WNPP checks

RFP/ITP for packaged software

Should probably be closed.

ITA/RFA/RFH/O for packages not in Debian

Should probably be closed.

Packages with more than one WNPP bug

Should probably be merged.

WNPP bugs not following defined format

Should probably be retitled accordingly.

As a list of bts commands:
bts retitle 576975 RFP: ultimate Music Player
bts retitle 759198 RFP: flac123 - a command-line program for playing FLAC audio files
bts retitle 866502 RFP: element-web: web-based matrix client
bts retitle 910111 ITP: node-solid-server - Solid server on top of the file-system
bts retitle 954454 ITP: tokei - display statistics about your code
bts retitle 973700 RFP: nodejs-client (?) -- a client for browser's extensions
bts retitle 977761 ITP: golang-github-kubuxu-go-os-helper -- 
bts retitle 982010 ITP: vimb - the vim like text editor
bts retitle 983870 ITP: webdriver-manager - Webdriver Manager for Python
bts retitle 988244 ITP: jcabi-ssh - Simple SSH client
bts retitle 989456 RFP: geckodriver - Proxy for using W3C WebDriver compatible clients to interact with Gecko-based browsers
bts retitle 989523 RFP: nanosaur - An OpenSource Port of PangeaSoft‘s MacOS Game for modern systems
bts retitle 989524 RFP: bugdom - An OpenSource Port of Pangea Software's Bugdom for modern systems
bts retitle 990217 ITP: thorvg - library for vector-based drawing
bts retitle 992514 ITP: tdengine - an open-sourced time-series database
bts retitle 996902 RFP: psstop - accurately measure memory consumption using proportional set size (PSS)
bts retitle 1001211 RFP: vidbox - a video processing toolbox
bts retitle 1003167 RFP: virtnbdbackup: Backup utiliy for Libvirt kvm / qemu with Incremental backup support.
bts retitle 1005647 O: libjdns - command-line tool to test functionality
bts retitle 1005649 O: liblastfm - Last.fm fingerprinting library
bts retitle 1006181 RFP: czkawka - remove unnecessary files from your computer.
bts retitle 1006367 RFP: lfs - list file system - prettier df
bts retitle 1007960 RFP: pedidos de empacotamento
bts retitle 1008157 RFP: oksh - Portable OpenBSD ksh, based on the Public Domain Korn Shell (pdksh).
bts retitle 1009086 RFP: scryer-prolog - An open-Source industrial strength production prolog implementation
bts retitle 1012495 RFP: libnginx-mod-http-modsecurity - ModSecurity v3 Nginx Connector
bts retitle 1013111 RFP: 3d MEsh Processing Platform
bts retitle 1013125 RFP: kcm-grub2 - KDE Control Module for configuring the GRUB2 bootloader
bts retitle 1013166 ITP: winterreise --- Keyboard navigation and window tiling for Linux desktop
bts retitle 1016471 ITP: node-solid-community-server - open and modular implementation of Solid specs
bts retitle 1016929 ITP: sd - intuitive find and replace CLI
bts retitle 1016950 RFP: libcrypt-openssl-ca-perl - module to issue X509 certificates and certificate revocation lists (CRL)
bts retitle 1018761 ITP: tealdeer - simplified, example based and community-driven man pages
bts retitle 1020522 ITP: ncspot - cross-platform TUI client for Spotify

Only missing description:

As a list of bts commands:
bts retitle 804450 RFP: simutrans-pak128
bts retitle 901374 O: perspective-el
bts retitle 904232 O: pointback
bts retitle 904235 O: helm-projectile
bts retitle 904236 O: emacs-world-time-mode
bts retitle 904238 O: cycle-quotes
bts retitle 904239 O: deft
bts retitle 904241 O: xml-rpc-el
bts retitle 904242 O: debpaste-el
bts retitle 904243 O: paredit-everywhere
bts retitle 940342 RFA: golang-github-benbjohnson-tmpl
bts retitle 940344 RFA: golang-github-bouk-httprouter
bts retitle 940346 RFA: golang-github-calmh-du
bts retitle 940347 RFA: golang-github-calmh-luhn
bts retitle 940354 RFA: golang-github-cloudfoundry-gosigar
bts retitle 940356 RFA: golang-github-disposaboy-jsonconfigreader
bts retitle 940370 RFA: golang-github-influxdata-line-protocol
bts retitle 940371 RFA: golang-github-influxdata-tdigest
bts retitle 940372 RFA: golang-github-influxdata-yamux
bts retitle 940373 RFA: golang-github-influxdata-yarpc
bts retitle 940375 RFA: golang-github-jrick-logrotate
bts retitle 940376 RFA: golang-github-jsternberg-zap-logfmt
bts retitle 940379 RFA: golang-github-juju-retry
bts retitle 940391 RFA: golang-github-mitchellh-multistep
bts retitle 940394 RFA: golang-github-mkrautz-goar
bts retitle 940400 RFA: golang-github-nats-io-jwt
bts retitle 940401 RFA: golang-github-nats-io-nkeys
bts retitle 940402 RFA: golang-github-nats-io-nuid
bts retitle 940403 RFA: golang-github-nu7hatch-gouuid
bts retitle 940404 RFA: golang-github-oneofone-xxhash
bts retitle 940405 RFA: golang-github-oschwald-geoip2-golang
bts retitle 940406 RFA: golang-github-oschwald-maxminddb-golang
bts retitle 940407 RFA: golang-github-pierrec-xxhash
bts retitle 940410 RFA: golang-github-pointlander-jetset
bts retitle 940411 RFA: golang-github-pointlander-peg
bts retitle 940414 RFA: golang-github-rainycape-unidecode
bts retitle 940415 RFA: golang-github-retailnext-hllpp
bts retitle 940416 RFA: golang-github-roaringbitmap-roaring
bts retitle 940419 RFA: golang-github-segmentio-kafka-go
bts retitle 940420 RFA: golang-github-smira-commander
bts retitle 940421 RFA: golang-github-smira-flag
bts retitle 940422 RFA: golang-github-smira-go-aws-auth
bts retitle 940423 RFA: golang-github-smira-go-ftp-protocol
bts retitle 940424 RFA: golang-github-smira-go-xz
bts retitle 940425 RFA: golang-github-spaolacci-murmur3
bts retitle 940429 RFA: golang-github-templexxx-cpufeat
bts retitle 940430 RFA: golang-github-templexxx-reedsolomon
bts retitle 940432 RFA: golang-github-tent-http-link-go
bts retitle 940434 RFA: golang-github-tj-go-spin
bts retitle 940435 RFA: golang-github-tjfoc-gmsm
bts retitle 940436 RFA: golang-github-tv42-zbase32
bts retitle 940438 RFA: golang-github-vjeantet-grok
bts retitle 940439 RFA: golang-github-xlab-treeprint
bts retitle 940444 RFA: golang-gopkg-h2non-filetype.v1
bts retitle 940447 RFA: golang-gopkg-xmlpath.v2
bts retitle 952808 O: clojure-mode
bts retitle 966068 O: emacs-helm-ag
bts retitle 982484 RFP: mailspring
bts retitle 982926 ITP: emilua
bts retitle 984462 RFH: open-build-service
bts retitle 990802 O: propellor
bts retitle 992288 O: bitlbee-facebook
bts retitle 992440 RFP: whitesur-gtk-theme
bts retitle 992441 RFP: whitesur-icon-theme
bts retitle 994994 O: json11
bts retitle 994997 O: tcmu
bts retitle 999549 ITP: rserpooldemo/3.0.5-1
bts retitle 1002583 O: pymongo
bts retitle 1004235 RFA: autobahn-cpp
bts retitle 1004236 RFA: dlang-libevent
bts retitle 1004237 RFA: dlang-openssl
bts retitle 1004238 RFA: python-gbulb
bts retitle 1005918 ITP: libneat/1.0.2
bts retitle 1005919 ITP: python3-adns/1.2.8~rc4-1
bts retitle 1008625 RFH: qiskit-terra
bts retitle 1008626 RFH: qiskit-aer
bts retitle 1008627 RFA: qiskit-ibmq-provider
bts retitle 1009227 ITP: fonts-morisawa-biz-ud-gothic
bts retitle 1009228 ITP: fonts-morisawa-biz-ud-mincho
bts retitle 1010138 RFA: gandi-cli
bts retitle 1016558 O: muse-el
bts retitle 1017873 RFA: pikepdf
bts retitle 1019524 RFP: golang-freecumextremist-themusicgod1-xhandler-dev
bts retitle 1020562 RFP: kde-service-menu-reimage

Packages maintained by packages@qa.debian.org without a corresponding ITA or O bug

Also listing the first QA upload.

A WNPP bug should probably be opened.

ITP and ITA without owners

A suitable owner should be determined.