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01-no-refusemanualstop.patch Remove the RefuseManualStop=yes option This option is preventing the daemon to be restarted on upgrade.
When using systemctl to stop audit, the audit framework is recording the pid
of systemd instead of the one from the user process that actually stopped the
process. This is breaking the conformity with some gouvernemental
Laurent Bigonville <> not-needed
02-restorecon-path.patch Fix path of restorecon executable Laurent Bigonville <> not-needed
03-Set-log_group-adm.patch Set log_group=adm Nicolas Braud-Santoni <> not-needed 2016-07-28
04-auditswig-i-avoid-setter-generation-for-audit-rule-data.patch [PATCH] auditswig.i: avoid setter generation for audit_rule_data::buf
As it's a flexible array generated code was never safe to use.
With kernel's
change it's a build failure now:

audit> audit_wrap.c:5010:15: error: invalid use of flexible array member
audit> 5010 | arg1->buf = (char [])(char *)memcpy(malloc((size)*sizeof(char)), (const char *)(arg2), sizeof(char)*(size));
audit> | ^

Let's avoid setter generation entirely.
Sergei Trofimovich <> no 2022-03-23

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