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#146345 gnupg [DEBIAN/BLOCKED][gnupg/928] gnupg: build with --enable-selinux-support list usertags
#540739 src:cron Should allow the sysadmin to edit cron jobs for other SE Linux roles list usertags
#615009 libapache2-mod-gnutls libapache2-mod-gnutls: when gnutls installed, selinux is complaining regarding apache cache list usertags
#619135 libapache2-mod-gnutls Segmentation fault with libapache2-mod-gnutls list usertags
#634081 slapd /usr/sbin/slap* hard links break SELinux list usertags
#638304 src:coreutils install: The selinux options are confusing and not all useful cases are covered list usertags
#732845 src:debconf /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: Maintainer scripts not run in correct selinux context list usertags
#734174 openssh-server openssh-server: SELinux errors in syslog list usertags
#736909 selinux-policy-default LXC selinux support not working list usertags
#751970 src:mesa mesa: Please enable SELinux support list usertags
#751983 src:libxcb libxcb: Please enable SELinux extension list usertags
#767760 src:busybox busybox: Please build selinux support list usertags
#799858 src:fakeroot fakeroot doesn’t show SELinux labels list usertags
#804481 src:ltrace ltrace: deny_ptrace SELinux boolean is RHEL/Fedora specific list usertags
#850116 src:gdm3 gdm3: gnome-session-f called from gdm3 SEGVs when run with SE Linux enforcing list usertags
#850783 src:resolvconf resolvconf: needs to set correct SE Linux context on created directories and files list usertags
#857678 src:dbus use /run prefix in systemd socket unit list usertags
#899373 ttf-mscorefonts-installer Please restore SELinux context after installing the fonts list usertags
#906729 src:linux-base Please fix SELinux labels of /vmlinuz symlink after kernel update list usertags
#913544 python3-openssl python3-openssl: in SELinux enforcing mode, python ssl wrapper results in denial list usertags
#929063 src:sysvinit init: delegate selinux operation to separate binary list usertags
#929484 src:dmraid Please drop dependency against libselinux and libsepol list usertags
#941005 src:shadow shadow uses obsolete SELinux API list usertags