Possibly easy targets for RC bug squashing

RC bugs tagged patch (and not pending)

744753 anacron anacron 106394 anacron: Anacron not triggered when system resumes under systemd
749272 varnish varnish 2749 varnish doesn't source /etc/default/varnish when started but uses it when reloaded
760414 src:ola ola 37 ola: Source package includes non-source files without corresponding source
767092 anacron anacron 106394 anacron fails to run when laptop goes out of sleep
771187 primesense-nite-nonfree primesense-nite-nonfree 57 primesense-nite-nonfree: Package broken because openni.org is gone
806879 src:xsp xsp 451 xsp: FTBFS when built with dpkg-buildpackage -A (dh_clideps fails)
809669 unattended-upgrades unattended-upgrades 58534 unattended-upgrades: files got created under /var/ mountpoint
811980 libusbtc08 libusbtc08 65 libusbtc08: FTBFS with GCC 6: symbol changes
812002 smokeqt smokeqt 17481 smokeqt: FTBFS with GCC 6: deleted function
817236 debootstrap debootstrap 13483 schroot: no access to pseudo-terminals in new chroots
836241 plasma-workspace plasma-workspace 4902 plasma-workspace: Digital clock widget wants qml-module-org-kde-kholidays
838116 libgpod-nogtk-dev libgpod 80723 libgpod-nogtk-dev: fails to install in sid/i386 with --install-recommends
841935 debootstrap debootstrap 13483 pbuilder: incorrect permissions on /dev/ptmx breaks openpty()
847571 smarty-lexer smarty-lexer 1 smarty3: lexing failed because a rule matched an empty string
848813 src:blacs-mpi blacs-mpi 1292 blacs-mpi: FTBFS: make[3]: *** No rule to make target '/usr/lib/openmpi/include/mpif.h', needed by 'mpif.h'. Stop.
849168 debootstrap debootstrap 13483 pbuilder: Expect programe reported "no more ptys" and failed in rebuilding gcc with normal (non-root) user
850692 pyrit pyrit 942 pyrit: failed with 'BitEnumField' object has no attribute 'names'
851060 libnids1.21 libnids 1656 libnids1.21: can't assemble TCP streams on armhf
851196 src:libplist libplist 72323 libplist: CVE-2017-5209
851892 debootstrap debootstrap 13483 Too tight permissions on /dev/ptmx
852385 src:libplist libplist 72323 libplist: CVE-2017-5545
853034 unar unar 54659 unar: Fuzzer-generated crashing testcases for a dozen identified file formats
854592 php-phpseclib php-phpseclib 1327 dokuwiki: Unable to login, missing usr/share/php/Crypt/AES.php
855227 src:qemu qemu 18350 qemu: CVE-2017-2630: nbd: oob stack write in client routine drop_sync
855588 atheme-services atheme-services 10 memory leak could lead to Denial Of Service
855791 src:qemu qemu 18350 qemu: CVE-2017-2620: cirrus_bitblt_cputovideo does not check if memory region is safe
856114 src:wolfssl wolfssl 3 wolfssl: CVE-2017-6076

RC bugs on packages with a newer version in Ubuntu (possible patches), not tagged patch nor pending

bugpackagesourceversions (D/U)popcontitle
750895 python3-tempita python-tempita UbCh 0.5.2-1 / 0.5.2-1build1 1815 python3-tempita: doesn't work
788769 yelp-tools yelp-tools UbCh 3.18.0-2 / 3.18.0-2ubuntu1 841 yelp-check validate fails without networking: relax-ng: failed to load external entity [..] mallard-1.0.rng
792321 src:libkscreen libkscreen UbCh 4:5.8.4-1 / 4:5.9.2-0ubuntu1 17333 Segfaults on session start
801564 squid squid3 UbCh 3.5.23-1 / 3.5.23-1ubuntu1 4185 squid: prompting due to modified conffiles which were not modified by the user: /etc/squid/squid.conf
809167 cron cron UbCh 3.0pl1-128 / 3.0pl1-128ubuntu2 197352 cron: Cron Daemon Use-After-Free Vulnerability May Cause Local Root Privilege Escalation
832649 kscreen kscreen UbCh 4:5.8.4-1 / 4:5.9.2-0ubuntu1 18613 multi-display is broken (menu and panel appears only on external display)
839840 src:ghc ghc UbCh 8.0.1-17 / 8.0.2-1~build1 5103 ghci segfaults on armel, related to doctest failure
844285 pidgin pidgin UbCh 2.11.0-3 / 1:2.11.0-3ubuntu2 65481 pidgin: steals (warps) mouse cursor (not just focus) when new message comes in [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
844584 isc-dhcp-client isc-dhcp UbCh 4.3.5-3 / 4.3.5-3ubuntu1 190899 dhclient should perform additional validity checks
848368 src:llvm-toolchain-3.9 llvm-toolchain-3.9 UbCh 1:3.9.1-4 / 1:3.9.1-4ubuntu3 18266 llvm-toolchain-3.9: Please add ELF symbols versions to the libraries
849098 llvm-toolchain-3.8 llvm-toolchain-3.8 UbCh 1:3.8.1-17 / 1:3.8.1-17ubuntu1 10830 llvm-toolchain-3.9: Please add ELF symbols versions to the libraries
849099 llvm-toolchain-3.7 llvm-toolchain-3.7 UbCh 1:3.7.1-3 / 1:3.7.1-3ubuntu4 2717 llvm-toolchain-3.9: Please add ELF symbols versions to the libraries
850114 kscd kscd UbCh 4:16.08.1-1 / 4:16.12.1-0ubuntu1 4786 kscd: Only play first trackon all modes(loop track, loop ,and no loop and random and no random mode)
851373 ghc ghc UbCh 8.0.1-17 / 8.0.2-1~build1 5103 git-annex FTBFS on armel/armhf: ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened)
851750 kpatch kpatch UbCh 0.3.2-3 / 0.3.2-3ubuntu1 36 kpatch: module FTBFS for Linux 4.9
853006 src:qemu qemu UbCh 1:2.8+dfsg-2 / 1:2.8+dfsg-2ubuntu1 18350 qemu: CVE-2016-9602: 9p: virtfs allows guest to access host filesystem
853171 plasma-desktop plasma-desktop UbCh 4:5.8.4-1 / 4:5.9.2-0ubuntu1 20488 [plasma-desktop] segmentation fault when disabling a screen with kscreen without upower installed on the system
853723 tracker-extract tracker UbCh 1.10.4-1 / 1.11.3-0ubuntu1 60975 tracker-extract gets killed by seccomp when gstreamer tries to regenerate cache (dup2 related)
854228 libblacs-openmpi1 blacs-mpi UbCh 1.1-37 / 1.1-37ubuntu3 1292 Libraries not linked with their deps
854804 sane-utils sane-backends UbCh 1.0.25-3 / 1.0.25+git20150528-1ubuntu2 119695 saned: CVE-2017-6318: SANE_NET_CONTROL_OPTION response packet may contain memory contents of the server
855096 unison unison UbCh 2.48.3-1 / 2.48.3-1ubuntu1 3998 unison: segfaults after connection has been established
855576 openstack-dashboard horizon UbCh 3:10.0.0-1 / 3:11.0.0-0ubuntu1 40 openstack-dashboard: fails to install: django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: AUTH_USER_MODEL refers to model 'openstack_auth.User' that has not been installed
855602 src:libnids libnids UbCh 1.23-2 / 1.23-2ubuntu1 1656 libnids: undefined reference to `before' after being rebuilt / on mips64el
856004 khtml khtml UbCh 5.28.0-1 / 5.31.0-0ubuntu1 5802 khtml: please build-depen on libssl1.0-dev for Stretch
856134 src:plotutils plotutils UbCh 2.6-6 / 2.6-6ubuntu2 69241 plotutils FTBFS on i386: spline.test fails
856135 src:gegl gegl UbCh 0.3.8-3 / 0.3.12-1 80397 gegl FTBFS on arm64: gegl-tester segfault

RC bugs affecting only testing (not unstable, and not pending)

854851 binaryornot binaryornot 80 Please remove or replace lenna images
847527 binutils binutils 141342 FTBFS on mips*
844558 binutils binutils 141342 gdcm: FTBFS on mipsel
844464 binutils binutils 141342 kodi: FTBFS on mips(el): undefined gl* and egl* symbols
847371 binutils binutils 141342 sonnet: FTBFS on mips*: undefined reference to `Sonnet::Speller::availableBackends() const
848264 binutils binutils 141342 FTBFS on mips*
844357 binutils binutils 141342 binutils: mips* mesa libGL.so.1 contains an invalid symbol table
844227 binutils binutils 141342 FTBFS on mips*, ./.libs/libmutter-cogl.so: undefined reference to `eglQueryString'
855529 chromium-widevine chromium-browser 28752 chromium-widevine: dbgsym package in contrib causes src package to also go into contrib
811234 ekg ekg 44 FTBFS with parallel build: ../compat/strlcat.o: No such file or directory
855129 flatpak flatpak 746 flatpak: Portals can't read /proc/$pid/root in Debian
855883 gcc-6 gcc-6 197701 pybind11: FTBFS in stretch
854692 gcc-6 gcc-6 197701 pybind11: FTBFS due to an internal compiler error
855843 gtranscribe gtranscribe 22 gtranscribe: fails to load audio file
854719 hostapd wpa 108128 hostapd: Failed to set beacon parameters
854325 ifupdown2 ifupdown2 89 ifupdown2: missing Conflicts: ifupdown
855689 jython jython 1174 jython.jar does not provide a Class-Path
854985 kodi kodi 3262 kodi.service spamming the logs due to xinit being missing
854008 kstars-data-extra-tycho2 kstars-data-extra-tycho2 101 kstars-data-extra-tycho2: deepstars.dat installed in wrong directory
843467 libxbase64-1 xbase64 100 libxbase64-1: unhandled symlink to directory conversion: /usr/share/doc/PACKAGE
854186 network-manager network-manager 93060 network-manager: DHCP connection stopped working (however, it works perfectly by using the console)
854343 network-manager network-manager 93060 network-manager: The search domain string in resolv.conf is being duplicated leading to problems with DNS
855877 python3-django-celery django-celery 61 python3-django-celery: management commands broken with Django 1.10
854616 scdaemon gnupg2 197668 scdaemon cannot access yubikey using ccid driver without pcscd
850149 shotwell shotwell 26039 shotwell: Freezes when trying to open an image in fullscreen mode
854288 src:apt-dpkg-ref apt-dpkg-ref 206 apt-dpkg-ref FTBFS: build dependency clisp is not in stretch
855275 src:dot-forward dot-forward 24 dot-forward: FTBFS: cannot read [...]/debian/dot-forward/usr/sbin/*
855881 src:freecontact freecontact 134 freecontact: FTBFS in stretch (devlibs error)
843895 src:hw-detect hw-detect 2 disk-detect/multipath: run update-dev before probing for devices
855130 src:med-fichier med-fichier 543 med-fichier: MED library is not compatible with HDF5 1.10
855277 src:nvidia-graphics-drivers nvidia-graphics-drivers 8954 nvidia-graphics-drivers: CVE-2017-0309, CVE-2017-0310, CVE-2017-0311, CVE-2017-0321, CVE-2017-0318
855278 src:nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-340xx nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-340xx 570 nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-340xx: CVE-2017-0309, CVE-2017-0310, CVE-2017-0311, CVE-2017-0321, CVE-2017-0318
794856 src:opencv opencv 54196 opencv: non DFSG file in the source package
855405 src:pcre3 pcre3 197229 pcre3: CVE-2017-6004
851043 src:python-ws4py python-ws4py 89 python-ws4py FTBFS: WSManagerTest fails
834921 src:python-ws4py python-ws4py 89 python-ws4py FTBFS: WSManagerTest fails
855943 src:shadow shadow 197722 shadow: CVE-2017-2616: Sending SIGKILL to other processes with root privileges via su
855628 src:soundmanager2 soundmanager2 24 soundmanager2: Contains minified JavaScript and prebuilt SWF files
855615 src:tachyon tachyon 174 tachyon: not binNMU safe
852943 src:willow willow 6 willow: Embedded ICC profiles violate DFSG
828601 src:wpa wpa 108128 wpa: FTBFS with openssl 1.1.0
852622 src:xcffib xcffib 176 xcffib FTBFS in stretch
856023 src:zeromq3 zeromq3 17517 Package is built without OpenPGM support
856018 srst2 srst2 75 Does not start
855491 texlive-latex-recommended texlive-base 30474 texlive-latex-recommended: emph macro is broken in fontspec 2.5c; please update to 2.5d
826216 w3c-sgml-lib w3c-sgml-lib 145 w3c-sgml-lib: inconsistencies in copyright file