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The maintainer dashboard exposes information about teams or maintainers' packages. It intends to help answering the question I have a few hours for Debian, what should I do now?. Fill in one or more email addresses in the form below to check it out; for example here is the accessibility team todo list.


Known performance issue: since May 2015 and a reorganization of the blades system that hosts it, UDD has been suffering from storage performance problems.
The Debian Systems Administrators are aware of the issue, but no solution has been found at this time. Please be patient.

Todo list

type source description hide
RC bug kon2 RC bug needs fixing: #815605: kon2: Removal dh_undocumented debhelper command hide
testing migration kon2 Migration: Not in testing for 57 days hide

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source wheezy jessie stretch sid experimental vcs upstream mentors
egg 4.0.6+0.20041122cvs-19     4.2.0-1     4.2.0-1      
fxload 0.0.20081013-1     0.0.20081013    
gonzui 1.2+cvs20070129-3.1        
kon2 0.3.9b-20     0.3.9b-20        
konfont 0.1-8        
kterm 6.2.0-46   6.2.0-46.1        
mod-ruby 1.2.6-2        
sip-tester 1:3.2-1   1:3.2-1.1     1:3.5.1-1   3.1    
wnn7egg 1.02-8        

Bugs, security issues and Quality Assurance Checks

source bugs lintian (un)reproducible piuparts ci security URLs
all RC patch pending E W I P X O sid/amd64 squ whe jes sid
egg 0 bugs graph       3 2              
fxload 4 bugs graph 2 2 4 5 1              
gonzui 0 bugs graph                      
kon2 5 bugs graph 1 1 17 23 4 5 sid/amd64:FTBFS sid/i386:FTBFS              
konfont 0 bugs graph       5 5 4              
kterm 4 bugs graph 1 14 4 4              
mod-ruby 0 bugs graph                      
sip-tester 5 bugs graph 2 3 16 4 1              
wnn7egg 0 bugs graph       8 2 5                
xmanpages-ja 0 bugs graph                      


source Ubuntu Debian
links bugs patches xenial (stable) yakkety (devel) sid
fxload LP 1 1 0.0.20081013-1ubuntu1  0.0.20081013-1ubuntu1  0.0.20081013-1 
kon2 LP     0.3.9b-20ubuntu1  0.3.9b-20ubuntu1  0.3.9b-20 
kterm LP 1   6.2.0-46.1build1  6.2.0-46.1 
sip-tester LP 1   1:3.2-1.1 

Packages without bugs, patches or a different version in a derivative are not listed.

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