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93 bugs found

bug# package title modified
#614497 doc-debian doc-debian: The OPL-licensed documents taken from Debian website are non-free 2016-10-16
#665334 fontforge non-DFSG postscript embedded in fontforge (currently August 2014 2017-03-19
#694320 gsfonts [gsfonts] Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved 2017-03-19
#694323 lmodern [gsfonts] Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved 2017-03-19
#694324 tex-gyre Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved 2017-03-19
#709198 debconf debconf: should not use python in maintainer scripts 2017-04-22
#717636 texlive-lang-indic [latex-sanskrit] Package contain type1 startlock fragment from black book 2017-03-19
#740893 libjs-jquery-hotkeys libjs-jquery-hotkeys: jquery.hotkeys changes break python-coverage html reports. 2017-04-10
#741464 grub-pc-bin grub-pc-bin: freezes after "terminal_input at_keyboard" 2017-04-19
#744753 anacron anacron: Anacron not triggered when system resumes under systemd 2017-04-23
#749991 debian-installer debian-installer: Wrong kernel in debian-installer package 2017-04-06
#750593 xsltproc xsltproc: bus error on some arches with linux < 4.1 2017-04-23
#760385 libv8-3.14 nodejs: CVE-2014-5256 2017-04-19
#773623 libv8-3.14 nodejs: CVE-2014-7192 2017-04-19
#773671 src:libv8-3.14 libv8-3.14: multiple security issues 2017-04-19
#782456 plymouth plymouth: With plymouth installed, starting the DM sometimes fails 2017-04-23
#787527 chromium-browser Some sources are not included in your package 2017-02-06
#801564 squid squid: prompting due to modified conffiles which were not modified by the user: /etc/squid/squid.conf 2017-04-27
#804272 akonadi-server fails to synchronize caldav to OpenXChange without notice 2017-04-19
#807168 src:debian-installer-netboot-images debian-installer-netboot-images: required resources not declared as build-dependencies (fetches via network) 2017-02-10
#809669 unattended-upgrades unattended-upgrades: files got created under /var/ mountpoint 2017-04-24
#812574 grub-pc grub-pc: wants to overwrite admin configuration on each upgrade 2017-04-22
#816640 src:ruby-eventmachine ruby-eventmachine: FTBFS under pbuilder with USENETWORK=no: TestResolver fails (no implicit conversion of nil into String) 2017-04-10
#827297 deborphan deborphan: No support for versioned provides 2017-02-04
#827395 firefox-esr firefox-esr: Firefox-esr privacy invading defaults load beacons on 1st run 2017-04-15
#828159 firefox-esr firefox-esr: session tabs lost after upgrade from iceweasel to firefox-esr 2017-04-11
#834204 src:libsdl1.2 libsdl1.2: Nonfree file: src/video/fbcon/riva_mmio.h 2017-03-19
#834845 src:chicken chicken: CVE-2016-6830 CVE-2016-6831 2017-04-19
#839048 libmozjs185-1.0 couchjs crashes on ARM64 2017-02-10
#839314 src:xcffib xcffib: FTBFS: xcffibgen: Invalid bitCase: QName {qName = "required_start_align", qURI = Nothing, qPrefix = Nothing} 2017-04-19
#839760 src:xcffib xcffib: FTBFS on big-endian architectures: assert reply.value.to_atoms() == (wm_delete_window, ) 2017-03-12
#839840 src:ghc ghci segfaults on armel, related to doctest failure 2017-04-06
#841229 openjdk-8-jre-jamvm openjdk-8-jre-jamvm: OutOfMemoryError in ConcurrentHashMap 2017-01-23
#843926 libjemalloc1 jemalloc uses a hard coded page size detected during build 2017-04-12
#844146 src:libmicrohttpd libmicrohttpd: FTBFS: Test failures 2017-02-18
#845783 src:leveldb leveldb FTBFS on armhf: Test DBTest.HiddenValuesAreRemoved failed 2017-02-27
#849099 llvm-toolchain-3.7 llvm-toolchain-3.7: Please add ELF symbols versions to the libraries 2017-04-26
#849831 firefox-esr firefox: contains JSHint work under non-free licence 2017-04-27
#849832 icedove firefox: contains JSHint work under non-free licence 2017-04-22
#851066 flashplugin-nonfree flashplugin-nonfree: Mismatch between detected and available versions (Download file not available at 2017-04-20
#851373 ghc git-annex FTBFS on armel/armhf: ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) 2017-04-05
#851385 src:advancecomp advancecomp FTBFS on big endian: ./test/test.lst - differ: char 82, line 6 2017-01-14
#851555 tasksel Blends install options removed from tasksel menu 2017-03-19
#851604 emacs24 emacs24: missing Breaks: prom-mew (<= 2.00+3.2am01-1) 2017-04-24
#851771 src:php-gettext php-gettext: CVE-2016-6175 2017-04-22
#853034 unar unar: Fuzzer-generated crashing testcases for a dozen identified file formats 2017-04-11
#854228 libblacs-openmpi1 Libraries not linked with their deps 2017-04-11
#854554 cracklib-runtime dpkg: trigger problem with cracklib-runtime while upgrading libcrypt-cracklib-perl from jessie to stretch 2017-04-27
#854727 src:zziplib Multiple vulnerabilities / unsuitable for stretch? 2017-04-23
#855058 src:gtk-vnc gtk-vnc FTBFS on amd64/mipsel/mips64el/s390x: vncconnectiontest.c:64:test_send_u16: assertion failed 2017-02-13
#855344 icedove thunderbird: retains mails from removed IMAP accounts 2017-04-22
#855912 debconf db_purge: exits with error code 8 when using deluser in the same postinst 2017-04-22
#856487 libsbc1 libsbc1: compiling with gcc > 4.9 causes stack corruption 2017-04-26
#857855 src:redis redis FTBFS on arm64: Executing test client: NOREPLICAS Not enough good slaves to write.. 2017-03-15
#857995 gdm3 respawn loop due to insufficient permissions 2017-03-23
#858096 mate-panel [mate-panel?] Mate panel unstable, notification area icons disappear without warning. 2017-03-24
#858626 libllvm-3.8-ocaml-dev libllvm-3.8-ocaml-dev: Package is empty 2017-04-14
#859032 src:hfst-ospell hfst-ospell: Incomplete debian/copyright? 2017-03-29
#859262 gnome-orca gnome-orca: Gets stuck if target app is busy 2017-04-23
#859421 src:python-tz src:python-tz: Please orphan python-tz 2017-04-10
#859510 src:ruby-unf-ext Generated header file without means to regenerate 2017-04-11
#859524 src:libpfm4 libpfm4: Unexpected libpfm abi change between libpfm-4.7 and libpfm-4.8 2017-04-11
#859805 postfix-ldap postfix-ldap: unsupported dictionary type: ldap after upgrade 2017-04-24
#859926 speech-dispatcher breaks with pulse-audio as output when spawned by speechd-up from init system 2017-04-24
#860225 src:bind9 bind9: CVE-2017-3137: A response packet can cause a resolver to terminate when processing an answer containing a CNAME or DNAME 2017-04-27
#860626 src:cross-toolchain-base-ports cross-toolchain-base-ports: FTBFS on i386: configure: error: cannot compute suffix of object files: cannot compile 2017-04-19
#860650 src:zookeeper zookeeper: FTBFS on i386: /home/user42/.ant/cache/resolved-org.apache.zookeeper-zookeeper-3.4.9-2.xml (No such file or directory) 2017-04-19
#860687 src:cross-toolchain-base cross-toolchain-base: FTBFS on i386: configure: error: cannot compute suffix of object files: cannot compile 2017-04-19
#860691 src:jnr-posix jnr-posix: FTBFS on i386: dh_auto_test: /usr/lib/jvm/default-java/bin/java -noverify -cp /usr/share/maven/boot/plexus-classworlds-2.x.jar:/usr/lib/jvm/default-java/lib/tools.jar -Dmaven.home=/usr/share/maven -Dmaven.multiModuleProjectDirectory=/<<PKGBUILDDIR>> -Dclassworlds.conf=/etc/maven/m2-debian.conf org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher -s/etc/maven/settings-debian.xml -Ddebian.dir=/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/debian -Dmaven.repo.local=/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/debian/maven-repo test returned exit code 1 2017-04-25
#860739 libghc-xcb-types-dev libghc-xcb-types-dev: cannot parse xcb-proto 1.12 2017-04-23
#860749 mesa-va-drivers mesa-va-drivers: Critical error in library 'mesa' with i965 video driver 2017-04-19
#860751 mawk mawk: segfaults on i386 during win32-loader build 2017-04-21
#860830 src:debian-archive-keyring debian-archive-keyring: ftp-master key for stretch 2017-04-26
#860831 src:debian-archive-keyring debian-archive-keyring: release key for stretch? 2017-04-26
#860858 emacs24 emacs24: missing Breaks: mell (<= 1.0.0-7) 2017-04-21
#860876 r-cran-kernsmooth reapr: FTBFS: Error in system call: R CMD BATCH 00.Sample/gc_vs_cov.R 00.Sample/gc_vs_cov.Rout 2017-04-21
#860952 rar Statically linked to glibc, in breach of policy and copyright 2017-04-25
#860979 dpkg-dev dpkg-dev: dpkg-shlibdeps regression due to the /usr-merge changes 2017-04-23
#861032 src:emacs24 emacs24 frequently FTBFs on ppc64el 2017-04-23
#861112 xsane xsane: always crashes on start 2017-04-26
#861175 src:cairocffi cairocffi: Please drop Build-Depends and Recommends on xcffib 2017-04-25
#861204 init-system-helpers deb-systemd-invoke: fails to handle units with escaped characters 2017-04-26
#861218 libgssapi-krb5-2 libgssapi-krb5-2: soname-independent files in shared library package (policy 8.2) 2017-04-26
#861220 src:freetype freetype: CVE-2017-8105 2017-04-27
#861249 src:pygame FTBFS: math_test.Vector2TypeTest.test_cross fails 2017-04-26
#861250 src:pygame pygame: FTBFS (big-endian): test_get_bounding_rect fails 2017-04-26
#861252 src:pygame pygame: FTBFS on ppc64el: some color-handling tests fail 2017-04-26
#861253 src:pygame pygame: FTBFS (64-bit BE): BufferProxyLegacyTest.test_write fails 2017-04-26
#861295 src:ghostscript ghostscript: CVE-2017-8291: shell injection 2017-04-27
#861296 src:gmime tests/data/mbox/input/jwz.mbox contains likely-non-free material [was: Re: gmime_3.0.0-1_amd64.changes REJECTED] 2017-04-27
#861305 python-cairo-dbg python-cairo-dbg: unhandled symlink to directory conversion: /usr/share/doc/PACKAGE 2017-04-27
#861308 src:freetype freetype: CVE-2017-8287: out-of-bounds write via t1_builder_close_contour function 2017-04-27
#861333 r-base r-base: R packages uploaded to Debian before 14 April 2017 that use .C or .Fortran fail to find objects 2017-04-27

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