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  • forwarded upstream
  • claimed bugs
  • fixed in deferred/delayed
  • packages not in main
  • packages not in stretch
  • packages not in buster
  • packages not in bullseye
  • packages not in bookworm
  • packages in base system
  • packages in standard installation
  • orphaned packages
  • merged bugs
  • marked as done
  • outdated binaries in stretch
  • outdated binaries in buster
  • outdated binaries in bullseye
  • outdated binaries in bookworm
  • outdated binaries in sid
  • different versions in bookworm and sid
  • newer in Ubuntu than in sid
  • RT tag for stretch: ignore
  • RT tag for stretch: will-remove
  • RT tag for stretch: can-defer
  • RT tag for stretch: is-blocker
  • RT tag for stretch: no-auto-remove
  • RT tag for stretch: pu
  • RT tag for buster: ignore
  • RT tag for buster: will-remove
  • RT tag for buster: can-defer
  • RT tag for buster: is-blocker
  • RT tag for buster: no-auto-remove
  • RT tag for buster: pu
  • RT tag for bullseye: ignore
  • RT tag for bullseye: will-remove
  • RT tag for bullseye: can-defer
  • RT tag for bullseye: is-blocker
  • RT tag for bullseye: no-auto-remove
  • RT tag for bullseye: pu
  • RT tag for bookworm: ignore
  • RT tag for bookworm: will-remove
  • RT tag for bookworm: can-defer
  • RT tag for bookworm: is-blocker
  • RT tag for bookworm: no-auto-remove
  • RT tag for bookworm: pu
  • RT unblock hint
  • RT blocked
  • RT too young
  • RT ready to migrate
  • key packages
  • pseudo packages
  • packages marked for autoremoval
  • closed in packages in new
  • newer than days
  • modified in the last days
  • blocking bug
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bug# tags releases package title popcon hints britney status missing builds in unstable why key pkg autoremoval deferred RT last upload to unstable modified

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select id, bugs.package, bugs.source, severity, title, last_modified, status, affects_stable, affects_testing, affects_unstable, affects_experimental , coalesce(popcon_src.insts, 0) as popcon, coalesce(testing_autoremovals.removal_time, 0) as autormdate , coalesce(testing_autoremovals.removal_time, 1666819605) as autormtime , coalesce(key_packages.reason, '') as whykey, coalesce(migration_excuses.migration_policy_verdict, '') as britney, migration_excuses.reason as excuse_reason, (migration_excuses.policy_info::json#>>'{age,current-age}')::int as currentage, (migration_excuses.policy_info::json#>>'{age,age-requirement}')::int as agerequirement, (array(select json_array_elements_text(migration_excuses.policy_info::json#>'{rc-bugs,unique-source-bugs}'))) as newbugs, migration_excuses.policy_info , coalesce(mb, '-') as missingbuilds, to_char(lastupload_s,'YYYY-MM-DD') as lastupload
from bugs  left join popcon_src on (bugs.source = popcon_src.source)  left join testing_autoremovals on (bugs.source = testing_autoremovals.source)  left join key_packages on (bugs.source = key_packages.source)  left join migration_excuses on (bugs.source = migration_excuses.item_name)  left join (
        select string_agg(distinct(wannabuild.architecture),', ' order by wannabuild.architecture) mb, source
        from wannabuild
        where distribution='sid'
        and not vancouvered
        and notes='out-of-date'
        and state not in ('Installed')
        group by source
        ) as wb on (bugs.source = wb.source)  left join (
        select max(date) lastupload_s, s1.source
        from sources s1, upload_history uh
        where s1.source = uh.source
        and s1.version = uh.version
        and s1.release='sid'
        group by s1.source
        ) as lu on (bugs.source = lu.source) 
where id in (select id from bugs_rt_affects_testing) 
and not (id in (select id from deferred_closes)) 
and not (id in (select id from bugs_merged_with where id > merged_with)) 
and not (status = 'done') 
and id in (select id from bugs_usertags where email='' and tag='bullseye-is-blocker') 
AND (severity >= 'serious')
order by last_modified asc