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The maintainer dashboard exposes information about teams or maintainers' packages. It intends to help answering the question I have a few hours for Debian, what should I do now?. Fill in one or more email addresses in the form below to check it out; for example here is the accessibility team todo list.


Todo list

type source description hide
new upstream libosmo-sccp New version available: 3G_2016_09 hide
new upstream libosmocore New upstream version available: 3G_2016_09 (already in experimental, but not in unstable) hide
uscan error osmo-bts debian/watch: uscan returned an error: In debian/watch no matching files for watch line /osmo-bts/snapshot/osmo-bts-(\S+).tar.(?:bz2|gz|xz) hide
uscan error osmo-trx debian/watch: uscan returned an error: In debian/watch no matching files for watch line /osmocom/osmo-trx/archive/\w+-(\d\S+)\.tar\.(?:bz2|gz|xz) hide
new upstream libosmo-abis New version available: 3G_2016_09 hide
testing auto-removal osmo-bts Testing auto-removal: on 2017-12-13 (bug: ) hide

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source jessie stretch buster sid experimental vcs upstream mentors
libosmo-abis   0.3.2+20151106git86fc3c8-2   0.3.2+20151106git86fc3c8-3     0.3.2+20151106git86fc3c8-2   3G_2016_09    
libosmo-netif   0.0.6-1   0.0.6-2     0.0.6-1      
libosmo-sccp   0.7.0-2   0.7.0-3     0.7.0-2   3G_2016_09    
libosmocore   0.9.0-6   0.9.0-7   0.10.2-1   0.9.0-6   3G_2016_09    
openggsn   0.92-1   0.92-2     0.92-1   0.91    
osmo-bts   0.4.0-2   0.4.0-3     0.4.0-2   error    
osmo-trx   0~20150325gitf147b17+dfsg-3   0~20170323git2af1440+dfsg-2     0~20170323git2af1440+dfsg-1   error    
smstools 3.1.15-1.1+deb8u1   3.1.15-2   3.1.21-2     3.1.21    

Bugs, security issues and Quality Assurance Checks

source bugs lintian (un)reproducible piuparts ci security URLs
all RC patch pending E W I P X O sid/amd64 jes str sid
libosmo-abis 0 bugs graph       4 2 1             fail
libosmo-netif 0 bugs graph       3 1 1 buster/i386:FTBFS             fail
libosmo-sccp 0 bugs graph       2 2             fail
libosmocore 0 bugs graph       2 17 4 29             fail
openggsn 1 bugs graph 5 5 3             fail
osmo-bts 0 bugs graph       4 2 1             fail
osmo-trx 0 bugs graph       1 3 1   pass         fail
smstools 0 bugs graph       3 8 1             fail


source Ubuntu Debian
links bugs patches artful (stable) bionic (devel) sid
smstools LP 2   3.1.15-2  3.1.21-2 

Packages without bugs, patches or a different version in a derivative are not listed.

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