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Status for backup-manager/0.7.14-1.3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
debian-backup-manager.conf.tpl.patch debian-backup-manager.conf.tpl
The configuration file has some changes for the postinst phase needs.
Alexis Sukrieh <> not-needed 2015-11-26
debian-no-unused-confvars.patch debian-no-unused-confvars
Remove a configuration variable that is not used anywhere (as of version
Sven Joachim <> no 2015-11-26
debian-user-guide-location.patch debian-user-guide-location
The user guide is installed in /usr/share/backup-manager-doc. This is the
recommended canonical Debian location.
Sven Joachim <> no debian 2015-11-26
fix-tar-errors.patch fix-tar-errors
A bug that treats tar warnings as errors has been fixed.
Alexey Salmin <> yes debian upstream 2015-11-26
fix-sanitize-messages.patch fix-sanitize-messages
Sanitize logging system's variables first to ensure errors and warnings are
properly reported / logged.
"Georgios M. Zarkadas" <> no 2015-11-26
fix-purging-of-remote-archives-via-ftp-or-ssh.patch Fix purging of remote archives via FTP or SSH Due to a refactoring upstram the additional export of BM_BMP_PATH in
backup-manager script caused to invoke
/usr/bin/backup-manager-purge/backup-manager-purge to purge the remote
archives and failing.
Thomas Parmelan <> yes debian upstream vendor 2019-07-29
0007-Fixes-two-coding-bugs-in-backup-manager-upload.patch Fixes two coding bugs in backup-manager-upload
backup-manager-upload fails to gather a list of files from the FTP
server in order to purge them. The error message from Perl is "Not an
ARRAY reference". It also fails to find the archives for uploading
because it uses `basename` on the full path without changing its working
directory before.

This patch fixes these two bugs
Bachsau <> no 2021-01-27
update_french_translation.patch [INTL:fr] French templates translation Please find attached the french translation updated, proofread
by the debian-l10n-french mailing list contributors.
Jean-Pierre Giraud <> no debian 2019-05-11

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