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41 bugs found

bug# tags package title hints deferred RT modified
#925775 [bul||sid]   src:mediastreamer2 mediastreamer2: ftbfs with GCC-9       2020-06-19
#925818 [bul|exp|sid]   src:rocksdb rocksdb: ftbfs with GCC-9       2020-01-03
#931192 [U|S|u]   src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2019-12976       2020-07-12
#931193 [U|S|u]   src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2019-12975       2020-07-12
#931342 [U]   src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2019-13137       2020-07-12
#937993 [bul|+|sid]   src:python-packaging python-packaging: Python2 removal in sid/bullseye       2020-08-02
#941685 [bul|exp|U||+|sid|u]   src:libspring-java libspring-java: FTBFS package org.hibernate.validator.method does not exist       2020-09-10
#953875 [C|+]   runit runit - default installation can force init switch       2020-09-24
#954855   php7.4-enchant php7.4-enchant: Please switch from enchant(1) to enchant-2       2020-09-09
#956190 [bul|sid]   src:dh-python dh-python's autopkg tests fail with python3.8 as the only supported python3 version       2020-08-04
#957398 [bul|U|sid]   src:kbd kbd: ftbfs with GCC-10       2020-08-21
#957615 [bul|sid]   src:ntp ntp: ftbfs with GCC-10       2020-09-21
#957725 [bul|sid]   src:qscintilla2 qscintilla2: ftbfs with GCC-10       2020-07-23
#957854 [bul|sid]   src:swt4-gtk swt4-gtk: ftbfs with GCC-10       2020-07-23
#957997 [bul|sid]   src:xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu: ftbfs with GCC-10       2020-09-17
#957998 [bul|sid]   src:xserver-xorg-video-ati xserver-xorg-video-ati: ftbfs with GCC-10       2020-09-18
#961302 [S|u]   src:sane-backends sane-backends 1.0.30 released with security fixes       2020-08-10
#961993   gimp gimp crashes on start up       2020-08-26
#962692   facter puppet: Crashes due to "missing" facts.d directories       2020-09-21
#963424 [bul||sid]   src:sensible-utils sensible-utils: FTBFS: po4a::po: Invalid value for option 'porefs' ('noline,wrap' is not one of 'full', 'counter', 'noline', 'file' or 'never')       2020-07-07
#963649 []   src:sqlalchemy sqlalchemy: FTBFS with Sphinx 3.1: AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'docname'       2020-09-24
#964203   libnginx-mod-nchan libnginx-mod-nchan distributes old/incompatible module       2020-07-06
#964621 [bul||sid]   src:fakeroot fakeroot: statx function not wrapped, causing FTBFS       2020-09-22
#966209 [bul|sid]   src:debianutils src:debianutils: fails to migrate to testing for too long: autopkgtest failure     out-of-sync   2020-07-24
#966300 [bul||sid]   src:guile-3.0 guile oom test fails on ppc64el       2020-09-17
#966571 [bul|sid]   src:fontforge src:fontforge: fails to migrate to testing for too long: unresolved RC bug     out-of-sync   2020-07-30
#966680 [bul|sid]   src:acpica-unix src:acpica-unix: fails to migrate to testing for too long: FTBFS on s390x     out-of-sync   2020-09-24
#966864 [bul||sid]   src:libiscsi libiscsi: FTBFS: ld: .libs/libiscsi_la-iser.o:./lib/./../include/iser-private.h:162: multiple definition of `__packed'; .libs/libiscsi_la-init.o:./lib/./../include/iser-private.h:162: first defined here       2020-08-05
#967167 [bul|sid]   src:librelp librelp: Unversioned Python removal in sid/bullseye       2020-09-21
#968403 [bul|sid]   src:guile-3.0 numbers.test fails on i386       2020-09-17
#968750 [bul|sid]   src:dulwich src:dulwich: fails to migrate to testing for too long: FTBFS     out-of-sync   2020-08-20
#968882 []   src:pandoc pandoc: Cannot fulfill the build dependencies       2020-08-23
#968913 [ipv6|+]   perl-base perl-base: IO::Socket::IP: AI_ADDRCONFIG breaks many test suites on IPv6-only hosts       2020-09-09
#969707   src:guile-3.0 guile-3.0: FTBFS in test suite "FAIL: test-out-of-memory" fails       2020-09-17
#969991 [bul|sid]   src:ruby-diff-lcs src:ruby-diff-lcs: fails to migrate to testing for too long: causes autopkgtest regressions     out-of-sync   2020-09-09
#970379 [bul||sid]   cpp-hocon FTBFS: cpp-hocon fails to build against boost1.71       2020-09-21
#970408 [bul||sid]   src:facter facter: FTBFS: cc1plus: all warnings being treated as errors       2020-09-21
#970410 [bul|sid]   src:html5lib src:html5lib: fails to migrate to testing for too long: autopkgtest regressions     out-of-sync   2020-09-24
#970608 [bul|sid]   src:coreutils src:coreutils: fails to migrate to testing for too long: FTBFS on arm64     out-of-sync   2020-09-20
#970739   src:clutter-gst-3.0 clutter-gst-3.0 build-depends unsatisfiable in testing       2020-09-24
#970762 [P]   pciutils virt-manger fails to open vm console/info with: Error launching details: g-io-error-quark: Error opening file /usr/share/misc/pci.ids: No such file or directory       2020-09-23

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