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Status for apitrace/11.1+repack-1.2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
use-system-libbacktrace Use system libbacktrace David Heidelberg <> not-needed
use-system-md5 Use md5 implementation from system libbsd Christopher James Halse Rogers <> not-needed
use-system-snappy Use system libsnappy for retracers The tracers run LD_PRELOADed into arbitrary, often closed-source binaries,
so statically-link libsnappy to minimise the possibility of symbol conflicts,
but the retracers don't have that constraint and are used to process untrusted
Christopher James Halse Rogers <> not-needed commit 40a817904a2ca19b21b127b636ae95688635c448

scripts: Install without executable permission.


diff --git a/scripts/CMakeLists.txt b/scripts/CMakeLists.txt
index 11384a44..2f7758bc 100644
Jose Fonseca <> no 2022-05-23 commit 2b8019ae2b662ae7686cc2d18c28a83de846bd5f

scripts: Remove reference to spurious script.

diff --git a/scripts/CMakeLists.txt b/scripts/CMakeLists.txt
index 2f7758bc..7dcb1a80 100644
Jose Fonseca <> no 2022-05-23
disable-submodule-check.patch Drop requirement for submodules
Since we don't ship bundled third-party code, these files would be missing
and the builds would fail despite the fact we're linking to the system libraries.
David Heidelberg <> no 2022-05-23
libproc-2.patch Build for libproc2 Replace libprocps with libproc2 Craig Small <> no 2022-11-16
waffle-ftbfs.patch Switch CMake check from native to pkgconfig for waffle-1.

Dimitri John Ledkov <> no debian

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