Windows. 2015-12-03
#806989 game-data-packager game-data-packager: add support for "Caesar III" playable with CaesarIA engine 2015-12-03
#808154 emacs24-common emacs24-common: in ox-man.el function org-man-line-break must be corrected 2015-12-16
#808200 game-data-packager game-data-packager: Quake 4 DVD details missing 2016-03-06
#808276 src:marisa marisa: typo in package description (conteins -> contains) 2016-05-13
#808386 gucharmap gucharmap doesn't display characters in gnome dark theme 2015-12-19
#809253 freedombox-setup freedombox-setup: Add instructions at console pre-login 2015-12-28
#810501 file file: no detection for dosbox's pcjr rom cartrage format 2016-01-09
#810915 fail2ban fail2ban: protocol = all throws error on ban 2016-01-13
#811361 util-linux libmount: provide extra package for pylibmount (Python bindings for libmount) 2016-01-18
#813566 imagemagick-6.q16 Make it clear that SVG support (and other) comes from -extra 2016-02-05
#813650 liferea liferea: Liferea close with database error during launch 2016-05-15
#813672 llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.8: Package openmp as part of the llvm-toolchain-XY packages 2016-02-04
#813673 llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.8: Package libc++ as part of the llvm-toolchain-XY packages 2016-02-04
#813798 llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.8: LLDB testsuite does not run correctly 2016-05-09
#813991 unixodbc-dev unixodbc-dev: should be in section libdevel (not devel) 2016-02-07
#814001 vpim vpim: should be in section mail or misc (not devel) 2016-02-07
#814127 variety variety: should be in section graphics (not python) 2016-04-08
#814206 dnscrypt-proxy dnscrypt-proxy dont use address by default 2016-02-09
#814232 src:quickfix quickfix: Build depends are listing obsolete package 2016-02-09
#814457 python-urwid python-urwid: New homepage: 2016-02-11
#815084 piuparts piuparts: add piuparts.1 and README documentation for --adt-virt 2016-02-18
#817238 src:llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.8: Sanitizers (asan, tsan) should be packaged into a dedicated package 2016-03-09
#817941 game-data-packager game-data-packager: please add support for Serious Sam games 2016-03-11
#818195 src:dcraw dcraw: Jasper removal 2016-05-27
#818402 libmcpp-dev libmcpp-dev: The package is not multiarch 2016-03-16
#818573 rsnapshot rsnapshot fails to do remote backups when using ssh_args in config file 2016-03-18
#818729 nautilus nautilus: Desktop icons overlapped on left top screen corner 2016-03-20
#820004 src:pbuilder genarate pbuilder.8, pdebuild.1 and pbuilderrc.5 from something usable 2016-04-04
#821869 scim scim would prevent normal "quick find/search" feature of generic file manager (caja, etc) 2016-05-25
#822778 evolution-ews evolution-ews NTLM authentification problem after samba upgrade 2016-05-24
#823763 game-data-packager support singstar dvds for performous / ultrastar (ss_extract) 2016-05-08
#824122 synaptic synaptic: can't open synaptic when using gnome-wayland 2016-05-12
#825120 gnome-boxes gnome-boxes: QEMU is not set as a required dependency 2016-05-27

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