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73 bugs found

bug# releases package title modified
#554444 (T)   libdebian-installer libdebian-installer: Unable to parse Packages files with long lines 2019-05-11
#558422 (STU)   grub-pc grub-pc: upgrade hangs 2019-05-13
#788721 (TU)   firefox-esr firefox-esr: Some sources are missing 2019-04-27
#866122 (STUE)   src:linux FP register corruption on ppc64el with lock elision 2019-04-13
#897975 (STUE)   gdm3 gdm3: restarts in a loop: IceLockAuthFile fail: Already exists (race condition?) 2019-04-19
#900821 (STUE)   src:linux apache reads wrong data over cifs filesystems served by samba 2019-04-21
#900912 (T)   openjdk-11 openjdk-11: Accessibility does not get loaded 2019-04-21
#909750 (TU)   libfontconfig1 applications tries to write to /usr/* directories via libfontconfig1 2019-05-20
#911795 (STē)   src:golang-golang-x-net-dev CVE-2018-17846 / CVE-2018-17847 / CVE-2018-17848 2019-04-30
#913978 (TUE)   gnome-control-center is not accessible with Orca screenreader 2019-05-16
#915270 (STU)   src:libgovirt libgovirt: FTBFS because https-cert/ca-cert.pem is expired 2019-04-19
#915333 (TUE)   ghc git-annex: Illegal Instruction on armel (Fujitsu Q700 like QNAP TS-21x/TS-22x) 2019-05-12
#919058 (TU)   itstool its-tools: crashes when freeing xmlDocs 2019-04-27
#919914 (TUE)   gnome-settings-daemon gnome-tweaks now equates "don't suspend on lid close" with "don't lock on lid close" (security issue) 2019-04-29
#921599 (TU)   src:mariadb-10.3 python-mysqldb: always connects to localhost ignoring host entry in option file 2019-04-29
#921952 (TU)   src:libsass Don't include in buster without proper commitment to update in stable 2019-05-20
#922346 (Tē)   libgl1-mesa-dri eog: Opened an image and my display server crashed 2019-04-06
#922397 (TU)   libpoppler-glib8 libevdocument3-4: Evince passes NULL pointer to poppler_date_parse 2019-04-23
#922669 (TUē)   src:sqlalchemy sqlalchemy: CVE-2019-7164 CVE-2019-7548 (SQL injection) 2019-05-06
#923592 (TUE)   src:marble marble: FTBFS dh_install: Cannot find (any matches for) "usr/share/metainfo/org.kde.plasma.worldmap.appdata.xml" 2019-05-18
#923698 (TU)   gcc-mingw-w64-x86-64 gcc-mingw-w64 miscompiles PARI 2019-03-07
#923930 (TU)   src:heimdal FTBFS: FAIL test_chain (exit status: 1) 2019-05-20
#924151 (TU)   grub2-common grub2-common: wrong grub.cfg for efi boot and fully encrypted disk 2019-04-09
#924548 (TU)   gnome-core gnome-core: does not actually install a desktop environment on s390x 2019-05-18
#924609 (STU)   src:libsdl1.2 libsdl1.2: Multiple security issues 2019-04-29
#924610 (STU)   src:libsdl2 libsdl2: Multiple security issues 2019-04-29
#924616 (STUE)   src:evolution CVE-2018-15587: Signature Spoofing in PGP encrypted email 2019-04-26
#924657 (TU)   keyboard-configuration kbdnames are generated with incorrect translations 2019-03-31
#924712 (TUē)   libc6-dev crypt() not available _XOPEN_SOURCE is defined 2019-03-21
#925071 (T)   openjdk-11-jre openjdk-11-jre: please add Breaks: eclipse-platform (<< 3.8.1-11) 2019-04-25
#925134 (TU)   grub-efi-amd64 grub-efi-amd64-signed: doesn't mount cryptodisk 2019-04-06
#925555 (TUE)   src:linux linux-image-4.19.0-4-amd64: [regression] No graphics on some IvyBridge / Haswell systems 2019-05-09
#925987 (TU)   jruby CVE-2019-8320 CVE-2019-8321 CVE-2019-8322 CVE-2019-8323 CVE-2019-8324 CVE-2019-8325 2019-03-29
#926180 (TU)   src:scilab scilab: FTBFS on all 2019-05-20
#926182 (TU)   guile-2.2-dev guile-2.2-dev: autoreconf'ed scripts using guile.m4 cannot find guild & guile-config/tools 2019-05-16
#926392 (TUE)   libregexp-pattern-license-perl libregexp-pattern-license-perl: Exponential runtime regexes on some input 2019-04-19
#926646 (TU)   src:libdmtx libdmtx: Incomplete debian/copyright? 2019-04-08
#926699 (TUē)   libc6-x32, libc6-i386 libc6-{i386,x32}: installing, removing, reinstalling in a --merged-usr system results in unmerged /lib{32,x32} 2019-04-23
#926947 (ST)   network-console Setting the 'd-i network-console/password password' preseed variable doesn't change password of 'installer' user 2019-05-02
#926999 (TUē)   libvirt-daemon libvirt-daemon: LXC container cannot be killed, e.g., virsh -c lxc:// destroy <name>, if cgroup backend v2 missing. 2019-04-13
#927008 (TE)   systemd-journal-remote systemd-journal-upload: Upload to http://logserver:19532/upload failed with code 411: gth Required 2019-05-17
#927153 (TU)   fontconfig fontconfig: fc-cache with -y option is broken 2019-05-20
#927165 (TU)   debian-installer debian-installer: improve support for LUKS 2019-04-20
#927255 (TU)   powerpc-utils powerpc-utils is uninstallable 2019-05-20
#927310 (TUE)   libvirt-daemon libvirt-daemon: LXC container shut down, e.g., virsh -c lxc:// shutdown <name>, is ignored 2019-04-17
#927667 (TU)   gnome gnome: please confirm or revert choice of Wayland for default desktop 2019-05-15
#927674 (ST)   src:mercurial CVE-2019-3902 2019-04-25
#927747 (TU)   samba bind9_dlz backend is entirely broken in Debian 2019-05-08
#927942 (TU)   src:gucharmap gucharmap: FTBFS with unicode-data >= 12 2019-05-12
#927978 (TUē)   src:gst-plugins-base1.0 gst-plugins-base1.0: CVE-2019-9928: Buffer overflow in RTSP parsing 2019-05-05
#927993 (TU)   xinit xinit: Cannot load NVIDIA drivers, doesn't connect to X server. No screens found. 2019-05-06
#928052 (TU)   src:snapd CVE-2019-11502 CVE-2019-11503 2019-05-08
#928107 (TU)   src:shim-signed shim-signed: FTBFS in buster (unmet build-depends) 2019-04-28
#928210 (TUE)   src:libheif CVE-2019-11471 2019-05-19
#928282 (TU)   src:filezilla filezilla: CVE-2019-5429 2019-05-01
#928299 (ST)   network-console installation-reports: network-console doesnt set password hash, ssh not possible 2019-05-02
#928393 (TU)   src:mariadb-10.3 mariadb-10.3: CVE-2019-2614 CVE-2019-2627 CVE-2019-2628 2019-05-03
#928429 (TU)   dpkg dpkg: trigger cycle postgresql-common -> sgml-base while upgrading from stretch to buster 2019-05-17
#928526 (TUE)   src:linux linux-image-4.19.0-4-amd64: data corruption when swapping to encrypted SSD with LVM and TRIM enabled 2019-05-06
#928729 (STU)   src:advancecomp advancecomp: CVE-2019-8379 2019-05-18
#928730 (STU)   src:advancecomp advancecomp: CVE-2019-8383 2019-05-18
#928770 (TU)   src:sqlite3 sqlite3: CVE-2019-5018: Window Function Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 2019-05-18
#928948 (TUE)   hostapd hostapd: syslog is spammed every two seconds 2019-05-18
#928963 (TE)   gpg-agent gpg-agent READKEY emits an invalid S-expression when private key file has comment (on 64-bit big-endian platforms) 2019-05-14
#929017 (TU)   mutt mutt: undefined behavior on huge integer in a RFC 2231 header 2019-05-20
#929048 (TU)   tracker-extract tracker-extract: Allocates between 5 and 10 GiB of memory when examining certain DDS files 2019-05-16
#929060 (STU)   initramfs-tools update-initramfs silently failed to change \ 2019-05-16
#929067 (STU)   qemu-system-x86 Support for MDS 2019-05-20
#929080 (TU)   lvm2 lvm2: lvm2-lvmetad.service is left running on upgrade 2019-05-16
#929129 (STU)   src:xen Xen Hypervisor security update for Intel MDS - XSA 297 2019-05-19
#929154 (STE)   src:libvirt libvirt: cpu_map: Define md-clear CPUID bit (CVE-2018-12126, CVE-2018-12127, CVE-2018-12130, CVE-2019-11091) 2019-05-20
#929169 (T)   espeakup espeakup: Fails to detect sound card 2019-05-18
#929187 (TUē)   src:linux libbpf soversion does not match the package name 2019-05-19

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