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121 bugs found

bug# tags package title deferred modified
#451535   partman-crypto debian-installer: allow to 'reuse' encrypted volumes   2016-09-27
#665199   slapd slapd: fails to install, remove, distupgrade, and install again   2017-03-12
#733239 [M]   dh-python dh-python: there is no script in the new version of the package - giving up-Jessie   2017-02-25
#734101 [sid|str]   libjs-jquery-mobile libjs-jquery-mobile: New Release   2017-03-21
#741464   grub-pc-bin grub-pc-bin: freezes after "terminal_input at_keyboard"   2017-03-12
#749991 [d-i]   debian-installer debian-installer: Wrong kernel in debian-installer package   2017-03-27
#760385 [U|S|u]   libv8-3.14 nodejs: CVE-2014-5256   2017-02-28
#766397 [jes-i|S]   emacs24 emacs/gnus: Uses s_client to for SSL.   2017-02-22
#773623 [S]   libv8-3.14 nodejs: CVE-2014-7192   2017-02-28
#773671 [S]   src:libv8-3.14 libv8-3.14: multiple security issues   2017-02-28
#781155   openbsd-inetd openbsd-inetd: openbsd-inetd.service should be the main service file   2017-01-03
#782456   plymouth plymouth: With plymouth installed, starting the DM sometimes fails   2017-02-08
#787527   chromium-browser Some sources are not included in your package   2017-02-06
#788585   dsh dsh: overwrites host list with a symlink   2015-11-22
#790796   sensord sensord: RRD data loss   2017-02-01
#792321   src:libkscreen Segfaults on session start   2016-07-10
#795055   src:libtirpc libtirpc: non-free files   2017-01-29
#809625 [P]   src:empire-hub empire-hub: maintainer address bounces   2017-03-25
#812574   grub-pc grub-pc: wants to overwrite admin configuration on each upgrade   2017-02-19
#816063 [S]   emacs24 emacs24: TLS certificate validation is silently broken   2017-02-23
#824442 [u]   src:glibc <linux/if.h> and <net/if.h> conflict needs to be resolved   2017-03-04
#827395 [S|u]   firefox-esr firefox-esr: Firefox-esr privacy invading defaults load beacons on 1st run   2017-01-23
#828159   firefox-esr firefox-esr: session tabs lost after upgrade from iceweasel to firefox-esr   2016-07-30
#839840   src:ghc ghci segfaults on armel, related to doctest failure   2016-10-07
#843926   libjemalloc1 jemalloc uses a hard coded page size detected during build   2017-01-27
#845323   ovirt-guest-agent ovirt-guest-agent: Ovirt-guest-agent crashes with a stack smash   2017-03-18
#848863 [M]   dleyna-server dleyna-server: Segfault when plugging in a secondary screen   2017-01-07
#849099   llvm-toolchain-3.7 llvm-toolchain-3.9: Please add ELF symbols versions to the libraries   2016-12-22
#849831   firefox-esr firefox: contains JSHint work under non-free licence   2017-01-28
#849832   icedove firefox: contains JSHint work under non-free licence   2017-01-27
#849932   gtk-sharp2-gapi gtk-sharp2-gapi: gapi2-codegen generates fields with void type   2017-03-28
#851373   ghc git-annex FTBFS on armel/armhf: ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened)   2017-01-14
#852645   src:dafny dafny: FTBFS: The type or namespace name `IToken' could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?   2017-03-26
#853207 [M]   bluez bluez: bluetooth.service doesn't start with systemd   2017-03-14
#854125 [C]   libvirt0 libvirt0: could not find capabilities for arch=mips   2017-03-15
#854228   libblacs-openmpi1 Libraries not linked with their deps   2017-03-25
#854494   src:execnet execnet: testing/ FAILED/PASSEDSegmentation fault   2017-03-19
#854554   dpkg dpkg: trigger problem with cracklib-runtime while upgrading libcrypt-cracklib-perl from jessie to stretch   2017-02-08
#854592   dokuwiki dokuwiki: Unable to login, missing usr/share/php/Crypt/AES.php   2017-03-19
#854727 [S]   src:zziplib Multiple vulnerabilities / unsuitable for stretch?   2017-03-24
#854804 [S|u]   sane-utils saned: CVE-2017-6318: SANE_NET_CONTROL_OPTION response packet may contain memory contents of the server   2017-03-09
#854828   get-iplayer get-iplayer: get_iplayer fails to save any content, *_original.partial.mp4.flv files are empty   2017-03-15
#854880   firmware-atheros firmware-atheros ships binary ath9k_htc firmwares containing GPL code   2017-02-25
#855094   initramfs-tools-core initramfs-tools-core: Error on upgrade if cryptsetup is installed, but a current busybox isn't   2017-02-14
#855344   icedove thunderbird: retains mails from removed IMAP accounts   2017-03-11
#855494   mgltools-pmv mgltools-pmv: runPmv does not start   2017-03-08
#855912   debconf db_purge: exits with error code 8 when using deluser in the same postinst   2017-02-23
#855920 [sid|str]   src:fail2ban fail2ban: FTBFS: test_rewrite_file: AssertionError: False is not true   2017-03-28
#856004   khtml khtml: Please build-depend on libssl1.0-dev for Stretch   2017-03-11
#856024 [H]   molly-guard molly-guard: causes failure to update systemd-sysv   2017-03-26
#856135   src:gegl gegl FTBFS on arm64: gegl-tester segfault   2017-02-25
#856150   src:asis asis FTBFS on mips*/ppc64el/s390x: recipe for target 'build-gnatcheck' failed   2017-02-25
#856335   src:python-pyftpdlib python-pyftpdlib: FTBFS, unittests error: error_temp: 426 Internal error; transfer aborted.   2017-02-28
#856487   libsbc1 libsbc1: compiling with gcc > 4.9 causes stack corruption   2017-03-19
#856585   sugar-physics-activity sugar-physics-activity: ships files in /usr/share/mime   2017-03-15
#856592 [H|S]   src:libpodofo Multiple security issues   2017-03-26
#856626 [C]   solr-tomcat solr-tomcat: fails to start   2017-03-05
#856703   src:visp visp: License violation   2017-03-04
#856706   src:cpl-plugin-sinfo cpl-plugin-sinfo: copyright violation   2017-03-07
#856856   cobbler-web cobbler-web: Doesn't run out of the box with Django 1.10   2017-03-27
#856948 [M|R]   kmldonkey kmldonkey: Segfault starting   2017-03-16
#857044   src:gnu-smalltalk gnu-smalltalk FTBFS on ppc64el: FAILED (   2017-03-07
#857085   src:ldc terminix FTBFS on armhf: Error executing /usr/bin/ldc2: Segmentation fault   2017-03-08
#857087   nsscache nsscache: /usr/share/nsscache not installed   2017-03-23
#857238 [u]   libwww-dict-leo-org-perl /usr/bin/leo: throws HTTP 404 (needs update to new remote API)   2017-03-25
#857261   chromium-widevine chromium-widevine: widevine extension no longer works   2017-03-09
#857298   python-cassandra-dbg python-cassandra-dbg is an empty package on hppa, m68k, mips, powerpc, powerpcspe, ppc64, s390x, and sparc64   2017-03-09
#857299   libsnmpkit2c2a libsnmpkit2c2a:ppc64el is an empty package   2017-03-09
#857360   gitlab gitlab: Fails to install in Stretch   2017-03-23
#857450 [M|R|u]   libxcb1 libxcb1: many segfaults -gnome and such- related to libxcb   2017-03-11
#857546 [U|S]   profanity profanity: Server certificates are not verified   2017-03-22
#857748   rt4-extension-customfieldsonupdate Please package current version - 1.02   2017-03-24
#857794   reportbug reportbug: crash when encountering some non-ASCII characters   2017-03-24
#857909   libc6-dev [libc6-dev] getpid() in child process created using clone(CLONE_VM) returns parent's pid   2017-03-23
#857910   src:gsequencer gsequencer: GObject::dispose() is not implemented   2017-03-28
#857931   src:gsequencer gsequencer: AgsSynth possible division by zero by oscillator   2017-03-28
#857935   src:gsequencer gsequencer: SIGSEGV as doing NULL pointer dereference as restoring AgsFFPlayer   2017-03-28
#857936   src:gsequencer gsequencer: duplicated flag AGS_MIDI_PARSER_EOT makes header useless   2017-03-28
#857937   src:gsequencer gsequencer: memory leaks while g_timeout_add() function in GUI   2017-03-28
#857986 [M|sid|str]   npm npm: package is 3 years old (consider removal?)   2017-03-24
#857990 [sid|str]   src:ruby-license-finder ruby-license-finder: Please Suggest or Recommend npm but not depend on it   2017-03-19
#857991 [sid|str]   npm2deb npm2deb: Please Recommend npm instead of Depend   2017-03-21
#857995   gdm3 respawn loop due to insufficient permissions   2017-03-23
#858018   src:packer packer sometimes FTBFS on arm*:[no test files]   2017-03-17
#858037   src:ikarus ikarus FTBFS on i386: recipe for target 'ikarus.boot' failed (Segmentation fault)   2017-03-17
#858096 [M]   mate-panel [mate-panel?] Mate panel unstable, notification area icons disappear without warning.   2017-03-24
#858109 [u]   live-f1 live-f1 isn't working anymore due to changes on the data-providing side.   2017-03-18
#858172   src:nanomsg nanomsg FTBFS on armel: tests/ipc_shutdown fails   2017-03-19
#858189   src:execnet execnet: testing/ FAILED   2017-03-19
#858193   backintime-common backintime-common: restore as root can render system unusable   2017-03-19
#858260 [H]   src:pandas pandas: FTBFS (pandas.tests.test_multilevel.TestMultiLevel fails)   2017-03-28
#858283   src:gsequencer gsequencer: GSequencer crashes as no soundcard configured   2017-03-28
#858316 [M]   rdiff-backup-fs rdiff-backup-fs: segmentation fault   2017-03-21
#858348   pmw-doc pmw-doc: uninstallable in sid after binNMU of pmw   2017-03-29
#858372   mono-fpm-server mono-fpm-server: dependency on arch:any package libfpm-helper0 is not binNMU-safe   2017-03-21
#858375   libmongo-client-doc libmongo-client-doc: uninstallable after binNMU   2017-03-21
#858377 [U]   libblkmaker libblkmaker: doesn't support current bitcoin block version   2017-03-21
#858380   src:llvm-toolchain-3.7 llvm-toolchain-3.7: FTBFS in stretch (failing tests)   2017-03-21
#858474   trac-ja-resource trac-ja-resource: broken symlink: /usr/share/trac-ja-resource/trac/htdocs -> ../../pyshared/trac/htdocs   2017-03-22
#858475   tau-examples tau-examples: symlink vs. directory disagreement for /usr/share/doc/tau-examples/examples/python   2017-03-22
#858509   cl-csv-data-table cl-csv-data-table: broken symlink: /usr/share/common-lisp/systems/cl-csv-data-table.asd -> ../source/cl-csv-data-table/cl-csv-data-table.asd   2017-03-22
#858528   grub-coreboot grub-coreboot: fails to upgrade from jessie to stretch if init-select was installed   2017-03-23
#858553   lazarus-doc-1.6 [lazarus-doc-1.6] Package lazarus-doc-1.6 is empty and does not ship documentation files   2017-03-27
#858596 [M|R]   libkscreenlocker5 plasma-desktop: screen lock crashes entire session   2017-03-29
#858633   libreoffice-dmaths libreoffice-dmaths: DMath isn't installed in Libreoffice 5.2   2017-03-25
#858725   src:gitlab [src:gitlab] FTBFS for /vendor/assets/javascripts/fuzzaldrin-plus.js and incomplete copyright   2017-03-25
#858729   plasma-discover plasma-discover: too many bugs for the next stable   2017-03-26
#858756   src:sqlite3 sqlite3: debian/* files are licensed under GPLv2+   2017-03-26
#858794   src:gmime gmime: Tests contain a MIME message with a (presumably non-free) Playboy/Hustler/something photo   2017-03-26
#858802 [M|R]   certbot AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute '_init_cffi_1_0_external_module'   2017-03-27
#858803   erlang-cowboy erlang-cowboy: Cowboy 2.0 != Cowboy 1.0   2017-03-27
#858832   grub-efi-arm64 calls efibootmgr with invalid options   2017-03-28
#858844 [S|u]   src:cobbler cobbler: CVE-2016-9605: Cross site scripting in profile page   2017-03-27
#858876   libjna-jni libjna-jni: causes NoClassDefFoundError   2017-03-28
#858905   kde-telepathy-text-ui kde-telepathy-text-ui: Fails to show text entry widget   2017-03-28
#858918   dochelp dochelp: Introduces a trigger cycle via interest on /usr/share/doc-base - please migrate to interest-noawait   2017-03-28
#858920   neurodebian-desktop neurodebian-desktop: Trigger cycle via interest(-await) on /usr/share/icons/gnome while depending (in)directly on gnome-icon-theme - please use interest-noawait   2017-03-28
#859001 [P]   libbrowserlauncher-java libbrowserlauncher-java: No jar file without version number   2017-03-29
#859005   libbrowserlauncher-java libbrowserlauncher-java: properties file not included   2017-03-29
#859026   src:sugar-physics-activity Uses uscan in the clean target and passes its output to rm   2017-03-29
#859064 [u]   mypaint mypaint: It does not start on Wayland (fixed upstream)   2017-03-29

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