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108 bugs found

bug# package title hints deferred RT modified
#675857 alsa-utils PulseAudio-related hidden config files & folders created in the root directory block-udeb       2017-05-04
#740893 libjs-jquery-hotkeys libjs-jquery-hotkeys: jquery.hotkeys changes break python-coverage html reports.       2017-05-25
#787527 chromium-browser Some sources are not included in your package       2017-02-06
#788721 src:firefox-esr [src:iceweasel] Some sources are not included in your package       2017-05-08
#792934 libebook-tools-perl libebook-tools-perl: install_driver(SQLite) failed: Can't locate DBD/ in @INC age/5 unblock       2017-05-24
#801564 squid squid: prompting due to modified conffiles which were not modified by the user: /etc/squid/squid.conf       2017-04-29
#810158 ksh ksh fails to install on systems with merged /usr       2017-05-26
#812574 grub-pc grub-pc: wants to overwrite admin configuration on each upgrade block-udeb       2017-04-22
#823796 phatch phatch: impossible to use phatch there is just the logo that is displayed     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-27
#837091 firefox-esr firefox-esr: EME DRM extention present and enabled       2017-05-27
#839575 openssl hangs waiting for openssl block-udeb req:#863472       2017-05-25
#846548 libengine-pkcs11-openssl libengine-pkcs11-openssl: Can't load pkcs11 engine into openssl       2017-05-29
#847277 lava-server django migrations in jessie require django from jessie-backports to upgrade to stretch       2017-05-25
#848066 kernel-package kernel-package: build fails due to missing Documentation/Changes with kernel 4.9.0+     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-15
#851066 flashplugin-nonfree flashplugin-nonfree: Mismatch between detected and available versions (Download file not available at     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-20
#852675 cfengine3 cfengine3: always updates from /usr/share/cfengine3 instead of /var/lib/cfengine3 age/5 unblock       2017-05-27
#852962 src:ycmd ycmd FTBFS on mipsel: test failures remark     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-20
#853034 unar unar: Fuzzer-generated crashing testcases for a dozen identified file formats       2017-04-11
#854554 cracklib-runtime dpkg: trigger problem with cracklib-runtime while upgrading libcrypt-cracklib-perl from jessie to stretch block-udeb       2017-05-27
#854801 netcfg No network after netinst Stretch RC2 block-udeb       2017-05-26
#854819 php-horde-crypt GnuPG support broken in Horde / Debian 9 age/5 unblock     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-27
#854884 baloo4 baloo: is this obsoleted by src:baloo-kf5?       2017-05-24
#856027 mate-desktop mate-desktop: "solid color" for background does not work at all       2017-05-09
#857573 ifupdown No longer umounts AoE/NBD-based file systems, causing data loss       2017-05-18
#859262 gnome-orca gnome-orca: Gets stuck if target app is busy       2017-05-23
#859926 speech-dispatcher breaks with pulse-audio as output when spawned by speechd-up from init system       2017-05-21
#860072 src:botan1.10 botan1.10: CVE-2017-2801: Incorrect comparison in X.509 DN strings   1.10.15-1.1 (2 days)     2017-05-28
#860689 blockdiag Missing Build-Depends on libmagickcore extra lib remark req:#863519 [M]     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-26
#860751 mawk mawk: segfaults on i386 during win32-loader build       2017-05-28
#861282 packer packer: FTBFS age/5 unblock     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-26
#861468 src:php-monolog php-monolog: FTBFS (failing tests at the end of the month)       2017-05-07
#861483 src:ycmd ycmd: FTBFS against libclang with versioned symbols remark     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-15
#861484 src:llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.8: Fix R_AARCH64_MOVW_UABS_G3 relocation     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-27
#861536 runit-init runit-init: Cannot reboot or shutdown after installing (or removing) the package.     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-28
#861612 pixbros pixbros: level designs appear to be non-free       2017-05-19
#861614 src:rzip rzip: CVE-2017-8364   2.1-4.1 (2 days)     2017-05-26
#861693 src:swftools swftools: CVE-2017-8400: out-of-bound write of heap data issue can occur in function png_load()   0.9.2+git20130725-4.1 (0 days)     2017-05-27
#861736 python-nxs python-nxs: Cannot save files with nxs python module     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-12
#861748 r-cran-rmpi r-cran-rmpi: Loading library fails remark     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-07
#861840 calendar-google-provider thunderbird: gmail authentication broken       2017-05-22
#861878 nvidia-cuda-toolkit nvidia-cuda-toolkit: nvcc needs to pass -fpie to compiler       2017-05-22
#861958 lintian lintian: insecure YAML validation [CVE-2017-8829]       2017-05-13
#862233 libpomegranate-clojure libpomegranate-clojure: Package does not work with available version of maven     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-15
#862297 citadel-server Install fails if SMTP server is running on port 25, rendering console unuseable       2017-05-29
#862373 libyaml-libyaml-perl libyaml-libyaml-perl: Unconditionally instantiates objects from yaml data       2017-05-12
#862400 src:linux failed to boot in HP Proliant DL380 G5, but previous kernel does boot block-udeb       2017-05-19
#862437 pcsc-cyberjack pcsc-cyberjack: REINER SCT cyberJack pp_a2 Failed adding USB device       2017-05-12
#862475 libyaml-syck-perl libyaml-syck-perl: Unconditionally instantiates objects from yaml data       2017-05-13
#862483 fontconfig fontconfig FTBFS if docbook-utils is installed block-udeb       2017-05-26
#862517 python-openbabel python-openbabel: Cannot 'import pybel' reliably       2017-05-14
#862530 aoetools aoetools: provide a systemd service to allow proper shutdown of AoE mounts     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-18
#862531 nbd-client nbd-client: provide a systemd service to allow proper shutdown of NBD mounts block-udeb       2017-05-18
#862535 src:llvm-toolchain-3.9 llvm-toolchain-3.9: Fix R_AARCH64_MOVW_UABS_G3       2017-05-14
#862536 src:llvm-toolchain-3.7 llvm-toolchain-3.7: Fix R_AARCH64_MOVW_UABS_G3 remove:#836602 [M] remove:#861647       2017-05-14
#862558 uim-qt5 plasma-workspace: Freezes during login with fresh installed Stretch Japanese environment       2017-05-28
#862576 etoys etoys: Doesn't get beyond Squeak security key generation       2017-05-14
#862597 clang-3.9-doc clang-3.9-doc: -doc package contains (almost) no documentation       2017-05-14
#862602 libcore-cache-clojure libcore-cache-clojure: Package is missing a dependency       2017-05-15
#862712 node-brace-expansion node-brace-expansion: regular expression denial of service       2017-05-16
#862742 filetea filetea: Wrong version of jQuery gets installed       2017-05-23
#862840 needrestart needrestart: terminated itself by restarting apt-daily.service (when the script is updated) age/2 unblock       2017-05-26
#862899 rsync rsync: insufficient escaping/quoting of arguments       2017-05-22
#862967 src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-9098: use of uninitialized memory in RLE decoder age/2 unblock       2017-05-27
#863020 lintian lintian: FTBFS: test failures       2017-05-20
#863065 fonty-rg fonty-rg: Recommends removed package, and contains unusable scripts       2017-05-21
#863082 src:pulseaudio pulseaudio: debian/copyright does not contain AGPL-3+ text, and references missing file instead       2017-05-21
#863123 src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-9143: Specially crafted arts file could lead to memory leak age/2 unblock       2017-05-27
#863124 src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-9141: A crafted file revealed an assertion failure in profile.c age/2 unblock       2017-05-27
#863125 src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-9142: A crafted file revealed an assertion failure in blob.c age/2 unblock       2017-05-27
#863126 src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-9144: Check for EOF conditions for RLE image format age/2 unblock       2017-05-27
#863152 binutils regression with PIE on arm64: /usr/bin/ld: final link failed: Nonrepresentable section on output       2017-05-25
#863176 debian-edu-config debian-edu-config: missing entries in Makefile break exim4 configuration age/5 unblock       2017-05-24
#863186 src:libtasn1-6 libtasn1-6: CVE-2017-6891 age/2 unblock       2017-05-28
#863201 libpam-ldap libpam-ldap not longer installs the file /usr/share/pam-configs/ldap needed for pam-auth-update       2017-05-23
#863208 src:mash mash sometimes FTBFS in parallel builds age/5 unblock       2017-05-24
#863230 kodi kodi: CVE-2017-8314: malicious subtitle zip files vulnerability age/2 unblock       2017-05-27
#863258 libblas-dev libblas.a is empty age/5 unblock       2017-05-24
#863267 src:python-django Miscalculates MigrationHistory dependencies between multiple django apps - regression from 1.8       2017-05-29
#863269 usrmerge usrmerge is not yet ready for a stable release       2017-05-24
#863286 lua-http completely broken in non-US locales     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-28
#863290 src:linux src:linux: no warning that btrfs RAID5/6 is buggered up block-udeb       2017-05-25
#863337 visualvm visualvm: Typos in launcher script - does not start anymore       2017-05-28
#863367 libssl-dev libssl-dev: declare conflict with libssl1.0-dev to help apt find solutions block-udeb req:#863472       2017-05-28
#863395 libapache2-mod-dacs libapache2-mod-dacs: fails to load module: undefined symbol: ssl_hook_Fixup       2017-05-26
#863397 wimtools wimtools: mkwinpeimg uses wrong syslinux chain.c32 path age/2 unblock       2017-05-26
#863414 src:coyim coyim FTBFS: xmpp: failed to verify TLS certificate: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority   0.3.7-2.1 (4 days)     2017-05-28
#863416 jackeq jackeq: segmentation fault   0.5.9-2.1 (3 days)     2017-05-27
#863420 timemachine timemachine: segfaults on startup   0.3.3-2.1 (3 days)     2017-05-27
#863421 kluppe kluppe: segfaults when pressing 'new looper'   0.6.20-1.1 (3 days)     2017-05-27
#863445 gajim gajim: CVE-2016-10376: possible to remote extract plain-text from encrypted sessions age/2 unblock       2017-05-28
#863474 python-cryptography python-cryptography: FTBFS with openssl 1.1.0f age/5 unblock       2017-05-28
#863475 prosody [prosody] Fails to initiate s2s when lua-event 0.4.3 is installed       2017-05-27
#863481 node-concat-stream [node-concat-stream] Uninitialized Memory Exposure req:#863575       2017-05-28
#863492 pavuk pavuk: segmentation fault when opening graphical "Limitations" window   0.9.35-6.1 (3 days)     2017-05-27
#863493 src:symfony FTBFS with PHP 7.0.18+ age/2 unblock       2017-05-27
#863495 porg Broken on (at least) amd64, looks in wrong path for   2:0.10-1.1 (3 days)     2017-05-27
#863515 src:nvidia-graphics-drivers CVE-2017-0350 CVE-2017-0351 CVE-2017-0352 req:#863549 [M]       2017-05-28
#863535 src:ruby-rugged ruby-rugged FTBFS: libgit2-dev versions must be adapted age/2 unblock       2017-05-28
#863539 cereal cereal: depends on runit, which is about to be removed       2017-05-28
#863541 vblade-persist vblade-persist: depends on runit, which is about to be removed       2017-05-28
#863542 mongrel2-run mongrel2-run: depends on runit, which is about to be removed       2017-05-28
#863543 git-daemon-run git-daemon-run: depends on runit, which is about to be removed       2017-05-28
#863544 dolibarr CVE-2017-8879 CVE-2017-7888 CVE-2017-7887 CVE-2017-7886       2017-05-28
#863545 src:mupdf CVE-2016-8728       2017-05-28
#863547 src:magnum CVE-2016-7404       2017-05-28
#863584 src:zabbix CVE-2017-2824       2017-05-28
#863586 rabbitmq-server CVE-2017-4965 CVE-2017-4966 CVE-2017-4967       2017-05-28
#863594 veusz-helpers veusz-helpers: duplicates .../veusz/resources symlink       2017-05-29

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from bugs 
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and not (id in (select id from bugs_merged_with where id > merged_with)) 
AND (severity >= 'serious')
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