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Status for apr/1.7.2-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix_apr-config.patch No description. <> no
ship_find_apr.m4.patch Install a set of random build files too Tollef Fog Heen <> no
fix-apr.pc.patch No description. <> no
hurd_path_max.patch #349418 Stefan Fritsch <> no
fix_doxygen.patch Fix generation of docs for out-of-tree builds and newer doxygen versions Stefan Fritsch <> no
omit_extra_libs.patch #463399 Stefan Fritsch <> no
hurd_shm_flock.patch # * hurd_shm_flock.diff
# This patch disables all the methods for shared memory and file locking
# found by the configure checks, forcing the only working ones.
# This patch should stay Debian-specific, as it is not that suitable for
# upstream inclusion. (As you can guess, ideally all of those
# non-working methods should be ideally fixed in Hurd...)
Pino Toscano <> no upstream
dont_override_external_buildflags # Don't force apr-using projects to use the compile flags used during
# apr's compilation.
libtoolize_check.patch check for libtoolize rather than libtool
libtool is now in package libtool-bin, but apr only needs libtoolize.
Helmut Grohne <> no 2014-09-19
debug_testpoll_failure.patch # gave strange test error on build:
# testpoll : Line 876: apr_pollcb_poll() didn't sleep
# FAILED 1 of 23
# add some debug output
use_fcntl_locking.patch # use flock for apr_file_lock/_unlock()
python3-hashbang.patch no
fix-atomics.patch # upstream trunk commits r1907442, r1907441 no
fix-atomics-some-more.patch # upstream trunk r1907541, r1907637, r1907642, r1907677, r1907678 no

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