WNPP checks

RFP/ITP for packaged software

Should probably be closed.

ITA/RFA/RFH/O for packages not in Debian

Should probably be closed.

Packages with more than one WNPP bug

Should probably be merged.

WNPP bugs not following defined format

Should probably be retitled accordingly.

As a list of bts commands:
bts retitle 711353 RFP:node-unit -- Easy unit testing in node.js and the
bts retitle 829561 RFP: syncthing-gtk - GTK3 & python based GUI for Syncthing
bts retitle 829740 RFP: corridor - a Tor traffic whitelisting gateway
bts retitle 831981 RFP: mkusb - Tool to make boot drives.
bts retitle 837118 RFP: powerzz - powerzz is a battery power monitor that can |hibernate|shutdown|do nothing| at critical battery levels.
bts retitle 837120 RFP: upshutzz - upshutzz is a on-demand, unassisted system update program.
bts retitle 838484 ITP: sensu - monitoring framework
bts retitle 838698 RFP: protovis - composes custom views of data with simple marks such as bars and dots
bts retitle 838700 RFP: cubism - D3 plugin for visualizing time series
bts retitle 842425 RFP: meteor - Meteor, the JavaScript App Platform
bts retitle 844314 RFP: SmallBASIC - fast and easy to learn BASIC language interpreter.
bts retitle 845980 ITA: basic256 - educational BASIC programming environment
bts retitle 847376 RFP: vv - visual versioning
bts retitle 848538 RFP: angular-ui-sortable - allows you to sort an array with drag & drop
bts retitle 848539 RFP: sortable - JavaScript library for reorderable drag-and-drop lists on modern browsers and touch devices
bts retitle 849396 RFP: rspamd - rapid spam filtering system
bts retitle 849786 ITP: avldrums.lv2  - Drum Sample Player Plugin
bts retitle 850474 RFP: ZeroNet - Decentralized websites using Bitcoin crypto and BitTorrent network
bts retitle 859121 RFP: genmkfile - Generic Makefile
bts retitle 859125 RFP: onion-grater - Whitelisting Tor Control Protocol Filter
bts retitle 864808 ITP: php-openid - OpenID library for PHP
bts retitle 865521 ITP: PHP-Mail-Mimedecode - Provides a class to decode mime messages
bts retitle 866359 ITP: dpaste - pastebin based on a DHT
bts retitle 872801 ITP: RTS2 - open source observatory manager
bts retitle 876201 O: dnsproxy - proxy for DNS queries
bts retitle 876202 O: vimoutliner - script for building an outline editor on top of Vim
bts retitle 876203 O: xml2 - Convert between XML, HTML, CSV and a line-oriented format
bts retitle 877752 ITP: libweasel-driver-selenium2-perl - Weasel driver wrapping Selenium::Remote::Driver
bts retitle 877796 ITP: libpherkin-extension-weasel-perl - Pherkin extension for web-testing
bts retitle 877908 ITP: libweasel-widgets-dojo-perl - Dojo Widgits for Weasel
bts retitle 878152 RFP: Atomsk - A tool for manipulating and converting atomic data files
bts retitle 878278 ITP: massivethreads - Lightweight Thread Library for High Productivity Languages
bts retitle 880983 ITP: libusbauth-configparser1, usbauth, usbauth-notifier --
bts retitle 882771 ITP: jpeces -  Xinese Tangram puzzle and others.
bts retitle 883681 ITP: gRPC extension for PHP

Only missing description:

As a list of bts commands:
bts retitle 666900 O: python-repoze.who
bts retitle 764519 RFP: hekate
bts retitle 768400 RFP: libjs-iframeresizer
bts retitle 785657 O: opticalraytracer
bts retitle 789787 RFP: node-unicode-7.0.0
bts retitle 794553 RFP: clrng
bts retitle 797359 ITP: universal-ctags
bts retitle 810235 O: xnecview
bts retitle 810285 O: apache-mod-auth-ntlm-winbind
bts retitle 828998 RFP: gophernicus
bts retitle 831893 RFP: umtskeeper
bts retitle 835254 RFP: google-android-studio-installer
bts retitle 838356 ITP: jboss-annotations-1.2-api
bts retitle 848268 RFP: opentoonz
bts retitle 848525 RFP: ui-grid
bts retitle 848526 RFP: sweetalert
bts retitle 848527 RFP: mermaid
bts retitle 848528 RFP: filesaver
bts retitle 848529 RFP: angular-google-chart
bts retitle 848530 RFP: angular-input-dropdown
bts retitle 848531 RFP: angular-ui-tree
bts retitle 848532 RFP: angular-dialog-service
bts retitle 848533 RFP: angular-ui-router
bts retitle 848534 RFP: angular-base64
bts retitle 848535 RFP: angular-dashboard-framework
bts retitle 848536 RFP: angular-local-storage
bts retitle 848537 RFP: angular-route
bts retitle 850459 RFP: xfce4-calculator-plugin
bts retitle 850597 ITP: python-month-delta
bts retitle 854161 ITP: node-is-utf8
bts retitle 854183 ITP: node-time-out
bts retitle 860768 RFP: python-ordered-set
bts retitle 866219 RFP: libapache2-mod-log-ipmask
bts retitle 876679 RFH: pyrrd
bts retitle 881910 O: libcdio-paranoia

Packages maintained by packages@qa.debian.org without a corresponding ITA or O bug

Also listing the first QA upload.

A WNPP bug should probably be opened.

ITP and ITA without owners

A suitable owner should be determined.