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Known performance issue: since May 2015 and a reorganization of the blades system that hosts it, UDD has been suffering from storage performance problems.
The Debian Systems Administrators are aware of the issue, but no solution has been found at this time. Please be patient.

198 bugs found

bug# package title hints RT modified
#412185 atftpd Upgrade overwrites /etc/default/atftpd, inetd.conf     2015-07-08
#479096 libacpi [xbattbar-acpi] No battery detected with kernel 2.6.25     2015-09-25
#504099 gnu-fdisk gnu-fdisk: fails to display GPT partition properly     2013-06-29
#517472 libxml-libxml-perl libxml-libxml-perl: Missing versioned dependency on libxml2 - Causes runtime warnings     2015-08-31
#574678 battery-stats init_acpi_acadapt() returned NOT_SUPPORTED.     2015-09-25
#597454 docbook2x docbook2x: install-info installed leads to /usr/share/info/dir.gz in built package     2015-09-22
#601106 gdm3 gdm3: On kfreebsd 'New Login in a Window' (gdmflexiserver --xnest) does not work.     2014-05-20
#609537 mysql-server-5.5 /etc/init.d/mysql stop leaves a process but exits with 0 status   squeeze-can-defer   2015-07-21
#629334 src:gbackground gbackground: uses, removed in perl 5.14     2015-06-19
#629337 src:gosa-perl gosa-perl: uses, removed in perl 5.14     2015-06-19
#635711 monkeysphere error on install     2015-05-07
#642411 cltl endless loop installing cltl     2014-04-26
#666414 src:rggobi FTBFS on s390x: Segmentation fault during installation     2014-07-13
#677595 sshmenu sshmenu: won't start : `require': cannot load such file -- sshmenu (LoadError)     2014-01-06
#678600 pconf-detect pconf-detect: Error this utility currently only works with linux version 2     2013-12-28
#693722 src:gridengine gridengine: use recent version and updated packaging     2015-09-26
#701674 apf-firewall apf-firewall doesn't work with kernel-version >= 3.0     2015-07-18
#706877 insserv insserv: breaks dist-upgrade by installing before packages fix their init scripts   jessie-is-blocker   2014-12-28
#706909 smartmontools smartmontools: updated drivedb.h should go to /var     2015-10-03
#706928 zemberek-server zemberek-server doesn't respect to the Java paths of the system     2014-09-28
#707305 libquicktime2 runtime error on load, "can execute code"     2013-06-14
#709085 dvifb dvifb suffers total font failure     2013-05-20
#709198 debconf debconf: should not use python in maintainer scripts     2014-11-06
#709641 libaudiomask-dev libaudiomask-dev: symlink pointing to wrong location     2014-08-05
#712102 pidgin-microblog Plugin no longer functions with Twitter or Identica     2013-08-29
#712510 python-whoosh python-whoosh FTBFS:some tests failed on mips     2013-12-24
#715569 proftpd-mod-vroot Official mod_vroot lib broken, lib built from source works     2015-09-16
#717301 frontaccounting frontaccounting: Fails to install interactively (and according to another bug non-interactively as well)     2013-07-19
#725417 mbr mbr: install-mbr wipes the disk-id portion of the MBR, rendering Windows 7 unbootable     2015-04-17
#727245 abook abook: Add an address to Abook with Mutt delete all phone numbers     2015-08-09
#728365 rhn-client-tools python-rhn: Running rhn_reg fails with a TypeError exception.     2015-01-24
#728792 libreoffice-nlpsolver libreoffice-nlpsolver: nlpsolver cannot be used in LibreOffice Calc - Error: The status of this extension is unknown     2015-10-23
#729975 hotot hotot: Wheezy version no longer usable with Twitter, uses retired 1.0 API     2015-04-29
#729986 libnss-mysql-bg libnss-mysql-bg: Patch 04_shadow.diff Introduces Lock Acquisition Hang     2015-02-23
#730104 yui yui: CVE-2013-6780     2014-01-03
#731178 dante-server dante-server: requires libc6-dev to be installed     2014-01-07
#734365 freeplayer freeplayer: unknown option or missing mandatory argument (while calling vlc)     2015-08-30
#735935 grub-common grub2: LVM trouble at boot with several PVs     2015-09-27
#737395 funny-manpages funny-manpages: Copyright problem     2014-09-07
#739251 iptables iptables: Upgrade breaks existing rules (and is not documented)     2014-02-17
#740111 icedtea-netx icedtea-netx: NullPointerException in SwingUtilities.appContextGet     2014-02-25
#740463 libelmersolver-6.1 links with both GPL-licensed and GPL-incompatible libraries     2014-03-02
#740911 evolution-data-server WebDAV: Evolution sends invalid REV field, DAViCal expects timestamp     2015-04-30
#740998 rdnssd NetworkManager and rdnssd do not play well together     2015-10-11
#741908 extplorer extplorer: CVE-2013-5951     2014-03-17
#743828 redmine redmine: security: CVE-2014-1985: open redirector issue     2014-12-31
#743955 coreutils coreutils: corrupted files on heavily fragmented ext3 and ext4 partitions     2015-03-23
#744698 src:fontmatrix [fontmatrix] [DFSG] missing source     2014-11-08
#746937 xmail xmail links against libssl but doesn't have openssl exception in License     2014-05-04
#748130 libscotch-5.1 on wheezy/amd64: libscotch-5.1 depends on mpich while mpi-default is openmpi     2014-09-03
#749833 scilab scilab: Scilab include non-free codes   jessie-can-defer   2015-03-06
#750141 libqt4-xml libqt4-xml: vulnerable to billion laughs attack (CVE-2013-4549)     2014-06-10
#750943 stunnel4 stunnel4: init script missing lsb-required status target     2014-10-16
#751367 dictionaries-common unupgradeable: "shared/packages-wordlist doesn't exist"     2015-04-30
#752208 unison-gtk [unison-gtk] Doesn't synchronize windows fat subfolders     2014-06-21
#752381 src:grub2 initramfs-tools: does not activate logical volume before trying to mount root filesystem on LVM     2015-08-17
#752610 lynx-cur lynx: Can connect to CVE-2014-0092 test site     2015-02-01
#752667 ldirectord ldirectord uses inet_ntop without importing it from the Socket library     2015-04-26
#753235 src:lldpad lldpad: FTBFS: dpkg-source: error: expected ^--- in line 2 of diff `lldpad-0.9.46/debian/patches/fix-typo-in-lldptool-ets-8.patch'     2015-06-30
#753922 src:herculesstudio herculesstudio: Broken patch disallows dpkg-source unpack     2014-07-06
#753927 src:usbredir usbredir: Broken patch disallows dpkg-source unpack     2014-07-06
#754121 aiccu aiccu fails to start with systemd     2015-05-22
#754960 libapache2-mod-gnutls libapache2-mod-gnutls: cannot disable SSLv3     2015-10-17
#755992 proftpd-mod-clamav proftpd-mod-clamav: error: Can not stat file (9): Bad file descriptor     2015-04-07
#756729 selinux-policy-default selinux-policy-default: Setting SELinux to enforce results in not configured network interface at boot time     2015-09-15
#756871 fatrat-unpack fatrat-unpack: non-distributable: GPL'd code linked to non-GPL unrar library     2014-08-02
#757771 rar rar: Incorrect handling of file names containing international characters when creating an archive     2014-08-25
#758558 couchdb Includes file with unclear license     2014-08-19
#759936 proftpd-mod-vroot proftpd-mod-vroot: Module is broken because of erroneous function vroot_lookup_path     2014-09-03
#761646 zemberek-server zemberek-server: missing dependency on dbus     2014-09-15
#762835 openafs-fileserver error exit on dafileserver (segfault)     2014-10-06
#762950 libsolid4 digikam: Removes all images from database when unaccessible mount is found     2015-07-26
#763824 libtar0 writes archives with checksums itself deems wrong     2014-10-05
#766250 eject eject: [kfreebsd] fails to open cdrom tray     2014-11-15
#769482 python3-pip /usr/bin/pip-3.2: pip 1.1 is insecure, unsupported and does not work with most of python3     2014-11-14
#770130 xserver-xorg-video-intel gnome-shell: crashes with "Failed to create texture 2d" after "[drm:i8xx_irq_handler] *ERROR* pipe A underrun"     2015-03-17
#770369 eterm Eterm: does not run shell     2015-10-05
#770402 nautilus-dropbox nautilus-dropbox: hangs during installation with 100% cpu usage     2015-09-14
#770492 src:linux linux-image-3.16.0-4-686-pae: chown removes security.capability xattr on other users' files (CVE-2015-1350)     2015-06-03
#771341 libsqlite3-0 segfaults in sqlite3_value_type while using from Python     2015-11-01
#772794 qpid-cpp qpid-cpp: Multiple security issues     2015-02-02
#772795 grub-pc grub installation fails on a fakeraid/sataraid/dmraid system     2015-08-16
#773147 libx52pro0 libx52pro0: cannot be removed after an upgrade from wheezy to jessie (or sid)     2015-01-08
#773808 openclipart2 Openclipart2 included non-free images.     2014-12-23
#774149 usbmount usbmount: Can't mount ntfs drive (Transport endpoint is not connected)     2015-09-28
#774290 worldwind worldwind: Immediate crash (HeadlessException) with 'Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_45-b18'     2014-12-31
#774891 gtkpod gtkpod: unhandled symlink to directory conversion: /usr/share/doc/PACKAGE     2015-01-15
#774931 asr-manpages asr-manpages: Unknown licensing status     2015-01-18
#775689 src:unetbootin Do NOT use unetbootin for Debian CD images     2015-08-18
#776118 nagios3-cgi nagios3-cgi: prompting due to modified conffiles which were not modified by the user: /etc/nagios3/cgi.cfg     2015-01-24
#776512 mantis function InsertData() is defined twice: installation is broken     2015-05-12
#777184 ltsp-client-core ltsp-client: insserv: script ltsp-client-setup: service ltsp-client-setup already provided!     2015-07-19
#778747 openssl openssl: RFC 7465 says RC4 is broken, never to be used     2015-05-02
#778925 mini-httpd CVE-2015-1548     2015-09-15
#779468 apt-spy apt-spy: creates an invalid sources list     2015-03-08
#779803 smuxi smuxi performs autoconnect on first startup     2015-08-27
#779888 live-tools wheezy: live-tools should depend on initramfs-tools     2015-09-12
#779891 php-compat Useless in Debian   jessie-will-remove   2015-04-26
#779894 php-crypt-cbc Useless in Debian   jessie-will-remove   2015-04-26
#780207 mdadm default HDD block error correction timeouts: make entire! drives fail + high risk of data loss during array re-build     2015-04-18
#780323 coreutils /bin/cp: cp: *deletes* files' contents with --attributes-only option     2015-03-23
#780429 snmp-mibs-downloader snmp-mibs-downloader: postinst uses /usr/share/doc content (Policy 12.3): /usr/share/doc/mibrfcs/*   jessie-can-defer   2015-04-01
#780875 mantis mantis: MantisBT <1.2.19 multiple vulnerabilities (Access control bypass/XSS/SQL injection/etc)     2015-03-20
#781595 src:xdeb xdeb: disables apt's signature checks     2015-03-31
#782614 getmail4 Python 2.7.9 poplib._MAXLINE problem     2015-09-06
#783007 src:libhtp libhtp: http uri parsing issue remove:#783220 [M]     2015-04-20
#783108 file file: OOM and/or segfault     2015-04-24
#783231 extplorer CVE-2015-0896: multiple XSS issues     2015-04-24
#783414 evolution-webcal Uninstallable as libical0 is no longer in archive. Needs compiling against libical1a. EOM. remove:#805421     2015-04-26
#783545 xul-ext-automatic-save-folder Doesn’t work, abandonned upstream     2015-08-21
#783721 dnssec-tools dnssec-tools: dnssec-signzone behaviour changed; new signed zonefiles unparseable by rollerd     2015-05-29
#784433 nam Package 'nam' needs tcl8.6 to run but depends on tcl8.5     2015-05-12
#784446 backup-manager backup-manager: Current incremental backup implementation can cause data loss     2015-05-06
#784743 src:pgplot5 pgplot5: FTBFS: No rule to make target '/usr/include/zconf.h'     2015-10-22
#785069 apt-setup jessie live-installer can't install grub when booted via usb drive without internet     2015-07-30
#785887 src:miro miro: Please update to GStreamer 1.x     2015-09-15
#785923 src:sugar-pippy-activity sugar-pippy-activity: Please update to GStreamer 1.x     2015-09-16
#786338 ears ears: broken since python-musicbrainz has been removed     2015-05-21
#786442 squirrelmail some lines don't appear in some messages     2015-06-07
#786694 fftw fftw: FTBFS with TZ=GMT-14     2015-06-26
#787350 src:fontmatrix [RC][cc-by-nc-sa] Please clarify license of a few svg files     2015-05-31
#787355 src:openclipart2 [RC][cc-by-nc-sa] Please clarify license of a few svg files     2015-05-31
#787359 squirrelmail-spam-buttons [RC][cc-by-nc-sa] Please clarify license of a few files (false positive ?)     2015-05-31
#787361 xhtmlrenderer [RC][cc-by-nc-sa] Please clarify license of a few svg files     2015-06-02
#787594 freemat Some sources are not included in your package     2015-06-03
#788008 libcgi-application-plugin-anytemplate-perl libcgi-application-plugin-anytemplate-perl: missing dependency on libclone-perl     2015-06-07
#788257 ssh SSH packet_write_wait: Connection to ...: Broken pipe / Marvell 88E8071 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet     2015-06-09
#788319 src:yui3 [yui3] Some sources are not included in your package     2015-06-10
#788322 src:yui [yui] Some sources are not included in your package     2015-06-10
#788350 libhttp-proxy-perl FTBFS - proxy tests     2015-06-12
#788725 src:jffnms [src:jffnms] Some sources are not included in your package     2015-06-14
#789162 src:aptdaemon aptdaemon: CVE-2015-1323: information disclosure via simulate dbus method     2015-06-30
#789197 src:libmimedir libmimedir: CVE-2015-3205     2015-06-23
#789407 pidgin-openpgp unable to send openpgp messages     2015-06-20
#789450 glusterfs-common glusterfs-common: Should depend on libacl1-dev     2015-10-28
#791838 src:php-ps php-ps: FTBFS on sid due to unsatisfiable build-dependency on libgd2-(no)xpm-dev     2015-07-08
#792078 cantor-backend-qalculate cantor-backend-qalculate: GPL3 not documented/incompatible mixing of GPL2/3 code     2015-07-11
#792126 mbr mbr:i386 self-tests depend on VM86     2015-07-11
#792177 libjson0-dev libjson-c-dev: causes creation of unowned /usr/lib/<triplet>/ -> symlink     2015-10-26
#792852 gcom gcom: copyright file missing after upgrade (policy 12.5)     2015-07-21
#792925 webalizer webalizer: Webalizer stopped parsing squid logs (after 1 may 2015) saying Invlid Date Format     2015-07-22
#792927 python-ownet Python ownet library cannot access sensor's attribute     2015-08-21
#793062 src:human-icon-theme human-icon-theme: debian/ runs processes in background     2015-10-13
#793161 src:tangerine-icon-theme tangerine-icon-theme: debian/ runs processes in background     2015-10-13
#793397 groovy Remote execution of untrusted code, DoS (CVE-2015-3253)     2015-07-25
#793465 src:libuser DoS and privilege escalation by local users (CVE-2015-3245 and CVE-2015-3246)     2015-11-18
#793492 azureus Should this package be removed?     2015-07-28
#793895 src:netperf netperf: FTBFS with -Werror=format-security     2015-07-28
#794461 python-mock RequirementParseError: Expected version spec in funcsigs; python_version<"3.3" at ; python_version<"3.3"     2015-09-23
#794849 os-prober linux: custom linux-image packages fail to install     2015-08-12
#794850 src:cl-plplot cl-plplot: non DFSG file in the source package     2015-08-08
#795429 src:openslp-dfsg CVE-2015-5177     2015-09-05
#795444 python-enum python-enum: Conflicting module with package 'enum' provided by 'python-enum34'     2015-08-30
#796033 src:ocamlodbc ocamlodbc: FTBFS under almost any locale (eg. en_GB.UTF-8)     2015-10-17
#796114 src:netty CVE-2015-2156     2015-09-12
#796197 src:sogo CVE-2015-5395     2015-09-06
#796235 rinetd rinetd fills up the logs until disk is full up if it cannot bind     2015-08-20
#796294 tgif Possibly drop uniconvertor dependency     2015-11-05
#797046 src:libtorrent-rasterbar CVE-2015-5685: remote execution vulnerability in lazy_bdecode()     2015-08-27
#797165 src:freeimage CVE-2015-0852: integer overflow in PluginPCX.cpp     2015-11-06
#798805 fonts-cantarell fonts-cantarell: Switch to autohinting to work around blurry rendering with CFF     2015-09-21
#798862 shutter CVE-2015-0854: Insecure use of system()     2015-11-06
#798886 src:ipython ipython: CVE-2015-6938: XSS vulnerability     2015-09-14
#799140 src:wordpress wordpress: CVE-2015-5714 CVE-2015-5715     2015-10-30
#799307 src:rpcbind rpcbind: CVE-2015-7236: remote triggerable use-after-free in rpcbind     2015-09-26
#799311 src:fontmatrix fontmatrix: FTBFS: error: invalid new-expression of abstract class type 'IcuFontImpl'     2015-09-17
#799313 src:jbofihe jbofihe: FTBFS under some locales (eg. fr_CH.UTF-8)     2015-09-17
#799385 openbox recent openbox cuase playlist smplayer dissapear if retuns from fullscreen     2015-09-25
#799441 hijra-applet GNOME shell extension not compatible with recent GNOME versions     2015-10-20
#799709 sugar-record-activity Depends on gstreamer 0.10     2015-09-21
#799715 gxmessage gxmessage: ships /usr/share/info/dir.gz on arm64     2015-10-22
#799717 stress stress: ships /usr/share/info/dir.gz on arm64     2015-11-06
#799953 gcc-4.7, gcc-4.8, gcc-4.9, gcc-5, gcc-snapshot gcc-4.7/4.8/4.9/5: incorrect double to integer conversion on i386     2015-11-18
#800566 src:nvidia-graphics-drivers nvidia-graphics-drivers: CVE-2015-5950 Memory corruption due to an unsanitized pointer in the NVIDIA display driver     2015-10-30
#800913 nama nama: ChainSetup fails rendering all sound operations useless     2015-10-04
#801046 git fatal: Out of memory, malloc failed (tried to allocate 524288000 bytes)     2015-10-30
#801413 src:polarssl polarssl: CVE-2015-5291: Remote attack on clients using session tickets or SNI     2015-11-09
#801582 nvram-wakeup grub-pc: default entry becomes Halt once (for setting alarm) => no boot     2015-11-04
#802302 src:scute scute: FTBFS: can't connect to the SCdaemon: IPC connect call failed     2015-10-19
#802564 src:mysql-5.5 mysql-5.5: Multiple security fixes from the October 2015 CPU     2015-10-25
#802650 src:miniupnpc miniupnpc: CVE-2015-6031: Buffer overflow vulnerability in XML parser functionality     2015-10-27
#802671 src:bouncycastle CVE-2015-7940: bouncycastle: ECC private keys can be recovered via invalid curve attack     2015-11-20
#802759 src:ampache-themes ampache-themes: non-free files (CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0 and IEC61966-2.1)     2015-10-23
#802776 src:matplotlib matplotlib: ttf-bitstream-vera missing in "Depends:" of python-matplotlib-data     2015-10-28
#803003 ess ess: Maintainer field points to moderated mailing list     2015-10-27
#803033 src:catdoc catdoc: non-free Unicode files     2015-11-18
#803239 libmpg123-0 libmpg123-0: armhf version corrupts mp3 decode     2015-10-29
#803517 src:fglrx-driver fglrx-driver: CVE-2015-7723, CVE-2015-7724: Privilege Escalation Via Symlink Attacks On POSIX Shared Memory With Insecure Permissions     2015-11-02
#803760 graphicsmagick coyote: FTBFS: gdl: error while loading shared libraries:     2015-11-08
#803971 apf apf: Uses ALL as cipherlist     2015-11-03
#804149 sudo CVE-2015-5602: Unauthorized privilege escalation in sudoedit     2015-11-07
#804445 src:libsndfile libsndfile: CVE-2015-7805: Heap overflow vulnerability when parsing specially crafted AIFF header     2015-11-11
#804654 src:magit magit: maintainer address bounces     2015-11-12
#805095 src:sflphone sflphone: Uses ALL ciphers     2015-11-14
#805370 mpage mpage: non-free license     2015-11-17
#805701 src:clisp clisp: FTBFS on hurd     2015-11-21
#805917 src:nvidia-graphics-drivers nvidia-graphics-drivers: CVE-2015-7869 Unsanitized User Mode Input     2015-11-24
#806191 ruby-fast-xs ruby-fast-xs: Missing Breaks or Conflicts with ruby-hpricot     2015-11-25

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