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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
disable-md-on-32bit.patch Disable Sega Mega Drive core on 32 bit architectures The core uses 128 bit integers which are only available on
64 bit architectures.
Tobias Hansen <> no
allow-all-architectures.patch Allow all architectures Do not refuse building on architectures not
considered in intrinsics.hpp.
Tobias Hansen <> no
nall-makefile-fixes.patch nall/Makefile fixes
* Use linux platform settings also on kfreebsd.
* Use the flags from CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS. They are set in the rules file.
Tobias Hansen <> no
desktop-file.patch Enhance desktop file * Add keywords entry. Tobias Hansen <> no
sjlj-declare-xopen-source.patch Declare that sjlj.c requires X/Open 7 Things from the X/Open 7 standard are used. This has to
be declared when building with -std=c99.
Tobias Hansen <> no
menu-color.patch Set menu bar background color to grey Previously the background was black with dark grey text. Tobias Hansen <> yes upstream
no-optional-extensions.patch Remove flags that enable optional cpu features To conform to Debian architecture baselines.
Since we cannot use SSE 4.2 we have to disable the n64 core.
Tobias Hansen <> no
use_distro_libchdr.patch Use the libchdr packaged separately
diff --git a/thirdparty/GNUmakefile b/thirdparty/GNUmakefile
index 5390f9f3..5f3d1dfe 100644
Alexandre Detiste no

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