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21 bugs found

bug# tags releases package title popcon hints claimed by deferred RT modified
#924657 [+]   (TU)   keyboard-configuration kbdnames are generated with incorrect translations 188247 block-udeb         2019-03-31
#925134   (TUE)   grub-efi-amd64 grub-efi-amd64-signed: doesn't mount cryptodisk 192593 block-udeb         2019-04-06
#924151 [H]   (TUE)   grub2-common grub2-common: wrong grub.cfg for efi boot and fully encrypted disk 192593 block-udeb         2019-04-09
#919914 [M|+|S]   (TUE)   gnome-settings-daemon gnome-tweaks now equates "don't suspend on lid close" with "don't lock on lid close" (security issue) 60271         2019-04-29
#927993 [M]   (TU)   xinit xinit: Cannot load NVIDIA drivers, doesn't connect to X server. No screens found. 100384         2019-05-06
#927747   (TU)   samba bind9_dlz backend is entirely broken in Debian 129790         2019-05-08
#929060 []   (STU)   initramfs-tools update-initramfs silently failed to change \ 194069         2019-05-16
#929129 [S|u]   (STU)   src:xen Xen Hypervisor security update for Intel MDS - XSA 297 21576         2019-05-19
#909750 [U|u]   (TU)   libfontconfig1 applications tries to write to /usr/* directories via libfontconfig1 176163 block-udeb         2019-05-20
#928526 [u]   (TUE)   src:linux linux-image-4.19.0-4-amd64: data corruption with swap file on filesystem with encrypted SSD, LVM and TRIM enabled 120797 block-udeb unblock         2019-05-22
#925555 [U|+|u]   (TUE)   src:linux linux-image-4.19.0-4-amd64: [regression] No graphics on some IvyBridge / Haswell systems 120797 block-udeb unblock         2019-05-27
#929048 [R]   (TU)   tracker-extract tracker-extract: Allocates between 5 and 10 GiB of memory when examining certain DDS files 50827         2019-05-28
#928282 [+|S|u]   (TU)   src:filezilla filezilla: CVE-2019-5429 11638         2019-06-09
#928052 [U|+|S|u]   (TU)   src:snapd CVE-2019-11502 CVE-2019-11503 4900         2019-06-10
#927165   (TU)   debian-installer debian-installer: improve support for LUKS 225 unblock urgent         2019-06-10
#850291   (STUE)   gdm3 gdm3: does not work without gnome-session 50407         2019-06-12
#919058   (TU)   itstool its-tools: crashes when freeing xmlDocs 933         2019-06-13
#927226 [d-i]   (TU)   libpaper1 libpaper1: Fresh RC1 install doesn't configure /etc/papersize 145825         2019-06-13
#927667 [+]   (TUE)   gdm3 gnome: please confirm or revert choice of Wayland for default desktop 50407         2019-06-15
#924005   (TUE)   jetty9 client certificate verification regression with puppetdb 6718         2019-06-15
#928214   (TU)   gcc-mingw-w64 mingw-w64 GCC is built without linker plugin support making LTO unusable 1440         2019-06-18

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