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17 bugs found

bug# tags package title hints deferred modified
#859926 [bus-i|+|str-i]   speech-dispatcher breaks with pulse-audio as output when spawned by speechd-up from init system     2021-01-04
#909750 [U|+|u]   libfontconfig1 applications tries to write to /usr/* directories via libfontconfig1 block-udeb     2021-02-22
#928525 [+|S]   sshguard sshguard: Default configuration does not work as intended, needs configuration update     2021-05-06
#929685 [+|P]   ca-certificates-java, default-jre-headless, openjdk-11-jre-headless ca-certificates-java,default-jre-headless,openjdk-11-jre-headless: get rid of the circular dependency     2021-04-26
#943425 [+]   libklibc-dev klibc: [s390x] setjmp/longjmp do not save/restore all registers in use block-udeb     2021-05-06
#983533 [+]   src:vinagre [vinagre] black screen when launching RDP session     2021-05-02
#984490 [bul||+|sid]   src:mercurial test-archive.t fails in the autopkg tests     2021-04-26
#985066 [+]   mono-gac mono-gac: messes with the unpacking of another package     2021-05-01
#986134 [+|P]   src:acorn acorn: please reintroduce node-acorn as transitional package     2021-04-14
#986215 [U|+|S|u]   src:scrollz scrollz: CVE-2021-29376     2021-04-28
#986514 [bul|U||+|sid|u]   src:mercurial mercurial: FTBFS: dh_auto_test: error: make -j4 check PYTHON=python3.9 "TESTFLAGS=--verbose --timeout 1440 --jobs 4 --blacklist /<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/debian/mercurial.test_blacklist" returned exit code 2     2021-04-29
#986692 [+]   numptyphysics crash at startup     2021-04-24
#986803 [+|S|u]   rustc CVE-2021-28875 CVE-2021-28876 CVE-2021-28877 CVE-2021-28878 CVE-2021-28879 CVE-2020-36317 CVE-2020-36318     2021-04-25
#987602 [+]   src:ca-certificates ca-certificates-java,default-jre-headless,openjdk-11-jre-headless: get rid of the circular dependency block-udeb     2021-04-28
#988027 [+]   libklibc-dev klibc: sigsetjmp ignores second argument, siglongjmp always restores signals block-udeb     2021-05-05
#988052 [+]   dpkg-cross dpkg-cross: does not convert path to dynamic loader in linker scripts age/7 unblock     2021-05-07
#988098 [+]   plasma-workspace-data plasma-workspace-data: missing Breaks+Replaces: plasma-workspace (<< 4:5.20~)     2021-05-05

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