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8 bugs found

bug# tags package title hints deferred RT modified
#828601 [U]   src:wpa wpa: FTBFS with openssl 1.1.0 block-udeb req:#855143 [C|M]       2017-02-24
#843895 [d-i|+]   src:hw-detect disk-detect/multipath: run update-dev before probing for devices block-udeb       2017-02-10
#850149   shotwell shotwell: Freezes when trying to open an image in fullscreen mode req:#854912 [M]       2017-02-18
#852622   src:xcffib xcffib FTBFS in stretch remark       2017-01-25
#852943   src:willow willow: Embedded ICC profiles violate DFSG rm:#856113       2017-02-25
#854616 [+]   scdaemon scdaemon cannot access yubikey using ccid driver without pcscd block-udeb       2017-02-13
#854719 [+]   hostapd hostapd: Failed to set beacon parameters block-udeb req:#855143 [C|M]       2017-02-24
#855130 [+]   src:med-fichier med-fichier: MED library is not compatible with HDF5 1.10       2017-02-25

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and not (id in (select id from bugs_merged_with where id > merged_with)) 
and not (bugs.source in (select hints.source from hints where type in ('approve','unblock'))) 
AND (severity >= 'serious')
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