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Status for airspyone-host/1.0.10-2

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0001-Use-device-stop_requested-when-libusb-errors-out-76.patch [PATCH 1/6] Use device->stop_requested when libusb errors out (#76)
Replace device->streaming = false with device->stop_requested = true for
USB errors to avoid deadlock on device removal. Also check
stop_requested when checking if streaming or not to be consistent with
the old behaviour.
Johan Hedin <> no 2021-05-16
0002-Process-pending-libusb-events-before-shutdown-78.patch [PATCH 2/6] Process pending libusb events before shutdown (#78)
* Process pending libusb events before shutdown

After libusb_cancel_transfer, pending events need to be handled to
avoid memory leaks.

* Do not use deprecated function

Use libusb_handle_events_timeout_completed instead of deprecated libusb_handle_events_timeout.
Johan Hedin <> no 2021-05-22
0003-Fix-cmake_minimum_required-to-avoid-warnings-80.patch [PATCH 3/6] Fix cmake_minimum_required to avoid warnings (#80)
cmake 3.19 warns about dropped compatibility for cmake less than 2.8.12 in
the future. This patch sets the minimum required version to what's stated
in to avoid the warning.
Johan Hedin <> no 2021-05-23
0004-Fix-cmake-warning-regarding-module-name-79.patch [PATCH 4/6] Fix cmake warning regarding module name (#79)
cmake 3.19 prints a warning if variables set from a "find module" does not
follow the normal pattern, i.e. a find module named FindUSB1.cmake is assumed
to set variables that begin with USB1_*. This patch renames the module to be
consistent with the names of the variables set from inside it.
Johan Hedin <> no 2021-05-23
0005-Remove-unused-statics-to-stop-gcc-warnings-81.patch [PATCH 5/6] Remove unused statics to stop gcc warnings (#81)
gcc 10 warns about unused static variables and functions.
Johan Hedin <> no 2021-05-23
0006-Fixed-the-usb-tear-down-sequence.patch [PATCH 6/6] Fixed the usb tear-down sequence. Youssef <> no 2021-09-13
libusb-freebsd Build on FreeBSD or kFreeBSD platforms with compatible libusb A. Maitland Bottoms <> no
On-linux-check-whether-a-kernel-driver-is-attached [PATCH 01/10] On linux check whether a kernel driver is attached to airspy device opened and if so, we detach it. bvernoux <> no 2015-05-26

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