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182 bugs found

bug# tags package title hints deferred RT modified
#614497 [jes-i|squ-i|str-i|whe-i]   doc-debian doc-debian: The OPL-licensed documents taken from Debian website are non-free       2016-10-16
#665334 [jes-i|squ-i|str-i|whe-i]   fontforge non-DFSG postscript embedded in fontforge (currently August 2014       2017-03-19
#675857 [+]   alsa-utils PulseAudio-related hidden config files & folders created in the root directory     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-04
#694320 [jes-i|P|squ-i|str-i|whe-i]   gsfonts [gsfonts] Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved       2017-03-19
#694323 [jes-i|P|str-i|whe-i]   lmodern [gsfonts] Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved       2017-03-19
#694324 [jes-i|str-i|whe-i]   tex-gyre Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved     wheezy-can-defer   2017-03-19
#704303 [jes-i|+|str-i]   firefox, firefox-esr iceweasel: MPL license text is missing       2017-04-19
#709198 [jes-i|str-i|whe-i]   debconf debconf: should not use python in maintainer scripts       2017-04-22
#717636 [jes-i|str-i]   texlive-lang-indic [latex-sanskrit] Package contain type1 startlock fragment from black book       2017-03-19
#740893   libjs-jquery-hotkeys libjs-jquery-hotkeys: jquery.hotkeys changes break python-coverage html reports.     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-25
#741464 [jes-i|str-i]   grub-pc-bin grub-pc-bin: freezes after "terminal_input at_keyboard"     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-19
#749991 [d-i|str-i]   debian-installer debian-installer: Wrong kernel in debian-installer package     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-06
#760385 [U|jes-i|S|str-i|u]   libv8-3.14 nodejs: CVE-2014-5256     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-19
#773623 [jes-i|S|str-i]   libv8-3.14 nodejs: CVE-2014-7192     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-19
#773671 [jes-i|S|str-i]   src:libv8-3.14 libv8-3.14: multiple security issues     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-19
#782030   stunnel4 stunnel4: Fails to restart on slow/loaded systems       2017-06-21
#787527   chromium-browser Some sources are not included in your package     stretch-can-defer   2017-02-06
#788721   src:firefox-esr [src:iceweasel] Some sources are not included in your package     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-08
#804272 [jes-i|str-i|u]   akonadi-server fails to synchronize caldav to OpenXChange without notice     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-19
#807168 [jes-i|str-i|]   src:debian-installer-netboot-images debian-installer-netboot-images: required resources not declared as build-dependencies (fetches via network)     stretch-can-defer   2017-02-10
#812574   grub-pc grub-pc: wants to overwrite admin configuration on each upgrade     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-22
#816640 [str-i]   src:ruby-eventmachine ruby-eventmachine: FTBFS under pbuilder with USENETWORK=no: TestResolver fails (no implicit conversion of nil into String)     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-10
#819705 [+]   firmware-b43-installer firmware-b43-installer: Brittle handling of /lib/firmware/b43, can readily conflict with other packages, improper removal during *postrm*       2017-06-09
#820748   python-uniconvertor uniconvertor: ImportError: No module named sk1libs.utils.fs       2017-06-19
#827297 [str-i]   deborphan deborphan: No support for versioned provides     stretch-can-defer   2017-02-04
#827665 [+]   live-config-systemd systemd goes into timeout while waiting for       2017-06-23
#834204 [str-i]   src:libsdl1.2 libsdl1.2: Nonfree file: src/video/fbcon/riva_mmio.h       2017-03-19
#834845 [jes-i|+|S|str-i|u]   src:chicken chicken: CVE-2016-6830 CVE-2016-6831     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-19
#839048 [bus|jes|jes-i|sid|str|str-i]   libmozjs185-1.0 couchjs crashes on ARM64       2017-06-18
#839840 [str-i]   src:ghc ghci segfaults on armel, related to doctest failure     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-06
#843926 [bus|U|jes|sid|str]   libjemalloc1 jemalloc uses a hard coded page size detected during build       2017-06-18
#844146 [bus|U|sid]   src:libmicrohttpd libmicrohttpd: FTBFS: Test failures       2017-02-18
#846548 [+|str-i]   libengine-pkcs11-openssl libengine-pkcs11-openssl: Can't load pkcs11 engine into openssl     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-07
#849240 [bus|U|sid|str]   auto-complete-el auto-complete-el: ac-menu-delete setq of 1 arg       2017-06-20
#849831 [U|jes-i|str-i]   firefox-esr firefox: contains JSHint work under non-free licence     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-27
#849832 [jes-i|str-i|whe-i]   icedove firefox: contains JSHint work under non-free licence     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-18
#850457 [bus|sid|str]   src:pspp pspp: FTBFS randomly (testsuite: 247 failed)     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-18
#851373 [str-i]   ghc git-annex FTBFS on armel/armhf: ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened)     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-05
#851555 [str-i]   tasksel Blends install options removed from tasksel menu       2017-03-19
#851771 [jes-i|S|str-i|u|whe-i]   src:php-gettext php-gettext: CVE-2016-6175     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-22
#854210   libnet-xmpp-perl libnet-xmpp-perl: sendxmpp can't send message to hangouts (work fine for 1.02-5)       2017-06-24
#854228 [str-i]   libblacs-openmpi1 Libraries not linked with their deps     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-11
#854884 [bus|sid]   baloo4 baloo: is this obsoleted by src:baloo-kf5?     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-21
#855344 [U|jes-i|str-i|u]   icedove thunderbird: retains mails from removed IMAP accounts     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-08
#857573   ifupdown No longer umounts AoE/NBD-based file systems, causing data loss     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-18
#859262   gnome-orca gnome-orca: Gets stuck if target app is busy     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-23
#859421 [bus|sid]   src:python-tz src:python-tz: Please orphan python-tz     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-18
#859510 [str-i]   src:ruby-unf-ext Generated header file without means to regenerate     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-11
#859926   speech-dispatcher breaks with pulse-audio as output when spawned by speechd-up from init system     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-21
#860650 [bus|sid|str|str-i]   src:zookeeper zookeeper: FTBFS on i386: /home/user42/.ant/cache/resolved-org.apache.zookeeper-zookeeper-3.4.9-2.xml (No such file or directory)       2017-06-18
#860747 [jes-i|str-i]   ruby-all-dev ruby-all-dev: include upper bound on generated ruby dependencies       2017-05-03
#860751 [bus|sid|str]   mawk mawk: segfaults on i386 during win32-loader build     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-18
#860876 [bus|sid]   r-cran-kernsmooth reapr: FTBFS: Error in system call: R CMD BATCH 00.Sample/gc_vs_cov.R 00.Sample/gc_vs_cov.Rout       2017-06-18
#861028 [jes-i|str-i|whe-i]   morse-simulator morse-simulator: abuses Conflicts to circument Policy 10.1 on /usr/bin/morse collision with morse     stretch-can-defer   2017-04-30
#861298 [bus|+|sid]   src:oggvideotools oggvideotools: FTBFS: can not open file </usr/lib/python*/dist-packages/pygame/examples/data/house_lo.ogg> for reading       2017-06-18
#861468   src:php-monolog php-monolog: FTBFS (failing tests at the end of the month)     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-07
#861515 [str-i]   src:node-grunt-contrib-copy src:node-grunt-contrib-copy: FTBFS on armhf i386: test failure: ✖ copy - timestamp_equal       2017-05-30
#861840 [U|P]   calendar-google-provider thunderbird: gmail authentication broken     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-04
#862373 [C|S]   libyaml-libyaml-perl libyaml-libyaml-perl: Unconditionally instantiates objects from yaml data     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-12
#862475 [C|S]   libyaml-syck-perl libyaml-syck-perl: Unconditionally instantiates objects from yaml data     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-13
#862483 [U]   fontconfig fontconfig FTBFS if docbook-utils is installed   2.12.3-0.1 (1 day)   stretch-can-defer   2017-06-01
#862531 [H]   nbd-client nbd-client: provide a systemd service to allow proper shutdown of NBD mounts     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-05
#862536   src:llvm-toolchain-3.7 llvm-toolchain-3.7: Fix R_AARCH64_MOVW_UABS_G3 remove:#836602 [M]     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-14
#862712 [S]   node-brace-expansion node-brace-expansion: regular expression denial of service     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-16
#862842 [jes-i|str-i]   src:linux FTBFS invoking debian/rules binary-arch manually       2017-06-20
#862899 [S|u]   rsync rsync: insufficient escaping/quoting of arguments     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-22
#863082 [H]   src:pulseaudio pulseaudio: debian/copyright does not contain AGPL-3+ text, and references missing file instead     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-19
#863283 [bus|sid]   cantor-backend-r cantor-backend-r: Cantor fails to start R server/session       2017-06-18
#863544 [S|str-i]   dolibarr CVE-2017-8879 CVE-2017-7888 CVE-2017-7887 CVE-2017-7886     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-03
#863586 [S|str-i]   rabbitmq-server CVE-2017-4965 CVE-2017-4966 CVE-2017-4967     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-03
#863631   sympa sympa: trashes configuration on update without asking     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-29
#863650 [jes-i|str-i]   libpam-pgsql libpam-pgsql: SIGSEGV with invalid password stored in the database     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-08
#863659   libgpg-error0 debian/copyright puts LGPL-2.1+ text in GPL-2.1+ license block       2017-06-23
#863679 [M|R]   pm-utils /usr/sbin/pm-powersave: repeatedly runs until /var/log/pm-powersave.log fills up disk     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-01
#863701   sympa sympa: insists that cookie has changed when it hasn't     stretch-can-defer   2017-05-30
#863720 [C]   src:aiccu aiccu: SixXS will shutdown on 2017-06-06 rm:#864783 [str]       2017-06-14
#863801   grub-coreboot grub-coreboot: fails to upgrade from jessie to stretch if init-select was installed     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-23
#863837 [bus|sid]   src:yara-python yara-python FTBFS with yara 3.6.0: error: 'YR_OBJECT_INTEGER' undeclared (first use in this function)       2017-06-22
#863884 [U|S|u]   chicken CVE-2017-9334     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-01
#863886 [S|u]   jbig2dec jbig2dec: CVE-2016-8729     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-01
#863892 [jes-i|str-i]   src:zziplib zziplib: unsuitable for future stable releases?       2017-06-01
#863934 [bus|sid|str]   src:node-dateformat node-dateformat: FTBFS: Test failures ("AssertionError: '1:19:44 PM GMT+0000' === '1:19:44 PM UTC")     stretch-can-defer   2017-06-20
#864078 [+|S]   src:openexr CVE-2017-9110 CVE-2017-9111 CVE-2017-9112 CVE-2017-9113 CVE-2017-9114 CVE-2017-9115 CVE-2017-9116 CVE-2017-9117       2017-06-04
#864183 [S]   src:libraw CVE-2017-6886 CVE-2017-6887       2017-06-06
#864187 [+|S]   libpam-google-authenticator libpam-google-authenticator: Security issue when using a common configuration scheme       2017-06-04
#864269 [bus|C|P|sid]   radvd radvd FTBFS with linux-libc-dev 4.9.30-1       2017-06-18
#864337   src:python-blessed python-blessed: Non-determistically FTBFS due to unreliable timing in tests       2017-06-07
#864340 [+]   src:mariadb-10.1 mariadb-10.1 FTBFS on mips64el on Loongson: Installing system database killed with signal TERM after 150 minutes of inactivity       2017-06-19
#864405 [M|S]   src:undertow undertow: CVE-2017-2666 CVE-2017-2670       2017-06-13
#864423   dmraid Software RAID is not activated at boot time       2017-06-08
#864546   sympa sympa: shipped file missing after upgrade from jessie to stretch: /etc/sympa/       2017-06-12
#864565   chromium-shell chromium-shell: Couldn't mmap v8 natives data file, status code is 1       2017-06-10
#864569 [+|S|u]   src:dolibarr dolibarr: CVE-2017-9435       2017-06-10
#864664 [S|u]   src:libquicktime CVE-2017-9122 CVE-2017-9123 CVE-2017-9124 CVE-2017-9125 CVE-2017-9126 CVE-2017-9127 CVE-2017-9128       2017-06-12
#864709   debian-cd xfce CD1 image should contain fonts for languages supported by debian installer       2017-06-13
#864719   slapd slapd: fails to configure when olcSuffix contains a backslash-escaped umlaut       2017-06-16
#864729   src:assimp assimp: Bundles ConvertUTF code which is under non-DFSG license       2017-06-14
#864746   src:radicale radicale: Radicale 1.1.3 required to migrate data to Radicale 2       2017-06-14
#864768 [S]   libquartz2-java libquartz2-java: Disable the update checker       2017-06-15
#864769 [S]   src:libquartz-java libquartz-java: Disable the update checker       2017-06-22
#864800   src:libmail-deliverystatus-bounceparser-perl Mail::DeliveryStatus::BounceParser contains a live virus and some real spam/phishing mails       2017-06-15
#864818 [+|S|u]   src:python-tablib python-tablib: CVE-2017-2810       2017-06-15
#864829 [M]   pulseaudio screen reader stops speaking       2017-06-15
#864923 [bus|sid|str]   osinfo-db osinfo fails to detect stretch netinst iso       2017-06-20
#864927 [bus|sid]   plasma-desktop-data, kde-l10n-sr kde-l10n-sr and plasma-desktop-data: error when trying to install together       2017-06-17
#864936   yagv yagv: segmentation fault on startup       2017-06-17
#864953   dpkg dpkg: trigger problems with shared-mime-info while upgrading gnome-screensaver:i386 from jessie to stretch       2017-06-17
#864985 [+]   boxer-data boxer-data references cruft package firefox-esr-l10n-be       2017-06-18
#865006 [bus|sid]   src:bcftools bcftools FTBFS with htslib 1.4.1-2: [E::hts_idx_push] Region 536870912..536870913 cannot be stored in a tbi index. Try using a csi index with min_shift = 14, n_lvls >= 6       2017-06-18
#865007 [bus|sid]   src:libtabixpp libtabixpp FTBFS with htslib 1.4.1-2: devlibs error: There is no package matching [libhts2-dev] and noone provides it       2017-06-18
#865008 [bus|sid]   src:samtools samtools FTBFS with htslib 1.4.1-2: error: conflicting types for 'errmod_t'       2017-06-18
#865026 [bus|+|sid]   libusb-1.0-0-dev libusb.h: __linux usage makes ippusbxd FTBFS on ppc       2017-06-18
#865085   avogadro avogadro: doesn't display molecules       2017-06-19
#865228 [bus|sid]   src:python-django-pyscss python-django-pyscss FTBFS: ImportError: No module named urls       2017-06-20
#865232 [bus|sid]   doxygen-latex doxygen-latex: depends on non-existing package latex-xcolor       2017-06-20
#865233 [bus|sid]   auto-multiple-choice-common auto-multiple-choice-common: depends on non-existing package latex-xcolor       2017-06-23
#865236 [bus|sid]   src:ask Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-20
#865237 [bus|sid]   src:python-pymzml Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-20
#865241 [bus|fie|sid]   src:octave-ocs Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-21
#865244 [bus|sid]   src:pycorrfit Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-22
#865245 [bus|sid]   src:python-escript Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-20
#865246 [bus|sid]   src:scolasync Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-20
#865247 [bus|sid]   src:opencv Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-20
#865248 [bus|sid]   src:genometools Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-20
#865251 [bus|sid]   src:probabel Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-22
#865252 [bus|sid]   src:sdformat Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-20
#865253 [bus|sid]   src:sketch Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-20
#865254 [bus|sid]   src:graphite2 Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-20
#865255 [bus|sid]   src:litl Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-20
#865257 [bus|sid]   src:librostlab Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-20
#865258 [bus|sid]   src:elastix Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-20
#865259 [bus|sid]   src:librostlab-blast Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended       2017-06-20
#865282   octave-ocs package functions are not added to Octave path       2017-06-20
#865293 [bus|sid]   src:djangocms-admin-style djangocms-admin-style FTBFS with Django 1.11       2017-06-20
#865295 [bus|sid]   src:f-el f-el FTBFS: Cannot open load file: No such file or directory, s       2017-06-20
#865305   xul-ext-pentadactyl Does not work with firefox 54       2017-06-21
#865309 [P]   src:ms-gsl ms-gsl FTBFS with libunittest++-dev 2.0.0-2       2017-06-21
#865313 [bus|sid]   src:haskell-dependent-sum haskell-dependent-sum FTBFS: Couldn't match type `(forall (a1 :: k1). x := a1 -> b0) -> b0'       2017-06-20
#865316   xkb-data regression in keyboard layout selection (Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu etc missing)       2017-06-22
#865379 [bus|sid]   src:iausofa-c Package removal ahead       2017-06-20
#865398   libguestfs0 libguestfs0: unnessarly depends on systemd       2017-06-21
#865413 [U|S|u]   flatpak flatpak: CVE-2017-9780: Flatpak security issue       2017-06-22
#865417   efibootmgr efibootmgr: grub-install dummy failed in Stretch installation       2017-06-23
#865423   src:gst-rtsp-server1.0 gst-rtsp-server1.0: testsuite emits large amounts of multicast traffic       2017-06-21
#865435 [bus|sid]   src:nageru nageru FTBFS: mixer.cpp:159:72: error: invalid new-expression of abstract class type 'DeckLinkCapture'       2017-06-21
#865447   src:boost1.61 Not suitable for release -- please keep out of testing remove:#865392 [M]       2017-06-21
#865461 [S|u]   unrar unrar-nonfree: CVE-2012-6706: VMSF_DELTA filter in unrar allows arbitrary memory write       2017-06-23
#865480 [S|u]   src:openvpn openvpn: CVE-2017-7508 CVE-2017-7520 CVE-2017-7521       2017-06-22
#865492 [bus|U|sid|u]   src:zsh zsh: FTBFS with yodl 4       2017-06-23
#865494 [bus|sid]   logidee-tools logidee-tools: Don't depend on NBS pgf       2017-06-23
#865497 [+|S|u]   src:check-mk check-mk: CVE-2017-9781: reflected XSS in       2017-06-22
#865498 [U|+|S|u]   src:drupal7 drupal7: CVE-2017-6922: Files uploaded by anonymous users into a private file system can be accessed by other anonymous users       2017-06-22
#865505 [S|u]   src:php-horde-image php-horde-image: CVE-2017-9774: RCE via crafted GET request for authenticated users       2017-06-22
#865522   scilab scilab: Segmentation fault at lauch       2017-06-23
#865526 [bus|sid]   libpetsc3.7.5-dev libpetsc3.7.5-dev: uninstallable on current sid       2017-06-23
#865556 [bus|sid]   src:django-guardian django-guardian FTBFS with Django 1.11       2017-06-22
#865557 [bus|sid]   src:django-picklefield django-picklefield FTBFS with Django 1.11       2017-06-22
#865558 [bus|sid]   src:django-pipeline django-pipeline FTBFS with Django 1.11       2017-06-22
#865559 [bus|sid]   src:django-model-utils django-model-utils FTBFS with Django 1.11       2017-06-22
#865572   ruby-autoparse, ruby-signet ruby-signet and ruby-autoparse: error when trying to install together       2017-06-22
#865575 [bus|sid]   src:miaviewit miaviewit FTBFS with mia 2.4.4-1       2017-06-23
#865576 [bus|sid]   src:guilt guilt FTBFS with git 2.13.1: test failures       2017-06-22
#865577 [bus|sid]   src:cloud-init cloud-init FTBFS: recipe for target 'pep8' failed       2017-06-22
#865585   src:apex apex FTBFS: No rule to make target 'debian-nslu2-armel_config'. Stop.       2017-06-22
#865588 [bus|sid]   src:djangorestframework djangorestframework FTBFS with Django 1.11: ERROR collecting tests/       2017-06-22
#865590 [bus|sid]   src:django-sekizai django-sekizai FTBFS with Django 1.11: TypeError: context must be a dict rather than SekizaiContext       2017-06-23
#865591 [bus|sid]   src:aeskulap aeskulap FTBFS: error: 'newDicomElement' was not declared in this scope       2017-06-23
#865603 [bus|sid]   src:django-oauth-toolkit django-oauth-toolkit FTBFS with Django 1.11       2017-06-23
#865606   src:orthanc orthanc FTBFS with libdcmtk-dev 3.6.1~20170228-2       2017-06-23
#865633   virt-viewer can't drag windows or click "Activities" in GNOME 3 guest       2017-06-23
#865648 [+]   openstack-debian-images Does not include security sources for all releases       2017-06-23
#865650   src:firefox-esr firefox-esr FTBFS: tries to use system nspr but has no build dependency       2017-06-23
#865653   xrdp xrdp: X server timeout       2017-06-23
#865661 [bus|sid]   src:django-compat django-compat FTBFS with Django 1.11       2017-06-23
#865662 [bus|sid]   src:libcatmandu-perl libcatmandu-perl FTBFS: Catmandu-Fix-perlcode.t failed       2017-06-23
#865663 [bus|sid]   src:flask-restful flask-restful FTBFS: dh_auto_test fails       2017-06-23
#865664 [bus|sid]   src:golang-github-microcosm-cc-bluemonday golang-github-microcosm-cc-bluemonday FTBFS: dh_auto_test fails       2017-06-23
#865671 [bus|jes|sid|str]   src:scotch scotch hides build failures       2017-06-23
#865678 [+|S|u]   src:knot knot: Improper TSIG validity period check can allow TSIG forgery       2017-06-23
#865684 [u]   src:josm-plugins josm-plugins: Obsolete, causes issues with user installed plugins remove:#864975 remove:#864976       2017-06-23
#865692   src:sprng sprng hides build failures       2017-06-23
#865704   quiterss quiterss: Segfault at start       2017-06-23

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