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Status for bdfproxy/0.3.9-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
changelog.patch Add autogenerated upstream changelog Built from git commit lists between current and
previous upstream tags.
Philippe Thierry no 2017-06-28
bdf_integrated.patch Add support for integrated bdf bdfproxy is originally based on a bdf installation in a
local subdir. This patch supports a bdf install as made
in Debian, installing a bdfactory package containing the
bdf python modules in the python dist-packages dir, making
them directly useable from any other python tool through
bdfactory.<module> import.
This patch also support a cfg file in /etc/bdfproxy instead
of in $PWD. system-wide bdfproxy.cfg can be overload by the
same file in current directory, to make the test scripts work
Philippe Thierry no 2017-06-26
newer_mitmproxy_support.patch Add support for newer mitmproxy upstream bdfproxy supports only mitmproxy 0.17 and older.
This patch update the code to support the new mitmproxy API
defined since 0.18.
This permits one to use the packaged mitmproxy.
Philippe Thierry no 2017-06-27
pybuild.patch Add support for clean python install mode Python build and install mechanism based on
and pybuild.
Permit a clean install through dh-python2
Philippe Thierry no 2017-06-26
python3_support.patch no

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