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#643338 src:ikiwiki ikiwiki: ships with convenience copy of jquery list usertags
#835508 src:ruby-leaflet-rails ruby-leaflet-rails: should depend on libjs-leaflet (not ship convenience code copy) list usertags
#835510 src:ruby-select2-rails ruby-select2-rails: should depend on libjs-select2.js (not ship convenience code copy) list usertags
#835512 src:ruby-remotipart ruby-remotipart: convenience code copy of jquery-iframe-transport should be packaged separately list usertags
#835519 src:ruby-rails-assets-diaspora-jsxc ruby-rails-assets-diaspora-jsxc: contains convenience code copies of javascript libraries list usertags
#836439 src:ruby-bootstrap-switch-rails ruby-bootstrap-switch-rails: contains embedded code copy of Javascript library bootstrap-switch list usertags
#837056 src:ruby-babel-source ruby-babel-source: contains embedded code copies of Javascript libraries babel and core-js list usertags