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96 bugs found

bug# package title modified
#844505 disper disper -S → Segmentation fault 2019-08-16
#901779 src:debirf debirf: autopkgtest fails because script is not executable 2019-07-20
#905206 src:profnet profnet: autopkgtest regression 2019-10-11
#915834 irqbalance Breaks SSH connections, listens on \0 2019-08-26
#920147 sagemath sagemath FTBFS on mipsel and mips64el 2019-08-07
#920545 python-intervaltree-bio python-intervaltree breaks python-intervaltree-bio autopkgtest 2019-08-21
#921384 node-xmpp node-stringprep breaks node-xmpp autopkgtest 2019-07-20
#925908 src:linux "drm/i915/fbdev: Actually configure untiled displays" breaks xserver 2019-07-18
#927124 minitube minitube: Minitube version in Debian Stable it's too old and doesn't work anymore. 2019-09-27
#930057 src:alot alot: FTBFS because of expired keys 2019-09-08
#930178 salt-master salt-master: install fails if salt-minion was installed first 2019-09-25
#931529 gdm3 gnome: Session locking does not possible 2019-07-10
#931566 apt Don't complain about suite changes (Acquire::AllowReleaseInfoChange::Suite should be "true") 2019-09-02
#931585 gdm3 gnome: Executed applications dock lost 2019-07-17
#931892 gnome gnome: Gnome GUI Privacy settings are ignored. 2019-07-12
#931900 projectm-pulseaudio Program crashes with message "free(): double free detected in tcache 2" 2019-07-12
#931961 onboard onboard not work 2019-07-13
#932048 src:knot-resolver knot-resolver: CVE-2019-10190 CVE-2019-10191 2019-07-14
#932085 grub-common grub-common: Grub can't load initrd for Xen after upgrade to Buster 2019-08-09
#932659 nodejs node: modules are not getting detected in a fresh sid chroot environment 2019-07-23
#932725 src:libunwind libunwind8: segfault on MIPS, fix needs backporting 2019-08-20
#932749 libeclipselink-java Debian packaging of EclipseLink is missing essential classes 2019-07-22
#932779 lirc lirc: Fails to install due to missing /etc/lirc/lirc_options.conf 2019-07-23
#932794 xorg xorg: X server crashes when unplugging dock station (Intel hw with kernel modesetting) 2019-07-23
#933001 fontconfig returns 1 to plymouth initramfs hook, breaks initramfs creation 2019-07-25
#933054 gnome-disk-utility gnome-disks: segfault error 4 in 2019-08-07
#933091 node-rollup-plugin-typescript node-rollup-plugin-typescript seems incompatible with rollup/typescript 2019-09-29
#933334 src:ugene ugene: FTBFS in buster (dpkg-shlibdeps error) 2019-07-29
#933642 devscripts devscripts: leaves multiple test/uscan/ processes running after build 2019-08-01
#933749 fail2ban fail2ban: ever-growing fail2ban sqlite database 2019-09-15
#933865 adb adb crashes on startup with SIGBUS 2019-08-06
#933917 src:knot src:knot: Unsafe use of yaml.load() 2019-08-05
#933918 src:lava src:lava: Unsafe use of yaml.load() 2019-09-02
#933948 courier-mta courier-mta randomly stops, cannot restart or start services, it just appears started, but it exists 2019-08-05
#934037 src:sorl-thumbnail sorl-thumbnail: FTBFS in stretch (RuntimeError: Magick: Unable to deduce image format) 2019-08-06
#934043 libapache2-mod-auth-kerb segfaults with use-after-free when using KrbServiceName Any 2019-08-06
#934140 brightd brightd does not fade 2019-08-07
#934160 nfs-common nfs-common: Umask ignored, all files created world-writable on NFS 2019-10-05
#934167 php-oauth php-oauth 2.0.2 is incompatible with PHP 7.3: signature_invalid errors 2019-08-19
#934242 src:crystalhd crystalhd: unusable without (available and properly working) firmware 2019-09-23
#934482 prctl prctl: probably shouldn't be in testing/stable 2019-08-14
#934766 src:libexosip2 libexosip2: CVE-2014-10375 2019-08-14
#934840 src:gcc-defaults gcc-defaults: Build takes forever in stretch 2019-08-15
#934976 defendguin-data defendguin-data: Bill Gates images used, questionable copyright status 2019-08-18
#935042 lynis Program phones home by default 2019-10-14
#935115 bash bash: [regression] passing variable assignments to functions broken in POSIX mode, violating POSIX 2019-08-19
#935156 ceph ceph: Multiple mon deployment failure on arm64: ms_verfity_authorizer bad authorizer and crc check failure 2019-08-20
#935182 libreoffice-core Concurrent file open on the same host results file deletion 2019-08-21
#935313 libvirt-daemon missing ebtables dependency 2019-08-23
#935413 src:ruby2.5 ruby2.5: flaky autopkgtest: base dir expected vs actual mismatch 2019-08-22
#935439 ucf ucf shouldn't change the file permissions 2019-08-22
#935548 src:libxml-security-java libxml-security-java: CVE-2019-12400 2019-08-23
#936015 src:ceph ceph: CVE-2019-10222 2019-09-02
#938929 libvirt-daemon-system Dependency problem with iptables and libvirt-daemon-system 2019-08-30
#939377 citadel-server citadel-server: After installation: Webcit cannot connect, server hangs 2019-09-04
#939527 src:vcdimager vcdimager contains one file with different license 2019-09-29
#939651 meteo-qt meteo-qt/buster crashes immediately because of changed openweathermap data structure 2019-10-09
#939733 lsb-release lsb-release: lsb_release does not show point release on Debian 10.1 2019-09-11
#939739 src:openipmi openipmi: fails to detect udev 2019-09-08
#939813 tasksel tasksel: selected packages marked for removal on apt full-upgrade 2019-09-09
#940139 nautilus nautilus: open files by double clicking or right click "open" 2019-09-12
#940463 falkon falkon: Falkon crashes and even freezes entire desktop. 2019-09-16
#940505 src:pure-ftpd pure-ftpd: TLS 1.3 support broken 2019-09-16
#940565 pyside2 PySide2 segfaults with Python3. Message: "SystemError: could not initialize part 1" (shiboken) 2019-09-17
#940678 zfsutils-linux zfsutils-linux: zfs-import-cache fails w. "one or more devices is currently unavailable" on Buster after upgrade from Stretch 2019-09-30
#940679 cython3 cython3: generated code does out of bounds reads in with-dict (subclass of) cdef class 2019-09-27
#940687 src:ucblogo ucblogo: Missing corresponding source for configure 2019-09-19
#940839 openshot-qt openshot-qt: cannot start, crashes immediately 2019-10-02
#940871 src:openconnect openconnect: CVE-2019-16239: Fix buffer overflow with chunked HTTP handling 2019-09-21
#940905 src:rexical rexical: CVE-2019-5477 2019-09-21
#940985 dnsmasq dnsmasq WFTBFS: Accesses ECC curves directly 2019-09-22
#940992 firefoxdriver firefoxdriver: does not work with firefox > 47 at all 2019-09-23
#941077 src:xserver-xorg-video-ast xserver-xorg-video-ast: sourceless firmware in AST_DP501_firmware in src/ast_dp501fw.h 2019-09-24
#941267 ukwm ukwm can't start, dmesg has segfault error info [b5b4c000+68000] 2019-10-10
#941407 tmperamental tmperamental makes ls(1) segfault 2019-09-30
#941669 python3-rpi.gpio python3-rpi.gpio fails to work on aarch64 (upgrade needed) 2019-10-03
#941712 hfsutils hfs partitions corrupted when removing lots of files over network 2019-10-10
#941829 inform-mode inform-mode: Can't type right bracket; complains about last-command-char 2019-10-06
#941890 python-clang-7 python-clang-7: missing dependency on libclang-7-dev 2019-10-07
#941982 libsys-info-base-perl libsys-info-base-perl: missing file Sys/ 2019-10-08
#941984 src:backintime backintime: files under the GFDL 2019-10-08
#941996 openmpi-bin openmpi-bin: segfaults with the 'verbs' OFI provider 2019-10-08
#942047 dnscrypt-proxy dnscrypt-proxy doesn't and can't run like this 2019-10-09
#942078 baloo-kf5 [high quality bug] baloo crash, can't recover; forced reindex does not fix; unusable via dolphin C-f 2019-10-09
#942114 ganeti-instance-debootstrap cache fails to store capabilities correctly 2019-10-10
#942138 apt apt: installation of glade destroys system 2019-10-10
#942146 src:koji koji: CVE-2019-17109 2019-10-10
#942161 src:impacket src:impacket: Substantial issues with debian/copyright 2019-10-11
#942203 postbooks postbooks: fails to comply with the DFSG 2019-10-12
#942222 seekwatcher crash at startup, like #734405 (ValueError: numpy.dtype does not appear to be the correct type object) 2019-10-14
#942315 tcpdump tcpdump: Version in oldoldstable is higher than oldstable and stable 2019-10-14
#942331 src:google-cloud-print-connector google-cloud-print-connector: FTBFS during rebuild with libsnmp35 2019-10-14
#942339 src:peony-extensions peony-extensions: FTBFS - local unused g_ptr_array_copy definition collides with glib 2019-10-14
#942350 repmgr repmgr: autopkgtest fails with postgresql 12 libraries 2019-10-14
#942352 python3-scales python3-scales: wrong package name 2019-10-15
#942353 python-evtx python-evtx: ImportError: No module named hexdump 2019-10-15

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and not (id in (select id from bugs_tags where tag='pending')) 
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