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28 bugs found

bug# tags releases package title deferred modified
#757909 [bus|U|sid|u]   (TUē)   pulseaudio-module-gconf pulseaudio-module-gconf: migration to a dconf PA backend   2018-05-17
#803526 [bus|+|sid]   (TU)   scilab-minimal-bin scilab-minimal-bin: built with old TCL/TK on purpose?   2018-05-04
#843926 [bus|exp|U|jes|sid|str]   (STUē)   libjemalloc1 jemalloc uses a hard coded page size detected during build   2018-02-25
#856699 [bus|U|sid]   (TUē)   src:cinnamon cinnamon: recommends gksu which is deprecated   2018-05-05
#858398 [bus|exp|sid]   (TU)   curl curl: Please migrate to openssl1.1 in Buster   2018-03-03
#859367 [bus|exp|sid]   (TUē)   src:omniorb-dfsg omniorb-dfsg: Please migrate to openssl1.1 in buster   2017-12-04
#859841 [bus|exp|sid]   (TUē)   zurl zurl: Please migrate to openssl1.1 in Buster   2018-05-18
#872533 [bus|exp|sid]   (TUē)   src:node-chai node-chai FTBFS with nodejs 6.11.2   2018-02-25
#874276 [+]   (STU)   ca-certificates-java ca-certificates-java: fails to install on armhf: Error: missing `server' JVM at `/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-armhf/jre/lib/arm/server/'   2017-09-30
#878834 [U|+|u]   (TU)   libfreetype6 freetype: Upgrade to 2.8.1 breaks font rendering in various applications   2018-03-11
#878999   (STUē)   src:protobuf protobuf FTBFS on armhf/i386: testMergeFrom (google.protobuf.internal.message_test.Proto3Test) ... Segmentation fault   2018-05-13
#879575 [bus|U|sid]   (TUē)   src:cjs cjs: Please don't use mozjs24   2018-05-05
#882141   (TU)   src:postfix postfix - systemd generator broken with inet_interfaces   2018-03-10
#886833   (TUē)   librsvg2-2 rsvg_pixbuf_from_file_at_size broken in recent librsvg2-2   2018-05-04
#890747   (TUē)   clang clang-defaults: needs to provide a generic clang-tools package   2018-02-26
#890805 [S]   (TU)   imagemagick imagemagick: Update for 6.9.9-35   2018-03-20
#892662   (TUē)   src:uglifyjs uglifyjs FTBFS: test failures   2018-03-11
#893655 [bus|exp|sid]   (TUē)   src:libwoodstox-java libwoodstox-java FTBFS with openjdk-9   2018-04-23
#894289   (TUē)   src:htsjdk htsjdk FTBFS with openjdk-9   2018-04-17
#895516 [bus|sid]   (TU)   python-setuptools wxpython4.0 FTBFS: test failure   2018-05-10
#895792 [U]   (TUē)   gplaycli gplaycli: dependency androguard switched to Python 3, gplaycli is incompatible with Python 3   2018-05-12
#896448 [bus|exp|sid]   (TUē)   src:mtbl mtbl FTBFS with liblz4-dev   2018-04-23
#896845 [u]   (TU)   bluez bluetoothd crashes when turning on discoverable   2018-05-23
#897568   (TU)   zfs-dkms zfs-dkms 0.7.6 fails to build on 4.16.0-1-amd64   2018-05-17
#898149   (TU)   krdc Recommends: freerdp-x11 won't be in buster   2018-05-22
#898651 [+]   (TU)   fakemachine fakemachine: missing dependencies   2018-05-19
#898707 [u]   (TU)   crash debian/rules build target attempts network access when git is installed   2018-05-21
#898903 [bus|sid]   (TU)   libnative-platform-java libnative-platform-java: FTBFS with Java 10 due to javah removal   2018-05-17

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