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Status for acorn-fdisk/3.0.6-13

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-fix-usage-of-preprocessor-and-compilation-variables-.patch fix usage of preprocessor and compilation variables and add a install target Bernhard R. Link <> no 2011-09-17
0002-set-_FILE_OFFSET_BITS-64-for-blkio-library-and-remov.patch set _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 for blkio library and remove "my_llseek" hack Philip Blundell <> no debian 2001-12-16
0003-avoid-use-of-kernel-headers-in-fdisk.c-was-breaking-.patch avoid use of kernel headers in fdisk.c (was breaking ARM build) Philip Blundell <> no 2001-12-22
0004-fix-uninitialised-variable-in-RISCiX-partition-reade.patch fix uninitialised variable in RISCiX partition reader Philip Blundell <> no debian 2002-08-20
0005-patches-for-LBA-and-others.patch patches for LBA and others
This patch fixes a number of issues with acorn-fdisk that make
it otherwise unsuable in practice.

* Adds LBA support, and related additions to ensure fields are
* 64-bit where required
* Corrects some prompting behaviour
* Improves some debugging with function names
* Remove an assertion that is no longer valid under LBA, and
* therefore allow writing partitions to work again.
Peter Naulls <> no debian 2004-03-30
0006-fix-compiler-warnings.patch fix compiler warnings
- fdisk.c: passing from incompatible pointer type
- lib/scheme/icside.c: dereferencing does break strict-aliasing rules
XXX there might be an endianness issue left from the original code
- lib/scheme/pcbios.c: array subscript is above array bounds
- lib/scheme/pcbios.c: use of uninitialised value
Thorsten Glaser <> no debian 2010-01-03
0007-fix-lintian-warning-spelling-error-in-binary.patch fix lintian warning: spelling-error-in-binary Thorsten Glaser <> no 2010-01-03
0008-fix-more-compiler-warnings.patch fix more compiler warnings
format strings, unused variables
Thorsten Glaser <> no 2010-10-02
0009-port-this-to-GNU-kFreeBSD.patch port this to GNU/kFreeBSD
(some ideas from util-linux, 10x)
Thorsten Glaser <> no 2010-10-02
0010-add-GCC-hardening.patch add GCC hardening.=================================================================== Joao Eriberto Mota Filho <> no 2016-08-24

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