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110 bugs found

bug# package title modified
#666707 hfsprogs hfsprogs is not DFSG-Free 2020-01-05
#719916 yahoo2mbox Getting "Unexpected title page format Error" from yahoo2mbox 2019-10-22
#835340 python-pymetar python-pymetar: no longer available 2019-12-24
#901779 src:debirf debirf: autopkgtest fails because script is not executable 2019-07-20
#905206 src:profnet profnet: autopkgtest regression 2019-10-11
#906026 lightdm-gtk-greeter Switch to Ayatana Indicators 2020-02-13
#918163 xul-ext-sieve Broken in Stretch 2020-01-10
#920545 python-intervaltree-bio python-intervaltree breaks python-intervaltree-bio autopkgtest 2019-08-21
#924925 projectm-pulseaudio projectm-pulseaudio crashes after a few seconds 2019-12-15
#925908 src:linux "drm/i915/fbdev: Actually configure untiled displays" breaks xserver 2019-07-18
#927124 minitube minitube: Minitube version in Debian Stable it's too old and doesn't work anymore. 2019-09-27
#931529 gdm3 gnome: Session locking does not possible 2019-07-10
#931566 apt Don't complain about suite changes (Acquire::AllowReleaseInfoChange::Suite should be "true") 2019-09-02
#931892 gnome gnome: Gnome GUI Privacy settings are ignored. 2019-07-12
#932048 src:knot-resolver knot-resolver: CVE-2019-10190 CVE-2019-10191 2019-11-06
#932085 grub-common grub-common: Grub can't load initrd for Xen after upgrade to Buster 2019-11-09
#932659 nodejs node: modules are not getting detected in a fresh sid chroot environment 2019-07-23
#932725 src:libunwind libunwind8: segfault on MIPS, fix needs backporting 2019-08-20
#932749 libeclipselink-java Debian packaging of EclipseLink is missing essential classes 2019-07-22
#932779 lirc lirc: Fails to install due to missing /etc/lirc/lirc_options.conf 2019-07-23
#932794 xorg xorg: X server crashes when unplugging dock station (Intel hw with kernel modesetting) 2019-07-23
#933001 fontconfig returns 1 to plymouth initramfs hook, breaks initramfs creation 2019-07-25
#933334 src:ugene ugene: FTBFS in buster (dpkg-shlibdeps error) 2020-02-17
#933439 src:amule amule: Please rebuild against wxWidgets GTK 3 package 2020-02-16
#933749 fail2ban fail2ban: ever-growing fail2ban sqlite database 2019-11-30
#933865 android-libboringssl adb crashes on startup with SIGBUS (armhf) 2019-12-15
#933948 courier-mta courier-mta randomly stops, cannot restart or start services, it just appears started, but it exists 2019-08-05
#934160 nfs-common nfs-common: Umask ignored, all files created world-writable on NFS 2019-10-05
#934167 php-oauth php-oauth 2.0.2 is incompatible with PHP 7.3: signature_invalid errors 2019-08-19
#934242 src:crystalhd crystalhd: unusable without (available and properly working) firmware 2019-09-23
#934482 src:prctl prctl: probably shouldn't be in testing/stable 2019-11-18
#935042 lynis Program phones home by default 2019-12-15
#935115 bash bash: [regression] passing variable assignments to functions broken in POSIX mode, violating POSIX 2019-08-19
#935182 libreoffice-core Concurrent file open on the same host results file deletion 2019-08-21
#935313 libvirt-daemon missing ebtables dependency 2019-08-23
#935413 src:ruby2.5 ruby2.5: flaky autopkgtest: base dir expected vs actual mismatch 2019-08-22
#935439 ucf ucf shouldn't change the file permissions 2019-08-22
#935548 src:libxml-security-java libxml-security-java: CVE-2019-12400 2019-08-23
#936055 src:libapp-stacktrace-perl t/unthreaded.t test failing 2020-02-19
#938929 libvirt-daemon-system Dependency problem with iptables and libvirt-daemon-system 2019-08-30
#939377 citadel-server citadel-server: After installation: Webcit cannot connect, server hangs 2019-11-25
#939527 src:vcdimager vcdimager contains one file with different license 2019-09-29
#939733 lsb-release lsb-release: lsb_release does not show point release on Debian 10.1 2019-11-11
#939739 src:openipmi openipmi: fails to detect udev 2019-09-08
#939813 tasksel tasksel: selected packages marked for removal on apt full-upgrade 2019-09-09
#940139 nautilus nautilus: open files by double clicking or right click "open" 2019-09-12
#940839 openshot-qt openshot-qt: cannot start, crashes immediately 2020-01-23
#940992 firefoxdriver firefoxdriver: does not work with firefox > 47 at all 2019-09-23
#941077 src:xserver-xorg-video-ast xserver-xorg-video-ast: sourceless firmware in AST_DP501_firmware in src/ast_dp501fw.h 2019-09-24
#941407 tmperamental tmperamental makes ls(1) segfault 2019-09-30
#941712 src:linux hfs partitions corrupted when removing lots of files over network 2019-12-19
#941829 inform-mode inform-mode: Can't type right bracket; complains about last-command-char 2019-10-06
#942064 src:profphd profphd: autopkgtest failure 2019-10-24
#942078 baloo-kf5 [high quality bug] baloo crash, can't recover; forced reindex does not fix; unusable via dolphin C-f 2019-10-09
#942222 seekwatcher crash at startup, like #734405 (ValueError: numpy.dtype does not appear to be the correct type object) 2019-10-14
#942737 libapache2-mod-gnutls libapache2-mod-gnutls: mod_gnutls consumes 100% cpu 2019-12-16
#942876 openjdk-11-jre-dcevm openjdk-11-jre-dcevm: Doesn't start up anymore after updating openjdk-11-jre 2019-10-22
#943402 festlex-ifd festlex-ifd: calling festival --tts or text2wave aborts 2019-10-27
#943424 plymouth Plymouth prevents clean shutdown in some cases, which may result in data loss 2019-10-25
#943462 polkit-kde-agent-1 [polkit-kde-agent-1] Fails to start with elogind 2019-10-25
#943695 src:didjvu didjvu: FTBFS: ERROR: tests.test_timestamp.test_timezones 2020-02-18
#944265 src:mailutils mailutils: local privilege escalation in maidag utility (fixed in 3.8) (CVE-2019-18862) 2019-11-23
#944553 midori midori deletes my files 2020-02-19
#944871 src:docbook-xsl docbook-xsl: readds catalogs to the super catalog on every upgrade 2019-11-16
#945242 src:libfile-rsyncp-perl libfile-rsyncp-perl misses source for FileList/configure 2019-11-21
#945369 src:yard yard: CVE-2019-1020001 2020-01-19
#945405 youtube-dl ERROR: Signature extraction failed + WARNING: Unable to extract video title 2019-11-24
#945478 src:scanlogd scanlogd: wrong patch, wrong copyright, new upstream release 2.2.7 2019-11-25
#946181 src:knot-resolver knot-resolver: CVE-2019-19331 2019-12-04
#946591 courier-mta mkesmtpdcert does not make file where it said 2019-12-11
#946623 fwupd fwupd: vendor-id hard requirement coming in 6 months 2020-01-26
#946667 mercurial-server mercurial-server: can't clone to or push repository to server (object has no attribute 'changectx') 2019-12-13
#946882 lvm2 blk-availability.service: may fail or unmount filesystems too soon 2019-12-17
#947005 src:nethack nethack: CVE-2019-19905: buffer overflow when parsing config files 2020-02-02
#947039 libapache2-mod-auth-pgsql libapache2-mod-auth-pgsql: AuthType Basic configured without corresponding module 2019-12-19
#947113 src:lout lout: CVE-2019-19917 CVE-2019-19918 2019-12-21
#947425 incron incron crashes in IncronTabEntry::GetSafePath due to use-after-free bug 2019-12-26
#947510 asterisk-espeak Asterisk won't response for a while after run the TTS for the first time. 2020-01-02
#947745 youtube-dl recent version for stable-(updates|backports) 2020-02-11
#948075 php-smbclient possible licensing issues 2020-01-03
#948491 centreon-engine centengine crashes regulary 2020-01-10
#948739 gparted gparted should not mask .mount units 2020-01-12
#948987 kopete kopete: segfaults when is using it (libjingle-call) 2020-01-16
#949169 src:appstream-glib appstream-glib FTBFS in the year 2020 2020-01-17
#949216 src:libopenshot libopenshot FTBFS on amd64/i386: test failures 2020-01-18
#949227 src:python-pysaml2 python-pysaml2: FTBFS in buster because of expired certificate 2020-02-19
#949393 src:storebackup storebackup: CVE-2020-7040: denial of service and symlink attack vector via fixed lockfile path /tmp/storeBackup.lock 2020-02-17
#949478 browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash might be useless now 2020-01-22
#949519 sudo-ldap sudo-ldap: Fails to connect to LDAP : "ldap_sasl_bind_s(): Can't contact LDAP server" 2020-01-22
#949537 elpa-elfeed-web elpa-elfeed-web: depends on CSS and JavaScript not in Debian 2020-02-19
#949733 python-pip python-pip: 'pip install' don't work for python2 in Debian10 2020-01-26
#950131 src:mixxx mixxx: Baseline violation on i386 2020-01-29
#950168 pstack pstack always fails with "crawl: Input/output error" 2020-02-01
#950512 src:quotecolors quotecolors: not usable anymore with TB>= 68.x 2020-02-04
#950644 gnome-books gnome-books: Should depend on tracker-extract 2020-02-16
#950654 node-eslint-plugin-html node-eslint-plugin-html seems unusable without eslint 2020-02-05
#950791 src:neomutt neomutt: missing debian/copyright entries for autosetup/* 2020-02-06
#950816 mpv mpv: unintended code execution vulnerability 2020-02-15
#950840 lxc-templates English India selected during installation breaks locale in lxc 2020-02-07
#951009 vdr-plugin-epgsearch vdr-plugin-epgsearch: starting vdr with vdr-plugin-epgsearch installed gives a segfault 2020-02-11
#951059 mariadb-server-10.3 mariadb-server-10.3: lc_messages=fr_FR leads to upgrade crash with apt 2020-02-17
#951248 src:origami-pdf origami-pdf: autopkgtest failure: output to stderr: warning: constant ::Bignum is deprecated 2020-02-13
#951294 parsec47 parsec47: exits with an error immediately after starting 2020-02-13
#951302 timeshift timeshift: /mnt is used programmatically 2020-02-14
#951329 user-mode-linux FTBFS in buster with linux-source-4.19 4.19.98-1 2020-02-18
#951423 gunroar gunroar: symbol lookup error: gunroar: undefined symbol: _D4core4stdc5errno5errnoFNbNdNiNeZi 2020-02-16
#951537 src:php-horde-data php-horde-data: CVE-2020-8518 2020-02-17
#951717 src:broccoli-ruby broccoli-ruby: suppor for multiple Ruby versions is broken 2020-02-20
#951730 argyll OpenSSL linking without license exception 2020-02-20
#951743 calibre OpenSSL linking without license exception 2020-02-20

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