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32 bugs found

bug# tags package title hints deferred RT modified
#801564   squid squid: prompting due to modified conffiles which were not modified by the user: /etc/squid/squid.conf age/5 unblock       2017-03-26
#817236 [+]   debootstrap schroot: no access to pseudo-terminals in new chroots block-udeb       2017-03-10
#827199   src:hfst hfst: FTBFS: twolc test fails on big-endian systems remark       2017-03-23
#848813 [+|sid|str]   src:blacs-mpi blacs-mpi: FTBFS: make[3]: *** No rule to make target '/usr/lib/openmpi/include/mpif.h', needed by 'mpif.h'. Stop. age/5 unblock       2017-03-25
#850464   nfs-kernel-server nfs-blkmap.service fails to start at boot age/2 unblock       2017-03-25
#852622   src:xcffib xcffib FTBFS in stretch remark       2017-01-25
#854078 [U|u]   network-manager network-manager: nm-online returns before network devices got an address unblock       2017-03-20
#856774 [M|u]   xfce4-equake-plugin xfce4-equake-plugin: Fails to download data, needs to use https unblock       2017-03-19
#856946   libdmraid-dev libdmraid-dev: broken symlink: /usr/lib/ -> /lib/ block-udeb       2017-03-12
#857301 [+|S]   iptables-persistent Subject: iptables-persistent: netfilter-persistent save fails if run from cron because full paths are not given in scripts. age/5 unblock       2017-03-24
#857360   gitlab gitlab: Fails to install in Stretch unblock req:#858163       2017-03-23
#857521 [+]   liballjoynservices-dev-1509 liballjoynservices-dev-1509: broken symlink: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ ->       2017-03-26
#857531 [+]   spambayes spambayes: broken symlink: /usr/bin/ -> /usr/bin/sb_notesfilter age/5 unblock       2017-03-24
#857814 [+]   src:nickle nickle FTBFS on mips: 14 of 14 tests failed unblock       2017-03-16
#857815   src:nickle nickle FTBFS on i386: FAIL: math.5c due to Segmentation fault unblock       2017-03-16
#857897 [+]   src:qtads qtads FTBFS on 32bit: error: exception cleanup for this placement new selects non-placement operator delete age/5 unblock       2017-03-24
#857967   gitlab gitlab: postinst chokes on comments locally added to the configuration files unblock req:#858163       2017-03-18
#857972   tagainijisho tagainijisho: uninstallable after binNMU unblock       2017-03-18
#857974   tworld tworld: uninstallable after binNMU age/5 unblock       2017-03-22
#858104   src:win32-loader win32-loader: FTBFS (error parsing Built-Using field) block-udeb       2017-03-20
#858122 [U|S|u]   src:linux linux: CVE-2017-2636: tty: n_hdlc: get rid of racy n_hdlc.tbuf block-udeb remark       2017-03-22
#858144   lirc lirc: Missing dependency: lirc-setup requires python3-yaml age/5 unblock       2017-03-24
#858206   gnome-todo gnome-todo: missing dependency on evolution-data-server age/5 unblock       2017-03-22
#858214 [+]   src:glib2.0 glib2.0: FTBFS (assertion failed: "BRT" == "-03") age/5 block-udeb unblock       2017-03-19
#858215   aodh-api aodh-api: Missing dependency to net-tools age/5 unblock       2017-03-21
#858217   src:keystone keystone: Missing dependency to net-tools age/5 unblock       2017-03-21
#858348   pmw-doc pmw-doc: uninstallable in sid after binNMU of pmw age/5 unblock       2017-03-24
#858410 [U|+|S|u]   src:gitlab gitlab: CVE-2017-0882: Information Disclosure in Issue and Merge Request Trackers unblock req:#858163       2017-03-22
#858471   xfonts-wqy xfonts-wqy: broken symlink: /etc/fonts/conf.d/85-xfonts-wqy.conf -> /etc/fonts/conf.avail/85-xfonts-wqy.conf age/5 unblock       2017-03-23
#858486   python-mne python-mne: broken symlink: /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/mne/html/d3.v3.min.js -> ../../../../../share/javascript/d3/d3.min.js age/5 unblock       2017-03-23
#858498   libsimgrid-dev libsimgrid-dev: missing Depends: simgrid-java (= ${binary:Version}) age/5 unblock       2017-03-22
#858576   python3-seaborn python3-seaborn: Missing dependency on python3-tk age/5 unblock       2017-03-24

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