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245 bugs found

bug# package title modified
#451535 partman-crypto debian-installer: allow to 'reuse' encrypted volumes 2016-09-27
#614497 doc-debian doc-debian: The OPL-licensed documents taken from Debian website are non-free 2016-10-16
#648208 os-prober os-prober: blockdev --setro affects running kvm instances 2016-11-18
#665199 slapd slapd: fails to install, remove, distupgrade, and install again 2016-04-11
#665334 fontforge non-DFSG postscript embedded in fontforge (currently August 2014 2016-10-05
#678337 exim4 exim4: Segfault at start of main() 2017-01-18
#694320 gsfonts [gsfonts] Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved 2014-08-30
#694323 lmodern [gsfonts] Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved 2014-08-30
#694324 tex-gyre Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved 2014-08-30
#701814 os-prober os-prober: damages XFS exported via iSCSI but not mounted locally; potential data loss 2015-06-08
#704303 iceweasel iceweasel: MPL license text is missing 2017-01-01
#709198 debconf debconf: should not use python in maintainer scripts 2014-11-06
#717636 texlive-lang-indic [latex-sanskrit] Package contain type1 startlock fragment from black book 2016-07-28
#733239 dh-python dh-python: there is no script in the new version of the package - giving up-Jessie 2016-10-17
#741464 grub-pc-bin grub-pc-bin: freezes after "terminal_input at_keyboard" 2015-10-28
#744753 anacron anacron: Anacron not triggered when system resumes under systemd 2016-10-05
#756253 grub-efi-amd64 Upgrade from 2.02~beta2-10 to 2.02~beta2-11 left grub unbootable 2016-11-09
#757083 initscripts initscripts: please treat /usr (if separate) the same as / 2017-01-03
#766397 emacs24 emacs/gnus: Uses s_client to for SSL. 2016-05-03
#770130 xserver-xorg-video-intel gnome-shell: crashes with "Failed to create texture 2d" after "[drm:i8xx_irq_handler] *ERROR* pipe A underrun" 2016-10-16
#777439 netcfg Jessie DI-rc1 amd64 after installation no network interfaces 2015-04-28
#777511 src:linux linux-image-3.16: md: bug with re-adding a partially recovered device to a mirror 2015-10-06
#781155 openbsd-inetd openbsd-inetd: openbsd-inetd.service should be the main service file 2017-01-03
#782456 plymouth plymouth: With plymouth installed, starting the DM sometimes fails 2015-10-19
#784709 os-prober os-prober prevent the upgrade to jessie 2015-10-24
#787527 chromium-browser Some sources are not included in your package 2016-05-31
#787956 lib32z1-dev lib32z1-dev: Compiling anything that includes <zlib.h> with -m32 fails 2017-01-09
#788183 rsyslog-pgsql postgresql logs filling with "WARNING: there is already a transaction in progress" 2016-12-07
#788769 yelp-tools yelp-check validate fails without networking: relax-ng: failed to load external entity [..] mallard-1.0.rng 2016-05-29
#789118 gnome-shell Cannot unlock screen after upgrading GNOME if locked before upgrade 2016-04-04
#789835 src:memcached memcached: FTBFS in sid: timeout in t/lru-crawler.t 2016-02-26
#789955 iceweasel devscripts: [bts] "bts show" command displays error: (process:29614): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed 2016-11-23
#790796 sensord sensord: RRD data loss 2015-08-09
#792321 src:libkscreen Segfaults on session start 2016-07-10
#794316 gdm3 can't unlock desktop 2016-09-24
#794849 os-prober linux: custom linux-image packages fail to install 2015-08-12
#794856 src:opencv opencv: non DFSG file in the source package 2016-12-07
#794933 apache2-suexec-custom apache2-suexec-custom: prompting due to modified conffiles which were not modified by the user: /etc/apache2/conf-available/security.conf 2016-12-07
#795055 src:libtirpc libtirpc: non-free files 2015-08-10
#795690 src:libcdio libcdio: FTBFS under some timezones (eg. GMT-14) 2015-11-22
#796636 oss4-base oss4-base: Has init script in runlevel S but no matching service file 2016-07-10
#797161 src:libprelude libprelude2 contains files with different SONAME versioning 2015-09-10
#798080 mysql-server-5.6 mysql-server-5.6: service stop hangs forever on systemd 2016-10-30
#798421 libgit2-dev Please don't depend specifically on the OpenSSL variant of Curl 2016-12-07
#801564 squid squid: prompting due to modified conffiles which were not modified by the user: /etc/squid/squid.conf 2016-12-19
#801989 libxslt1-dev libxslt must be linked with libm 2016-12-07
#802021 src:audacity audacity: non-free files 2016-09-09
#802608 knetwalk knetwalk: missing depend qml-module-org-kde-games-core 2016-12-07
#804272 akonadi-server fails to synchronize caldav to OpenXChange without notice 2016-10-15
#804908 bluez-obexd service is not started under systemd 2015-11-12
#804920 mysql-server-5.6 mysql-server-5.6: needs Conflicts: cqrlog (<< 1.9.0-5~) 2016-04-26
#805828 mysql-server-5.6 mysql-server-5.6: upgrade didn't work, package unusable, mysql does not start 2015-12-01
#806104 src:sane-backends sane-backends: FTBFS when built with dpkg-buildpackage -A (No such file or directory) 2016-12-04
#806879 src:xsp xsp: FTBFS when built with dpkg-buildpackage -A (dh_clideps fails) 2016-08-02
#808463 ntfs-3g non-free code in boot.c 2016-04-22
#809167 cron cron: Cron Daemon Use-After-Free Vulnerability May Cause Local Root Privilege Escalation 2016-09-27
#811068 libgda5 FTBFS: FAIL: check_vcnc: ../../test-driver: line 107: 77018 Aborted 2016-12-15
#811311 grub2-common grub2-common: after grub-install grub reads wrong grub.cfg 2016-01-17
#812002 smokeqt smokeqt: FTBFS with GCC 6: deleted function 2016-06-29
#812574 grub-pc grub-pc: wants to overwrite admin configuration on each upgrade 2017-01-02
#812768 python-whoosh python-whoosh: FTBFS - tests fail with "No such file or directory: ... english-words.10.gz" 2016-02-20
#812812 mysql-5.6 MySQL client library should ship a symbols file, or at least not have a Lintian override to hide the problem 2016-12-07
#813412 src:unattended-upgrades unattended-upgrades: FTBFS with testsuite errors 2016-11-04
#813949 bluetooth bluetooth: error causing service to be unusable: Not enough free handles to register service 2016-08-10
#816063 emacs24 emacs24: TLS certificate validation is silently broken 2016-09-04
#816313 dash dash: executes binary data as a shell script in case of ENOEXEC (Exec format error) 2016-08-22
#817232 keyboard-configuration postinst trying to disable /etc/init.d/keyboard-setup 2017-01-14
#817236 debootstrap schroot: no access to pseudo-terminals in new chroots 2017-01-07
#818318 git git: CVE-2016-2324 and CVE-2016-2315 (currently unpublished) server and client RCE 2017-01-05
#818379 doxygen doxygen: Does not properly trap for errors when calling dot 2016-07-30
#818787 doxygen doxygen: Changes default HAVE_DOT to YES without having graphviz in the Depends line. 2016-09-13
#819538 gnome-builder gnome-builder: build against vala 0.32 2016-12-07
#820026 icedove icedove crashes (segfaults) when installed along with xul-ext-foxyproxy-standard 2017-01-15
#820381 rar rar crashes. 2017-01-14
#820824 apache2 libapache2-mod-perl2: FTBFS: t/protocol/pseudo_http.t failure 2016-12-07
#821892 src:pycountry pycountry: FTBFS: tests/ AssertionError 2016-04-20
#822091 libxmlbeans-java libxmlbeans-java: Embeds classes without source 2016-04-21
#822472 haskell-devscripts various haskell -dev packages are missing Built-Using attributes 2016-07-04
#823984 libarchive13 libarchive13/unstable is older than libarchive13/stable 2016-12-07
#824442 src:glibc <linux/if.h> and <net/if.h> conflict needs to be resolved 2016-05-16
#825355 src:firefox-esr firefox-esr: FTBFS on arm64: Error while running startup cache precompilation 2016-05-26
#826216 w3c-sgml-lib w3c-sgml-lib: inconsistencies in copyright file 2016-06-03
#827068 src:m2crypto m2crypto: doesn't work together with OpenSSL 1.1 (API changes) 2016-11-15
#827199 src:hfst hfst: FTBFS: twolc test fails on big-endian systems 2016-12-01
#827297 deborphan deborphan: No support for versioned provides 2016-06-14
#827476 kinit CVE-2016-3100 2016-12-07
#827674 oss4-dkms Build of oss4-dkms fails 2017-01-02
#827744 src:bzip2 bzip2: CVE-2016-3189: heap use after free in bzip2recover 2016-12-08
#827806 graphviz pyevolve: FTBFS: Program terminated with status: 1. stderr follows: Format: "jpeg" not recognized 2016-12-07
#828159 firefox-esr firefox-esr: session tabs lost after upgrade from iceweasel to firefox-esr 2016-07-30
#828449 src:net-snmp net-snmp: FTBFS with openssl 1.1.0 2016-11-19
#828468 src:openhpi openhpi: FTBFS with openssl 1.1.0 2016-11-14
#830099 ruby-em-http-request Could not find 'em-socksify' (>= 0.3) 2017-01-08
#831244 src:ruby-eventmachine ruby-eventmachine: FTBFS: Build hangs minutes of inactivity 2016-08-02
#831245 src:gts gts: FTBFS: Tests failures 2016-07-14
#832649 kscreen multi-display is broken (menu and panel appears only on external display) 2016-10-20
#832858 src:symfony symfony: FTBFS: Test failures 2016-12-20
#832864 src:xmlstarlet xmlstarlet: FTBFS: dh_auto_test: make -j1 check VERBOSE=1 returned exit code 2 2017-01-14
#834063 gosa gosa: GOsa setup complains about missing php mysql module even if php-mysql is installed 2016-11-20
#834088 runit update-service doesn't work as expected 2016-08-27
#834204 src:libsdl1.2 libsdl1.2: Nonfree file: src/video/fbcon/riva_mmio.h 2016-08-13
#834746 src:jemalloc jemalloc: FTBFS on i386: inlining failed...: target specific option mismatch 2016-08-18
#834845 src:chicken chicken: CVE-2016-6830 CVE-2016-6831 2016-12-27
#835122 src:php-doctrine-cache php-doctrine-cache: FTBFS (tests fail depending on stuff previously on /tmp) 2016-12-08
#835456 src:memcached FTBFS: t/refhang.t test fail 2016-12-25
#835692 src:gcc-5-cross-ports gcc-5-cross-ports: FTBFS: patches fail to apply 2016-08-28
#835777 src:gcc-5-cross gcc-5-cross: FTBFS: patch fails to apply 2016-08-28
#835960 gcc-5-cross gcc-5-cross: non-standard gcc/g++ used for build (gcc-5) 2016-12-13
#835961 gcc-5-cross-ports gcc-5-cross-ports: non-standard gcc/g++ used for build (gcc-5) 2016-12-13
#836011 akregator akregator: Akregator keep crashing at exit, sometimes do not save recent feeds 2016-12-07
#836168 doxygen doxygen: Injects unescaped '%' signs into LaTeX source 2016-08-31
#837004 src:installation-locale installation-locale: FTBFS: no output file produced because warnings were issued 2016-09-07
#837581 xfslibs-dev xfslibs-dev: Don't put the .so symlink to /lib/*.so 2017-01-14
#837615 src:mysql-5.6 mysql-5.6: don't include in stretch 2016-11-28
#838116 libgpod-nogtk-dev libgpod-nogtk-dev: fails to install in sid/i386 with --install-recommends 2016-09-17
#838278 src:gnustep-make gnustep-make: FTBFS in testing (@setcontentsaftertitlepage no longer works) 2016-10-01
#838303 kde-plasma-desktop kde-plasma-desktop: KDE does not start after log in 2016-10-20
#838562 libtcmalloc-minimal4-dbg libtcmalloc-minimal4-dbg: missing debug symbols 2016-12-08
#838665 python3-speechd /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/speechd_config/ runs argparse on Python module import 2016-09-26
#838960 mpg123 mpg123: CVE-2016-1000247: denial of service with crafted id3v2 tags 2016-12-07
#839010 bind9 bind9: CVE-2016-2776: Assertion failure in query processing 2017-01-17
#839048 libmozjs185-1.0 couchjs crashes on ARM64 2016-12-12
#839314 src:xcffib xcffib: FTBFS: xcffibgen: Invalid bitCase: QName {qName = "required_start_align", qURI = Nothing, qPrefix = Nothing} 2016-10-01
#839409 src:gnustep-base gnustep-base: FTBFS: Test failures 2016-12-20
#839444 src:libgda5 libgda5: FTBFS sometimes (check_data_proxy fails) 2016-12-12
#839760 src:xcffib xcffib: FTBFS on big-endian architectures: assert reply.value.to_atoms() == (wm_delete_window, ) 2016-11-23
#839840 src:ghc ghci segfaults on armel, related to doctest failure 2016-10-07
#840397 src:readline6 stretch should not ship with readline6 2016-11-22
#840733 src:e2fsprogs e2fsprogs contains non-free file 2016-10-14
#840789 src:ruby-gettext ruby-gettext: FTBFS: Error: test_relative(TestToolsXGetText::TestReference): NoMethodError: undefined method `stub' for #<TestToolsXGetText::TestReference:0x0000000227da88> 2016-10-14
#840853 qemu qemu 2.7 requires linuxboot_dma.bin but does not provide or depend on it 2017-01-02
#840931 src:libimobiledevice libimobiledevice4 GnuTLS settings broken with iOS 10 2017-01-17
#841229 openjdk-8-jre-jamvm openjdk-8-jre-jamvm: OutOfMemoryError in ConcurrentHashMap 2016-10-18
#841554 src:net-snmp net-snmp: FTBFS: ./.libs/ undefined reference to `load_defaults' 2016-11-22
#841586 src:ruby-em-synchrony ruby-em-synchrony: FTBFS: ERROR: Test "ruby2.3" failed: Invalid gemspec in [em-synchrony.gemspec]: No such file or directory - git 2016-10-21
#841763 apt unattended-upgrades: Breaks hard when apt is upgraded 2016-12-14
#842339 tar tar: CVE-2016-6321: Bypassing the extract path name 2016-12-07
#842446 src:sbsigntool sbsigntool: FTBFS: test failed on arch x86_64 2016-11-26
#842858 src:bind9 bind9: CVE-2016-8864: A problem handling responses containing a DNAME answer can lead to an assertion failure 2017-01-17
#842881 src:mpich libmpich12: extraneous - and possibly wrong - symbolic link: /usr/lib/ -> 2016-12-17
#843474 src:ruby-ethon ruby-ethon: FTBFS: [BUG] Segmentation fault at 0x007f2767e0d800 2016-11-06
#843496 libgv-python libgv-python: Wrong symlink name 2016-11-07
#843594 src:ilmbase ilmbase: Proprietary licence in halfExport.h 2017-01-10
#843916 debian-installer debian-installer: fails to FTBFS when u-boot bits go missing 2017-01-12
#843926 libjemalloc1 jemalloc uses a hard coded page size detected during build 2016-11-14
#844146 src:libmicrohttpd libmicrohttpd: FTBFS: Test failures 2017-01-04
#844227 binutils FTBFS on mips*, ./.libs/ undefined reference to `eglQueryString' 2017-01-14
#844285 pidgin pidgin: steals (warps) mouse cursor (not just focus) when new message comes in [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED] 2017-01-14
#844396 src:linux linux-image-4.8.0-1-686-pae: hitting any key make the system halt 2016-11-15
#844785 systemd-shim systemd-shim not fully compatible with systemd 232 2017-01-18
#844796 src:gnome-shell gnome-shell: FTBFS: /<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/src/tmp-introspect2qs0g0tu/.libs/ShellMenu-0.1: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory 2017-01-17
#844897 src:libprelude libprelude: FTBFS: PreludeEasy.cxx:2452:75: error: 'SWIG_From_long_SS_long' was not declared in this scope 2016-11-19
#845414 src:cdebconf cdebconf: makes debian-installer FTBFS due to issues (binutils) 2016-11-23
#845783 src:leveldb leveldb FTBFS on armhf: Test DBTest.HiddenValuesAreRemoved failed 2016-11-26
#845793 src:zlib lib64z1-dev doesn't provide a shlibs file, causing package build failures 2017-01-09
#845899 python-mysqldb python-mysqldb: switch to build depend on the metapackage default-libmysqlclient-dev 2017-01-16
#845904 rsyslog rsyslog: switch to build depend on the metapackage default-libmysqlclient-dev 2016-12-09
#846268 src:cython [src:cython] Complex Arithmetic Broken 2017-01-17
#846679 src:syslinux syslinux: FTBFS: ld: ldlinux.elf: Not enough room for program headers, try linking with -N 2016-12-03
#846728 src:gcr gcr: FTBFS: FAIL: test-gnupg-collection 3 /gcr/gnupg-collection/reload 2017-01-07
#846782 gobject-introspection gobject-introspection randomly hangs liferea build 2016-12-11
#847143 speech-dispatcher-cicero, speech-dispatcher-espeak-ng, speech-dispatcher-espeak, speech-dispatcher-flite speech-dispatcher-*: missing Breaks+Replaces for package split 2017-01-03
#847345 libx11-6 libx11-6: the locale is not supported by Xlib, continuing without locale support 2017-01-16
#847478 glibc FTBFS: needs to Build-Depends on gperf 2016-12-18
#847750 libmariadb-dev rmysql: FTBFS on mips64el 2017-01-09
#847806 libopenmpi2 libopenmpi2: broken SONAME links 2017-01-11
#848116 src:libkipi RM: libkipi -- RoM; renamed to src:libkf5kipi 2016-12-14
#848118 mysql-server-core-5.6 mysql-server-core-5.6: fails to upgrade from 'jessie' - trying to overwrite /usr/share/man/man1/innochecksum.1.gz 2016-12-14
#848220 src:gcc-5 gcc-5 should not ship in stretch 2016-12-15
#848285 jackd2 jackd2: spits verbose output and exits immediately when the client stops sending audio 2016-12-28
#848368 src:llvm-toolchain-3.9 llvm-toolchain-3.9: Please add ELF symbols versions to the libraries 2017-01-17
#848523 kwin-x11 kwin-x11: Fails to start 2016-12-18
#848524 kwin-wayland kwin-wayland: rapid memory leak 2016-12-18
#848753 src:cython cython: FTBFS: Test failures 2017-01-12
#848757 src:ruby-http ruby-http: FTBFS: ERROR: Test "ruby2.3" failed: Failure/Error: @socket.connect 2016-12-19
#848813 src:blacs-mpi blacs-mpi: FTBFS: make[3]: *** No rule to make target '/usr/lib/openmpi/include/mpif.h', needed by 'mpif.h'. Stop. 2017-01-01
#848863 dleyna-server dleyna-server: Segfault when plugging in a secondary screen 2017-01-07
#848927 gparted mount: bad option. 2016-12-20
#848976 src:courier-authlib Unsuitable to be part of stable release without proper maintainer 2016-12-21
#848977 src:courier-unicode Unsuitable to be part of stable release without proper maintainer 2016-12-21
#849077 wpasupplicant wpasupplicant: [Regression] Updating wpasupplicant makes not possible to connect to encrypted WiFi 2017-01-12
#849098 llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.9: Please add ELF symbols versions to the libraries 2016-12-22
#849099 llvm-toolchain-3.7 llvm-toolchain-3.9: Please add ELF symbols versions to the libraries 2016-12-22
#849122 wpasupplicant With 2.6-2 i dont have the wifi adapter in the (network-manager) list available. 2017-01-14
#849132 src:google-perftools google-perftools FTBFS on i386: FAIL: 2016-12-22
#849315 src:ruby-rabl ruby-rabl: FTBFS: Rabl::Engine without bson root #attribute asserts that it can add attribute under a different key name 2016-12-25
#849504 nbd-server Data corruption with copy-on-write and multiple threads 2016-12-27
#849591 src:python-webob python-webob: FTBFS (The 'WebOb' distribution was not found) 2016-12-29
#849720 synaptic [synaptic] Synaptic ignores its settings 2017-01-17
#849831 firefox-esr firefox: contains JSHint work under non-free licence 2016-12-31
#849832 icedove firefox: contains JSHint work under non-free licence 2016-12-31
#849833 iceweasel firefox: contains JSHint work under non-free licence 2016-12-31
#849845 dirmngr dirmngr: Can't resolve keyserver hostname anymore 2017-01-11
#849875 wpasupplicant broadcom-sta-dkms: Wifi association took too long, failing activation 2017-01-03
#849932 src:libindicate libindicate: FTBFS (Fields cannot have void type) 2017-01-02
#850114 kscd kscd: Only play first trackon all modes(loop track, loop ,and no loop and random and no random mode) 2017-01-04
#850216 libmariadbclient18 mysql-server-5.6: Listens on * by default after installation (related to use of alternatives) 2017-01-15
#850257 xdotool xdotool fails to type: There are no windows on the stack 2017-01-09
#850330 lxde-common lxpanel: ScreenLock launcher no longer works (XScreenSaver?) 2017-01-09
#850464 nfs-kernel-server nfs-blkmap.service fails to start at boot 2017-01-06
#850553 ant eclipse-gef: FTBFS: pde-build -a "-DjavacTarget=1.5 -DjavacSource=1.5 -DbuildId=dist -DforceContextQualifier=dist" -f org.eclipse.draw2d returned exit code 13 2017-01-13
#850682 mariadb-server-10.0 mariadb-10.0: segmentation fault after killing a query blocked on disk space availability 2017-01-10
#850688 ruby-pdf-reader ruby-pdf-reader: contains non-free Adobe AFM fonts 2017-01-09
#850708 pinentry-gtk2 pinentry-gtk-2 frequently fails to grab the pointer under fvwm 2017-01-17
#850840 src:raptor raptor: Please don't release this package with Stretch: Abandoned and unused 2017-01-11
#850874 src:ark ark: CVE-2017-5330: Unintended execution of scripts and executable files 2017-01-14
#850976 src:firefox-esr firefox-esr: FTBFS: configure: error: cannot determine icu version number from uvernum.h header file 2017-01-16
#850988 src:autopkgtest autopkgtest: FTBFS: Test failures 2017-01-16
#851026 src:ffmpeg ffmpeg: ChromaprintContext FTBFS 2017-01-14
#851038 src:gcc-6-cross gcc-6-cross: FTBFS: 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- rejects in file src/libphobos/ 2017-01-11
#851039 src:python-apt python-apt: FTBFS: Test failures 2017-01-13
#851041 debhelper f-el: FTBFS: test failures 2017-01-17
#851047 src:gcc-6-cross-ports gcc-6-cross-ports: FTBFS: 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- rejects in file src/libphobos/ 2017-01-11
#851062 src:bind9 bind9: CVE-2016-9444: An unusually-formed DS record response could cause an assertion failure 2017-01-17
#851063 src:bind9 bind9: CVE-2016-9147: An error handling a query response containing inconsistent DNSSEC information could cause an assertion failure 2017-01-17
#851065 src:bind9 bind9: CVE-2016-9131: A malformed response to an ANY query can cause an assertion failure during recursion 2017-01-17
#851156 src:mysql-5.6 mysql-5.6: FTBFS in sid: Cannot find system editline libraries. 2017-01-13
#851161 src:ruby2.3 ruby2.3: CVE-2016-2337 CVE-2016-2339 2017-01-12
#851175 plasma-workspace plasma-workspace - All shell packages missing. This is an installation issue, please contact your distribution - missing dependency on plasma-desktop-data 2017-01-12
#851234 src:mysql-5.6 Security fixes from the January 2017 CPU 2017-01-18
#851257 mariadb-server-10.1 mariadb-server-10.1: fails to reinstall 2017-01-13
#851263 libx86-1 libx86-1: illegal instruction 2017-01-15
#851318 src:uglifyjs uglifyjs: FTBFS on slow machines (failing tests) 2017-01-13
#851373 ghc git-annex FTBFS on armel/armhf: ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) 2017-01-14
#851374 imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-5511: coders/psd.c: memory corruption heap overflow 2017-01-17
#851376 imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-5510: coders/psd.c: out-of-bounds write flaw in psd file handling 2017-01-17
#851377 imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-5509: coders/psd.c: out-of-bounds write flaw in psd file handling 2017-01-17
#851379 src:dietlibc dietlibc FTBFS on arm64: Bus error when running tst-calloc.c 2017-01-15
#851381 imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-5508: PushQuantumPixel heap buffer-overflow 2017-01-17
#851382 imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-5507: coders/mpc.c: memory leak in mpc file handling 2017-01-17
#851383 imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-5506: magick/profile.c: double-free memory corruption 2017-01-17
#851385 src:advancecomp advancecomp FTBFS on big endian: ./test/test.lst - differ: char 82, line 6 2017-01-14
#851412 src:systemd FTBFS on mips*, tests fail with SIGSEGV 2017-01-18
#851422 src:openjpeg2 openjpeg2: CVE-2016-9572 CVE-2016-9573 2017-01-14
#851446 initscripts mkdir: cannot create directory `/run/shm': File exists 2017-01-15
#851518 cinnamon cinnamon won't start 2017-01-17
#851555 tasksel Blends install options removed from tasksel menu 2017-01-16
#851612 src:opus opus: CVE-2017-0381: Memory corruption during media file and data processing 2017-01-17
#851634 chromium chromium: Chromium does not start after update 2017-01-18
#851649 src:python-webob python-webob: This version causes FTBFS of six OpenStack packages due backwards incompatibility 2017-01-17
#851667 openjdk-8-jre-headless openjdk-8-jre-headless needs Breaks: ca-certificates-java (<< 20160321~) 2017-01-17
#851707 pinentry-gtk2 pinentry-gtk-2 frequently fails to grab the keyboard under awesome 2017-01-17
#851736 binutils [MIPS] Forced local symbol rearranging messes up GOT 2017-01-18
#851741 python-jinja2 python-jinja2: New major version breaks ansible templates 2017-01-18
#851759 src:mariadb-10.1 mariadb-10.1: CVE-2017-3238 CVE-2017-3243 CVE-2017-3244 CVE-2017-3257 CVE-2017-3258 CVE-2017-3265 CVE-2017-3291 CVE-2017-3312 CVE-2017-3317 CVE-2017-3318 2017-01-18

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