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32 bugs found

bug# tags releases package title deferred modified
#828522 [bus|exp|sid]   (TUē)   src:qt4-x11 qt4-x11: FTBFS with openssl 1.1.0   2017-11-15
#848024   (STUē)   network-manager-openvpn Fails to connect after upgrade to openvpn 2.4   2017-08-24
#859367 [bus|exp|sid]   (TUē)   src:omniorb-dfsg omniorb-dfsg: Please migrate to openssl1.1 in buster   2017-11-14
#859790 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   wpa wpa: Please migrate to openssl1.1 in Buster   2017-11-13
#859826 [bus|sid]   (TU)   xca xca: Please migrate to openssl1.1 in Buster   2017-11-20
#863568 [bus|U|sid]   (TU)   cfengine3 cfengine3: Please migrate to openssl1.1 in Buster   2017-11-21
#866354   (TUE)   libstdc++6 armel: symbol _ZTINSt13__future_base12_Result_baseE, version GLIBCXX_3.4.15 not defined in file   2017-08-27
#868779 [+]   (STU)   clang-3.8 clang: produces unusable binaries on armv5tel   2017-10-21
#869869 [bus|+|sid]   (TUē)   src:kalzium kalzium FTBFS with OCaml 4.05.0: Options -c and -o are incompatible when compiling C files   2017-10-24
#871300 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   libmagick++-6.q16-7 libmagick++-6.q16-7: requires rebuild against GCC 7 and symbols/shlibs bump   2017-08-23
#872373 [U|S]   (TUE)   imagemagick CVE-2017-12877   2017-11-18
#873020 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   src:phonon phonon FTBFS qtbase5-dev 5.9.1+dfsg-9   2017-08-23
#873099 [U|+|S|u]   (STUE)   src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-13134   2017-11-18
#873134 [U|+|S|u]   (STUE)   src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-12983   2017-11-18
#873306 [+]   (TUē)   clang-5.0 clang: produces unusable binaries on armv5tel   2017-10-01
#874276 [+]   (STU)   ca-certificates-java ca-certificates-java: fails to install on armhf: Error: missing `server' JVM at `/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-armhf/jre/lib/arm/server/'   2017-09-30
#876097 [U|+|S|u]   (STUE)   src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-14224: Heap buffer overflow in WritePCXImage   2017-11-18
#876488 [+|S|u]   (STUE)   src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-14682: Heap buffer overflow in GetNextToken()   2017-11-18
#877189 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   src:libkf5kexiv2 libkf5kexiv2 FTBFS: error: missing binary operator before token "defined"   2017-09-29
#877190 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   src:libkf5kdcraw libkf5kdcraw FTBFS: error: missing binary operator before token "defined"   2017-09-29
#877313 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   src:kcalcore kcalcore FTBFS: undefined reference to `qt_qhash_seed'   2017-09-30
#877970   (TUē)   chromium-common, chromium-shell chromium-common,chromium-shell: security update in stable invalidated Breaks+Replaces for package split in testing/sid   2017-11-14
#878507 [U|+|S|u]   (STUE)   src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-13769   2017-11-18
#878508 [+|S|u]   (STUE)   src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-13758   2017-11-18
#878527 [U|+|S|u]   (STUE)   src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-14607   2017-11-18
#878562 [U|+|S|u]   (STUE)   src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-14989   2017-11-18
#878578 [U|+|S|u]   (STUE)   src:imagemagick imagemagick: CVE-2017-15277   2017-11-18
#878728 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   src:cantor cantor ftbfs   2017-10-16
#878757   (STU)   openvswitch-switch Openvswitch must started before networking servise   2017-10-26
#878834 [U|+|u]   (TU)   libfreetype6 freetype: Upgrade to 2.8.1 breaks font rendering in various applications   2017-11-12
#879094 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   src:marble marble: FTBFS in unstable - missing symbols   2017-11-16
#880723   (TUē)   src:brial FTBFS: Build-Depends on removed package libgd2-xpm-dev   2017-11-11

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