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Status for asymptote/2.89+ds-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-use-xdg-open-instead-of-acroread.patch Replace specific commands by Debian commands. Norbert Preining <> not-needed Norbert Preining <> 2023-01-28
0002-update-documentation-for-debian-specific-parts.patch update documentation for debian specific parts Frédéric-Emmanuel Picca <> not-needed 2023-01-28
honour-source-date-epoch Honour SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH. Honour the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment variable to get documentation date
from last debian changelog entry.
This makes the build reproducible.
Alexis Bienvenüe <> invalid
typos.diff fix various typos detected by lintian. Nicolas Boulenguez <> not-needed
dyn_link_GLEW.patch We link dynamically w/ libglew2.1. Hilmar Preusse <> not-needed Hilmar Preusse <> 2023-01-28
fix_date_in_doc.patch Fix date in documentation file. Hilmar Preusse <> invalid Hilmar Preusse <> 2022-01-02

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