WNPP checks

RFP/ITP for packaged software

Should probably be closed.

ITA/RFA/RFH/O for packages not in Debian

Should probably be closed.

Packages with more than one WNPP bug

Should probably be merged.

WNPP bugs not following defined format

Should probably be retitled accordingly.

As a list of bts commands:
bts retitle 866502 ITP: element-web: web-based matrix client
bts retitle 945468 RFH: pgq, pgqd, pgq-node, python-pgq, python-skytools, londiste -- Queuing for PostgreSQL
bts retitle 973700 RFP: nodejs-client (?) -- a client for browser's extensions
bts retitle 976226 RFP: arqiver - a simple Qt5 archive manager
bts retitle 977761 ITP: golang-github-kubuxu-go-os-helper -- 
bts retitle 980312 RFP: gnome-notes — A note taking editor, designed for simplicity
bts retitle 982010 ITP: vimb - the vim like text editor
bts retitle 983108 ITP: power-profiles-daemon - Makes power profiles handling available over D-Bus.
bts retitle 983870 ITP: webdriver-manager - Webdriver Manager for Python
bts retitle 984600 RFP: haiola Scripture Publishing Software
bts retitle 985814 ITP: debugedit - split out from the rpm package
bts retitle 987240 ITP: aiosmtplib, asynchronous SMTP client for use with asyncio
bts retitle 988244 ITP: jcabi-ssh - Simple SSH client
bts retitle 988587 ITP: xnote - Persistent sticky notes for Thunderbird
bts retitle 988594 ITP: allow-html-temp - View selective HTML-Mail
bts retitle 988600 ITP: tb-goodies - Useful Add-Ons for Thunderbird
bts retitle 989261 ITP: fvwm3 - F? Virtual Window Manager
bts retitle 989456 RFP: geckodriver - Proxy for using W3C WebDriver compatible clients to interact with Gecko-based browsers
bts retitle 989523 RFP: nanosaur - An OpenSource Port of PangeaSoft‘s MacOS Game for modern systems
bts retitle 989524 RFP: bugdom - An OpenSource Port of Pangea Software's Bugdom for modern systems
bts retitle 989894 ITP: (reintroduce) ghextris -- A Tetris-like game on a hexagonal grid
bts retitle 990217 ITP: thorvg - library for vector-based drawing
bts retitle 990885 ITP: intel-acm: Authenticated code modules for Intel CPUs
bts retitle 991326 ITP: enrich --decodes ANSI escapes before processing

Only missing description:

As a list of bts commands:
bts retitle 804450 RFP: simutrans-pak128
bts retitle 940342 RFA: golang-github-benbjohnson-tmpl
bts retitle 940343 RFA: golang-github-bkaradzic-go-lz4
bts retitle 940344 RFA: golang-github-bouk-httprouter
bts retitle 940346 RFA: golang-github-calmh-du
bts retitle 940347 RFA: golang-github-calmh-luhn
bts retitle 940348 RFA: golang-github-calmh-xdr
bts retitle 940349 RFA: golang-github-ccding-go-stun
bts retitle 940351 RFA: golang-github-d4l3k-messagediff
bts retitle 940353 RFA: golang-github-chmduquesne-rollinghash
bts retitle 940354 RFA: golang-github-cloudfoundry-gosigar
bts retitle 940356 RFA: golang-github-disposaboy-jsonconfigreader
bts retitle 940360 RFA: golang-github-go-ldap-ldap
bts retitle 940363 RFA: golang-github-google-go-querystring
bts retitle 940370 RFA: golang-github-influxdata-line-protocol
bts retitle 940371 RFA: golang-github-influxdata-tdigest
bts retitle 940372 RFA: golang-github-influxdata-yamux
bts retitle 940373 RFA: golang-github-influxdata-yarpc
bts retitle 940375 RFA: golang-github-jrick-logrotate
bts retitle 940376 RFA: golang-github-jsternberg-zap-logfmt
bts retitle 940377 RFA: golang-github-juju-ansiterm
bts retitle 940378 RFA: golang-github-juju-httpprof
bts retitle 940379 RFA: golang-github-juju-retry
bts retitle 940381 RFA: golang-github-juju-utils
bts retitle 940382 RFA: golang-github-juju-version
bts retitle 940391 RFA: golang-github-mitchellh-multistep
bts retitle 940394 RFA: golang-github-mkrautz-goar
bts retitle 940395 RFA: golang-github-naoina-go-stringutil
bts retitle 940397 RFA: golang-github-nats-io-gnatsd
bts retitle 940398 RFA: golang-github-nats-io-go-nats
bts retitle 940400 RFA: golang-github-nats-io-jwt
bts retitle 940401 RFA: golang-github-nats-io-nkeys
bts retitle 940402 RFA: golang-github-nats-io-nuid
bts retitle 940403 RFA: golang-github-nu7hatch-gouuid
bts retitle 940404 RFA: golang-github-oneofone-xxhash
bts retitle 940405 RFA: golang-github-oschwald-geoip2-golang
bts retitle 940406 RFA: golang-github-oschwald-maxminddb-golang
bts retitle 940407 RFA: golang-github-pierrec-xxhash
bts retitle 940409 RFA: golang-github-pointlander-compress
bts retitle 940410 RFA: golang-github-pointlander-jetset
bts retitle 940411 RFA: golang-github-pointlander-peg
bts retitle 940414 RFA: golang-github-rainycape-unidecode
bts retitle 940415 RFA: golang-github-retailnext-hllpp
bts retitle 940416 RFA: golang-github-roaringbitmap-roaring
bts retitle 940418 RFA: golang-github-sasha-s-go-deadlock
bts retitle 940419 RFA: golang-github-segmentio-kafka-go
bts retitle 940420 RFA: golang-github-smira-commander
bts retitle 940421 RFA: golang-github-smira-flag
bts retitle 940422 RFA: golang-github-smira-go-aws-auth
bts retitle 940423 RFA: golang-github-smira-go-ftp-protocol
bts retitle 940424 RFA: golang-github-smira-go-xz
bts retitle 940425 RFA: golang-github-spaolacci-murmur3
bts retitle 940427 RFA: golang-github-syncthing-notify
bts retitle 940429 RFA: golang-github-templexxx-cpufeat
bts retitle 940430 RFA: golang-github-templexxx-reedsolomon
bts retitle 940431 RFA: golang-github-templexxx-xor
bts retitle 940432 RFA: golang-github-tent-http-link-go
bts retitle 940433 RFA: golang-github-thejerf-suture
bts retitle 940434 RFA: golang-github-tj-go-spin
bts retitle 940435 RFA: golang-github-tjfoc-gmsm
bts retitle 940436 RFA: golang-github-tv42-zbase32
bts retitle 940437 RFA: golang-github-vitrun-qart
bts retitle 940438 RFA: golang-github-vjeantet-grok
bts retitle 940439 RFA: golang-github-xlab-treeprint
bts retitle 940444 RFA: golang-gopkg-h2non-filetype.v1
bts retitle 940445 RFA: golang-gopkg-httprequest.v1
bts retitle 940447 RFA: golang-gopkg-xmlpath.v2
bts retitle 982484 RFP: mailspring
bts retitle 982926 ITP: emilua
bts retitle 984462 RFH: open-build-service

Packages maintained by packages@qa.debian.org without a corresponding ITA or O bug

Also listing the first QA upload.

A WNPP bug should probably be opened.

ITP and ITA without owners

A suitable owner should be determined.