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9 bugs found

bug# tags package title hints deferred RT modified
#839575 [U|u]   openssl hangs waiting for openssl block-udeb req:#863472       2017-05-25
#854554   cracklib-runtime dpkg: trigger problem with cracklib-runtime while upgrading libcrypt-cracklib-perl from jessie to stretch block-udeb       2017-05-27
#854801 [d-i]   netcfg No network after netinst Stretch RC2 block-udeb       2017-05-26
#860689 [sid|str]   blockdiag Missing Build-Depends on libmagickcore extra lib remark req:#863519 [M]     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-26
#861483   src:ycmd ycmd: FTBFS against libclang with versioned symbols remark     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-15
#861612   pixbros pixbros: level designs appear to be non-free       2017-05-19
#861748   r-cran-rmpi r-cran-rmpi: Loading library fails remark     stretch-will-remove   2017-05-07
#863481 [fie|U|+|S]   node-concat-stream [node-concat-stream] Uninitialized Memory Exposure req:#863575       2017-05-28
#863515 [S]   src:nvidia-graphics-drivers CVE-2017-0350 CVE-2017-0351 CVE-2017-0352 req:#863549 [M]       2017-05-28

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and not (id in (select id from bugs_merged_with where id > merged_with)) 
and not (bugs.source in (select hints.source from hints where type in ('approve','unblock'))) 
AND (severity >= 'serious')
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