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Status for alex4/1.1-10

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
unix-port.patch Support Unix-like operating systems. Based on Hans de Goede's patch for Fedora.
Peter de Wachter <>,
Peter Pentchev <>
Hans de Goede <> invalid 2011-03-09
dot-files-endian-clean.patch Save the game's dotfiles in an endian-independent way.
Peter De Wachter <> no 2009-05-07
save-some-cpu-cycles.patch Fix the 100% CPU usage of alex4. Fix the 100% CPU usage of alex4. We can't do this properly (the game
is written with a DOS mindset), but we can do two things easily:
- Put a rest() in every busy loop.
- Limit the frame rate to 50Hz (the speed of the game logic).
For future reference, the counters used by the game:
game_count = increments at 50Hz
cycle_count = increments at 50Hz, but is reset whenever the game feels like it
frame_count = number of frames rendered, reset every second
logic_count = number of game loops processed, reset every second
Peter De Wachter <> no 2009-05-07
allegro-4.2.patch Get rid of deprecated Allegro functions. Peter De Wachter <> invalid 2009-05-07
fsf-address.patch Correct the FSF's address.
Peter De Wachter <> invalid 2009-05-07
compiler-warnings.patch Fix some compiler warnings. - mark a couple of function parameters as unused
- remove a couple of unused function parameters
- remove a couple of stray semicolons outside of functions
- define _XOPEN_SOURCE for strdup(3)
- constify a couple of character pointers
- replace some int -> float casts with a multiplication by 1.0
Peter Pentchev <> no 2011-03-09
hardening.patch Harden the build. - check the fread() and fwrite() return values
- swap a return and an fclose()
- fix an undefined order of operations problem
Peter Pentchev <> no 2011-03-07
fix_building_with_fix_versions.patch Use fixsin instead of fsin This patch makes use of the fixsin instead of fsin functions, since the fsin
style function names conflicts with news glibc.
Andreas Rnnquist <> no
fix_errors_with_multiple_definitions.patch Fixes a few "multiple definition of" instances Andreas Rnnquist <> no

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