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Known performance issue: since May 2015 and a reorganization of the blades system that hosts it, UDD has been suffering from storage performance problems.
The Debian Systems Administrators are aware of the issue, but no solution has been found at this time. Please be patient.

364 bugs found

bug# tags package title deferred modified
#555168 [jes-i|squ-i|whe-i]   locales Many locales files do not permit modification   2015-06-26
#614497 [jes-i|squ-i|whe-i]   doc-debian doc-debian: The OPL-licensed documents taken from Debian website are non-free   2013-11-23
#631610 [sid|str]   libmusicbrainz3 libmusicbrainz3: should be removed, incompatible with web service API, replacement exists   2015-04-26
#665334 [jes-i|P|squ-i|whe-i]   fontforge non-DFSG postscript embedded in fontforge (currently August 2014   2015-12-28
#694320 [jes-i|P|squ-i|whe-i]   gsfonts [gsfonts] Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved   2014-08-30
#694323 [jes-i|P|whe-i]   lmodern [gsfonts] Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved   2014-08-30
#694324 [jes-i|whe-i]   tex-gyre Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved   2014-08-30
#694354 [jes-i|P|whe-i]   lcdf-typetools lcdf-typetools include non free adobe code for hinting   2015-10-02
#701814 [jes-i|squ-i|whe-i]   os-prober os-prober: damages XFS exported via iSCSI but not mounted locally; potential data loss   2015-06-08
#704303   iceweasel iceweasel: MPL license text is missing   2015-11-28
#709198 [jes-i]   debconf debconf: should not use python in maintainer scripts   2014-11-06
#717636 [jes-i]   texlive-lang-indic [latex-sanskrit] Package contain type1 startlock fragment from black book   2014-11-12
#741464   grub-pc-bin grub-pc-bin: freezes after "terminal_input at_keyboard"   2015-10-28
#749833 [jes-i]   scilab scilab: Scilab include non-free codes   2015-03-06
#755202 [M|R]   network-manager network-manager: keeps creating and using new connection "eth0" that does not work   2016-01-26
#756253   grub-efi-amd64 Upgrade from 2.02~beta2-10 to 2.02~beta2-11 left grub unbootable   2015-08-24
#757379   ksystemlog ksystemlog: Can't open KSystemLog   2016-01-20
#762950   libsolid4 digikam: Removes all images from database when unaccessible mount is found   2015-07-26
#765380 [jes|jes-i|sid|str]   src:gcc-4.8 gcc-4.8: do not ship with Jessie+1   2015-08-25
#766397 [jes-i|S]   emacs24 emacs/gnus: Uses s_client to for SSL.   2014-11-06
#767144   autodocktools autodocktools: fails to start the GUI   2016-02-06
#767411 [jes|sid|str]   src:torque torque: should not be released with jessie   2016-01-30
#770130 [M]   xserver-xorg-video-intel gnome-shell: crashes with "Failed to create texture 2d" after "[drm:i8xx_irq_handler] *ERROR* pipe A underrun"   2015-03-17
#770492 [S]   src:linux linux-image-3.16.0-4-686-pae: chown removes security.capability xattr on other users' files (CVE-2015-1350)   2015-06-03
#774873 [jes|sid|str]   openjdk-7-jre-headless Circular dependency in java-headless packages   2015-04-28
#775541 [jes|sid|str|R]   nfs-common NFS mounts from /etc/fstab do not work   2015-11-25
#777439 [jes|sid|str]   netcfg Jessie DI-rc1 amd64 after installation no network interfaces   2015-04-28
#777511 [u]   src:linux linux-image-3.16: md: bug with re-adding a partially recovered device to a mirror   2015-10-06
#777887 [sid|str]   src:google-perftools google-perftools ftbfs in unstable   2015-08-16
#779370 [jes|sid|str]   hdparm hdparm + systemd: old apm/pm-utils hooks not working/migrated   2015-04-28
#779787 [jes|sid|str]   hdparm damaging default apm_on_ac configuration   2015-04-28
#780207   mdadm default HDD block error correction timeouts: make entire! drives fail + high risk of data loss during array re-build   2015-04-18
#780940   hdparm hdparm freezes the system's start up   2015-12-09
#781155   openbsd-inetd openbsd-inetd: openbsd-inetd.service should be the main service file   2015-04-10
#782332   libgpod-nogtk-dev libgpod-nogtk-dev: fails to upgrade from 'wheezy': Depends: libgpod4-nogtk (= 0.8.3-1.1+b1) but it is not going to be installed   2015-11-07
#782456   plymouth plymouth: With plymouth installed, starting the DM sometimes fails   2015-10-19
#782753   console-setup console-setup.postinst hangs forever during upgrades to jessie   2015-05-06
#783547   autodocktools TclError: cannot use geometry manager   2016-02-06
#783684 [sid|str]   src:guile-1.8 guile-1.8: should not be released with Stretch   2016-01-31
#784514   src:qgis [qgis] Qt4's WebKit removal   2016-01-22
#784610   src:frescobaldi [frescobaldi] Qt4's WebKit removal   2016-01-22
#784612   src:anki [anki] Qt4's WebKit removal   2016-01-22
#784613 [U]   src:spyder [spyder] Qt4's WebKit removal   2016-01-22
#784614   src:openlp [openlp] Qt4's WebKit removal   2016-01-22
#784615 [sid|str]   src:ninja-ide [ninja-ide] Qt4's WebKit removal   2016-01-22
#784616 [sid|str]   src:dff [dff] Qt4's WebKit removal   2016-01-22
#784699   ruby-i18n ruby-i18n: random test failures during build   2015-09-14
#785069   apt-setup jessie live-installer can't install grub when booted via usb drive without internet   2015-07-30
#785271   bash-completion dh_bash-completion script/file list autodetection fails hiding bugs which can become RC   2015-05-14
#785362 [C|H]   qemu missing license in debian/copyright   2015-11-03
#785782 [M]   gdm3 greeter screen appears without login prompt   2015-10-17
#785845 [U|sid|str]   src:efl efl: Please update to GStreamer 1.x   2015-12-27
#785898 [sid|str]   src:freerdp freerdp: Please update to GStreamer 1.x   2015-12-10
#785924 [sid|str]   src:wxwidgets3.0 wxwidgets3.0: Please update to GStreamer 1.x   2015-12-10
#786517 [sid|str]   swig2.0 Remove swig 2.0 for Strech (python 3.5, octave 4.0 unsupported)   2015-12-21
#787218   gnome-session-bin gnome-session-failed tried to wreck my X session   2015-06-21
#787347   src:libkipi [RC][cc-by-nc-sa] Please clarify license of pics/kipi-*.svg   2015-06-24
#788062   os-prober os-prober corrupts LVs/partitions while being mounted inside a VM   2016-02-04
#788160   elinks elinks: unhandled symlink to directory conversion: /usr/share/doc/PACKAGE   2015-12-18
#788257   ssh SSH packet_write_wait: Connection to ...: Broken pipe / Marvell 88E8071 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet   2016-01-29
#788546   nfs-common nfs4 mount.nfs does not respect option "user" in fstab in Jessie   2016-02-02
#788585   dsh dsh: overwrites host list with a symlink   2015-11-22
#788721   src:iceweasel [src:iceweasel] Some sources are not included in your package   2016-02-03
#788729   src:libgda5 [src:libgda5] Some sources are not included in your package   2016-01-17
#789101 [sid|str]   src:gtkimageview FTBFS: gdk_pixbuf_new_from_inline is deprecated + -Werror   2015-06-17
#789118   gnome-shell Cannot unlock screen after upgrading GNOME if locked before upgrade   2015-12-11
#789835   src:memcached memcached: FTBFS in sid: timeout in t/lru-crawler.t   2015-07-20
#789991 [sid|str]   src:golang-gocheck FTBFS: Test failures including FixtureS.TestPanicOnSetUpSuite, FixtureS.TestPanicOnSetUpTest   2015-11-22
#790102 [sid|str]   swig swig choke on -Wdate-time, makes packages FTBFS   2016-01-10
#790423   libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 Fails to load xpms if mime cache folder is missing   2016-01-15
#790796   sensord sensord: RRD data loss   2015-08-09
#791256 [C|sid|str]   src:qqwing qqwing: library transition may be needed when GCC 5 is the default   2015-10-30
#791907   bootlogd bootlogd: /var/log/boot is empty with systemd   2015-07-09
#792065 [sid|str]   src:node-mocha FTBFS: Use CoffeeScript.register() or require [..] to require files   2015-07-10
#792078 [u]   cantor-backend-qalculate cantor-backend-qalculate: GPL3 not documented/incompatible mixing of GPL2/3 code   2015-07-11
#792126   mbr mbr:i386 self-tests depend on VM86   2015-07-11
#792171   util-linux util-linux - sulogin, no way to continue   2015-07-12
#792192   src:python-tz python-tz: pytz.country_names fails to initialise with UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' .. from   2015-12-21
#792321   libkf5screen6 Segfaults on session start   2016-01-13
#793397 [C|S|u]   groovy Remote execution of untrusted code, DoS (CVE-2015-3253)   2015-07-25
#793618   baloo baloo: fails to upgrade from jessie - apt does not find an upgrade path   2015-07-28
#793630 [H|sid|str]   src:groovy groovy: FTBFS due to behaviour change introduced in commons-cli 1.3   2015-09-11
#793631   mdadm mdadm - udev rules call blkid with noraid option, breaks lvm detection   2015-07-31
#793661   nfs-kernel-server crashes the server   2015-07-26
#793911 [sid|str]   groovy groovy should not release with stretch   2015-12-11
#794102   kwin [kde-full] Windows frames disappears!!!!   2015-09-07
#794148 [sid|str]   src:yard FTBFS: undefined method `mock' for #<RSpec::ExampleGroups::YARDCLICommandParser::Run:..   2015-07-30
#794316   gdm3 can't unlock desktop   2016-02-05
#794477   ruby-mysql2 ruby-mysql2: Unversioned dependency on libmysqlclient18 leads to unusable package in testing   2016-01-25
#794849   os-prober linux: custom linux-image packages fail to install   2015-08-12
#794853 [C|sid|str]   src:libvigraimpex libvigraimpex: non DFSG file in the source package   2015-10-28
#794860 [sid|str]   src:spandsp spandsp: non DFSG file in the source package   2015-08-07
#794933   apache2-suexec-custom apache2-suexec-custom: prompting due to modified conffiles which were not modified by the user: /etc/apache2/conf-available/security.conf   2015-08-27
#795055   src:libtirpc libtirpc: non-free files   2015-08-10
#795287 [sid|str]   evolution gmail account disappears when exiting evolution   2015-12-25
#795428 [sid|str]   src:openslp-dfsg OpenSLP 1.2 should not be part of stretch   2015-09-08
#795690   src:libcdio libcdio: FTBFS under some timezones (eg. GMT-14)   2015-11-22
#795752 [P|sid|str]   src:ruby-http ruby-http: FTBFS: undefined method `its' for RSpec::ExampleGroups::HTTPContentType::Parse::WithTextPlain:Class (NoMethodError)   2015-12-20
#795763 [sid|str]   src:ruby-pdf-reader ruby-pdf-reader: FTBFS: configuration.rb:656:in `block in expect_with': :stdlib is not supported (ArgumentError)   2015-09-09
#796020 [sid|str]   ruby-hpricot ruby-hpricot: Obsolete   2015-09-08
#796331   emdebian-archive-keyring emdebian-archive-keyring: The following signatures were invalid: REVKEYSIG B5B7720097BB3B58   2015-10-01
#796516   src:ruby-mysql2 ruby-mysql2: FTBFS: Mysql2::Error returns error messages and sql state in Encoding.default_internal if set   2015-08-22
#796738 [sid|str]   src:ruby-httpclient ruby-httpclient: FTBFS: Address already in use - bind(2) for   2015-09-09
#797003   libical-dev libical 1.0.1-0.1 has broken its ABI (again)   2015-09-07
#797038 [sid|str]   clang clang: needs to know about C++11 ABI tag   2015-11-04
#797256 [sid|str]   src:ruby-memcache-client ruby-memcache-client: FTBFS: test_get_multi_with_server_failure fails   2015-08-28
#797271 [str]   synaptic Synaptic false positive, does not launch   2015-08-29
#797855   src:spice-gtk spice-gtk: spice-common/common/generated_* not reliably   2015-09-15
#798401   gdb-python2 gdb-python2 does not actually link to python2, but python3   2015-09-08
#798421   libgit2-dev Please don't depend specifically on the OpenSSL variant of Curl   2015-10-18
#798539 [sid|str]   src:ruby-webmock ruby-webmock tests fail in unstable   2015-09-10
#798888   ntfs-3g ntfs-3g: pretends to be a library in a broken way   2015-10-24
#799264   plasma-desktop plasma-desktop: fails to upgrade from 'jessie' - trying to overwrite /etc/dbus-1/system.d/org.kde.kcontrol.kcmclock.conf   2015-09-17
#799308   akonadi-server akonadi-server: Akonadi service fails to start after latest full-upgrade   2015-10-01
#799525 [sid|str]   src:kdesdk-kioslaves kdesdk-kioslaves: FTBFS: error: invalid use of incomplete type 'const svn_sort__item_t {aka const struct svn_sort__item_t}'   2015-09-20
#799625   notes-mobile notes-mobile: fails to upgrade from 'jessie' - trying to overwrite /usr/share/kde4/apps/notes-mobile/notes.qml   2015-09-20
#799702   ed ed: ships /usr/share/info/dir.gz on arm64   2015-09-22
#800029 [sid|str]   src:ruby-em-synchrony ruby-em-synchrony: FTBFS: EventMachine::Protocols::Redis should yield until connection is ready   2015-10-05
#800057 [sid|str]   src:ruby-thread-safe ruby-thread-safe: FTBFS: non_concurrent_cache_backend.rb:10: [BUG] Segmentation fault at 0x00000000000018   2015-10-05
#800098   src:kdesvn kdesvn: FTBFS: cannot create target "uninstall" because another target with the same name already exists   2015-09-26
#800182 [sid|str]   src:esix esix: Please migrate a supported debhelper compat level   2016-01-29
#800188 [sid|str]   src:ebook-dev-alp ebook-dev-alp: Please migrate a supported debhelper compat level   2016-01-29
#800200 [sid|str]   src:openjade1.3 openjade1.3: Please migrate a supported debhelper compat level   2016-01-09
#800236 [sid|str]   src:mime-construct mime-construct: Please migrate a supported debhelper compat level   2016-01-14
#800257 [sid|str]   src:libtext-unaccent-perl libtext-unaccent-perl: Please migrate a supported debhelper compat level   2016-01-14
#800280 [sid|str]   src:tmake tmake: Please migrate a supported debhelper compat level   2016-01-14
#800291 [sid|str]   src:jade jade: Please migrate a supported debhelper compat level   2016-01-17
#800293 [sid|str]   src:irpas irpas: Please migrate a supported debhelper compat level   2016-01-29
#800302 [sid|str]   src:libstring-shellquote-perl libstring-shellquote-perl: Please migrate a supported debhelper compat level   2016-01-14
#800306 [sid|str]   src:mpi-specs mpi-specs: Please migrate a supported debhelper compat level   2016-01-29
#800409   synaptic Synaptic not starting, false positive   2015-10-02
#801308   umbrello umbrello: Can't save to file - "UMLDoc::saveDocument moving with error"   2015-12-05
#801324   src:linux linux-image-4.2.0-1-686-pae: System has frozen twice since upgrading to linux-image-4.2.0-1-686-pae   2015-10-09
#801377   bgfinancas bgfinancas: build-depends on unmaintained substance library   2016-02-06
#801553 [sid|str]   src:geoclue geoclue: Please keep out of testing   2015-10-15
#801739   plasma-workspace plasma-workspace: plasmashell crashes after login through display manager   2015-12-22
#801781   kate kate: Error in `kate': free(): invalid pointer   2015-10-22
#802117 [sid|str]   src:pyopengl pyopengl: FTBFS: OSError: ('GL: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory', 'GL', None)   2015-10-17
#802191 [sid|str]   src:bats bats: FTBFS: not ok 7 summary passing tests   2015-10-18
#802361 [sid|str]   src:unittest2 unittest2: FTBFS: FAIL: test_loadTestsFromName__relative_malformed_name   2016-02-04
#802380   libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37 epiphany-browser: System crashes when visiting URL (GPU crash?)   2015-11-20
#802786   libsigc++-2.0-dev libsigc++-2.0-dev: c++ only option in cflags   2015-10-27
#802801 [M|R]   src:python-coverage python-coverage: FTBFS: calling function returned 100.0, not a test   2015-10-25
#802812 [sid|str]   src:gstreamer0.10 Remove gstreamer 0.10 in stretch   2015-10-23
#802814 [sid|str]   src:gst-plugins-base0.10 Remove gstreamer 0.10 in stretch   2015-10-23
#802861 [sid|str]   src:kalzium kalzium: FTBFS: gasCalculator.h: error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant   2015-12-14
#802916 [C|P|sid|str]   python-coverage python-coverage: post-build tests fail: “coverage.misc.CoverageException: No data to report.”   2015-11-09
#803212 [M]   kate kate: Crash (segmentation fault) on startup in xcb_send_request   2015-10-29
#803320 [C]   src:golang-github-jacobsa-ogletest golang-github-jacobsa-ogletest: FTBFS: integration_test.go:262: Output for test case panicking doesn't match golden file.   2016-01-17
#803658   plymouth boot hangs before cryptsetup passphrase prompt   2015-12-04
#804317 [H|M]   libreoffice-dev-doc libreoffice-dev-doc: unhandled symlink to directory conversion: /usr/share/doc/libreoffice-dev-doc/docs -> ../libreoffice-dev/docs   2015-11-24
#804536   gcc-5 gcc-5: [mips,mipsel] regression in optimization causes FTBFS for gsoap   2016-01-19
#804558   src:tweepy tweepy: FTBFS: ImportError: No module named {unittest2,vcr}   2016-01-15
#804582 [sid|str]   src:paramiko paramiko: FTBFS: ImportError: No module named pyasn1.type.univ   2015-12-14
#804908   bluez-obexd service is not started under systemd   2015-11-12
#805002   libvirt-clients libvirt-client: "virsh attach-disk" fails with AppArmor enabled   2015-11-20
#805060 [sid|str]   src:postfix Postfix ftbfs with Linux kernel version 4+   2015-11-14
#805320   kded5 Destroys hotkey configuration   2015-11-16
#805454 [S|u]   libtool libtoolize behavior depends on parent directories   2015-11-18
#805640   src:clutter-gst-2.0 clutter-gst-2.0: don't release with stretch   2015-12-20
#805828   mysql-server-5.6 mysql-server-5.6: upgrade didn't work, package unusable, mysql does not start   2015-12-01
#805863   src:gnutls28 gnutls28: FTBFS on amd64 - testsuite failures   2016-01-01
#805932   libsigc++-2.0-dev libsigc++-2.0-dev: Return-statement with a value, in function returning 'void'   2015-11-24
#806273   os-prober os-prober: remove or disable-per default the non grub-mount based probing   2016-01-21
#806364   src:python-django-extensions python-django-extensions: FTBFS with Django 1.9   2016-01-04
#806470 [sid|str]   src:libindicator libindicator: FTBFS: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lglib-2.0-lm   2015-11-27
#806984   src:debian-installer debian-installer: FTBFS: File not   2015-12-04
#807018   kexec-tools kexec-tools: upgrade wheezy-jessie is broken (update-rc.d: /etc/init.d/kexec exists during rc.d purge)   2015-12-04
#807067   konsole konsole makes kde freeze   2015-12-04
#807074   fbreader fbreader: includes files with unclear DFSG-freeness and/or copyright status   2016-02-06
#807168 []   src:debian-installer-netboot-images debian-installer-netboot-images: required resources not declared as build-dependencies (fetches via network)   2016-02-02
#807277   krfb krfb build-depends on cruft package   2016-01-30
#807351 [sid|str]   src:python-debian python-debian: FTBFS: SystemError: E:Unable to parse package file (1)   2015-12-08
#807664   python3-cap-ng python3-cap-ng: Python3 import error: undefined symbol: capng_print_caps_numeric   2015-12-11
#807698 [U|S|u]   src:srtp srtp: CVE-2015-6360: Prevent potential DoS attack due to lack of bounds checking on RTP header CSRC count and extension header length   2015-12-11
#807878   gnome gnome: Gnome freezes when root windows are open on user screen.   2015-12-27
#807994 [sid|str]   src:python-django-south python-django-south: Incompatable with Django >= 1.7   2016-01-08
#808015   src:acpid acpid: FTBFS: libnetlink.c:497:54: error: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions   2015-12-16
#808043   src:linux [powerpc] Modules fail to load following toolchain upgrade   2016-02-03
#808257 [sid|str]   src:libnsbmp libnsbmp: Should libnsbmp be removed from Debian?   2016-01-30
#808450 [sid|str]   src:ruby-sanitize ruby-sanitize: FTBFS: Config::DEFAULT#test_0009_should clean malicious HTML [/build/ruby-sanitize-2.1.0/test/test_sanitize.rb:213]:   2016-01-10
#808463   ntfs-3g non-free code in boot.c   2015-12-20
#808472   gnu-efi gnu-efi copyright file is wrong, includes GPL-licensed code on arm   2015-12-20
#808482 [sid|str]   src:deborphan deborphan: FTBFS: deborphan.h:39:14: error: expected identifier   2015-12-20
#808615 [sid|str]   src:php-mail php-mail: FTBFS: FAIL: Mail: SMTP Error Reporting[tests/smtp_error.phpt]   2016-01-10
#808621   src:umbrello umbrello: FTBFS: qtestcase.h:293:30: error: cannot convert 'QString' to 'char*' for argument '3' to 'bool QTest::compare_helper(bool, const char*, char*, char*, const char*, const char*, const char*, int)'   2015-12-21
#808738   src:ruby-sinatra ruby-sinatra: FTBFS: 1034 runs, 2261 assertions, 0 failures, 5 errors, 0 skips   2015-12-22
#808739   src:yoshimi yoshimi: FTBFS: Missing cmGeneratorTarget instance!   2016-01-22
#808757 [sid|str]   src:flask-script flask-script: FTBFS: plugin distutils failed with: exit code=5   2016-01-10
#808866   snappy (snappy:15699): Clutter-CRITICAL **: The Clutter backend is not a X11 backend   2015-12-23
#808874   src:debian-installer debian-installer: FTBFS on i386: 586 vs. 686   2016-01-08
#808906   gnome-shell-extensions gnome-shell-extensions: overwriting /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/calendar-today.svg   2015-12-24
#809000   kget kget: completely useless, no plugin to handle "http" protocol   2015-12-26
#809055 [U]   unbound unbound FTBFS, passes -Wdate-time to swig, which choke on it   2016-01-25
#809263   src:khronos-opencl-headers beignet: FTBFS: /usr/include/CL/cl_egl.h:31:21: fatal error: EGL/egl.h: No such file or directory   2016-01-27
#809290 [sid|str]   src:shogun shogun: FTBFS: /MatrixLogarithm.h:340:54: error: 'Options' is not a member of 'DerivedEvalTypeClean'   2016-01-10
#809566 [sid|str]   src:eclipse-mylyn eclipse-mylyn: FTBFS: Unsatisfied import package javax.mail_0.0.0.   2016-01-15
#809575 [sid|str]   src:horizon horizon: FTBFS: ImportError: cannot import name importlib   2016-01-18
#809592 [C|sid|str]   src:plplot plplot: FTBFS: x00a.adb:30:05: file "" not found   2016-01-11
#809608   guile-2.0 building guile with changed compiler options caused breakage   2016-01-01
#809682 [S]   pinentry-qt4 pinentry-qt4: pinentry dialog does not support pasting from clipboard   2016-01-03
#809771   src:php-net-ldap2 php-net-ldap2: FTBFS: This package.xml requires PEAR version 1.10.1 to parse properly, we are version 1.9.5   2016-01-03
#809813   gnuplot-doc gnuplot contain "lena" images   2016-01-04
#809984   sudo Documentation can't be rebuilt within Debian   2016-01-05
#810256   kwin-x11 kwin-x11: Kwin continue to crash every time   2016-01-07
#810478   konsole konsole: can't start konsole   2016-01-08
#810491 [S]   netsurf-gtk netsurf-gtk: CVE-2015-7505 CVE-2015-7506 CVE-2015-7507 CVE-2015-7508   2016-01-09
#810522   src:pyfftw pyfftw: FTBFS: TypeError: can't pickle Cython.Compiler.FlowControl.NameAssignment objects   2016-01-09
#810671 [sid|str]   ifupdown-scripts-zg2 ifupdown-scripts-zg2: fails to install in chroot: ERR: missing /etc/network/run. Is ifupdown configured?   2016-01-11
#810707 [C]   src:libdbd-sqlite3-perl libdbd-sqlite3-perl: FTBFS: t/virtual_table/21_perldata_charinfo.t (Wstat: 512 Tests: 4 Failed: 1)   2016-01-13
#810709   src:yt yt: FTBFS: TypeError: can't pickle Cython.Compiler.FlowControl.NameAssignment objects   2016-01-21
#810747   iceweasel iceweasel: crashes while playing opus files   2016-01-13
#810770   src:ruby-celluloid-supervision ruby-celluloid-supervision: FTBFS: `to_specs': Could not find 'timers' (~> 4.0.0) - did find: [timers-4.1.1] (Gem::LoadError)   2016-01-12
#810773 [sid|str]   src:obexfs obexfs: FTBFS:, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)   2016-01-29
#810881   libtotem-plparser18 libtotem-plparser18: linker issue, causes grilo-plugins to FTBFS   2016-01-13
#810903   src:python-ase python-ase: FTBFS: VisibleDeprecationWarning: boolean index did not match indexed array along dimension 0; dimension is 20 but corresponding boolean dimension is 16   2016-01-13
#810929   vim-ultisnips Renders Vim unusable   2016-01-15
#810958   src:ruby-celluloid-fsm ruby-celluloid-fsm: FTBFS: `to_specs': Could not find 'timers' (~> 4.0.0) - did find: [timers-4.1.1] (Gem::LoadError)   2016-01-14
#810959   src:ruby-celluloid-extras ruby-celluloid-extras: FTBFS: Could not find 'timers' (~> 4.0.0) - did find: [timers-4.1.1] (Gem::LoadError)   2016-01-14
#811065   hothasktags FTBFS: recipe for target 'override_dh_auto_build' failed   2016-01-31
#811091   src:xtrkcad xtrkcad: missing and outdated licenses.   2016-01-15
#811092 [P]   texlive-binaries texlive-binaries: bashism in mktexlsr ("…`…\"…\"…`…")   2016-01-21
#811106 [u]   browser-plugin-gnash browser-plugin-gnash: crashes with general protection error and fails to work   2016-01-25
#811172   mercurial-git mercurial-git: broken SSH: Invalid command: 'g 'i t - u p l o a d - p a c k   2016-01-16
#811184 [sid|str]   phatch Phatch not loading Debian Stretch   2016-01-19
#811185   src:logol logol: build hangs while running the test suite   2016-01-16
#811190   src:util-vserver util-vserver: please switch B-D from module-init-tools to kmod   2016-01-16
#811238 [sid|str]   freebsd-libs FTBFS: error: ld returned 1 exit status   2016-01-19
#811273 [U]   nethogs nethogs: creating socket failed while establishing local IP   2016-01-25
#811303   mighttpd2 FTBFS: Ambiguous occurrence `getFileInfo'   2016-01-17
#811311   grub2-common grub2-common: after grub-install grub reads wrong grub.cfg   2016-01-17
#811314   rest2web rest2web installs python libraries in wrong location   2016-01-17
#811323 [sid|str]   src:mugshot mugshot: FTBFS: ImportError: No module named 'gi'   2016-01-19
#811324   src:menulibre menulibre: FTBFS: ImportError: cannot import name Gtk, introspection typelib not found   2016-01-17
#811340   php5-lasso php5-lasso: fails to install: php5-lasso.postinst: php5enmod: not found   2016-01-18
#811354   src:brian brian: FTBFS: TypeError: histogram() got an unexpected keyword argument 'new'   2016-01-18
#811431   php5-symfony-debug php5-symfony-debug: fails to install: php5-symfony-debug.postinst: php5enmod: not found   2016-01-19
#811443 [U|S|u]   src:mysql-5.6 mysql-5.6: Multiple security fixes from the January 2016 CPU   2016-01-19
#811477   src:kombu FTBFS: missing dependency on funcsigs   2016-01-19
#811500 [P]   cpl-plugin-visir cpl-plugin-visir: does not work   2016-01-24
#811560   src:elasticache elasticache: FTBFS with nonexistant $HOME   2016-01-19
#811708   openrc init-system-helpers: file conflict with openrc: /usr/sbin/update-rc.d   2016-01-22
#812072 [U|sid|str]   python3-cmd2 module 'subprocess' has no attribute 'mswindows'   2016-01-25
#812077 [U|S|u]   src:bind9 bind9: CVE-2015-8704: Specific APL data could trigger an INSIST in apl_42.c   2016-01-20
#812087   pcscd pcscd takes 100 % cpu each time I insert a mass storage USB key   2016-01-25
#812114   src:jsonpickle jsonpickle: FTBFS: SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing   2016-01-20
#812189   src:ruby-sinatra-contrib ruby-sinatra-contrib: FTBFS: [tests failed] rspec ./spec/respond_with_spec.rb:198   2016-01-21
#812327   xen-system-amd64 xen: initrd booting with xen don't find any harddisks   2016-01-22
#812369   rpcbind rpcbind does not properly provide $portmap needed by /etc/init.d/nis   2016-02-06
#812400   src:urdfdom urdfdom: FTBFS: Unable to find the requested Boost libraries: Boost version: 1.58.0   2016-01-23
#812406 [M]   libusb-1.0-0 usb: Strange USB bugs   2016-01-27
#812413   cups-driver-gutenprint cups-driver-gutenprint: transitional arch:all package uninstallable after binNMU due to strict versioned dependency   2016-01-23
#812456   davfs2 davfs2: dies with stack smashing error; can't mount   2016-01-24
#812459   python3-stem python3-stem: fails to upgrade from 'testing' - trying to overwrite /usr/bin/tor-prompt   2016-01-24
#812470   kernel-package kernel-package: cannot produce debs anymore   2016-01-27
#812574   grub-pc grub-pc: wants to overwrite admin configuration on each upgrade   2016-01-25
#812619 [sid|str]   libtm-perl libtm-perl: FTBFS - Failed test 'assertions applying to identical topics are found'   2016-01-29
#812632 [sid|str]   libindicate libindicate: FTBFS - build-depends on non-existent mono-gmcs   2016-01-27
#812635   hexbox hexbox: FTBFS - build-depends on non-existent mono-gmcs   2016-01-25
#812643   jgit jgit: FTBFS - 2 tests fail   2016-01-25
#812644 [sid|str]   jenkins-remoting jenkins-remoting: FTBFS - artifact asm:asm-all:jar:3.x has not been downloaded   2016-01-29
#812646   cpluff cpluff: FTBFS - macro "cpi_lock_framework" passed 1 arguments, but takes just 0   2016-01-25
#812648   astroquery astroquery: FTBFS - AttributeError: 'Config' object has no attribute '_conftest'   2016-01-25
#812655 [U]   charybdis charybdis: FTFBS against gnutls 3.4 (implicit declaration of function 'gnutls_certificate_client_set_retrieve_function')   2016-02-06
#812657 [u]   feh feh: FTBFS: test failure when preloading gif images   2016-02-04
#812660   doxia doxia: FTBFS - Invalid plugin descriptor for org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-component-metadata:1.6   2016-01-25
#812661 [P]   devscripts devscripts: FTBFS - test fails due to unexpected (new?) output   2016-01-27
#812668 [sid|str]   mailfilter mailfilter: FTBFS - error: no match for 'operator='   2016-02-03
#812669   dsc-statistics dsc-statistics: FTBFS - too many changes in docs since release, .orig.tar.gz repackaging needed   2016-01-25
#812676   maven-scm maven-scm: FTBFS - test fails with Unparseable date exception   2016-01-25
#812689 [sid|str]   src:ruby-carrierwave ruby-carrierwave fails its tests   2016-01-26
#812691 [sid|str]   mpgtx mpgtx: FTBFS - variable set but not used   2016-01-27
#812700   nitime nitime: FTBFS - TypeError: Cannot cast ufunc subtract output from dtype('float64') to dtype('<i2')   2016-01-25
#812704   nbibtex nbibtex: FTBFS - nbib.dvi: file contents does not seem to settle   2016-01-25
#812710   nose2 nose2: FTBFS - multiple test failures   2016-01-26
#812745   ruby-fog, ruby-fog-xenserver ruby-fog-xenserver and ruby-fog: error when trying to install together   2016-01-27
#812768   python-whoosh python-whoosh: FTBFS - tests fail with "No such file or directory: ... english-words.10.gz"   2016-01-26
#812793 [sid|str]   ruby-distribution Build-Depends not installable in testing   2016-01-27
#812794 [sid|str]   ruby-integration Build-Depends not installable in testing   2016-01-27
#812812   mysql-5.6 MySQL client library should ship a symbols file, or at least not have a Lintian override to hide the problem   2016-01-28
#812813   src:lsh-utils lsh-utils: FTBFS: dh_install: lsh-server missing files: usr/sbin/lsh-krb-checkpw   2016-01-26
#812847 [sid|str]   src:coala coala: FTBFS: scanner.cpp:662:9: error: no match for 'operator='   2016-02-02
#812906   gnuplot Gnuplot4 do not release in Stretch   2016-01-27
#812940 [sid|str]   ruby-pygments.rb ruby-pygments.rb: FTBFS - tests fail   2016-01-29
#812974   src:ccbuild ccbuild: FTBFS: error: no match for 'operator='   2016-01-28
#813001   src:gazebo gazebo: switch B-D from libsdformat3-dev to libsdformat4-dev   2016-01-28
#813053   icedove json evil license problem   2016-01-28
#813054   iceweasel Evil licence   2016-02-03
#813063 [sid|str]   coq-doc coq-doc: FTBFS in sid: File "kernel/", line 229, characters 0-2: Error: This comment contains an unterminated string literal   2016-01-28
#813065 [sid|str]   mgltools-gle mgltools-gle: FTBFS in sid: Error: Unknown SWIG preprocessor directive: typemaps   2016-01-29
#813077   kazam kazam fails to start with 'Unable to initiate connection to PulseAudio server.'   2016-01-29
#813078   src:git-annex git-annex: FTBFS: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory   2016-02-02
#813083 [sid|str]   src:pyviennacl pyviennacl: FTBFS: src/ viennacl/vector.h:225:34: error: no matches converting function ‘project’ to type ‘class viennacl::vector range<viennacl::vector base<float> >   2016-01-29
#813119   src:ngspice ngspice: FTBFS with nonexistant $HOME   2016-01-29
#813138 [sid|str]   python-gnutls python-gnutls: Still depends on libgnutls-deb0-28 instead of libgnutls30   2016-02-04
#813143   openjdk-7-jre-headless openjdk-7-jre-headless: Please re-disable atk bridge   2016-02-01
#813144   binutils-mingw-w64-i686 g++-mingw-w64-i686: unimplemented function libstdc++-6.dll._ZNSt8ios_base4InitC1Ev   2016-02-01
#813151 [sid|str]   src:wxsvg wxsvg: should this package be removed?   2016-01-29
#813159   src:hovercraft hovercraft: FTBFS: FAIL: test_big (hovercraft.tests.test_hovercraft.HTMLTests)   2016-02-02
#813216   libwt-doc libwt-doc: Most reference documentation missing   2016-01-30
#813221   openjdk-7-jre-headless openjdk-7-jre-headless: Missing dependency to "initscripts"   2016-01-30
#813248   libdx4-dev libdx4-dev: unhandled symlink to directory conversion: /usr/share/doc/PACKAGE   2016-01-30
#813260   scim scim: prerm called with unknown argument `upgrade'   2016-01-30
#813261 [sid|str]   src:jhdf jhdf: FTBFS: checking dependencies for HDF5 library... configure: error: HDF5 library needs SZIP, SZIP not defined.   2016-02-01
#813262   src:python-biopython python-biopython: FTBFS: ApplicationError: Non-zero return code 255 from 'phyml -i Phylip/interlaced2.phy -d aa'   2016-02-01
#813263   src:ucommon ucommon: FTBFS: devlibs error: There is no package matching [libgnutls30-dev] and noone provides it,   2016-01-30
#813264   src:undertaker undertaker: FTBFS: BoolExpLP/BoolExpLexer.cpp_shipped:751:9: error: no match for 'operator=' (operand types are 'std::istream   2016-01-30
#813271   diaspora-installer diaspora-installer: fails to install: post-installation script returned error exit status 127   2016-01-31
#813287   src:avro-java avro-java: FTBFS: Plugin com.thoughtworks.paranamer:paranamer-maven-plugin:2.8 or one of its dependencies could not be resolved   2016-01-31
#813332   trang trang fails with NullPointerException   2016-01-31
#813340 [u]   rhythmbox-ampache rhythmbox-ampache: KeyError when selecting the tab   2016-01-31
#813361   src:doxygen doxygen: FTBFS on amd64 due to wrong version of flex   2016-02-01
#813398   opensmtpd opensmtpd: segfaults when relaying email   2016-02-06
#813419   src:eclipse-egit eclipse-egit: FTBFS: generateScript: Some inter-plug-in dependencies have not been satisfied.   2016-02-01
#813420   src:libnet-server-mail-perl libnet-server-mail-perl: FTBFS: error: Can't call method "peerhost" on an undefined value at t/starttls.t line 78.   2016-02-01
#813421   dbconfig-common dbconfig-common: defaults for MariaDB are wrong: debian-sys-maint isn't anymore   2016-02-01
#813459   src:aac-tactics aac-tactics: FTBFS: Error: The constructor vcons (in type vT) expects 2 arguments.   2016-02-02
#813461   src:cqrlog cqrlog: FTBFS: lcommon.pp(515,18) Error: (5038) identifier idents no member "family"   2016-02-03
#813462   src:flexml flexml: FTBFS: flexml-act.c:2888:21: error: C++ style comments are not allowed in ISO C90   2016-02-02
#813497   kodi kodi: Segfault on StartUp   2016-02-02
#813552 [sid|str]   spe spe: switch dependency from python-wxglade to wxglade   2016-02-03
#813568 [P]   src:php-guzzle php-guzzle: FTBFS: DefaultCacheStorageTest::testCachesRequests strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given   2016-02-06
#813571 [sid|str]   virtualenv virtualenv: Broken dependencies   2016-02-05
#813584 [sid|str]   src:libelf libelf: Do not ship in stretch   2016-02-03
#813596   src:coq-float coq-float: FTBFS: make[2]: *** No rule to make target 'depend'. Stop.   2016-02-03
#813611 [S]   simpleid Passwords are stored as MD5   2016-02-03
#813642 [sid|str]   src:netty-3.9 netty-3.9: FTBFS: mv: cannot stat 'debian/libnetty-3.9-java/usr/share/java/netty.jar': No such file or directory   2016-02-06
#813643 [U|P]   src:numexpr numexpr: FTBFS: TypeError: 'float' object cannot be interpreted as an index   2016-02-07
#813644 [sid|str]   src:ruby-albino ruby-albino: FTBFS: assert_match %(<span class="c"># é</span>), code   2016-02-06
#813647   connman connman: daemon no longer starts after upgrade   2016-02-05
#813668   src:mako mako: FTBFS: result_lines(l.get_template("foo.html").render().decode('utf-8')) AssertionError   2016-02-04
#813687   libmutter0g, gnome-shell mutter:ERROR when undocking ThinkPad: assertion failed: (n_outputs == config->n_outputs)   2016-02-04
#813722   src:aces3 aces3: FTBFS on powerpc   2016-02-04
#813725   src:gyoto gyoto: FTBFS: gyoto.C: Error initializing libgyoto   2016-02-07
#813746   src:ruby-hipchat ruby-hipchat: FTBFS: Real HTTP connections are disabled. Unregistered request: GET   2016-02-04
#813749   src:mozjs24 mozjs24: Unsatisfiable Build-Depends and Build-Conflicts   2016-02-04
#813775   linux-atm Maintainer address bounces   2016-02-05
#813777   src:cpl cpl: FTBFS on mips: bus error   2016-02-05
#813782   src:python-matplotlib-venn python-matplotlib-venn: FTBFS: [failed test] Intersection with the arc along the same circle (which means infinitely many points usually) is reported as no intersection at all.   2016-02-05
#813783 [sid|str]   src:plexus-component-metadata plexus-component-metadata: FTBFS: [ERROR] Cannot find parent dependency org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-containers:pom:debian   2016-02-06
#813814   src:esys-particle esys-particle: FTBFS with libopenmpi1.10   2016-02-05
#813819   syncevolution Needs a rebuild due to libopenobex soname bump   2016-02-06
#813820   src:ssreflect ssreflect: FTBFS: Error: Unbound type constructor glob_constr_and_expr   2016-02-05
#813821   src:pynn pynn: FTBFS: TypeError: 'float' object cannot be interpreted as an index   2016-02-05
#813849 [S|u]   php-dompdf Multiple security issues   2016-02-05
#813853 [sid|str]   php-font-lib Useless in stable   2016-02-05
#813858   gcc-5 gcc-5: [mips] regression: miscompilation caused by -fexpensive-optimizations   2016-02-06
#813861   phpdox Useless in Debian   2016-02-06
#813862   phploc Useless in Debian   2016-02-06
#813863   phpcpd Useless in Debian   2016-02-06
#813864   php-finder-facade Useless in Debian   2016-02-06
#813865   php-fxsl Useless in Debian   2016-02-06
#813866   php-fdomdocument Useless in Debian   2016-02-06
#813867   phpunit-git Useless in Debian   2016-02-06
#813873 [U|P]   src:python-mpop python-mpop: FTBFS: ImportError: No module named eps_format   2016-02-06
#813874   src:polari polari: FTBFS: org.gnome.Polari.appdata.xml: FAILED   2016-02-06
#813951   src:freefoam freefoam: FTBFS with libopenmpi 1.10   2016-02-07
#813970   dbus dbus: purge fails: invoke-rc.d: initscript dbus, action "stop" failed.   2016-02-07
#813972   libncarg-dev, libncl-dev libncl-dev and libncarg-dev: error when trying to install together   2016-02-07
#813981   src:pyentropy pyentropy: FTBFS: ndexError: invalid slice   2016-02-07
#813982   src:python-mne python-mne: FTBFS: IndexError: an index can only have a single ellipsis ('...')   2016-02-07
#813983   src:python-multipletau python-multipletau: FTBFS: IndexError: invalid slice   2016-02-07
#813984   src:rows rows: FTBFS: ImportError: No module named setuptools   2016-02-07
#813985   src:python-tasklib python-tasklib: FTBFS: TypeError: execv() arg 2 must contain only strings   2016-02-07

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