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25 bugs found

bug# tags releases package title deferred modified
#842432 [U|+|S|u]   (STU)   src:ruby2.3 ruby2.3: CVE-2016-7798: IV Reuse in GCM Mode   2017-09-23
#848024   (STUē)   network-manager-openvpn Fails to connect after upgrade to openvpn 2.4   2017-08-24
#853324 [bus|+|sid]   (TU)   libmpich-dev libmpich-dev: drop the gcc version check in mpicxx.h   2017-08-18
#853588 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   src:opencv opencv: ftbfs with GCC-7   2017-08-18
#864860 [+|S|u]   (STU)   src:ruby2.3 ruby2.3: CVE-2015-9096: SMTP command injection via CRLF sequences in RCPT TO or MAIL FROM commands in Net::SMTP   2017-09-23
#864927 [bus|exp|sid]   (TUē)   kde-l10n-sr kde-l10n-sr and plasma-desktop-data: error when trying to install together   2017-09-09
#865247 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   src:opencv Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended   2017-07-04
#866354   (TU)   libstdc++6 armel: symbol _ZTINSt13__future_base12_Result_baseE, version GLIBCXX_3.4.15 not defined in file   2017-08-27
#867513 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   src:pyflakes pyflakes FTBFS with python 3.6 as supported version   2017-07-06
#868615 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   src:python-pbr python-pbr FTBFS: AttributeError: No such config value: man_pages   2017-08-08
#868976 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   src:python-pbr python-pbr: FTBFS: Test failures   2017-08-08
#871155 [bus|+|sid]   (TUē)   brltty brltty: FTBFS: cc1: error: -Wformat-security ignored without -Wformat [-Werror=format-security]   2017-08-22
#871298 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   libopenturns0.8 libopenturns0.8: requires rebuild against GCC 7 and symbols/shlibs bump   2017-08-28
#871300 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   libmagick++-6.q16-7 libmagick++-6.q16-7: requires rebuild against GCC 7 and symbols/shlibs bump   2017-08-23
#871505 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   src:openturns openturns: testsuite failure on i386   2017-08-28
#871831 [bus|+|sid]   (TU)   src:mono-tools mono-tools: Depends on libwebkit1.1-cil which is deprecated   2017-09-23
#873020 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   src:phonon phonon FTBFS qtbase5-dev 5.9.1+dfsg-9   2017-08-23
#873802 [S|u]   (STU)   src:ruby2.3 Multiple vulnerabilities in rubygems (CVE-2017-0899 to CVE-2017-0902)   2017-09-23
#873874 [bus|fie|sid]   (TUē)   src:uim uim FTBFS with libanthy-dev 1:0.3-5   2017-09-11
#873906 [+|S|u]   (STU)   src:ruby2.3 ruby2.3: CVE-2017-14064   2017-09-23
#874533   (TU)   clang-4.0 llvm-toolchain-4.0: Can't exec "gcc-7.1": No such file or directory   2017-09-07
#875723 [bus|sid]   (TU)   python3-pandas python3-pandas: Pandas is not installable   2017-09-23
#876109 [S|u]   (STU)   src:apache2 apache2: CVE-2017-9798: HTTP OPTIONS method can leak Apache's server memory   2017-09-23
#876328 [+|S|u]   (TU)   src:asterisk asterisk: CVE-2017-14603: RTP/RTCP information leak (AST-2017-008)   2017-09-23
#876622 [bus|sid]   (TUē)   src:spambayes spambayes: missing build dependency on rename   2017-09-24

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