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Status for aufs-tools/1:4.14+20190211-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-static.patch Don't build static linked binaries. Daniel Baumann <> no
0002-manpage.patch Description:
Correcting example syntax, thanks to Dan Greene <>
(Closes: #700111).
Daniel Baumann <> no
0003-libau-Makefile-ensure-shared-overwrite-pie-flag.patch Change order of build flags to ensure --shared is last one This patch fixes a problem when the hardening options are enabled:
The hardening build options add to LDFLAGS the build flag "-pie" which
overwrite the "--shared" flag. The patch changes the order of the
build flags so the shared-flag overwrites any flag in LDFLAGS.
Jan Luca Naumann <> not-needed 2016-09-11
0004-libau-Makefile-disable-strip.patch Disable call of strip in libau/Makefile Disable the call of strip in libau/Makefile since this
breaks some hardening options.
Jan Luca Naumann <> not-needed 2017-12-03

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