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Status for awesome/4.3-7

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
dont-install-license.patch Don't install LICENSE Julien Danjou <> not-needed
debian-customization.patch Debian customization (menu, x-terminal-emulator, editor) Julien Danjou <> not-needed
desktop-file.patch Amend desktop file with Icon and Keywords entries Reiner Herrmann <> no
privacy.patch Remove build status from documentation Loading external resources is a privacy breach. Reiner Herrmann <> no
autopkgtest-overrides.patch Allow overriding paths in integration test run The integrations tests assume files in the build directory
(not yet installed). But autopkgtests are meant to test the
installed package.
These changes allow overriding file/directory paths the script
is searching for.
Reiner Herrmann <> not-needed
freedesktop-menu.patch Use freedesktop menu if module is available awesome-freedesktop is included in awesome-extra package Reiner Herrmann <> no debian
reproducible-textclock.patch [PATCH] textclock: Produce reproducible output
When $SOURCE_DIRECTORY is set, we are most likely currently running the
examples test, i.e. generating images. These images end up in the

To make the images reproducible, i.e. independent from the current time,
this commit makes the textclock honor $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH if

See commit 9d7eaf02 for some more details.
Uli Schlachter <> no upstream,
reproducible-examples.patch [PATCH] Use reproducible timestamps in more doc examples
This adds require("_date") to some example tests that use the current
date via This allows reproducibility by replacing
with a function that uses a static date from $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH. See
commit 9d7eaf0 for more details.
no upstream, 2019-01-28
test-timeouts.patch Increase timeouts in integration test run - autopkgtests were failing in Ubuntu's infrastructure with really slow
hardware. Timeouts are increased to values suggested by upstream.
- remove coloring of error output with tput, as tput will not work
in autopkgtest. "set -e" at the top of the script causes the script
to exit early when tput was failing.
Reiner Herrmann <> no
gcc10.patch Fix build with GCC 10 Reiner Herrmann <> yes debian

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