Debian Patches

Status for apg/2.2.3.dfsg.1-5

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
index.php_binary_path Fix path to apg executable not-needed vendor
Makefile Makefile customizations for Debian package Activate PRNG X9.17 with SHA-1
activate libraries needed for build on Linux
set correct install paths
add dpkg-buildflags for hardening
not-needed vendor
apgd_docs_remove remove references to apgd from man pages not-needed vendor
320307-fix-excessive-random-usage fix excessive random usage Johannes Berg <> invalid debian 2005-07-28
337116-saltbuffer fix salt buffer length Paul Martin <> invalid debian 2006-05-08
412618-preliminary fix password quality on amd64 Kaare Hviid <> invalid debian 2007-03-19
759477-dictionary-parsing fix crash on dictionary starting with whitespace Jonathan Vollebregt <> no debian 2016-03-12
488034-609837-764411-manpage-improvements multiple improvements to man page Xavier Hienne <>,
Jens Kubieziel <>,
Raphaƫl Bleuse <>,
Christoph Anton Mitterer <>, no debian 2016-03-12

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