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cherry-pick/1434502789.aoetools-36-1-g28817dd.update-resources-in-documentation.patch Update resources in documentation not-needed aoetools-36-1-g28817dd <> 2015-06-16
cherry-pick/1434503415.aoetools-36-2-ge50247f.check-amount-of-data-read-from-network-before-using-it.patch Check amount of data read from network before using it not-needed aoetools-36-2-ge50247f <> 2015-06-16
cherry-pick/1480936926.aoetools-36-5-gbd9616d.aoe-mkdevs-sh-man-page-typo.patch Man page typo not-needed aoetools-36-5-gbd9616d <> 2016-12-05
cherry-pick/1484013170.aoetools-36-7-gf2d2325.avoid-hyphen-vs-minus-issues.patch Avoid hyphen vs minus issues submitted these changes to the man pages, so
that dashes would not by transformed into hyphens.
not-needed aoetools-36-7-gf2d2325 <> 2017-01-09
cherry-pick/1484013334.aoetools-36-8-g9066acb.biedl-fixes-typos-in-documentation.patch Biedl fixes typos in documentation
Christoph Biedl, the debian package maintainer for aoetools,
provides these typo corrections.
not-needed aoetools-36-8-g9066acb <> 2017-01-09
cherry-pick/1516148912.aoetools-36-9-g4ef4274.change-shell-script-interpreter-from-bin-bash-to-bin-sh.patch Change shell script interpreter from /bin/bash to /bin/sh
This will make the script more portable, making it possible to run on
systems that do not have bash.

Signed-off-by: Sergio Prado <>
not-needed aoetools-36-9-g4ef4274 <> 2018-01-16
cherry-pick/1621687045.aoetools-36-11-g4a3ee18.aoe-sancheck-refine-interface-probing.patch Aoe-sancheck: Refine interface probing
There are two issues in the ethlist function in aoe-sancheck.c:

First it skips all network interfaces that do not start with "eth". This
is a problem these days where people use different naming schemes like the
so-called predictable interface names as mandated by udev/systemd.

Second it only probes for interfaces with an interface number of up
to 15. At least in current Linux, that number can take huge values and
those interfaces will be ignored completely.

About the first: Probe all interfaces (but lo) that support the ARP
protocol, assuming that is a fair indicator for ethernet support.

About the second, use the if_nameindex function to get a list of all
interfaces currently known to the kernel and operate on that one.
not-needed aoetools-36-11-g4a3ee18 <> 2021-05-22
cherry-pick/1621688081.aoetools-36-12-gc80b1be.aoe-sancheck-raise-the-number-of-interfaces-to-probe-to-32-and-document-the-limit.patch Aoe-sancheck: Raise the number of interfaces to probe to 32, and document the limit not-needed aoetools-36-12-gc80b1be <> 2021-05-22
01_no_bashisms.patch This patch avois calling directly to /bin/sh. David Martnez Moreno <> no
03_enable_hardened_build.patch Enable CFLAGS/CPPFLAGS/LDFLAGS from the environment. Add the ability in the Makefile to pass from the environment values for
CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS in order to have a proper hardened build.
Refer to for details.
David Martnez Moreno <> no 2014-01-12
04_support_slash_run_slash_udev.patch Support the new /run/udev location for udev detection. /run is a new cross-distribution location for the storage of
transient state files, i.e. files containing run-time information
that may or may not need to be written early in the boot process and
which does not require preserving across reboots.
A result of that change is that udev no longer uses /dev/ to store
its runtime state file, i.e. the /dev/.udev/ directory, /dev/.udevdb
and /dev/.udev.tdb are gone and udev uses /run/udev/ now.
Roger Leigh <> no debian other,;filename=aoetools-run-udev.patch;att=1;bug=644308 2014-01-13

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