Debian Patches

Status for angelscript/2.35.1+ds-3.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Add-optional-namespace-support.patch [PATCH 1/6] Add optional namespace support yangfl <> no 2021-01-04
0002-Fix-location-of-LDFLAGS-in-Makefile.patch [PATCH 2/6] Fix location of LDFLAGS in Makefile yangfl <> no 2021-01-04
0003-Fix-missing-cstring-in-scriptfilesystem.cpp.patch [PATCH 3/6] Fix missing cstring in scriptfilesystem.cpp yangfl <> no 2021-01-04
0004-Add-as_callfunc_arm64.cpp-to-gnuc-makefile.patch [PATCH 4/6] Add as_callfunc_arm64.cpp to gnuc makefile yangfl <> no 2021-10-14
0005-Fix-building-samples-for-nix.patch [PATCH 5/6] Fix building samples for *nix yangfl <> no 2021-10-14
0006-Add-as_callfunc_arm_gcc.S-to-gnuc-makefile.patch [PATCH 6/6] Add as_callfunc_arm_gcc.S to gnuc makefile yangfl <> no 2021-10-15

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