WNPP checks

RFP/ITP for packaged software

Should probably be closed.

ITA/RFA/RFH/O for packages not in Debian

Should probably be closed.

Packages with more than one WNPP bug

Should probably be merged.

WNPP bugs not following defined format

Should probably be retitled accordingly.

As a list of bts commands:
bts retitle 829740 RFP: corridor - a Tor traffic whitelisting gateway
bts retitle 831981 RFP: mkusb - Tool to make boot drives.
bts retitle 837118 RFP: powerzz - powerzz is a battery power monitor that can |hibernate|shutdown|do nothing| at critical battery levels.
bts retitle 837120 RFP: upshutzz - upshutzz is a on-demand, unassisted system update program.
bts retitle 838484 RFP: sensu - monitoring framework
bts retitle 838698 RFP: protovis - composes custom views of data with simple marks such as bars and dots
bts retitle 838700 RFP: cubism - D3 plugin for visualizing time series
bts retitle 842425 RFP: meteor - Meteor, the JavaScript App Platform
bts retitle 844314 RFP: SmallBASIC - fast and easy to learn BASIC language interpreter.
bts retitle 845980 O: basic256 - educational BASIC programming environment
bts retitle 847376 RFP: vv - visual versioning
bts retitle 848538 RFP: angular-ui-sortable - allows you to sort an array with drag & drop
bts retitle 848539 RFP: sortable - JavaScript library for reorderable drag-and-drop lists on modern browsers and touch devices
bts retitle 849786 RFP: avldrums.lv2  - Drum Sample Player Plugin
bts retitle 850474 RFP: ZeroNet - Decentralized websites using Bitcoin crypto and BitTorrent network
bts retitle 859121 RFP: genmkfile - Generic Makefile
bts retitle 859125 RFP: onion-grater - Whitelisting Tor Control Protocol Filter
bts retitle 864808 RFP: php-openid - OpenID library for PHP
bts retitle 865521 ITP: PHP-Mail-Mimedecode - Provides a class to decode mime messages
bts retitle 866359 RFP: dpaste - pastebin based on a DHT
bts retitle 872801 RFP: RTS2 - open source observatory manager
bts retitle 876201 O: dnsproxy - proxy for DNS queries
bts retitle 876202 O: vimoutliner - script for building an outline editor on top of Vim
bts retitle 876203 O: xml2 - Convert between XML, HTML, CSV and a line-oriented format
bts retitle 877752 ITP: libweasel-driver-selenium2-perl - Weasel driver wrapping Selenium::Remote::Driver
bts retitle 877796 ITP: libpherkin-extension-weasel-perl - Pherkin extension for web-testing
bts retitle 878152 RFP: Atomsk - A tool for manipulating and converting atomic data files
bts retitle 878278 RFP: massivethreads - Lightweight Thread Library for High Productivity Languages
bts retitle 885665 O: webauth - Site-wide web authentication system
bts retitle 885705 RFP: reqrypt - a HTTP request tunneling tool
bts retitle 885997 ITP: getmyancestors - downloads GEDCOM data from FamilySearch
bts retitle 888580 ITA: doxygen - Documentation system for C, C++, Java, Python and other languages
bts retitle 889191 O: golang-gopkg-alexcesaro-quotedprintable.v3 - Implements quoted-printable and message header encoding in Go
bts retitle 889193 O: golang-strk.kbt-projects-go-libravatar - Simple Go library for serving federated avatars
bts retitle 889194 O: golang-gopkg-editorconfig-editorconfig-core-go.v1 - EditorConfig file parser and writer in Go
bts retitle 889195 O: golang-github-unknwon-paginater - Helper module for custom pagination calculation
bts retitle 889196 O: golang-github-yuin-gopher-lua - virtual machine and compiler for Lua in Go
bts retitle 889197 O: golang-github-yohcop-openid-go - OpenID 2.0 implementation in Go
bts retitle 889198 O: golang-github-willf-bitset - Implements bitsets, a mapping between non-negative integers and boolean values
bts retitle 889199 O: golang-github-unknwon-i18n - Internationalization and Localization in Go
bts retitle 889200 O: golang-github-unknwon-cae - PHP-like Compression and Archive Extensions in Go
bts retitle 889201 O: golang-github-twinj-uuid - RFC 4122 and DCE 1.1 compliant UUIDs in Go
bts retitle 889202 O: golang-github-steveyen-gtreap - gtreap is an immutable treap implementation in the Go Language
bts retitle 889203 O: golang-github-ssor-bom - small Go library to clean bom from byte array or reader
bts retitle 889204 O: golang-github-siddontang-rdb - Read Redis rdb files in Go
bts retitle 889205 O: golang-github-siddontang-ledisdb - High-performance NoSQL database written in Go
bts retitle 889206 O: golang-github-siddontang-go-snappy - Snappy compression format in Go
bts retitle 889207 O: golang-github-siddontang-goredis - Redis client implementation in Go
bts retitle 889208 O: golang-github-siddontang-go - Collection of siddontang libraries for Go
bts retitle 889209 O: golang-github-sergi-go-diff - Diff, match and patch text in Go
bts retitle 889211 O: golang-github-seiflotfy-cuckoofilter - Bloom filter replacement using cuckoo hashing
bts retitle 889212 O: golang-github-pquerna-otp - Google Authenticator compatible one time passwords for Go
bts retitle 889213 O: golang-github-pingcap-check - rich testing extension for Go's testing package
bts retitle 889214 O: golang-github-petar-gollrb - LLRB implementation of balanced binary search trees for Go
bts retitle 889215 O: golang-github-ngaut-sync2 - Additional synchronization primitives extracted from Vitess
bts retitle 889216 O: golang-github-ngaut-log - Provides a simple log wrapper for ngaut libraries
bts retitle 889217 O: golang-github-ngaut-pools - provides pools for resources
bts retitle 889218 O: golang-github-ngaut-go-zookeeper - Native ZooKeeper client for Go
bts retitle 889219 O: golang-github-ngaut-deadline - deadline reader/writer
bts retitle 889220 O: golang-github-neelance-sourcemap - Javascript source map reader and writer for Go
bts retitle 889221 O: golang-github-neelance-astrewrite - Go tool to walk & rewrite AST
bts retitle 889222 O: golang-github-nbutton23-zxcvbn-go - Strong password generator in Go
bts retitle 889223 O: golang-github-msteinert-pam - Go wrapper module for the PAM API
bts retitle 889225 O: golang-github-mrjones-oauth - OAuth 1.0 Library for Go
bts retitle 889226 O: golang-github-mcuadros-go-version - version normalizer and comparison library for Go
bts retitle 889227 O: golang-github-markbates-goth - Multi-provider authentication for Go
bts retitle 889228 O: golang-github-lunny-nodb - Nosql database with kv, list, hash, zset, bitmap, set
bts retitle 889229 O: golang-github-lunny-log - Logging library with sqlite support for Go
bts retitle 889230 O: golang-github-leemcloughlin-gofarmhash - Implements Google's Farmhash in Golang
bts retitle 889231 O: golang-github-kisielk-gotool - library of some utility functions provided by cmd/go
bts retitle 889232 O: golang-github-juju-errors - Common juju errors and functions to annotate errors
bts retitle 889234 O: golang-github-jaytaylor-html2text - Turns HTML into a plain-text equivalent
bts retitle 889235 O: golang-github-issue9-identicon - generate an icon from identity information
bts retitle 889236 O: golang-github-issue9-assert - Simple extension to test a series of assert functions
bts retitle 889237 O: golang-github-go-xorm-builder - SQL builder for XORM written in Go
bts retitle 889238 O: golang-github-gorilla-sessions - save cookie and filesystem sessions and allow custom session backends
bts retitle 889239 O: golang-github-gorilla-securecookie - provides authenticated and encrypted cookie values
bts retitle 889240 O: golang-github-gorilla-pat - request router and dispatcher with a pat-like interface
bts retitle 889241 O: golang-github-gopherjs-gopherjs - Go to Javascript compiler
bts retitle 889242 O: golang-github-go-macaron-toolbox - health check, pprof, profile and statistic services for Macaron
bts retitle 889243 O: golang-github-go-macaron-i18n - Internationalization and Localization of Macaron
bts retitle 889244 O: golang-github-go-macaron-csrf - generate and validate csrf tokens for Macaron
bts retitle 889245 O: golang-github-go-macaron-captcha - Captcha service for Macaron
bts retitle 889246 O: golang-github-go-macaron-cache - Cache management middleware for Macaron
bts retitle 889247 O: golang-github-go-macaron-bindata - in-memory static and template files for Macaron
bts retitle 889248 O: golang-github-gogits-cron - Gogs cron library in Go
bts retitle 889249 O: golang-github-gogits-chardet - Charset detector library for Go
bts retitle 889250 O: golang-github-glendc-gopher-json - simple JSON encoder/decoder for Gopher-Lua
bts retitle 889251 O: golang-github-facebookgo-subset - Check if a value is a subset of another
bts retitle 889252 O: golang-github-facebookgo-stats - defines a lightweight interface for collecting statistics
bts retitle 889253 O: golang-github-facebookgo-stack - Stack provides utilities to capture and handle stack traces
bts retitle 889254 O: golang-github-facebookgo-httpdown - Gracefully shut down daemon without terminating connections
bts retitle 889255 O: golang-github-facebookgo-grace - Graceful restart & zero downtime deploy for Go servers
bts retitle 889256 O: golang-github-facebookgo-freeport - Go library to find a free TCP port for binding
bts retitle 889257 O: golang-github-edsrzf-mmap-go - portable mmap package for Go
bts retitle 889258 O: golang-github-denisenkom-go-mssqldb - Microsoft SQL server driver written in go language
bts retitle 889259 O: golang-github-cupcake-rdb - Redis RDB parser for Go
bts retitle 889260 O: golang-github-couchbase-moss - moss provides a fast key/value storage library for golang
bts retitle 889261 O: golang-github-couchbase-ghistogram - simple int histogram for golang
bts retitle 889262 O: golang-github-bsm-redeo - Framework for building redis-compatible TCP services
bts retitle 889263 O: golang-github-bsm-pool - simple connection pool library for Golang
bts retitle 889264 O: golang-github-blevesearch-segment - Go library for performing Unicode Text Segmentation
bts retitle 889265 O: golang-github-blevesearch-go-porterstemmer - Native Go implementation of the Porter Stemming algorithm
bts retitle 889266 O: golang-github-alicebob-miniredis - Pure Go Redis server for Go unittests
bts retitle 889267 O: golang-code.gitea-sdk - SDK implementation to interact with the Gitea API
bts retitle 889268 O: golang-code.gitea-git - Go module that provides git access through shell
bts retitle 889291 O: golang-github-facebookgo-ensure - Provides utilities for testing to ensure conditions are met
bts retitle 889292 O: golang-github-facebookgo-clock - Clock is a small Go library for mocking time
bts retitle 889478 O: golang-github-blevesearch-bleve - modern text indexing library for go
bts retitle 889479 O: golang-github-gogits-go-gogs-client - Gogs API client in Go
bts retitle 889480 O: golang-github-microcosm-cc-bluemonday - Go library for scrubbing user generated data of unapproved html
bts retitle 889481 O: golang-github-nbutton23-zxcvbn-go - Strong password generator in Go
bts retitle 889484 O: golang-gopkg-gomail.v2 - simple and efficient package to send emails in Go
bts retitle 889485 O: golang-gopkg-testfixtures.v2 - Rails-like test fixtures for Go
bts retitle 889494 O: simplemde-markdown-editor - JavaScript library providing a simple Markdown editor
bts retitle 889497 O: libjs-autolink - JavaScript methods converting text to links
bts retitle 889498 O: jquery-areyousure - jQuery plugin to alert users of unsaved changes
bts retitle 889499 O: gitgraph.js - convert git log --graph to image with HTML5 canvas
bts retitle 889500 O: libjs-emojify - JavaScript library converting Emoji keywords to images
bts retitle 894722 ITP: loomio-installer - install loomio collaborative
bts retitle 900131 O: libapache2-mod-rpaf - module for Apache2 which takes the last IP from the 'X-Forwarded-For' header
bts retitle 900132 O: libapache2-mod-bw - bandwidth limiting module for apache2
bts retitle 901499 ITP: php-yubitwee - YubiKey OTP Validator library
bts retitle 901531 ITP: node-p-try - Starts a promise chain
bts retitle 904064 ITP: responder - LLMNR, NBT-NS and MDNS poisoner
bts retitle 905080 O: as31 - Intel 8031/8051 assembler
bts retitle 905828 O: eeshow - Schematics renderer and viewer for KiCad
bts retitle 907641 ITP: phosh - GTK+ based pure Wayland shell for mobile devices
bts retitle 909390 ITP: node-ember-cli-normalize-entity-name - The Ember.js command line utility
bts retitle 909391 ITP: node-blockchain.info - Node module for interacting with the Blockchain.info API.
bts retitle 909392 ITP: node-blockchain-wallet-service - Blockchain.info wallet.
bts retitle 910926 RFP: nosh - an RC, init, process manager system
bts retitle 911427 RFA: spice - Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments (SPICE)
bts retitle 911428 RFA: spice-gtk - spice gtk client
bts retitle 911429 RFA: spice-protocol - spice protocal header
bts retitle 911430 RFA: spice-vdagent - spice agent for linux
bts retitle 911431 RFA: usbredir - Implementing the usb-host (*) side of a usbredir connection
bts retitle 911563 ITP: pystemd - Cython-based wrapper on top of libsystemd
bts retitle 912058 ITP: wine-mono - replacement for the .NET runtime and class libraries in Wine
bts retitle 912677 ITP: oci-systemd-hook - OCI systemd hook enables users to run systemd in OCI compatible runtimes
bts retitle 916552 RFP: amdvlk - AMD Open Source Driver For Vulkan
bts retitle 916553 RFP: xgl - translates Vulkan API commands into PAL commands
bts retitle 916554 RFP: amdpal - Platform Abstraction Library
bts retitle 916555 RFP: llpc - LLVM-Based Pipeline Compiler
bts retitle 919863 RFP: gallium-nine-standalone: A standalone version of Gallium Nine
bts retitle 919945 ITP: golang-github-getlantern-hex --

Only missing description:

As a list of bts commands:
bts retitle 600963 RFP: elpa-nagios-mode
bts retitle 652293 RFP: emacs-textmate
bts retitle 764519 RFP: hekate
bts retitle 768400 RFP: libjs-iframeresizer
bts retitle 789787 RFP: node-unicode-7.0.0
bts retitle 794553 RFP: clrng
bts retitle 828998 RFP: gophernicus
bts retitle 831893 RFP: umtskeeper
bts retitle 835254 RFP: google-android-studio-installer
bts retitle 848268 RFP: opentoonz
bts retitle 848525 RFP: ui-grid
bts retitle 848526 RFP: sweetalert
bts retitle 848528 RFP: filesaver
bts retitle 848529 RFP: angular-google-chart
bts retitle 848530 RFP: angular-input-dropdown
bts retitle 848531 RFP: angular-ui-tree
bts retitle 848532 RFP: angular-dialog-service
bts retitle 848533 RFP: angular-ui-router
bts retitle 848534 RFP: angular-base64
bts retitle 848535 RFP: angular-dashboard-framework
bts retitle 848536 RFP: angular-local-storage
bts retitle 848537 RFP: angular-route
bts retitle 850459 RFP: xfce4-calculator-plugin
bts retitle 850597 RFP: python-month-delta
bts retitle 854183 RFP: node-time-out
bts retitle 860768 RFP: python-ordered-set
bts retitle 866219 RFP: libapache2-mod-log-ipmask
bts retitle 886844 ITP: node-babel-plugin-transform-inline-imports-commonjs
bts retitle 902749 RFP: elpa-xrdb-mode
bts retitle 903703 RFP: elpa-rfcview
bts retitle 916217 RFP: Zyn-Fusion
bts retitle 919485 O: ujson
bts retitle 919944 ITP: golang-github-getlantern-errors
bts retitle 919946 ITP: golang-github-getlantern-hidden
bts retitle 919947 ITP: golang-github-getlantern-ops
bts retitle 919948 ITP: golang-github-jmshal-go-locale

Packages maintained by packages@qa.debian.org without a corresponding ITA or O bug

Also listing the first QA upload.

A WNPP bug should probably be opened.

ITP and ITA without owners

A suitable owner should be determined.